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WikiTree profile: Pip Sheppard
closed with the note: Great to hear from you all! See you in February!
in The Tree House by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (1.7m points)
closed by Pip Sheppard
I read Hendersonville and thought you were in my neck of the woods, but when I clicked on the Mexican restraurant that I was not familiar with, I noticed you were in Hendersonville, NC. Yeap a whopping "0" amount of profiles, hey just do one so you get credit for the month lol!!
Not an actual place named Paw Creek, but all paths seem to lead to one town, I keep coming back to it!
Haha! Ok, I’ll look for a family I could add to. Thanks for the reminder!

Believe me, if we ever get close to your neck of the woods, we’ll let you know ahead of time, Dorothy!

Bossman's gonna be live, huh? Hmm. I may have to make an appearance and totally disrupt the chat.  engage in a meaningful way. ;)

Winter has been cold down south. No question about that. We broke the planet, yo. 'Nuff said.

Thanks for hosting, Pip! I know what you mean about the wife - my wife started up walking, and she seems to dislike the heat and sun, and so walks less in the summer - but in the winter, she'll bundle up and go out in the worst cold weather and just seem to... enjoy it. Me? I put on every article of cold weather gear I can find and then some, and shiver the whole time. I think they make places like Texas, Arizona, and Florida for people like me, but my wife (who's a Floridian by birth) wouldn't go there for all the money in the world. Oh well...
As ALWAYS, thanks Pip for hosting!
SCott, how about a compromise? North Carolina? I'm with you... bundled up to the max in cold weather.
I'm thinking of becoming a cruise ship director for the Caribbean. She can stay in the AC while I enjoy the sun on deck. Best of both worlds.
Thanks for hosting Pip!!!!   (I guess Monday isn't too late for a WeekEnd Chat comment.)    I've been traveling since  Jan 9th so haven't been in contact with WikiTreers  for a while.    It was warm were we were..... will "report in"  on Friday.      Will have to read the recent WikiTree Chats to catch up!

Enjoy your week everyone.

Look forward to seeing you in the Chat next weekend, Peggy. We expect a full update! cheeky

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There will be typical winter weather for Central Pennsylvania this weekend. But, 55 days until spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

My “Collaboration of the Month” award goes to a Find A Grave memorial manger. For the last 2 years, if I see a memorial that needs correcting, I very faithfully fill out a suggested edit for that memorial. This month I filled out an edit request. The manager came back by email to me, thanked me for the edit suggestion, and asked me if I was related to the man in the memorial. I told him I was related, and explained the 4th cousin relationship. The manager said there was a good chance that he and I were related also. He came back a few days later with a chart showing how he and I were 6th cousins. This manger is very dedicated to his work, and displayed the spirit of genealogy.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, travel safe my friends. 

by Rodney Long G2G6 Pilot (346k points)
Findagrave collaboration can be very rewarding. I found a distant cousin who had a notebook with family history written by a 1C3R (a niece of my ggg grandmother).

Hi Rodney. Always great to hear from you!

 I love that kind of collaboration! I suggested an edit for an ancestor  on FindAGrave once, and the manager gave me the memorial. Like you, I regularly suggest edits, links to other memorials and usually get the edit I suggested.

Cold and rainy here. Waiting... waiting... waiting... for spring!

Hi Kay, hope all is well with you. Nice find you had with a FAG memorial manager. Have a great weekend, and travel safe.
I have to thank Ales and the Data Doctors for reviving all my "forget forever" FAG suggestions.  My first few experiences with FAG members were not warm, so I just built a callous around it.  But now that I'm going back  and actually dealing with thee issues, I'm having much better luck with responsive FAG members who are interested in collaborating - turns out they are people just like us, after all!
Hi Laurie, hope all is well with you. When I suggest edits to  FAG, I have had very good luck with getting the edits addressed by them, and getting corrected. I see Pip has commented that he has had similar results. I agree, in most cases, they are as interested as we are. You have a good rest of the day Laurie.
My experience is similar to yours. Mostly posting correction requests get reasonable response. A few years ago that wasn't the case. I still have two ancestor memorials that I see with bad information. The response after sending a half dozen primary records was that in one case the death certificate birth place had to be correct and all the others, including marriage were wrong. Informant on the death certificate was a granddaughter. The couple's marriage certificate was filled out by them. Someday I'll tackle it again.
Yes Doug, good to hear from you. Sometimes if you wait for awhile, and use a different angle of attack, you will get a preferred result. Have a good rest of the day.
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Today is.......



National Peanut Butter Day on January 24th recognizes an American staple in our pantries. Whether creamy or chunky, with chocolate or with jelly, peanut butter gets the recognition it deserves each year on this day. 

The early peanut butter made by the Aztecs and Incas around 1000 BC was more of a paste and not nearly as creamy as the peanut butter we know now.

Click play and enjoy a story about National Peanut Butter Day featuring our founder, Marlo Anderson.  If you enjoy the 2 minute show, subscribe with your favorite podcast player.

Peanut butter didn’t become widely used until the 20th century. First, the peanut had to be considered more than animal feed, which was until the late 1800s. At the turn of the century, inventions that made planting, cultivating and harvesting the legume (the peanut isn’t a nut at all) made it possible to see the peanut as a retail and wholesale food item. (See more by visiting National Peanut Day -September 13)

Peanut butter is a good source of vitamin E, B6, niacin, calcium, potassium and iron, is packed with protein and is rich in healthy monounsaturated fat.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalPeanutButterDay

Make your favorite peanut butter recipes. Whether it’s a sandwich or a baked good, someone is sure to enjoy it with you. Be sure to share a photo or recipe using #NationalPeanutButterDay on social media.

Following are a few recipes for you to enjoy:

Peanut Butter Banana Swirl Muffins
Creamy Caramel Peanut Butter Dip
Peanut Butter Fudgy Brownies
Mini Peanut Butter Smore Cups

by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2m points)
Dorothy, would you believe peanut butter is actually on my wife's diet? It's really good in oatmeal. And thanks to Booker T. Washington for all of his work with peanuts, too!
Many thanks to the Aztecs and the Incas. Now that I know about their contribution to my breakfast, I'll remember them every day. Today, in honour of your post, I might do it again, on toast, this time with blackberry jam.
Love peanut butter.  We go through a fair amount of the stuff.
It is hard to believe now but as a child and even part of my adult life, I did not like peanut butter at all. As I slapped together peanut butter & jelly sandwiches for the kiddo's school lunches, I had a real aversion to it. I would buy peanut butter cookies for them to have at home because I knew I would not eat them. Well, those days have vanished. Suddenly, at some point, I liked peanut butter and now have a nice large jar in the pantry all the time!!
... oh, peanut butter cookies... you've made me desperate for some!

Oh boy! Time for some peanut butter cup chocolate ice cream! laugh

Now I may have to go out tomorrow and get some good peanut butter fudge.
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Hello from beautiful southeastern Arizona. The weather here has continued to be colder than normal with morning temps dipping below freezing. The forecast for the upcoming week continues to have temps in the 30s for the mornings. I won't complain too much as the afternoons are lovely.smiley

Writing: Had a horrible, week-long, time getting my paperback and e-book uploaded to Amazon. I finally managed to get the files there by using an older desktop. Think I acquired 500 more gray hairs along the way!

Since there's an author with my name who writes reference books, I decided to use my mother's family name. Anyhow, I'm now published under my pen name Trana Mathews. After publishing it, I found there's a series with the title of my first book sad I'm now working on the sequel to my saga.

WikiTree: Sorry but haven't had much time to work on genealogy. I did make time to add WWII records to my father's bio (been going to do that for 2 months!). Still trying to add the children and grandchildren of Susannah Mathews and Jonathan Stone so that I can eventually tie their grandchild to the Putnam/Browning family line. I also want to find time to review and update my to-do list.

Happy weekend to all - stay out of trouble (if you can cheeky).

by Diane Hildebrandt G2G6 Mach 4 (44.5k points)
Diane, I'm searching Amazon for a recent book by author Trana Matthews, and coming up empty. Do you mind sharing a link or a title?

That's the hard part, Diane, finding a unique title. I figure if I ever finish my book, I'll put a geographic reference that is rather unique to keep from naming something the same.

I remember an old saying: Stay out of trouble. If not, have fun. laugh

Which book by Trana Mathews? 

The Mathews Family: Mathews Family Saga Book 1

by Trana Mathews

seems to be available on BetterWorldBooks.com for $11.16 at the moment. That may be the only book by Trana

@Laurie You should be able to find it on Amazon (only place I published it!). Title is The Mathews Family I did subtitle it "Mathews Family Saga Book 1" because I'm working on a sequel. Thank goodness I didn't use series in the title. lol

@Pip I did not want to use Matthews because our family has been spelled with only 1 T for 200 years lol I didn't add a location because the beginning is Massachusetts and remainder deals with life in the Northwest Territory.

@Doug That's the correct title. I'm surprised it's listed on BetterWorldBooks. Price for paperback on Amazon is $8.99 (their suggested price if going to do any sale prices). I haven't set up a sale yet for the paperback.

Price for e-book on Amazon is currently $2.99 but I do have a sale set up for January 31st through February 2nd and it will drop to only $0.99. Of course, Kindle Unlimited is free.

Didn't think it would be permissible to include a link because it would be self-advertising.

A lot of unexpected finds on BetterWorldBooks. Probably start finding more now that they are owned by the parent company of Archive.org.

Just as long as you didn't name it "The History of the World: Part 1" and make everyone wonder what happened to Part 2. Come to think of it, I never did see the sequel... I need to write a letter to Mel Brooks about that!

@Scott lol Maybe Mel got burned with a blazing saddle? cheeky

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We rarely get the same weather for more than 10 mins on Vancouver Island, but its been raining steadily for a couple of days. On the positive side, its not snowing.  

On the genealogy front, I usually feel like you, Pip, spread too thin, but I have exited all rabbit holes temporarily, and gone back to the Puritan ancestors. The year 2020 is the 400th Anniversary of the Mayflower, and I'm nearly done tracing the Puritans in my family tree - according to the facts rather than the myths and the legends.  

On the plus side, I'm learning a whole lot about the early settlers that I snoozed through the first time, and gathering lots of interesting (to me) stories. 

There are a few reasons that I've taking smaller bites: first, I have a hard time letting go of the siblings, so I make the job bigger than it needs to be.  Second, I feel like THE party pooper.  Its all - Are you sure he married his grandmother after she died? - or -  If all the sources clearly state that her LNAB is unknown, why is she shown as the daughter of John Clark and Mary Howland?  Popping bubbles is fun, up to a point.  So I plan to take it to the point, then shift to something else on the to-do-list.

Stay warm and dry, and well away from any smoke!

by Laurie Giffin G2G6 Mach 6 (66.5k points)
Laurie, my wife did a couple of business trips to Vancouver and has always said that Vancouver is the loveliest place. We actually thought about moving up there.

I, too, have gotten away from rabbit holes. There's just too much else to do right now. If I see one opening up in front of me, I back off.
Love Vancouver Island. If the winters weren't so dark I could live there.

Rabbit holes can be a lot of fun but I try to avoid them, too. The Mayflower anniversary is driving me crazy. The number of trees that have added a wife to one of my ancestors keeps me busy removing her. The desperation for Mayflower connections has gotten pretty high. The ancestor in question was a Loyalist and a cobbler in Prince Edward Island. The supposed wife married a doctor (with same name) and both lived and died on Long Island. It is slowing down as the Mayflower Society rejects the applications. My earliest Puritan-ish ancestor was Roger Conant who is pretty well researched.

I went out to eat with my neighbor yesterday. She mentioned the book, The Boy Who Fell Off the Mayflower or John Howland's Good Fortune. While it's a kids book, it was thoroughly researched. John is her eleventh great. For decades, her family thought they were of Dutch descent. Thanks to this book they learned they were English and John had only lived in Holland for a short time. Pretty amazing what research can uncover!

Now there’s an idea for you!
Are you going to start writing books in your spare time, Pip? I'm on the waiting list of readers.

Spare time? What spare time? I’m a WikiTreer! laugh

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On this day:

1920: The Italian sculptor Amedeo Modigliani dies

1984: The very first Macintosh was launched.

1994: The National Bank of Yugoslavia pegs the Yugoslav Dinar to the Deutsche Mark and that way (finally) ends the Hyperinflation in Yugoslavia.

by Jelena Eckstädt G2G6 Pilot (344k points)
Amedeo Modigliani. I can see the influence of Picasso in his work. Great unique events, Jelena!

My brother bought the first model of Mac, and it took two years for him to convince me to jump in.  Mine was the third model, in 1986. It had a 20 MB hard drive, which the salesman assured me was more memory than I would need in my lifetime!  

Jump to 1998, and I heard the same thing about an HP that had 1.3 gigs.
I still have my 1987 Mac Plus in The Closet of Obsolete Tech.  Last time I thought about getting rid of it, I booted it up (from the 20 MB external drive), played a game of Crystal Quest, and packed it up again.
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We are having a mild winter so far. Lake Erie is 2% frozen over and it's normally 50% frozen over at this time of year.

On this date in 1978 we experienced the Blizzard of 1978. The winds were very strong and the barometer set a record low. Three cars set out to get from Columbus to Cleveland and all three took two days to make the trip which would normally been about 2 1/2 hours.
by Frank Gill G2G Astronaut (2m points)
Frank last night the weather people said that that 2% was thawing and it is less than 1% now. With above freezing temps predicted for the next 8 days I think the lake will be ice free again soon.
Frank. I guess it’s what one is used to. I don’t think I’d thrive in that cold a weather. We’re you in one of the three cars?
Pip, Yes, I was in one of the three cars with another man who was also working in the metal casting field. The car was low on gas, but we did not see anyone at the gas stations we passed along the way. Eventually, there was a car we saw pulled over to the side of the freeway. We stopped and talked to the driver who said that the road was blocked ahead with a lot of snow. So, we took that exit and fortunately there was a restaurant right there. We could order whatever we wanted. The next morning the word got out that a truck was able to get through, so we filled the gas tank an proceeded north.

One of the other drivers got all the way home without an accident, except that when he got out of his car in his own driveway, he slipped, fell and cracked a rib.
What a story! At least the poor fella got home before anything else happened. Gotta hand it to you, Frank, I don’t think I’d be brave enough to tackle a trio like that.
Kinda scary when your gas tank is getting low in that weather!  I'm glad you found a warm restaurant where you could wait it out.
I remember the Blizzard of 78, I did not even slow me down much but they closed the factory I worked at for 2 days. Living in the Chardon area it did not seem that bad to me.

I sort of remember the Blizzard of 78. I do remember later taking a ride near home in the Tug Hill plateau area of New York where they had cut the road clear with a snowblower and the snow was up to the bottom of the powerlines. Sort of a once in a lifetime thing to see (one hopes).

Hello Dale, I was in a Iron Castings Research Institute meeting in Columbus when the hotel power went out. That's why several of us decided to head north to the Cleveland area. Due to drifting snow, the freeway became impassable and we were almost out of gasoline. Later, I learned that a power backup restored power to the hotel.

Several people died in Ohio that day due to exposure to the cold, especially dangerous if they left their vehicles.
Frank, I was living in Burton Ohio at that time with my wife and an infant daughter. I left for work early and drove to Swagelok in Solon where I worked as a machinist. They closed the plant and sent us all home. I made a stop at a machine shop near my house where a friend was the plant manager and he offered me a job but I turned him down and continued home to my family. I drove to Solon the next day but they closed the plant that day as well. The wind and cold was bad but we really did not get that much snow where I was.
I was a teenager during the blizzard of '78, and I remember it well. Woke up to hear it was a SNOW DAY and when we tried to open the front door, we couldn't! The snow had blown up against the front screen door, about 2/3 of the way up the window. We thought it was so fun, we opened the garage door and dug a man sized tunnel from the garage to the front door. That lasted all of about 30 minutes before my Dad got tired of waiting on us, and shoveled out our tunnel.

But there was plenty of snow to tunnel, dig, shovel, throw, and build with. The roads in the neighborhood were so blocked that we were stuck in the house for 3 days. My Dad along with all the other "men" in the neighborhood got out in their driveways first, then the streets second to try to make a path in the several feet of snow that came down. We even had a guy with a brand new plow on his pickup truck give it a shot. He made some progress, but was not familiar with using the blade, so he would back up, rev the engine, get some speed, drop the blade, and the snow would fly... then THUNK. Dead stop. The third time he did it there was a CRACK instead of a THUNK... and his brand new blade broke. The neighborhood guys helped him pull off the blade and put it in the bed of the truck, while he sniffled back a tear, and they went back to shoveling.

Seems like we spent a week out of school that year, but they made us pay for it with an extra week in the summer (boo - hiss).
I remember a blizzard in '78 but that one seemed small in comparison to the blizzard of '67 in the Chicago area.

I remember going to an event in Indianapolis in early spring. Weather was gorgeous when we left northwest Indiana. Made it to Indy in a little over an hour.

Our return trip was a different story! A light snow started falling Sunday morning. We left Indy around noon and didn't reach home until after 8 pm. We followed a semi who drove on the shoulder of I-65 most of the way home because the expressway lanes were so slick and icy. High winds whipped the snow back and forth across the lanes. There was only a little snow -- but the winds made it a mess.
The Official snowfall data from Cleveland National Weather Service says that only 8 inches of new snow fell during the Blizzard of 78 but there was over 20 inches already on the ground. That along with the cold blowing high speed winds caused the problems.
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Another quick note while I have time. Last weekend the cold front came thru bringing temps in the lower teens and 17 inches of snow. This weekend it is in the 40's and rain, can anyone say possible flooding. We picked up a new bed base on Wednesday, an adjustable model so we can elevate our heads and feet as conditions require, still trying to find the best position to set the bed that works for both of us. As far as genealogy goes I have continued to fix some suggestions, add some sources and cut my watchlist back, nothing major but still moving in the right direction. I have a special testing session to attend Sunday and Monday is the first meeting of the radio club since my election so we will see how that goes.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
edited by Dale Byers
We watched the new series Picard last night. Diane would not let me watch it until she could watch it with me.

Dale, are you running the test sessions? How many folks in your radio club?

Every week you shame about not reducing my watch list! cheeky I really ought to get into that. 

Pip, I am not in charge of the testing sessions but I try to attend all of them. Some days I do nothing but others we are all busy. We have a core of about 12 that do the exams and 3 is the minimum needed to do the tests but it works better with at least 6. There are 92 members as of today but that number will change as some leave and hopefully some join. As for the watchlist, I wish mine was as small as yours, but that is going to take some time. I did update privacy on some profiles where I could to open up some unlisted profiles this last week, but I had to fight the system because it wanted to open up the profile for John Glenns wife and she is still living.
What did you think of Picard?  I have to pay to get access, and I must have some Scottish DNA - I'm not going to waste $12 unless its worth it.
Totally getting CBS access soon. Make it so.
Laurie, I only pay $5.99 + taxes for CBS all access. I like it because I love Star Trek, and they have all of the Trek shows as well as the movies. There is a good amount of original programming that you can't get elsewhere to sweeten the pot. I do have some commercials with my package but I can't see paying the higher amount for the no commercial package.

As for Picard, the first episode did not seem that great but I do see some reasons to continue.
FYI for everyone Chardon has had 33.7 inches of snow so far this season. That is way below normal for us!
The only place I've lived that got more snow than that was Watertown, New York. According to wiki they average 112 inches of snow per year. That seems about right as the weathermen usually reported how many "feet" would fall that afternoon as opposed to "inches".
Scott, the 112 number you mention would be more in line with "normal" for Chardon and the surrounding areas for this time of year.
Wow! Saw Picard and it was decent. Good to see the TNG era aliens continue on. And it was nice to see some of the DS9 aliens we know and love referenced. I did like the Ferengi logo on the Prudential Center in Boston. Little on the nose. But, whatever. =)

Great episode!
The blizzard of 68 left our town 25 miles west of Syracuse snow bound for a week. Fortunately we were able to get out one door and the 22' drift in the road missed our driveway. The drift broke two snowblowers (mounted on county dump trucks) before they broke through with a road grader.
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Hails and horns, Wikipeeps!

On the genealogy front, I posted this blog about how close I am to Haverhill, Mass. Seriously it's like a fixed point in the space-time continuum where everything converged. Then again it could all just be some huge coincidence: https://allroadhaverhill.blogspot.com/2020/01/52-ancestors-week-4-close-to-home.html

I explain my close ties to Haverhill and that's about it. If I had time, I'd have taken pics of the houses and all that. I would take a pic of my grandmother's house. But, there's always Google Maps. =D (Stalkerish, much?)

On the non genealogy front, it has been COLD here. Like really cold. It snowed and we cleaned up a bit. We have two snowblowers and they've been very helpful in dealing with everything.

I'm also working on a comic that I have to put a trigger warning disclaimer on. There are certain character types I do NOT like writing and on the top of that list are rapists. Sadly, we live in an imperfect world and those things unfortunately happen. I've dealt with that. I just don't like WRITING them. Dunno what that means exactly. But, I hope my readers understand what I am trying to do and that I am handling it with the utmost care.

Writing those types of dark characters require a pallet cleanser. It's a good thing that the character that this happened to eventually had a happy ending. 

by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (285k points)
My maternal family all loved along the Catawba River, both sides, but since this was farmland, it was a bit of a walk if you wanted to see someone. Does make genealogy a little easier, though. All those old stories. I know what you mean, Chris. My grandfather was good at that.
Yeah, it does. That's how I managed to fill in so much stuff so quickly back in 2017. =) We still go to Haverhill every now and then to get subs or something. We drive through it to get to the boat at Newburyport.

Forgot to mention that Wikitree proved to be really good cousin bait yet again as a cousin who lives in Salisbury, Mass found a profile of her grandmother who was a Legault. Long story short, she contacted me and now we're Facebook friends. She is a second cousin once removed, I think. Will check again.
I hear your writing dilemma. Its a personal choice, and you'll find your own approach, but you're not alone.  As a storyteller, sometimes I have to deal with an awful thing that's an integral part of a story. My rule of thumb, I have to be able to look myself in the mirror, and the audience in the eye. So in this situation, I focus on those facts that are absolutely essential to the story, and let the audience fill in the rest for themselves.
Yeah. I'll be explaining everything in the blurb I post at the end of the comic. I'll link it here if you'd like to read it. That's good and helpful advice. Thank you, Laurie! =D I'll do just that.
2x1r? That’s pretty close, Chris!

Yep. She saw her grandmother, Delphine Legault's profile here and sent me an e-mail. Before I knew it we were talking on Facebook. My mom went to her uncle's bait shop. They still live in the Newburyport area. She's very nice and she's an artist. So that's cool.

And here's this week's comic. Trigger warning because of references to sexual assault: https://starbolts.blogspot.com/2020/01/starbolts-464-all-pain-of-yesterday.html

+17 votes
It's been a slow week for me. My wife and I both came down with the SLIG crud. She succumbed on Tuesday and me on Wednesday This is the first time either of us came down with anything after SLIG. Its just a really bad cold due to people who have a cold don't wear the face masks provided. I feel really sorry for those that stayed for the second week and ended up coming down with it. At least one of those classes setup a Zoom session so those with it could stay in their rooms.

Weather has been mild but breezy. It's currently 40F/5C and mostly sunny. Too bad I have no energy to enjoy it. Need it to stay warm a few more days to see if the area that needs landscape work thaws enough to have them start.

On the genealogy front, I'm experimenting with a different genealogy software program - Centurial. it doesn't do pretty charts or reports but it has a different approach It is evidence based and you have to have a source in order to create a person or relationship. if the sources indicate two people are the same you have the option to merge them. There is a free trial so I thought it might be useful. If you fill in the Source forms correctly you even get an Evidence Explained citation.
by Doug McCallum G2G6 Pilot (341k points)
Take good care, Doug.  Hope you're feeling better soon.
Sorry to hear you under the weather, Doug. Get well soon, you and your wife!

I'd like a form on WikiTree where you input the info and the program creates the source for you. That would be COOL!
Wait. I thought genealogists were able to avoid con crud!! What happened?! Did someone dressed as Deadpool come by and cough on people? Did you eat a burrito sold by a guy in a Jason Vorhees mask?! I thought these only happened at comic cons....

Hope you feel better, Doug!
Not much better today but working on it.  This is the only Institute that seems to have that problem but that is mostly due to it being in January. It would help to have the problem people dress as Deadpool so I could avoid them. Mostly it is people who are sniffly and coughing not wearing the face masks provided for free. Timing-wise, we think we got exposed at the opening orientation and reception. Still, it won't stop me from attending again.

@Doug: "It would help to have the problem people dress as Deadpool" I laughed out loud over this!

Sorry you're under the weather and hope you feel better soon. Whatever it was I got in November stayed with me for over a month. Hope it doesn't bother you that long!
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To those who have ancestors in the American Colonial South. (Myself included.) My sympathy goes to all of us. What a pain! Proving a relationship is next to impossible. So and so's father might be, whose father might be, whose father might be until you finally get to an immigrant who might be an ancestor. My mother paid about half a dozen professional genealogists, who were able to prove nothing. The records don't seem to be there.
by Anne B G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
I hear your pain, Anne! I have 3 brick wall ancestors from the American Colonial South, and don't expect to find any more information than that. I've always thought it was interesting that none of the three shared any personal details when they arrived in Nova Scotia. I thought perhaps it was political, but you're suggesting maybe it could also have been part of a cultural pattern.

Very different from Massachusetts.
The South can be difficult but sometimes things show up in records not always checked. Have you looked at court cases and legislative records? Our ancestors were quite litigious. Land records sometimes help but those are commonly used. I haven't done much southern research but from the class took last week there really isn't a whole lot of info available.
Man, oh man, do I know that pain. All of my ancestors were American Colonial South. While I have some I can at least get to the Atlantic Coast, others are waiting for the discovery of their parents. And as much as I'd like to believe that bad info out there on the Web, I just can't go with it.

That said, let me second what Doug said. I found a two-generation break in one brickwall through land records and probate records.

Also,look for divorce records in the state legislature. That is where divorce was handled in some states (South Carolina was one when they allowed a divorce at all). Those records can usually be found on Hathi Trust or Archive.org. Also, have you checked the handful of State census and the church records? These haven't all been indexed but many are online for viewing - some at home but others require going to an FHC.

+17 votes
Good Morning!

It is a beautiful day here in North Central Texas. Supposed to be mid-50's and the sun is shining. It sounds like I should be out doing something but instead about to head to the movie to see 1917 before is disappears from the theaters. Will enjoy the sunshine on the way there and back.

On the genealogy front, I kind of jumped around a bit this week. Was not too focused but worked on my husband's Louisiana Acadians some and then continued adding children to one of my families - the Clarks and Thomases. Also, continued adding WikiTree ID's to Family Search profiles and along the way, had to clean up errors there. Was feeling pretty good about the FS tree when I received the dreaded email yesterday on changes to people I am watching on FS. Arrrrrrgh!! No one ever said that genealogy can ever be finished!! Instead, it is a never-ending journey and I do enjoy it.

On another note, just got word that my 101 and a half year old aunt fell and broke her hip on Monday. Surgery on Tuesday was successful but now she will go to rehab and at her advanced age we don't know what the outcome will be. She has been the source of a lot of my family stories and information and is my only surviving link to that generation.

Have a great weekend everyone. See ya'll in the branches!
by Virginia Fields G2G6 Pilot (279k points)
I've barely started working on my tree in FS - it's quite certain that my ancestor has the wrong parents, and I need to figure out how to fix that.

Have a great weekend, Virginia!

Those dreaded change messages.David Rencher (Chief Genealogical Officer for FamilySearch) says that he regularly has to undo fixes to his father's given name. The changes usually come from well meaning people who aren't relatives.

Oooo, that's one movie I really want to see, Ginny!

So sorry to hear about your aunt. I pray the recovery will be successful. At that age, there is so much to worry about.
+14 votes
GENEALOGY:  I'm pretty sure I did stuff on profiles, having 1,100+ "contributions" while skipping along among profiles like a bee would in a garden of 17 different flowers … And in reading the g2g questions AND answering a few, or voting on some, or picking out a gold star answer on some … Occasionally some other more daring PM will respond a tad tartly, or sarcastically, etc in such a manner to cause the hair on my head stand up in fright …

And someone kept attempting to get someone else to help him recapture that brief moment of glory when Carrie Fisher was featured in the Degrees of Separation (or Connection) and he was 27 degrees … it does not register now, I poked at it twice and other did so and it is not happening now. I figure that likely someone disconnected a faulty relationship or closed their account (and scattered the profiles) or hijacked a profile to use for someone of their own (someone was doing that) but whatever the cause … it's gone. Or not being found now.

HOME: Sig O decided to save some on expenses and switched our internet (Wi-Fi) from one company to another. Yes. So the Chrome Notebook (obsolete version) I was using became useless because it won't authenticate. Right. My Kindle FIRE also will not authenticate.

I wrenched away from Sig O his laptop since he did get authentication on his all-in-one computers and his laptop -- and there he sits dethroned with his useless Chrome Notebook (a more modern version) AND his useless Kindle reader and a functional desktop and … I have the functional  laptop.

OF COURSE Operator Error rate has climbed majorly since I'm habituated to the much more compact Notebook keyboard and now have to contend with an expanded version

If you are hearing howls of frustration and aggravation, it's likely me … Kween of the Keyboard Klutz

WEATHERING: We did get some rain. And some dry. And I think our relatively warm January (compared to some other years) is because of cloudy skies …  I recall we had some of those 10 F days in Reno every now and then. But we also had 105 F days now and then.
by Susan Smith G2G6 Pilot (173k points)

"I wrenched away from Sig O his laptop" Oh, Susan, the visual I have of this!!!!!

Well, he's switched cable companies 8 or 9  times in the last 12 years and each and every time it is disruptive and obstacles arise and difficulties take weeks to fix … and this time was no different. I told him beforehand "don't do it" but he insisted and I said "it's going to cause a problem" and as usual LOL he said no, it will go smoothly. Hasn't done so yet, but he's an Optimist. 

So when it "went wrong" (as usual), …. there he was with a functional desk top PC (all in one) and a functional laptop and then there's me with nothing. He did say I could USE the laptop, but I told him I wasn't going to give it back, I was not going to take the chrome back etc and so forth … I told him what would happen and the laptop is my half-ounce of flesh collected -- 

He's the "typical male" the one that won't throw away a shirt that's more holes than shirt, that kind of male … (I don't think this is actually a gender specific problem, have known fems with that same approach to keepsies) 

So, wrenched is the word, and never a truer one has been spoken -- I have a functional laptop (if I ever master it) and a lot of downloaded books and a project in hand at WT 

Got to go figure out what my cat is telling me, she's sitting all too patiently with her back to me -- sitting as still as a bas relief … 

"He's the "typical male" the one that won't throw away a shirt that's more holes than shirt, that kind of male …" Uhh... This sounds like me!

Well, keep in mind, Pip, I personally don't believe this mind-set about keepsies is gender-specific. I have been acquainted with both males and females who cling to physical objects long past the point where the object has any material utility. Even I, Kween of Pure Hearts, has this horrid trait. Tsk. It causes a real pang in the innards to "let go".

Kweenie, (cheeky) I have stuff hat belonged to my grandfather hat is absolutely worthless. Things like canceled checks, tax returns. Ancestor worship it’s gotta be. But then, I considered my grandfather to be the one I most loved in this world.

As for other stuff, I still have things like high school newsletters, a college orientation booklet, etc., etc., etc....

The thing is, Pip, the fact is, that most of what anyone clings to (a keepsie) will be donated or trashed when the day comes some other person has to go in there and clear away the personal effects … not all that much of it will survive the clearing and become keepsies for some other person … that fact alone has caused me, is causing me, to re-evaluate my own stuff (stash) … 

I did offer it up to the "heirs" and the "heirs" have declined so that makes it stuff that will be donated or trashed. Bummer. Might as well donate it myself while alive, or trash it while I'm still alive to decide. Because my power to decide its fate dies with me.  

 Because my power to decide its fate dies with me.” So very true!!!

Now that both of us are in our 50's and empty nesters, we've begun THE GREAT PURGE!

If it ain't locked down, and no one's claimed it yet, it's getting donated. Living room set - GONE. Kid's stuff they didn't claim - GONE. Books once we've read them - GONE. And on and on. We've been through the sorting through parents or uncles stuff already and promised ourselves we won't make our kids do the same.

How I DO relate to that, I've been the designated Go-deal-with-that person more than twice and I also have been making some effort to avoid having my memory cursed because I had so much junk left behind … 

I have attempted to "purge" the no longer needed or used items several times, and even tried to downsize the actual home. But the sad truth is that my attempts have been mostly in vain. Every time I get rid of something Diane either buys 2 more items or tells me to put items in the empty space I created. We moved from a 2 bedroom home to a 3 bedroom home and added over 300 square feet, her choice, but 2 of the bedrooms are useless because they have too much in them. I did get rid of most of the hard copy books, switching to e books when I can but that did not work as well as I hoped. We no longer have cable and the last time I switched internet was back in 2016 with no plans to change again, The price is not that different between the providers in out area and the service is good, so if it's not broke I am not going to try and fix it. I actually buy the new computers for other family members and use their old ones. That works for me because I don't need the latest, biggest, and fastest computers.

Dale, and others -- Downsizing is difficult. (And I have to think that is the Classic Understatement of the last 12 Centuries.) Humans in general seem to want to fill up the space around themselves. And while I can "let go" (if not without a struggle) I also note I will sabotage my own efforts to unload by adding two or more other things … 

I'm sure I'm proving on a daily basis that you can't yoke a goat and a hungry tiger to the same cart and expect to reach your destination still in possession of the goat and the cart -- if you reach it at all. (Due to conflicting desires and / or conflicting goals) -- 

I am in general managing to sweet talk myself into "letting go".  You'll have to discover what sweet talk will accomplish with your spouse if you want them on board with this de-clutter de-junk whatever project … LOL 

Well, sweet talk works for some people, I read that somewhere, but I have my doubts it is a Universal App

+16 votes

Hi all, happy Friday to everyone.

My big excitement for the week was to have fibre optic internet service installed. I won't go into all the gorey details, but in the two years since we bought this house in semi-rural Florida we've gone from no service to DSL at a dismal speed of 2mb (think waiting 30 seconds to download a FamilySearch image) to a whopping 400-500mb. The best thing about it - no more arguments over whether his viewing of a football game trumps my genealogy research, since the 2mb speed wouldn't support both at the same time. Win-win!

We had a 2 day cold snap down here where we actually had to put the heat on and wear socks/hoodies, etc. Hearing of the brutal cold a lot of my northern friends endured, I do not complain, but simply enjoy the cool weather. It hit a low of 37F/2C here (gasp! ;) and I had to laugh when the weather service warned about iguanas falling from the trees. I'll take gravitating reptiles over icicles anyday. (See this article if you are a non-believer.)

Genealogy - planning my annual trip to Salt Lake with cousin-friends next month. Creating my to-do list which seems to get longer each time. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

by Bobbie Hall G2G6 Pilot (126k points)

Bobbie, I saw that iguana story on TV and had to laugh, wondering if someone would get hit in the head.

Congrats on your new internet service. You should be humming along on WikiTree now! wink

And on a bright note - I emailed the Library of Congress hoping to get a response, and lo and behold, less than 24 hours later, I have an obituary from 1729 in Boston. A very wonderful piece of history! I'll post a link when I get it sorted out.

Now that is COOL!

I thought so! (Our tax dollars at work ;)
+17 votes
Hiya Pip,

Thanks for hosting! You went to a mexican restaurant without me? *gasp (lol) We have one close to here (ok, close if you are used to living in the boonies) that mom and I go to sometimes. The men don't eat Mexican food. Same goes for Chinese food. Sigh.

It's been kind of a rollercoaster week here. Hopefully things calm down next week (or so) and are better. I've had lotsa chats with the youngest granddaughter though - how joyful! They got moved into their new place finally so grandma was doing long-distance "distract the toddler" duty so little momma could get things done. She's so adorable! Where does the time go?
by Mindy Silva G2G6 Pilot (352k points)
Mindy, my Kentucky-born, Mexico-bred wife LOVES Mexican food (as do I). She has a much more discriminating palate that I. I can go for the regular or authentic. She can eat both, but MUCH prefers the authentic.
Love good Mexican food. Went to our favorite Mexican restaurant in Salt Lake twice last week (the Blue Iguana is close to the Institute location and the weather encouraged it)
Distract the toddler with keys on a keychain. It works every time. =)

Hope their move went well.

How do they not eat Mexican or Chinese? Or any ethnic food? So many countries. So little time....
LOL Chris! Use the plastic keys from Playskool - the taste of metal keys is... ugh.

Saw a video on the news this morning of a toddler who was quite naughty. Seems he had managed to climb atop his Dad's SUV and thought it was hilarious to run back and forth across the top of the vehicle. Every time Dad would grab for him, he'd run to the hood, then his Dad would come around and he'd run to the top. I think eventually Dad outsmarted him, and I'd bet he got a tanned behind. At the very least, that's what I would have received if I'd behaved that way.
Why would you taste metal keys? Never mind. I don't want to know. Next to money, those have got to be the second most dirtiest things on the planet.

There have been stories out of Florida where some kid would take his father's car out for a spin. Kid was like 8. How could you be mad? He knew how to drive it like 2 miles and get a burger at McDonalds before getting pulled over. That kid is going places!

As for me, I've never done that. I have driven my dad's boat, though. With his supervision. Wasn't allowed to dock it. Sigh...can't be trusted with a 36 foot long boat.

Me and your wife should get together for some good ole cooking then Pip! I could really go for some carne asada! And I make a mean chile verde or chile rojo (sauce). smiley  I don't eat tongue tacos though. My middle daughter makes those for her family.

@ Chris F you have that right!! So little time

My newest batch of Siracha Pip. It's not the mix of peppers I wanted but it's close. And look at the glorious color!! It came out tasting like roasted peppers a bit this time. Yum.

That looks great! Bottling it and selling online? I'd be your first customer!

+15 votes

Hello all,

the weather was normal cold in Central Europe this week, freezing in the night and with daylight being on duty it got above freezing. It wasn't very sunny this week though, more grey and foggy. Seeing the weather news of Spain I thought of SJ, as there was really bad weather there, and also in the region where he is living. I hope he is ok.

On the Genealogy front, the Siemens and all their relatives are still occupying my time. Mostly thanks to them I accumulated more than 2k contributions.

On the WikiTree front, some members of the German roots project started translating the Help-pages into German. Yay, the first little step into getting the website even more international is being done.

Have a great weekend all around

by Jelena Eckstädt G2G6 Pilot (344k points)
Mom doing OK, Jelena?
In Beabsichtigung der Schwierigkeiten, bester Gluckwunsch zu dieser Leistung.
Pip, yeah, she is ok. We were rearranging some stuff in the kitchen, kicking out some bowls and other stuff we don't use and putting other stuff we hardly use in the higher "floors" of the cupboard to make more room for stuff we use more.

S, thanks :)
+14 votes
This week has been crazily hectic, sorting everything out for the approaching graduation (I'm not going to make a big deal of it, when it arrives to occasion it'll just be a few extra characters). I'm also awaiting the final details for a two day beach camp that a friends of mine are organising.

I finally received the details for when my followup checkup is (from when I was in hospital)...8 weeks feels a lot longer when you're at home not doing a lot 6 days a week!

On wikitree, the main focus has been improving my wall of honour so that it isn't just one big scrolling window, and with a couple of additions to a few of the panels. With 7 days left to the month, it looks like I could be finishing with a fairly appropriate contribution count (not looking at the overall number).
by Richard Shelley G2G6 Pilot (142k points)
Richard, thanks for all of your work on the Roll of Honor page! Here's hoping your health continues to improve. Let us know how the beach camp went!

Just so everyone who reads my comment isn't confused. I have a personal roll of honour page

+14 votes

Happy weekend, everyone!  This is the point where I wonder why I thought it was a good idea to teach a 6 hour class... my throat hurts and I'm beat.  But it's fun stuff, and it'll be even better once spring comes and we can be outside.

Genealogy:  I finally got back to the massive DNA cluster analysis I did for my mom and finished assigning clusters to maternal/paternal sides where possible.  Now I'm chasing down one really large cluster (~100 matches, largest ~45-60 cM) that I can't place.  There's tentative evidence favoring both sides and nothing that rules either one out.    So now I'm diving into it, hoping it'll turn out to solve a maternal brick wall.  (If it turns out to be Yet Another Jarvis I think I'll scream.)  The common ancestors of many of the matches are the Potts and Conard families (~1700).  Within the cluster there's a subcluster of Rineharts, which is interesting because my great great great great aunt married a Rinehart (Rinehart-1331).  Now I'm trying to build out his tree to see if there's some connection or if it's just coincidence, but so far I can't even find his parents.  I've got my mom checking the family letters for clues; his daughter wrote to my great great grandmother (her half first cousin) a lot.

Weekend plans:  sleep in, go out for brunch, help clean out my father-in-law's apartment, and chase ancestors.

by Lisa Hazard G2G6 Mach 8 (82k points)

Six hour class? Wow. I'd have taken serious drinks during that. At least it's over. =D I am sure everyone learned something. 

Very cool with your dna stuff. I was wondering if you could check out this thread for me. Laura and I worked on it. BUT! I'd like another pair of eyes:


Have a great weekend!

Six hours.  With a lunch break and a video, but it's still a long class.  One down, 14 to go...

Commented on that other thread.  smiley

Thanks, muchly. =D
SIX HOURS?!?!? Talk about your dedication to teaching! I hope your weekend is giving you some time to recover.
For this class I schedule lecture and lab back to back so that we have a big block of time for field trips once things warm up.  But that means I have to frontload all the lecture material.  Everything is also highly weather-dependent.  If spring comes early, we get to get outside sooner.

Tried to sleep in this morning but my brain woke up, and today we're clearing out my father-in-law's apartment at the assisted living place.  (A bunch of it may just get temporarily moved back to his condo that he moved out of last summer, which we haven't sold yet.)  We're getting about an inch of rain today, so that'll be fun.  Rest tomorrow, I hope.
+12 votes
What a strange weather year here in Colorado ...
so far in January we've had diddiley for snow fall on the Eastern slope ... it's like at a trace for the front range ... mountains are doin' fine ... whew!

So, now, on the news they're saying that we need to water our lawns!  What?  I'm so confused ... lol ... it's winter!  Guess that lawns don't go totally dormant over the winter ... pray for rain or snow!

Still pluggin' along on the Jewett tree ... my big document, a Jewett geneology was published in 1909 and I'm hitting that date left and right.  Like only half of the siblings are listed as some were born in later years.  I'm starting to appreciate all the work that lots of you have been doing for years!!  Hat's off!!
by Bob Jewett G2G Astronaut (1m points)
One thing I never have to worry about, Bob, is watering the lawn in winter. Our lower mountains don't catch the fronts coming through, and we get plenty. More in the winter than in the summer.
+16 votes

Hi everyone!

Raton, New Mexico and the weather is getting warmer, but there is still snow on the ground in patches. 

Something awesome that came out of the Scan-a-Thon, my brother got started on Wikitree!

Started focusing on the Ihda Name Study. Found a free online book, so created a free space profile for it, then because my family has roots in Western Washington and the lumber business, went down a rabbit hole of the author, Nelson Cornelius Weiersheiser

Then got back to working on creating profiles for all the cemetery photos taken this summer at Fairmont Cemetery and uploaded during the thon. Even though Sgt Walter Edward Martin wasn’t one of them, after doing his parents, had to add him too!

We just got a new kitten, Shadow (8 weeks) as a companion to our dog, Susie (9 years). At first the dog was afraid of the cat, who is fearless. Now, they play all day! 

Have a great weekend!


by Azure Robinson G2G6 Mach 9 (93.7k points)
Aw... I LOVE Black Cats! We also had a black cat named Shadow - he was my favorite cat of all time. He was on the front walk when I came home from working in the Army that day, and he meowed up at me as I walked by. I asked him if he was lost, and he just meowed more. I opened the front door, and he walked in and never walked back out (except the one time we lost him for a day, but that's another story). He used to act a bit ditzy, like he wasn't quite right in the head sometimes, but he was very lovable, and would rub legs when he wanted attention. He had huge claws, but almost never used them. He'd let us lay him down on the tile floor and spin him around and around and then he'd get up and stagger around and we'd all get a good laugh - then he'd come over, and we'd pet him, and he'd be willing to do it again. Such a good natured, gentle, and fun cat.

Hope your Shadow is as much fun as mine was.
I love your scruffy little dog, Azure! Just the type I could fall for. Glad the two are getting along now.

Interesting that you have folks in western Washington in the logging business. I had lots of collateral lines there, folks who moved from the mountains of North Carolina who already had some experience under their belts.
Cute critters. It's been a while since we've been to Raton but it is our usual lunch stop on our way to Santa Fe. I hope winter is finally abating. It's been warm here but still snow on the ground in patches like you have. Should be similar give you are further south (250 miles) but we have lower elevation (1500 feet lower).
Scott, your Shadow sounds so sweet! Ours is a little lover, always wants to cuddle if he's not playing.

Pip, we are 11th cousins! ;)

Doug, where are you at? Denver area? We've had a lot of people say that they stop for a pit stop in Raton! It's quite the ghost town with over half of the homes empty, but we like living in a small town.
We're in Longmont - about 45 minutes north of Denver.
I've been through there, nice area!
+12 votes
My brother Jon's birthday is the 27rh!
by David Hughey G2G6 Pilot (720k points)
Oh, to be 27 again!
Only if I get to remember everything I've learned up till now. Really don't want to make the same mistakes twice. I'd make DIFFERENT mistakes the second time around.

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