Is there a written step by step instruction available to fix 870 Missing named Inline citations?

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This is making me crazy. I watched the video, I read the questions and answers but do not understand how this error occurs or how to fix it.  All the more frustrated when as far as I know I have never used a named inline instruction in my life.
in Policy and Style by John Kessler G2G3 (3.9k points)

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John, if you look at your Changes Log, you will normally see the definitions were created and attached to the profile, but then were removed, probably by accident.  

As another example of a profile that was created by a Gedcom, which is different than the one that Dennis referred to, check each entry in the Changes Log for Sydenstricker-52 by selecting the 'Created' or 'edited the Biography'.  You created that profile Dec 2018 and you can see the ref names were defined at the top of the Biography with the Name when it was created. On the Next Change, you will see on the left side of the Changes Log that you removed all of those initial references for the name because the right side has that section removed.  I fully understand doing that with the Name field, but that is what caused the problem in that profile.  

You can copy each one back from the Changes Log and add them to the biography in one of the areas where each is being used.  If you need additional help, send me a message and I can help you.
by Linda Peterson G2G6 Pilot (544k points)
selected by Sheryl Moore
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Hi, John,

You can look at your suggestion list here:

John's Suggestion List

From that report, the info column shows what is creating the suggestion.  [Hit CTRL + F and type 870 to find all the 870 suggestions.]There are about 10 of the 870 suggestions in your managed profiles.  From the report you can link to the profile. While you might not have created an inline citation, they were added in the sources in your gedcom loads.  Go into the edit screen and you can see the errors [shown on your list above for the profile].

These appear to refer to the source citation from Ancestry.  You might want to re-enter the sources from FamilySearch which is free and shown on the RootsSearch Link on the profile page.

If you can check those profiles and see what the inline citation is, I believe the video for 870 will then make more sense in how to fix them.

Hope this helps.

by Sheryl Moore G2G6 Mach 9 (97.0k points)
The video is still a stumbling block.  What is a 4th superscript? Google was no help.
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Let's look at this specific example: Wing-2330 

The Suggestions report says the offending named reference is "register"

I see <ref name="register"/> 3 times, on line 8, 66 and 70. These are orphaned references to an unknown definition. Because there is no previous definition of that named reference.

For example, the "findagrave" named reference has a definition (line 6), then later a reference to that definition (line 41)

So... you either need to create the initial source definition, or simply remove all the orphaned references.

Does that make sense?

by Dennis Wheeler G2G6 Pilot (537k points)
Adding on to what Dennis said, I looked at the Wing-2230 Changes Log to see if I could see where the ref name 'register' was created. Frequently for that Suggestion, the original definition was lost by an edit at some time, OR it was lost during a merge, so you have to look at the merged text sometimes.  

In this instance, I found 'register' definition was lost with an edit that was done on Jan 9.  I have added that reference back in with the child 'John' where it was previously defined

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