All my maternal great grandparents and so on profiles are missing on my Family Tree!

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Where have all my profiles gone?  I was all the way back to 8th greats + siblings + children + spouses!
WikiTree profile: Emelie St. Pierre
in WikiTree Tech by Judith Srom G2G1 (2k points)
Judith, can you explain what you mean whey you say your profiles are gone? Profiles created in WikiTree cannot be deleted. They can only be merged in various ways. Do you mean that from your profile when you click the Family Tree & Tools tab that some or all of them are not showing? Have you perhaps inadvertently changed a setting or have you or someone else accidentally changed a connection which has made part of the tree you were seeing disappear?  If so, just search on a particular person 1, 2 or 3 generations back with the search function, go to that profile, and then click Relationship to Me and see if you are still connected that way.
I originally created these profiles back in Oct 2019 and started recreating them today when I saw they were missing. I justchecked and all ancestors for Emelie Bernard are missing from her ancestor list. How can this happen?  I was all the way through to my 9th greats!
It's possible that a parent-child relationship got altered so that Emelie Bernard's ancestors are still on WikiTree, but no longer showing up as related.  If so you would just need to reconnect the lost connections (with appropriate sourcing).

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You are still connected to Emelie Bernard:

Emelie is the great grandmother of Judith

1. Judith is the daughter of [private mother] DNA confirmed
2. [Private] is the daughter of Agathe Laplante [confident]
3. Agathe is the daughter of Emelie Amelia Bernard [unknown confidence]
This makes Emelie the great grandmother of Judith.

by T Stanton G2G6 Pilot (112k points)
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Judith - You seem to have just made the Bernard profiles today. If they were connected to others already on wikitree, then they will not show up as connected for 24 hours - so they will show up tomorrow.

The LaPlante tree is still there - you just have to go back to Agathe Laplante to see that.
by Robynne Lozier G2G6 Pilot (702k points)
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First off Judith, please do not panic.

These profiles are NOT LOST.

This is the original profile you created last year!!

He still has all his ancestors.

You are stiil related according to the Relationship finder. It says this

Judith and Francois are 6th cousins twice removed

SO now that you have created a duplicate profile, for Francois-Camille, you WILL need to merge them together.

It looks like Francois-Camille is NOT your direct ancestor.
If he is then how exactly is he related to you?

I just think that somewhere the line has become disconnected and we just have to find that break and get them reconnected again.

But please do NOT create any more profiles until we can find out where the break is.

You can ask a mentor to help you find the break and then help to make the reconnection.

Thank you.

by Robynne Lozier G2G6 Pilot (702k points)
Francois Camille Bernard is my great great grandfather.
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I see two Agathe and two Emellie profiles.

Agathe is Laplante-525 and Laplante-526.

Emelie is Bernard-2914 and Bernard-3015.

It shows that you are the profile manger of all four profiles. The lower number profiles were created in Oct. 2019. The higher number profiles were created in Nov. 2019. These profiles should be merged into the lower number profile for each person.

Hope this helps.
by Chris McCombs G2G6 Mach 4 (49.6k points)
Looks like both Francois-Camille profiles will need to be merged as well.

Bernard-2929 and Bernard- 3016

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