I just tried to create a "free" link to Ancestry for a document. Can anyone see the document?

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I'm sorry to inconvenience, but if someone would be so kind as to see if they can see my "free link to Ancestry image" on the following profile, and let me know if it's a dud (I can see it, but I'm not certain if that's because I'm on Ancestry).

The profile (I took it over, for it was orphaned, and I'm just not adding sources) is: https://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Hibbard-1464&public=1

Thank you!
in WikiTree Help by Tamara Murdock G2G6 (8.8k points)
Tamara, I feel like that little kid on the TV commercials, who goes around wondering aloud "How'd you DO that?!!" I looked at the linked example and it's beautiful! But I have lots of questions!

What's the Ancestry Citation Builder app? Where'd you get the URL to the "free view"? Most of my GED-imported citations are available free somewhere, but there are some that I can only find on Ancestry.

Hi Carole,

Here's a G2G post related to the Ancestry Citation Builder app.

Here's a G2G post related to the publicly viewable Ancestry images.

Carole, that's how I felt! (I'm getting better at making the links now, too, which means they look nicer.)

To answer our question, Rick Peterson has provided you with the citation app and the link on how to create free to view images. If you need someone to look and see if you made a link that is viewable by others, then please feel free to send me an email with the profile page link, and I'm more than happy to look at it.

Also, for some this app is easy to use, but it took me a little while to figure it out because I'm research savvy, but computer illiterate, so even the basic computer stuff, for me, is terrifying. What I'm saying, is that if it feels complicated, just work with it for a little while, and you will get there because the instructions on what to do are straightforward.

Have a marvelous day/evening!
It was kind of you to answer Carole's question and lead her to the relevant links.

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Yes, I can see the image.
by George Fulton G2G6 Pilot (426k points)
Thank you!
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Works just fine!  Thanks for taking the extra step to make it accessible to others.
by Kathy Rabenstein G2G6 Pilot (271k points)
Thanks so very much. I did a second one, and that one turned out a bit better. Hopefully within a week, I'll be truncating them, and all of that. I appreciate you taking the time to respond.
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You don't need the whole url you posted. You can delete the part starting &utm. That makes a shorter, neater link which still works.

I learned that from Greg Clarke who made the Ancestry citation builder app.
by Deanna McHugh G2G5 (5.7k points)

Thanks, Deanna. I'll get better at it. This one is for another profile of mine. This is the second one I've done. I've not yet started to truncate the links. Maybe, in another week. I just wanted to be certain I had learned the basic method, but I appreciate the push to get better!

  1.  South Dakota Department of Health; Pierre, South Dakota; South Dakota Marriage Records, 1905-2016 Ancestry.com. South Dakota, Marriages, 1905-2017 [database on-line]. Lehi, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations Inc, 2005. Original data: South Dakota Department of Health. South Dakota Marriage Index, 1905-1914, 1950-2013 and South Dakota Marriage Certificates, 1905-1949, 2014-2017. Pierre, SD, USA: South Dakota Department of Health. Accessed on ancestry.com, February 2020.
You're doing great!

I am only a week or two ahead of you trying to get better and more efficient at citing Ancestry. I have dozens of baptisms, marriages, and deaths to cite from the "Ontario, Canada, Roman Catholic Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials, 1760-1923" and the "Ontario, Canada, Deaths and Deaths Overseas, 1869-1947' collections on Ancestry. I haven't been able to find the information in these two collections elsewhere.

I know what you mean about it--at times--being extraordinarily difficult to find images, or original sources that have been uploaded from sites that are free. Often, something has been indexed, but if you can look at the document itself, one routinely learns more about the person as well, as--potentially--relations of said person.

But I'm really enjoying working on this site and trying to make research materials available to everyone who is interested in a particular individual for whom I'm responsible. And that is so important, for as you know, so many people do get led astray while doing this form of research and leap to incorrect conclusions because not all of the information they need to make a correct assessment is there for them. Miraculously, I managed to get a will of an ancestor put on familysearch, but I can't recall how I did this. I should use that profile scratch pad for taking notes.

I think you're doing something remarkable by putting up images, and links. Thank you.

Have a lovely day/evening (whenever you get this).

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