What makes links turn green?

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in WikiTree Tech by Lois Tilton G2G6 Pilot (130k points)

A link on WikiTree.com is green if it is coded properly (URL formatted properly; no typos or extraneous spaces or characters; etc.). For an internal link (to a WikiTree.com page), the green link is an indication that the linked-to page exists.

An external link may be green even if the linked-to page no longer exists as long as it is coded properly (the URL is properly formatted, etc.).

I think my summary is reasonably valid, at least!laugh

But feel free to correct any errors or omissions, my fellow WikiTreers!!

None of my links are green but this one: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Venner-195

(down near the bottom of the list of sources)
All the links that I see are green.

Could you provide some specific text for the bad links?
The browser turns them black when you've visited the page.  They go back to green when the browser forgets.
Well, so it did.  I think I won't worry about it then.


I always use private browser mode, so the links on WikiTree.com pages always stay green on my screen.

So for viewers who don't use private mode, a green link on a WikiTree.com page generally means that it is a good link that you haven't clicked yet.

That is my understanding, presuming a bad link hasn't purposely been coded to be green!wink

I've never seen my links go green before, so I thought it was a bad piece of code in there someplace that I just couldn't spot. I spend a lot of time trying to spot coding errors.

So this all is good to know.

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