Do you have an interest in or ancestors from Scotland ? Then join us in the Scotland Project [closed]

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The Scotland Project covers profiles for everyone born in what we now know as Scotland from the earliest times untill today, See Project Scotland for details

The project is organised into teams and the only requirements are that you join at least one team, respond to our check-ins and be part of our Google Group.

The Teams are:-

We are trialing a Help team for members who would like to improve any aspect of their skills please ask for details

To join the project please post an Answer not comment below

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in Requests for Project Volunteers by Jackie Prentice G2G6 Mach 1 (16.6k points)
closed by Jackie Prentice
I sent you a private e'   yes, I would like to be included in the  PIT  group... My Scotch-Irish  is the Greer-Grierson---et al Thank  you for finding me.  Carole
I have a lot of Scottish in me. My mother was a McFadden, whose family came from Ireland to Lanarkshire and then to America around 1900; her mother was a Howie from Ayrshire; her mother was McIntosh from Inverness-shire; McCall from Lanarkshire; French from Ayrshire;  On my dad's side, almost everyone is Irish.

I would like to join the Bute Profile. My earliest sourced Ancestor comes from Arran in county Bute, Peter Kerr MacBryde (other possible spellings are MacBride or McBride) born 6 Sep 1801, died 10 Jul 1875. Peter was born as MacBride most likely in Shannochie/Shennachie on the south end of Arran. Death notice has him as Peter Kerr Macbryde. Portsmouth, Kingston Cemetery records: Peter Kerr MacBryde 1800-1875.

Peter's father was most likely Thomas McBride, mother Margaret MacDouglad.

However, MyHeritage Family Trees, has this record: "Mary MacBryde (born Adams) married John MacBryde.They had one son: Peter Kerr MacBryde".

I am keen to find the correct parents of Peter.

Hi Bruce

I will be contacting you by private message shortly to add you to the project

Sorry for the delay in answering your query

Hi my name is Jo, I'm very keen to see what ancient clan we come from.  Clan names traced to late 1600 Shaw, McKee, Thomson, McIntosh.  Mostly from Ayrshire, Dunfermline, Killwinning, Dumbartonshire.  I also have Sinclair, Whitelaw and Cumming, O'Connell to look for!.  I would dearly love to trace the Shaws back as far as I can for my dear dad who is 85.  I am also visiting Scotland in 2 years so want to go to the best place to pay my respects. thanks you for reading
Hi Jo - I'm a member of Clan Mackintosh of North America. My great grandmother was a McIntosh and I've done extensive work on her line. I've also got other McIntosh lines. I have several of the clans that you mention, including some Shaws (mostly 1600s and 1700s). I went to Scotland in 2005 and spent 3 weeks there - one week with a tour, and the rest of the time on my own. The first weekend in August is the Moy Fair at Moy Hall, which is the seat of the Mackintosh Clan in Scotland. They don't emphasize the Mackintosh Clan as much as they do Clan Chattan, which the Mackintoshes have been the head of fo a couple hundred years. Clan Chattan is a confederation of clans. Anyway, my email is if you want to discuss anything more. I also have a huge tree on - Andrews Family Tree owner ghparalgl.
Hi Joe I will contact you by private message to get you signed up

I have been building my tree for over a year now, and have taken the Ancestry DNA test. I knew  I was Irish/English/Scottish, but apparently I am quite a bit! Since then, I have researched and have discovered I am clan Stuart/Campbell. I am learning so much and love learning how we are all related somewhere in this big beautiful tree of life! I would love to join the Scottish Project to learn more, and build my skills as a geneologist.
Hi Susan

I will contact you by private message


My ancestors are more Scottish than I appreciated. Houatsones (clan McDonald) & McTaggarts (clan Ross) I believe. Thinking I could learn something by researching something.
Hi Ken

I will contact you by private message

Hi. I would like to join the Scotland project. I am working on a project using Y-DNA to attempt to sort out the various Ross family lines in American & Canada and back to Ireland & Scotland.
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I would like to be included on the Scotland Project.  My ancestors are largely from the Northern Coast of Scotland (Nairn, Banffshire, Inverness, Alness, Ross & Cromarty). Surnames currently include LUMSDEN, FRASER, ROBERTSON, DUFFUS and MACDONALD
by Matthew Evans G2G6 Mach 1 (10.9k points)
Hi Matthew

Thanks for the request I will message you again privately to bring you on board

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I would like to join the County team. My direct lineage is to the Clan Keith.
Hi Terasa

Unfourtunatly you were not logged in when you left this message.  Could you log in and then repost it please

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I would like to join the Wemyss clan group because I am descended from the Wemyss of Bogie branch of the family in America. I have created a number of profiles on the Weems family in the United States and am interested in my Scottish ancestors. I have already adopted a site without a manager: Wemyss-367 and have created a new site for his uncle, Wemyss-399.
by Smitty Smith G2G Crew (410 points)
Hi Smitty

Thank you for youer interest in the Scotland Project. I will contact you by PM to bring you on board

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I have been researching the history of my street Dalrymple Crescent in Edinburgh, and am in the process of transferring the information from my database to Wikitree, so would like to keep in touch with others working on Scottish families. More details on my page, or on www.dcedin,
by Joanne Lamb G2G Crew (380 points)

I will contact you shortly to bring you onto the project

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I would like to join the Scottish Project - working on Clan Gunn ancestry.  Thank you!

by Danita Zanrè G2G1 (1.6k points)
Hi Danita

Thanks for your interest I will contact you shortly with the joining details

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I am a descendant of the Wallace's. Sir William Wallace is my 1st cousin- 22 times removed. His father (Malcolm ) was my 21st great-grandfather's brother. Sir Richard Wallace (born crica. 1249) was he.
Hi George

Unfortunatley you were not logged in when you left your answer so I am unable to process you application at the moment.  Please ANSWER again ensuring you are logged in and I will contact you to bring you on board

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Hi Jackie,

I'm interested in maybe joining one of the Scotland teams.  In particular, I am interested in joining a team that is focussing on the north-east of Aberdeenshire.  I'd like to know more about how the teams function.

by Richard Murison G2G1 (1.7k points)
Hi Richard

I will contact you by private message to tell you about the project

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I would like to join the Scotland Project.  I haven't done enough research yet to determine my own Scottish clan, but I am told it is either McDonald or McDaniel, probably McDonald/MacDonald.  My mother was a Daniel.  My husband's family is Stuart, and I am researching that side of the family as well.
by Lindy Stuart G2G1 (1.9k points)
Hi Lindy!  Jackie will be in touch shortly to take this forward.  Looking forward to you joining!
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Yes I would like to join the Scottish team.
by Peter Shaw-Truex G2G4 (4.0k points)
Hi Peter!  Jackie will be in touch shortly to take this forward.  Looking forward to you joining!
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Hi, I am interested in joining the county project. My 'Jeffrey' ancestors are from Berwickshire, in the Scottish Borders, so that is where my interest lies. Thanks!
Hi Jim!  Unfortunately, you weren't signed in when you posted.  We'd be happy to take this forward, if you could sign in and confirm your WT-ID.  Thanks for your understanding and patience.
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Hi, Jackie,

I'm interested in joining the Scotland county project. My 'Jeffrey ancestors are from the Scottish Borders, in Berwickshire, so that is where my interests like. Thanks!

Jim Jeffrey
by Jim Jeffrey G2G1 (1.3k points)
Hi Jim

I will contact you shortly to bring yo on board

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I have Scots ancestors, but I have no idea where in Scotland some lived. So, which team should I join? I think my Worthington great-grandfather came from County Cork. Samuel Nichols left Scotland to join the war against Napoleon, but I have nothing on where he lived or his parents. David Peeples came from County Fife, I believe. Where do I fit in?
by Carolyn Vosburg G2G5 (5.7k points)
Hi Carol

We have a good group of people here I am sure we can help you figure it out.  I will contact you shortly on how to join the group

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May I join? Our family namesake (Christian Cristopher Black, Sr.) left Linsmore, Scotland 1775, and we are trying to link back farther in our research else where I think I may be of some help here as well and would like to join. Seems strange to me after 45 years to know that in my high school in Portland Oregon, we were known as Scotsmen, as our high school was named after David Douglas. We have traced family back to "The Bruce" and 1000 yrs beyond in a limb at Ancestry and may have resource info to offer.
by Barry Black G2G Crew (530 points)
edited by Barry Black
Hi Barry

Thanks for the query  I will be contacting you soon to bring you into the group

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I have a lifelong fascination with Scotland....spent one month there last year and fell in love with the story of Chief Flora Macleod (who may or may not be an ancestress) and the legend of the fairy flag of Dunvegan. I would enjoy helping with Scottish profiles. I love being part of the England Project's managed profiles team, but realize that Scottish profiles require a specialized expertise and I would have a lot of learning to do about the clans. Maybe I could help as a floater with the profiles improvement team? Or in whatever area you need more hands right now.
by Jen Hutton G2G6 Mach 1 (15.8k points)
Hi Jen

Welcome to the Scotland Project!  I'll be in touch shortly by PM to take this forward.
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I'm interested in Scottish MacDonalds that moved to London, England c.1800. Especially any from the Isle of Skye.
Hi Keith

It appears you weren't signed in when you posted.  Please sign in and reply again.  

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Hello!  I'm interested in researching my Scottish roots.  The surnames I'm looking at are Dodds, Donald, Watson, and Ross, mostly from Renfrewshire.  My direct ancestors immigrated to Vermont, USA, in the 19th century, though much of their family remained in Scotland.  I don't know much about clans and would like to learn more.  Thanks!
by Jaki Erdoes G2G6 Mach 2 (25.7k points)
Hi Jaki

I will contact you by PM to get the ball roilling to join the project

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I want to help and indeed I'm a Noble Scottish descendant ..ex ..of Duncan I, King of Scotland and many more. Interested in the name changing through out history.
by Deb McBrayer G2G Crew (450 points)
Hi Deb

I will contact you by the private message sysytem to give you the details for joining the project

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I would like to join the Scotland Data Doctors team, for now, at least.  I have been working on the 931 Suggestions for the past week or so with Bobbie changing the Project Box to stickers and changing the tartan.
by Linda Peterson G2G6 Pilot (451k points)
Hi Linda!  Jackie will be in touch with you shortly by PM to take this forward.  Welcome to the Project, and thank you for helping Bobbie!  It's a big job.
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I am descended from Scottish ancestors from all over Scotland and from Ireland too. I have so far put my time into the New Zealand project, but may have a little time to do some work for this one. I have a few brick walls to demolish which I am doing using multiple DNA results.

Surnames include Dickson, Cumming, Lockhart, Carruthers, Craig, Ligate, McLean, McDonald, McKay, Fraser, MacRae, McKenzie, McKinnon, Jamison, Murphy, Roddick, Thomson, Farish, Harvey, Oliver, Turnbull, Waugh.
by Margaret Allison G2G6 Mach 1 (15.6k points)
Welcome Margaret

I'll be in touch by PM to take this forward for you.
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I hope I'm not biting off more than I can chew, but My Ancestry DNA Results Summary indicates that the majority of my Scottish DNA is in the Hebrides and primarily Northern Ireland.  I would love to know more about both areas, so this chance to study them in depth is wonderful.  I would love to join this group, though I have no idea what it entails.  I've always researched on my own, and not always effectively.

I also have a good dose of Welsh in me, so I'm an empty vessel ready to be filled.  May I please join this group?

Thank you so much,

Betty Rehusch  Skelton-2133
by Betty Skelton G2G Rookie (260 points)
Hi Betty!

I'll be in touch shortly by PM to take this forward.

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