An introduction. How are you unraveling & revealing info while making it interesting and yet accurate?

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It appears that we're supposed to introduce ourselves. (I have read some of Ann RIce's novels, and I did see Interview with a Vampire, hence that, what you see above.

My name is Tamara, and I've been on WikiTree for almost one week. On this platform, for now, I'm only researching my father's maternal and paternal lines (and those who marry into or are born into each). There are so many who have not yet been documented on this site. Actually, with my particular Murdock line, I got back to my 6th great-grandfather, but I've mainly written (thus far two-three line bios, but each one gets better by the day), and It's far harder with his mum's paternal side  (and I've asked some questions regarding the Bartram's on the help page). With respect to the Murdocks (my father's paternal line) the person who is most elusive in terms of going back in time is a Brendler, so I joined the German Project. The Brendlers are so difficult for me because I don't speak or read German (although, I've asked some questions on this site regarding not knowing a language and pursuing free records to source them and people have been incredibly kind and generous with their suggestions and advice, and I still have to thank so many people.)

I speak French in an okay manner, though I used to be near fluent and I could certainly help with that because French is just French, but German is a foreign language! I'm a Native American English speaker, but I do understand a lot of England/English and can translate stuff to friends. But I also read some Middle English, because I studied all forms of literature, but my now scant knowledge of Middle English is unlikely to help you since at that time, most (at least those I have seen) legal documents use Latin, and I know absolutely no Latin.

I do understand penmanship. (I think most people on here can actually read cursive writing, but the conventions of how to form letters do change from one century to another.)

I'm on here to add to my family (by hand--again) because I want to correct any potential errors I made in the past, and my bios are so boring, for the moment, because I'm getting so many sources for two lines of "my writing", and--it's mainly this--I'm just trying to get everyone down. And I shall return to each profile and amplify: I've already done this research, but I've opted to redo it rather than to rely on files I've already created (these files are from other genealogy sites and from family records), and I'm doing this because I have a greater understanding of the records now than I did then, and also to correct stupid error. (I shall have to continue to correct my own errors.)

Below, in the tag section, you'll see some of the surnames to which I'm attached.

REAL QUESTION: How are you going about with unraveling and revealing information while making said information as interesting as possible to read and yet accurate?
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You might want to separate your tags. You've made them all into one tag.

I think the more information you have, the more "interesting" you can make their story.

If all you have, though, are birth, marriage, and death dates and places, it's way more difficult.

I have one 3X-great-grandmother whose son emigrated to Australia.  In her biography I wonder how hearing of her son's death in that far-away land may have taken her back to the death of her own husband.  Of course, that's all speculation on my part, but it came out of the facts I had.


Thank you! Just learning to do that, too.

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Hi Tamara, I did the same thing when I joined wikitree, I left all the old research and mistakes on other sites and did the research again. I am still working on my profiles. As are a lot of other wikitreers. 

In terms of biographies, I use the information from sources and just make it into a kind of story...for example, a birth certificate says when and where they were born and if you are lucky parents ages, and if there were I would write...

Joe Blogs was born on the 1st of January 1900 in [town, state, country], and was the 4th born child of [fathers name] and [mothers first name nee maiden name]. [1]

*[1] = birth certificate source citation footnote

This is one of my ancestors (Caroline Thick) and a profile I am rather proud of so far smiley

There is also a project called Profile Improvement with bio builders I think who may be able to help you with this. And failing that and in the meantime heres some help pages that might be of use to you...


Help:Bio Ideas

Profile help

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Thank you! That was informative, and interesting as well as being well-sourced. And like the idea of adding the country badges.

Good luck to you, and thanks for sending me to such a fine example.

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