How can I tell when a question has received a down vote?

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I didn't know until recently that there is a competition for points on this forum, it's not something that would be especially important to me. Although, I would like to know why there isn't a monthly recognition for 500 contributions instead of only 100 and 1000? 

And this may seem like a really silly or unnecessary question, but I'm very curious. If I write something on G2G and it is offensive to someone, offensive enough to give a "down" vote, I'd like to know why. Because you see, I'm very careful of how I word things, of saying please and thank you and always responding to comments -you know, the stuff you learned in kindergarten; I'd like to think all wikitreers are the same. I would never choose to offend anyone and would like to know, not only when I do, but how and what was is it I said that was a problem? 

How can I or anyone else know they're being offensive or annoying unless someone tells them what they've said to be that way? I guess I'm displaying old wounds, but to me, it seems almost dishonest and/or useless to down vote someone without an explanation. 

I don't need to know who is unhappy, but I'd like to know if someone is unhappy. Does that make sense? Could there be a way to know these things without divulging someone's identity? To help us make better, more appealing posts? Inquiring minds want to know!

in WikiTree Help by Lisa Linn G2G6 Mach 5 (59.2k points)

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Hi Lisa, there are two separate systems that make up Wikitree. Wikitree and Wikitree G2G, The first is where all the Profiles and Project Pages are at and the second is here.

The 100 and 1000 badges are over on Wikitree for the work you do over there. The comments you do here on G2G are tracked separately, you'll see that number next to your name.

Now your questions. Yes I agree with you about the down vote. But I have found that almost all down votes are done by accident. Don't worry about them. Everyone gets some.

The why not 500 question has come up before and most agree we should have one. But this is all done by hand by one or two people and they bearly keep up  as it is now. Maybe in the future.
by Richard Devlin G2G6 Pilot (204k points)
selected by Lisa Linn

Richard, thank you for your comprehensive and thoughtful reply. I am certainly aware that wikitree is curated (and loved) by a relatively small group of dedicated people. I don't worry about the down votes but I surely would like to know how I can be a better wikitreer! Your comment, "all done by hand" was surprising to me and makes me even more  grateful for this amazing platform/site where I can connect to so many like-minded people. I have made several "virtual" friends here and enjoy our collaboration and communication. So, again, thank you for your answer. Maybe we'll get that 500 badge someday soon! smiley

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It happens all the time. When in g2g go to my wikitree dropdown, and g2g profile. Then scroll down to stats. Be aware that some people down vote because the answer you gave isn’t the one they wanted, or not enough etc. it doesn’t mean you have been rude or anything close to it.

Some of us have racked up masses of down votes for no apparent reason.
by Marion Poole G2G6 Pilot (835k points)
I absolutely understand that Marion, going to look at that page is what prompted the question. I wouldn't think that not getting the answer you want would prompt a down vote?
It certainly can and does.
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Lisa, I've given & received many down votes. Depending on the context, I simply view them as disagreement--not meant to indicate offensiveness etc... Offensiveness level (IMHO) comes with a flag.

Let's say you've made a post and have 10 up votes--if I disagree with you but don't have/want to take the time to write up a reply explaining why I disagree, I can down-vote and now only 9 up-votes show (decreasing the general G2G agreement level). Its not a dishonest (but maybe a useless HA!) exercise of opinion giving and has for me absolutely nothing to do with me being ''unhappy'' or thinking poorly of you--I just have a differing opinion on the topic.

As far as the competition for points in G2G rating and contributions.....There are 3 things I examine whenever I interface with someone here: what is their contribution level, what is their G2G rating & when they joined. Placing those in context tells me a lot.

I tend to think like you do and forum points are not especially important to me, and although as Richard said it adds to the work load of those few, I'd also like to see some more recognition levels on the contribution side of the equation as well.
by Nick Andreola G2G6 Mach 3 (35k points)

Thank you Nick. I didn't think it would be used just for a disagreement of content. I guess, in the light of day, that makes perfect sense. I often don't "vote" one way or the other. I signed up for wikitree in 2015 then pretty much walked away for two years or so. I don't spend much time on G2G unless I run into a profile problem. I believe that's why I didn't even know about the point system. 

The ironic thing is that several months ago, I was involved with a post that evidently many people related to and therefore responded. It ended up to be very long and going on for several days, with some people actually "conversing" on the post. I love those kinds of posts because it means people care

Because of that post, I made a new friend with whom I interact online via email. It turns out we're both in CA so maybe someday we'll meet? 

I'd be curious to know the kind of "rubric" you use (presumably in your head)? And what do you use to determine contribution level? You've got me as curious as I was last night when I wrote the post!

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Several thoughts, Lisa:

First, yes, people do downvote posts simply because they disagree with them.  And since, recently, I've seen that some of my WikiTree heroes have lots of down votes, I've decided to stop worrying about them.

Second, quite a few people respond to posts like yours by saying that most down votes are given by mistake.  I disagree.  I haven't given a huge number (15), but I meant every one of them.  Anyone who votes someone down by mistake can reverse their vote by clicking on the lighted-up arrow a second time (although maybe not everyone knows that).  But by the way, apparently unlike some other G2G contributors, I've given most of my down votes for extreme rudeness.  If I simply disagree with someone, I will make a post and say so rather than vote them down.

Last, as for getting Club 100 badges, or Club 1000, in no time they will just disappear into your history.  Your total contributions, the number I think most people look at rather than the particular badges, won't be affected by which badge you get.
by Julie Kelts G2G6 Pilot (295k points)
Thank you Julie, that all makes great sense to me!
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I don't even pay attention to them. Quite a number of people are basically internet illiterate, and I'm not sure they even known what a downvote button does. As for the other half, I've seen what passes for some folk's opinions and suffice it to say, I do not concern myself with what they think.

by Jessica Key G2G6 Pilot (150k points)
I wonder if that answer will get you any down votes!

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