ATTN: Eddie King or Robin Looking for the parents of Samual Coward born abt 1828 Marlboro County South Carolina

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I am searching for the parents of Samual  (Samuel) Coward I am a direct descendant. He was born about 1828 in Marlboro County SC, married Caroline Bone (Bohn, Boan) also of Marlboro County SC & they had 4 children.  My ggrandfather Charley was the last born 9/11/1875 in Rockingham NC, which is odd but odder yet is Caroline died 02/24/1875 & I can't find anything to dispute that date. There is another Coward family that comes from the same county but I cannot connect them to save me. James Coward The Coward surname is unusual, there has to be a genetic connection.
Hindering all is the Cowards from Jackson County North Carolina, there is a Samuel Houston Coward born the same date but different wife. 
If you can help at all I would so greatly appreciate it. I am starting to lift up cabbage patch leaves and look under. 
Thank you

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Think you deserve more than a cup of coffee Super Eddie!
there is no image of the Social Security record for Charlie Brasinton

I believe it to be in error

there is NO trace of Samuel after 1860  and Samuel and Caroline were living apart in 1860.

It seems unlikely she would have given birth in 1875 at the age of 42

Other than the son of James, the only other Charles/Charlie born about 1875+-2 in North or South Carolina was the son of Tolvin Coward. That Charles had a middle name Wesley

There was a Charlie born 1870 to W.T. Coward in NC

research continues
W. T.'s so Charlie died in 1938 and his wife was Emma

So that's your secret, Eddie. A good cigar!wink

You deserve way more than a cigar..Thank you for your work on this. I gave my paternal g grandfather Charley to Samuel and Caroline because . the SS application which stated his parents were those two. I dug looking for those two & a Wikitree member found the SS application stating he was born to Caroline & Samual in Rockingham NC. Family records give his birth year as 1875 & he is buried in the Coward plot in McBee.  When I naively started this journey some years ago, I believed the Coward surname would make it so much easier. Nothing has been easy in this search. They all have to be connected to the other Cowards in Marlboro County. Thank you, thank you
At one point, I had decided that Chloe Denton born 1808 in NC & James Coward born 1801 also in NC were Samuel's parents, but the SS application threw that off. I have a family tree in Ancestry .I haven't had my DNA done yet. I have access to my brother's tho.  Thank you again Eddie
Susan James was bound to be a brother/nephew to Michael Coward Jr.

I say this because in 1830 a James age 15-30 was located next door to Michael on the census in Marlboro, SC. If Samuel was dead as I believe he was then James would be male head of household since his mother would not inherit as a female could only stand in trust if no male adult relative was available and there was no will.

Michael is listed on Wikitree and the age shown for him in the 1830 census is 30-40. Now, in 1860 Caroline and her children including James Spencer in the home of Richard Welch and wife, Susan. They are in their 20's and Caroline is shown as age 22. Also, in the home are Charles Bone age 16 and Catherine Bone age 17.

All of this information would indicate that Michael and James Spencer are 1st cousins who have inherited land by 1860 very close together in Marlboro, SC. or they may be brothers. 15 to 30 is a broad age when you consider a male was an adult and able to homestead at age 21. Obviously if Michael is a Junior then his father was a senior. The Coward's married into the Smith, Bone, and Welch families who live near each other and settled near each other in Marlboro County. If you want the two census records from 1860 one showing Caroline and the other Michael Jr send me your e-mail and I will pass them to you. I downloaded the page so you could see who the Smith Family between the Cowards are.
Gigi, Thank you, there is absolutely a connection between the Cowards, has got to be. I know that area and spent time there growing up. I don't know that I think Samuel died that early tho...I find Samuel Coward in the Civil War in the 26'th Infantry Company D.
The other Samuel H Coward who created so many issues also fought in the War but was killed in 1864 or died in the Union prison camp.
What throws me off & I think everyone else off is my great grandfather's  birth date Charley B & Caroline's death date.& what were they doing in Rockingham.?
I am not 100% positive now how Charley B's parents are. I also was told thru the family that he fathered several bi-racial children while living in McBee.
Lot's of ties to Smithville too. Charley was liviing there when he was a boy with a Haire or Haar family.  I would appreciate any
I just found Charley tied to W T Coward  & Elizabeth..ugh.   Thank you again I am headed to bed with spinning eyes
I saw where it said Samuel’s father was James A.

I honestly think Michael is who we need to look at. He could be a brother to James. If we prove that we then need to search middle names on fathers to find a Sam’l.

Michael Coward born 1800

I also saw a Michael born 1799 who might be this guy. This Michael was born in NC.

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I have a friend named Diane Coward here in Mississippi. I helped her do some research and we found out her family if I remember correctly owned the land where Cowpens was. If they didn't own it they lived on it.

The Coward's are mentioned in that battle during the Rev War. I know you guy isn't old enough for that but sometimes I search forward of I can't go backwards.

You might try searching for documents in that area also.
by Gigi Tanksley G2G6 Mach 3 (32.3k points)
I never imagined this kind of problems when I started this. It is just the Cowards that I am struggling with. I should have paid attention when the old ones were talking when I was a child. Thank you
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Susan, have you seen this from the old message boards?

Descendants of James Coward

1 James Coward
. +Weaver
.... 2 Peter Coward 1771 - b: November 13, 1771
........ +Nancy Dinsdale m: January 13, 1801
........... 3 Hulda Coward 1809 - b: 1809
........... 3 Martha Coward
........... 3 Nancy Jane Coward
........... 3 Peter C. Coward
........... 3 Stephen D. Coward
........... 3 Winny Coward 1810 - b: 1810
............... +William Mills
.................. 4 Hulda Jane Mills
...................... +Frances Marion Cowart
........... 3 Oliver Coward 1812 - b: 1812
........... 3 Benjamin David Coward 1820 - b: 1820
........... 3 Wildon R. Coward 1821 - b: 1821
............... +Mary (Polly) French
........... 3 William Harvey Coward 1822 - 1864 b: December 25, 1822 in Rutherford Co., North Carolina
............... +Susannah Bailey 1827 - 1911 b: October 27, 1827 in South Carolina m: February 27, 1845 in Ball Ground, Georgia
.................. 4 John Coward 1847 - b: October 1847 in Cherokee Co., Georgia
...................... +Elizabeth Jordan Wetherby m: November 08, 1866 in Cherokee Co., Georgia
.................. 4 Elizabeth Coward 1849 - 1923 b: February 01, 1849 in Georgia
...................... +Samuel Bambridge Byers 1847 - 1936 b: January 12, 1847 in Georgia m: March 15, 1869 in Ball Ground, Cherokee Co., Georgia
.................. 4 Patterson Coward 1850 - b: 1850
.................. 4 Julia A. Coward Abt. 1852 - b: Abt. 1852
.................. 4 Mary Coward 1855 - b: 1855
.................. 4 Peter Coward 1857 - b: May 30, 1857
.................. 4 Amanda J. Coward 1859 - b: 1859
.................. 4 Martha Coward 1862 - b: October 1862
........... 3 David Coward
............... +Katherine French
by Gigi Tanksley G2G6 Mach 3 (32.3k points)
This is James A Coward's family. I recognize the name from adding sources to his profile last night which is orphaned. I added a not to the connectors project to see if we could get the children profiles written.

This message board has this about your Smith line of cousins. Just adding it while it is at hand.

Regarding your query. I have information showing a Lucy Ann Coward Smith who m. James S. Smith in 1842. They had a daughter Susan Ellen in 1845. In 1860 she is living at home but just two doors down from Gadi Sweattt with son Thomas G. Could this be the Lucy and Susan you are looking for? In 1870 she has left home so must have married between 1860/70. Lucy Ann is a sister to my g-g-grandfather Michael C. Coward. In the 1850 census Michael is living with Wm. K. Sweatt, Susan Sweatt, Nathan Sweatt and Henry Sweatt. I think Susan Sweatt is his mother who married Michael Coward, Sr. first and after he died married Wm. K. Sweatt. Wm. and Gadi are also close to each other and close in age so I think they might be brothers. Don't know if this helps but let me know if it does.

Just to keep the information flowing. Just ignore all this until your ready to check facts and add them in.  :)

Another message from older boards:

William K. Sweatt was 1st married to Susan Gellispie, widow of Michael C. Coward.

So we have a hint on Michael's wife. Strange that you share first names huh?


 Charles Peavy Sweatt married Lucy Coward.

Not sure this is your immediate line but it could be useful for research later in your line.

Taken from Jackson County, NC message board from back in the day...about 2001.

Samuel Houston Coward was the son of James Coward and Chloe Denton. James was the son of Jonathan Coward and Martha Hudson.

Adding an additional note from same message board:

Mentioned "In the forks of the Yadkin, 1752-1762," p. 83 of Carolina Cradle as being from Maryland are:
Peter Parsons, Isaac Holdman, Samuel Tate, Benjamin Thomson and "possibly" James Coward.

Gigi, when I first started this search,  Samuel Houston Coward gave me problems as he was born in 1828. however when looking he is not connected to my family directly. I remain stuck on the Cowards in Marlboro County. They have got to be family. My search capabilities are limited. I do have Ancestry, but the rest is free services. Right now I am not sure how to proceed. I have my brother's DNA & I am also going to have mine tested.  I found there are half brothers also, Mother was a Sweatt, which I have talked to a family member. Oh my eyeballs are spinning

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