Is there any easy way to convert HTML Code to Wiki Code?

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in WikiTree Tech by Sharon Centanne G2G6 Pilot (155k points)

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Sharon, if you search for "convert html to wiki markup" you will find many tools that can help you convert your code, some online tools, others downloadable apps or programs. I've never used one, so I can't help you choose the best, but you might be able to find some information via Wikipedia's Help topics or online forums.
by Pamela Lloyd G2G6 Mach 3 (39.5k points)
selected by April Dauenhauer
Thank you Pamela :) I have an online genealogy tutorial I wortoe years ago in html, and I no longer have update access. It would be fun to put it on wikitree, or at least the Table of Contents.

Sharon Troy CentanneTroy-204
You're very welcome, Sharon. I'm very glad I could help.
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Maybe.  What exactly are you trying to do?
by Heather Husted G2G6 Mach 5 (55.1k points)
Move my old webpages to wikitree, especially my genealogy tutorial :)
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Hi Sharon,

To me, Wiki code appears to be a cross of HTML, XML, JAVA and C+...  I believe it is primarily designed as a webpage code and has some peculuarities to it.  Rob Ton has been kind enough to experiment voraciously and posted many things that work and do not work.  Thanks to I have managed some methodologies by working with his snippets and experimenting a little. The vast majority of members on this site have also been awesome about sharing code with me when I've found something intriquing.





by David Wilson G2G6 Mach 9 (98.8k points)
Thanks, David. My past experience is just html, so I am on a learning curve. I am trying to post old html webpages on wikitree, especially my genealogy tutorial.

Sharon Troy-204
I am glad I decided to search first before asking a similar question! I also in the past had created my own webpage using html code on a free web site that shut down. Somewhere floating in cyberspace is a site that contained my tree with clickable links to take you to specific areas as well as adding bells and whistles (graphics and buttons) in I fortunately had at some point saved the page codex that would need tweaked now, but not much out there in free sites that allow the amount of megabytes used without paying extra for overage.

Heading to the posted link you included David Wilson, and I too thank you! Technology changes so much that unless you keep up to date you become old school and 'lost in the fifties' ;)
Thanks Pam; but, the real credit goes to Rob for his generousity.  Anyone whom has a friend that writes code for a financial institution or defense department changes coding multiple times per week.  Every once in a "blue moon" I need to revisit a program I wrote in fortran, cobol, pascal, etc. to find out how I need to translate it into whatever language is being hosted.  Nesting and looping are less likely now than all of the pre-defined fields required back when dinosaurs roamed the earth... LOL!
Then I thank Rob also! Always give credit its due, as all genealogists love to see! As far as dinosaurs, I remember writing learning programs for my kids on my old Packard Bell in Bios! Dream Weaver was a great program back in the day too, but mine was bought when my daughter was going to AIP for computer animation and graphic design.. she graduated in 2002! Photoshop is v. 4, which is out of date, but I liked the older versions that had Illustrator combined with it instead of differend programs for each! Fortran and Cobal... hmmm vaguely remember those! I sure miss the 'old days' when you had all the free servers and could create your own web sites. I had not only my genealogy site, but also animal rescue with memorials that had flickering candles as people sent me pics of those over the bridge; sites for care of different animals and trainings with links to pages of pet loss poems etc. and maintained the site for our local shelter. Looking for a free server to see if I can work my magic for 2 groups I am active in. One is the 2 Dogs 2,000 miles walk for Canine Cancer that Luke Robinson has made famous, the other I once had on a diceased server for Mental Health for depression, GAD, PTSD and all those other not so happy letters! Ahhh the good old dinosaur days!

My nephew pokes fun, as he's attending his Jr. year in college for computer forensics or some such title and was in that field in the military.. Corey said he's going to build me a computer that even a simpleton like me can use and not screw up or hack myself ;)
Patty (and anyone else looking for free website hosting),

Have you looked into what your ISP provides?  Most of them include free space for your own website as part of the internet service they sell you.

Unfortunately Gaile Connolly I live in the sticks so my provider is Wild Blue satellite internet, which the ISP address bounces depending on the location of the satellite being bounced off of. I am in Pennsylvania, and any time I am looking for specific things that require location I have to change it, as I've supposedly been in Ohio, New Mexico, California, and yes, I've also been in England :P They do provide a free space page, but it is very limited size wise. The other servers I'd used in the past would go by the amount of gigs allowed, so I'd been able to create several pages, including graphics and .wav files playing in the background. I'd created an account with both Angelfire and GeoCities, which gave me 2 gigs on each, and believe me, I used every bit, including changing up a few images to make 1 page seasonal with the holidays, and at Christmas used one as my Christmas Card including some unhappy animals dressed in their Christmas finery... that one always took several to keep chasing down one and tons of treats to keep all in the same area!

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