Is anyone closer than 13 degrees from Johan Ludvig Runeberg?

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This is the first time in my four WikiTree years that I have a blood kinship to a connection anchor of the week: JL Runeberg is my fourth cousin four times removed. This makes 13 degrees in the Connection Finder.
WikiTree profile: Johan Ludvig Runeberg
in The Tree House by Eva Ekeblad G2G6 Pilot (343k points)

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Nope, Geni gives me 20 clicks and no blood relationship, but it is still closer than 36 clicks through Wikitree. (Johan Ludvig Runeberg is your second cousin five times removed's wife's third cousin once removed's husband.

You → Ossi Lahtinen your father  → Martta Lydia Lahtinen his mother  → Kristian Malakias Juhanpoika Malminen her father → Juho Antinpoika Honkaharju
his father → Anna Matintytär Jaakola his mother → Kaisa Antintytär Pruti her mother → Antti Paulinpoika Pruti her father → Liisa Paulintytär Impola his sister → Anders Andersson Impola her son → Johan Andersson Wanonius his son → Anna Katarina Mikaelsdotter Wanonius his wife → Maria Elisabet Larsdotter Forselia her mother → Christina Wanaea her mother → Anna Flachsenia her mother → Maria Flachsenia her sister → Jacob Chydenius her son → 

Maria Jakobsdotter Tengström his daughter → Carl Fredrik Tengström her son → Fredrika Charlotta  Runeberg his daughter → Johan Ludvig Runeberg her husband )

by Olli Lahtinen G2G1 (1.3k points)
edited by Olli Lahtinen

Runeberg had roots in the same part of Västergötland in Sweden where the whole ancestry of my grandfather (farfar) came from. Johan Ludvig's great grandfather Georg Tengström became a priest and went to Finland.

I suppose it was not a big deal then to move from Västgötaland to Östriket FInland, that was still a part of Sweden at that time. So swedes can claim Runeberg is their poet, too.
The clergy moved all over the place .-)
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No, 18. But unusually close for me to anyone that is the connection anchor. Fun!
by Maria Lundholm G2G6 Mach 5 (59.3k points)
Yup. I have been about 18 degrees a few times before. Like once a year or so.
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No, it takes me 28 steps through my Jackson relations, but it still is exciting because I don't have any Finns in my personal line!
by Dina Grozev G2G6 Mach 4 (47.1k points)

That's where I'm usually at. But this Finn had roots in the same part of Sweden as my farfar.

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Definitely not!  I'm about 44 steps if I remember correctly.
by David Hughey G2G6 Pilot (755k points)
Oh dear! I'm rarely that far away from the Profile of the Week. Between 20 and 30 is my estimate.
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Nope, sitting at 28 degrees
by Richard Shelley G2G6 Pilot (150k points)
That's where I'm usually at :-)
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18 steps, and only through Frederika.
But that isn't too bad.

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