Need help translating old German script

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I would be very grateful for any help in translating the birth, death and marriage record attached to this profile. My main interest is in identifying the names and relationships of the people listed.


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First entry seems cut off at the beginning, starts with "... Anna Maria let a young son be brought for the holy baptism who was born 30 Dec 1749 about 7 o'clock in the evening. Godparents were Joh(ann) Fried(rich) Müller, son of Joh(ann) Christoph Müller, and Anna Katherina, daughter of Joh(ann) Henrich Pauli, named Joh(ann) Friedrich. Died 22 Dec. 1813 in Grävenwiesbach.

In the year of the Lord 1753 on the 50th Sunday both spouses Joh(ann) Henrich Vait and Anna Maria let a young daughter be brought to the holy baptism who was born on 28 Feb. afternoon between 4 and 5 o'clock. Godparents were Joh(ann) Peter Braun from Melmstadt (now Mönstadt, parish Grävenwiesbach) and Anna Cathar(ina), daughter of Joh(ann) Arner(?) Pauli, named Anna Catherina. Died 4 Jun 1818 as wife of Joh(ann) Friedr(ich) Blumm.

No marriage record, only baptisms.

The - above an m or n indicates duplication of the letter, hence Blumm.

For the location: Grävenwiesbach was not Prussian before 1866. At the time of the births noted it was in the Fürstentum Nassau-Weilburg, at the time of the deaths it was the Herzogtum Nassau which was annexed by Prussia in 1866.

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Thanks Helmut, that’s wonderful! The information you added about the location is also very interesting.
I discovered that this record actually consist of two pages, and it was the second page that I had uploaded. That explains the missing information from the first entry.

I have found and uploaded the first page. Again, any help you can provide in translating it is greatly appreciated!

1. In July or August 1831 were married in Altenweilnau (now Altweilnau, part of Weilrod)

Blum, Johannes, born 3 Feb 1795 in Grävenwiesbach, protestant, unmarried, farmer, living in the Kupferhammer (literal translation copper hammer) near Neuweilnau, son of the married farmers-couple Johann Friedrich Blum and Anna Katharina née Vaitin from Grävenwiesbach, and

Pauly, née Ernyin, Dorothea Katharina Philippina, born 22 Oct 1802 in the Kupferhammer near Neuweilnau, protestant, widow of Konrad Pauly, farmer's wife, living in the Kupferhammer near Neuweilnau, daughter of the married farmers-couple Johann Christian Erny and Maria Elisabeth née Blumm in the Kupferhammer near Neuweilnau

2. From Grävenwiesbach: On March 7, 1775, Johann Friedrich, legitimate son of Johann Jakob Blumm, was married and blessed to Anna Katharina, legitimate daughter of Johann Henrich Vait

3. On 6 Feb 1795 Johann Friedrich Blumm and his wife Anna Katharina, née Vaitin, let their little son, born on the 3rd in the morning between 10 and 11 o'clock, be baptized. Witnesses were Johannes, legitimate son of Johann Georg Müller, from here and Maria Catharina, legitimate daughter of Johann Georg Vait. Name of the child: Johannes

Other children of the couple:

1776, baptized on 4 Feb, born 1 Feb, Conrad Nicolaus

1778, baptized on 9 Apr, born 6 Apr, Maria Catharina, died 5 Feb 1857 in ...wiesbach (might be an abbreviation for Grävenwiesbach) as wife of Joh(ann) Wilh(elm) Koll, married 16 Apr 1811

1780, baptized 31 Dec, born 28 Dec, Anna Maria

1785, baptized 13 Nov, born 12 Nov, Elisabetha Catharina, died 6 Feb 1793

1789, baptized 4 Mar, born 1 Mar, Maria Christina, died 24 Sep 1851 as wife of Conrad Merz

1792, baptized 25 Mar, born 20 Mar, Johann Christian, died 30 Apr 1797

4. On Mar 11, 1748 Johann Jakob Bluhm, legitimate son of the deceased Johannes Bluhm from Wisper in Hessen-Rheinfels, and Anna Maria, legitimate daughter of Johann Chritophel Müller from here, were married and blessed.

5. On Jan 4, 1750, which was after the Feast of the Circumcision of Christ, both spouses Joh(ann) Jacob Blum and ... (see page 2)

Thanks Helmut, that's brilliant! Lots of new names to investigate smiley

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