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I have downloaded my tree from wiki tree several times but it always comes though as a txt file. Gedcom is in the file name; but it is not a gedcom file.  I have followed the instructions on the site to left click and save as but this is no good. A txt file is a txt file.

How do I convert this txt file to a gedcom?  The way it is formatted now it is completely useless.

How do I solve this???
in WikiTree Help by Renee Cash G2G Crew (530 points)
What everyone says sounds great it I had a file to download.

Wikitree sends me a link that I can't save. i have to click and it opens online and I see the file. I try to save and it is useless to upload to Ancestry.

In the past I did not have a problem downloading a gedcom from My Heritage.

And telling me you don't have a problem downloading your own does not help me .

Thank you for the suggestions.
Renee, we were just trying to be helpful.  I offered to do a download for you and e-mail it to you.  It might be worth a try.
Thank you Julie! Sounds like a plan!  Sorry if I seemed iritated.  I have been dealing with the download for days and everything I tried even the suggestions just wasn't matching what I was seeing.. Let me know how I would send you the file.  I probubly can't do it till tomorrow.

Thank you again Julie & everyone who helped me!!!!!
Renee, send me a private message through WikiTree with your e-mail address and I will download a file and e-mail it to you.

Meanwhile, I see that Edison Williams has responded to your question through a different thread.  As he mentioned, the WikiTree gedcom file, when uploaded elsewhere (in particular, to Ancestry) will list your sources in the notes field, and will not include images.  I don't recall that being any different from the way other gedcom files work.

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When you download your file, don’t try to open with a double click. Your computer will likely open it with a text editor, and you will see it as a text file.

If you navigate to the folder where the file is, the icon for the file will probably that of your genealogy program, but it may be a generic icon.

You can also do a “get info” on the file, the file should have the right extension, that is “.ged” If the file is “.txt” you could try changing it, but I have never had to do this with a WikiTree gedcom. Please note that a gedcom file actually is a text file, but the extension has to be right.

So, after you download the file, start your genealogy program, create a new file, and import the gedcom into that file. It should go without any problems.
by George Fulton G2G6 Pilot (322k points)
I opened notepad and there is not any way to change to at gedcom from txt. Now what??

Don’t use notepad, this is a text editor, and will do nothing for you.

If you right click (one click) on the file you will get a short menu of options. Select “properties” . The window that opens should give you the name of the file, including the extension. If the file name includes “.txt” you could change it to “.ged”.

But, you really don’t need to do this. As I mentioned at the end of my prior answer, do the following:

  • Download the gedcom (Do not click on the downloaded file.)
  • Start your genealogy program
  • Create a new file
  • Import the gedcom into that file (you will do this from, most likely, the file menu of your genealogy program)

At this point you can do whatever you need to with your new file.

Renee, as George says, a gedcom file _is_ a text file. This doesn't mean that you should be opening it with a text editor -- it'll just look like text. You should be opening it with a family tree editor; then it will look like a family tree.
I have tried this with both Legacy and RootsMagic software.

If the file is not labeled .ged it will not open. The file labeled .txt brings back an error message.
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What are you trying to do with it?  I downloaded a WikiTree gedcom and it does look like text, but it uploaded OK to Ancestry and to Family Tree Maker.  When you say gedcom is in the file name, what do you mean?  What exactly is the file name?
by Julie Kelts G2G6 Pilot (302k points)
It looks to me (at least at first glance) like anyone can download a gedcom for anyone, just by inputting the starting WikiTree ID.  So maybe someone could do it for you and e-mail you the file.  I'll check in the morning and see if you think that might help.
This is the way it works for me.
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When you receive your email about your GEDCOM being ready for download do the following:

Right click on the link

In the menu that shows Click "Save link as"

New window appears and the file type should be .ged


File should save as 'ged.
by Chris McCombs G2G6 Mach 5 (54.2k points)
You can now use in any genealogy software program on your computer or online.

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