Help needed to correct source addition formatting errors

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I have just made my first attempt to add a source to a profile, by way of an edit, but believe I have made errors. Could someone please help me get it right ? Thank you   Grace-883

WikiTree profile: Eliza Escott
in The Tree House by Phil Grace G2G6 Mach 1 (11.8k points)

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I have fixed it, but does the document show when Eliza was born or something else?  Take a look at inline citation on the profile.

Usually, if it doesn't apply to a given fact in the bio, you place it below the "Source <references />" tag.

When it is intended as a footnote, it goes between <ref>Insert reference here</ref>
by Kathy Rabenstein G2G6 Pilot (198k points)
selected by Phil Grace
Kathy:   Hello & many thanks for your help - I'll now look and see how I should have done it.

The prime reason for my edit was to change the given name I had initially used so it matched the name shown in the FamilySearch record. I have not yet found a birth record for Eliza (Escott-42) so I have 'guesstimated' a birth year, however I will keep looking.

Again, many thanks & best wishes for future searches     Phil (Grace-883)
What makes you think her last name was Escott?
Melanie:   Hello & thanks for your comment.

I have her (Eliza's) LNAB in my older records which I will now have to retrieve and source.   That her children and grand- children include the " Escott " name also tends to support this LNAB.

If you are able to add info. along those lines I would welcome your assistance and send my thanks, in anticipation.

Regards     Phil (Grace-883)

I asked because FamilySearch has a Henry Robinson married to an Elizabeth.  Her last name is not Escott, however, but Goodall.  The birthdates for that Henry and Elizabeth are about 1805/6, 10 years earlier than you have.  The marriage was 1827, also earlier than you surmise.  (I have learnt in more than 40 years of doing family research to never rule out a possibility early on.  Far better to research it and rule it out, than rule  it out only to have it be proven later.)

Is it possible that Escott is from an earlier line, and used as her middle name?

If the Escott is her LNAB and you have sources for it, please DO attach the sources.  It will better help us to help you!  smiley

Melanie:   Hello again & many thanks for your continued interest and comments.

This person (Escott-42, whom I originally had shown with given name " Louisa " ) is one I have only recently begun to re-research, my earlier records being from an old 'Legacy ' program on my old Windows-XP desktop, even going back to W95 days - a lot of records include data, but not necessarily the sources and certainly not in the ' WikiTree way ' .

Should I find some WikiTree approved info. I will most certainly add it, particularly where I can provide acceptable 'sources'.

I even have a 'memory' of her name as being " Louisa May Escott " , but it's just a memory, faulty or otherwise only time & further research will tell.

FamilySearch info. for the 'Henry Robinson/Eliza' parenting of their son "Henry Giles" as being listed in England Births and Christenings, 1538-1975 is still only based on "data collected by the Genealogical Society of Utah..." and not on Parish Records - which I imagine would be slightly more reliable, despite possible mis-transcriptions, etc.

I am including all available info., rather than excluding it, until I have 'better' info. - so hope this fits with the overall aims of WikiTree and i really do appreciate your comments and assistance in this matter.

Regards     Phil (Grace-883)

Melanie:   Hello again, again !

Sorry to bother you so soon after my most recent comment regarding Escott-42. Your original query regarding how I know the LNAB to be " Escott" I can only answer that : I don't know - but I 'believe' it to be so.

In support of this belief I refer you to FamilySearch's entry for the christening of her second son (" Giles Escott") with Henry Robinson which shows her as "Eliza Escott" , not just "Eliza" - as for her first recorded son ("Henry Giles").

I guess it's not impossible that Eliza(Escott-42)'s LNAB could even have been "Giles" and that her mother's maiden name may have been "Escott" .

Once again only time & further, definitive info. will provide the answer/s.

Thanks again for any and all further assistance and/or suggestions you you are able to offer.

Best wishes     Phil (Grace-883).

My mind being what it is and working the way it does (especially as I have been dealing with a maternal-line ancestor whose name got somehow morphed into something different), I have even wondered if her name were not Eliza E Scott .. and somewhen, somewhere, that became Eliza Escott.

All we can do is what we can do .. and until you have something for her birth (or her marriage), what you have is as good as anything else.  :)


(Well, my great-great-grandfather's nephew started out as Robert Gordon Kirgan and somewhen became Robert Gordon-Kirgan, that name being bestowed on his last two children, while the older two were just Kirgan.)

"Louisa May Escott" rings bells with Louisa May Alcott.  Just sayin'.  :)

Your Eliza seems to have had at least 6 children, all of them born in Saint Mary, Reading, Berkshire, England except your Henry Giles (who is the only one of the 6 so far found, to have been born in Langley Marish, Buckinghamshire (Langley Marish is now known as Langley, and is part of Berkshire)). 

Henry Giles (09 August 1835)

Catherine Eliza (20 January 1839)

Tom (15 January 1841)

Giles Escott (05 March 1843)

Susannah (04 March 1849)

Rose Escott (01 December 1850)

Melanie : Hello & many thanks for confirming children (one, at least, of whom has the mother shown as 'Catherine Eliza').

I think I have tracked down Eliza Escott as being christened in 1809 in Somerset (this from place of birth in 1851 & 1881 Census)  which leads to her father John Escott & mother Patient(?) 'unknown LNAB as her parents, if I have got it right.

Again many thanks for your continued interest & assistance.

Regards     Phil (Grace-883)

PS : I have also emailed you separately w/out using the WikiTree private message system (is that another No-No?).

PS : I have also emailed you separately w/out using the WikiTree private message system (is that another No-No?).

 by Phil Grace


Perfectly ok with me.  If I had not wanted you to have my email, I would have left a profile comment (or four), instead of messaging you.  :) 

I am happy to help as much as I can, in whatever way I can.  You'll find your feet soon enough. 

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It doesn't appear to be in error. It is inline.

You might want to research more and see if she had other children. Or see if there is a death record for her c1835 [since the citation refers to the birth of her son] and you might want to see if you can find HER on the 1851 census and also whether she is listed in that same source as her son was listed
by Susan Smith G2G6 Pilot (178k points)
Susan:   Hello & many thanks for prompt response.

Thank you also for your suggestions. I have tracked down a second son, also UK born, but have not had much further info. (census, death, etc.) for Eliza in UK records, nor in Australian (Victoria) records where the 2 sons married and died.

However I shall keep searching for more info. on the boys' parents & their ancestors. Thank you for your support.

Regards     Phil (Grace-883)
There's nothing wrong with it, Susan, because Kathy fixed it.
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Basing this on what the profile was like before the edit from Kathy the problem was you had the reference tags <ref> and </ref> with nothing between them. If left it would create a suggestion.

The solution was as Kathy did, Add a source inside the reference tags. Alternatively you could have deleted the tags completely.
by Darren Kellett G2G6 Pilot (123k points)
Darren:   Hello and many thanks for your assistance, much appreciated.

NZ, a great place, produces some great people - including my wife.   I now have to add you too !

I notice your interest in " Grubb " family, I also have an interest & will check out my connections (mostly in Oz).

Thanks again,

regards     Phil (Grace-883)

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