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WikiTree profile: Pip Sheppard
closed with the note: Great to hear from so many this week. See you next weekend!
in The Tree House by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (1.7m points)
closed by Pip Sheppard

Good morning, my fellow WikiChatterers, and welcome to another Weekend Chat! Greetings from a sunny Cathey’s Creek where I am suffering from mild residual effects of the flu: tired and coughing. Otherwise, I’m back in the saddle. It was a rough go of it for about a week, and I did miss the first ever Asheville Celtic Festival last Saturday. To make up for it, I’m planning on attending the Loch Norman Highlands in April.

On the Home Front: As I began to write this (Thursday, I always start my post on Wednesday or Thursday), it was snowing. The three snows we have had this year started in January, and they are bittersweet for me. I love the beauty of the snow, but what I miss is my call from Mom who never missed a chance to call my wife (the snow hater) to pick on her: “Hey there! Have you looked outside yet? Isn’t the snow just beautiful?” And so, there will always be a tinge of sadness for me when it snows.

One good thing about the flu was that all activity was put off until I recovered. I got lots of reading in. Presently, I am reading another Bruce Metzger book: The Text of the New Testament: ItsTransmission, Corruption, and Restoration. Friends of mine used to accuse me of buying books that no one would be interested in just so I wouldn’t have to loan them out. True, my taste is reading is rather more on the academic side.

And while I’m on the subject, allow me to give a shout out to Dale Byers for taking on Metzger’s profile, improving it with sources and a biography. Metzger is one of my heroes, and I have the three-book set on the text of the New Testament. I’m glad I saved these.

On the Genealogy Front: Typical for me, I will often read or watch something and begin thinking genealogically. I watched a YouTube video of Gregory Carreño directing the Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela playing Mozart’s Requiem. (Yes, my taste in music parallels my reading.)

I went looking for info on the orchestra on the Net and followed a link to María Teresa Gertrudis de Jesús (Carreño y García) Tagliapietra<!--[if !supportNestedAnchors]--><!--[endif]-->, a Venezuelan known in the 1800s as the “Valkyrie of the Piano.” Her mother was a cousin of the wife of Simon Bolivar, and it turns out that her first husband, Victor Gilbert Émile Sauret, was already on WikiTree. So, I worked up a profile for her (in progress) and created a profile for her second husband (the third awaiting).

Suaret’s parents and grandparents were unsourced, so I put out a request on G2G, and some of our wonderful members answered and added sources for some of them. If I can find the connection between Teresa Tagliapietra and Simon Bolivar, she and her husbands will be connected to the Big Tree!

I completed a few North Dakota Unsourced, and got a nice note back from one profile manager. I have sourced about 50+ of these profiles.

I hope all is well with you, especially all my cousins in areas that are experiencing severe weather. Our community cares, so keep us posted on how you are doing!

Enjoy the Chat, everyone!

Pip,   Sounds like you're over the worst of the flu..... actually reading and not laying around in the dark trying to be motionless and  hoping for sleep.

Isn't the music we can enjoy on YouTube incredible?   Thanks for sharing the links.
Howdy, neighbor! Yes, I often use YouTube in the background while doing stuff on my desktop. Favorite: Bach organ music or his three-part inventions on the piano.
Pretty sure you'd get the same effect by listening to a really loud Let's player, Pip. =) I know a few of 'em to get ya started. Look up Markiplier.

Glad you are feeling a bit better.
I like "Switched On Bach"  myself. Bach on the synthesizer is in my opinion the way it is meant to be played. I am fortunate to have the LP, I don't have to search far to play it. For the rest of you try this link

Dale, I had the eight-track and nearly wore it out (in the 70s). Very well done!

When I lived in Milwaukee (years and year and years ago), I sang with the Bel Canto Choir. We did Verdi's requiem one year and Berlioz's requiem the following year (along with lighter stuff). It is awesome to sing in a choir because all that resonant energy from the blend of choral voices and the lead singers is totally high frequency energy field! Loved it! Don't sing much anymore due to some right vocal chord paralysis, but strong in my memories!

I sure hope that book title is NOT 

Bruce Metzger book: The Text of the New Testament: It’s Transmission, Corruption, and Restoration.

by Pip Sheppard


Excellent catch, Melanie! (Darned autospell!)

There once was a web page (that I have been unable to find for some time) wherein they used the expression (to my best recollection): This is the apostrophe ' He does not mean "here comes an s".  (One of several commentaries on how the poor little ' is badly abused (and autocorrect is probably a major abuser).)  Those who use our's and your's cannot blame that on autocorrect, however!

AURAL HEAVEN -- Ah, during the tumult of my adolescence I reveled in the Overture of 1812, the recording where there was recorded the sound of REAL ACTUALLY CANNONS fired off .... yes, and played very loudly on my trusty 33 rpm record player.  Ah, and Requiem, Dies Irae .. loudly ... there are passages in it that would wake the dead ... 

WEATHERING -- clouds coming in and likely it is more "broken promises" ... comparatively speaking this has been a somewhat "drier" and "warmer" winter than we have had in our 11 years here ... what I really really wonder at is when someone stands beside me, both of us shivering, and then they say "Why is it so COLD???" ... I'm always tempted to say "Because it's winter?" and, um, I have actually said it a few times only to be rewarded with a Look. (But, come on, folks, that's why, because it is winter.) 

GENEALOGICALLY -- for some reason I thought, starting late last year (I think) I decided it would be a good idea to follow up on Sarah Howell-8426 as married what'shisface Tinsley. Um, Willis Nathan Tinsley-943.  9 children there. BUT that's not the only family branch I'm developing ... I'm bouncing from one family branch to another family branch ... and at the same time battling with the temptation of frisky rabbits that just BEG to be chased -- and I'm weak willed is what it amounts to 

Sarah -- I am the 2nd great grandniece of Sarah -- or in other words she's the sister of James Pinson Howell who is the grandfather of my mother's father 

HISTORY -- Y'all must have noticed that some families "daughter out" meaning the paternal surname "disappears" when no sons are born to carry it; or a branch will wither to one sole child who never had issue. 

Of course just because there are no males to carry on the surname, doesn't mean the daughters were infertile ... the DNA was passed along, the genes and all. 

It irked me 50 years ago and more and has irked me all these decades that a branch is dismissed and ignored because it "daughtered out" .... and no, I'm not a Feminist --  I could never get any husband of mine to give me permission to join up ... (this is a comment that used to stun into silence feisty male professors at UNR, because they didn't know which part of that to argue about -- female profs had NO confusion when they heard it) (It is helpful to be the same age group or even older than the male profs, by the way. LOL LOL) 

Glad you're beginning to feel better. Wonderful that you got time to do some reading too! Since you didn't make it to Asheville Festival, does that mean we have to wait until April to see you wearing that new kilt? Inquiring minds wanna know laugh

Andre Segovia on classical guitar,  Mussorgsky Night On A Bald Mountain, Vivaldi the 4 Seasons,  Copeland Red Pony, and Herbie Mann Push Push are my favorites.   Eclectic in reading and music.  

Reading my two favorites are tied..  Chareles de Lint fantasy series and Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child Pendergast FBI investigation series.  Also like Kathy Reichs who is a real forensic anthropologist who draws on that to write her mystery series.  

I just boxed up to donate a bunch of Grisham Terry Brooks Elf Stones of Shanara, Sue Grafton Alphabet series, and a bunch of odds and end books.    

So yes eclectic is me.   

Favorite subjects are besides genealogy science especial quantum physics, cooking, Archaeology, and ancient maps.  

Someday we should all try to get together!  I think the conversation would be far reaching in so many ways!  Glad you are feeling better.  

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Thank-you Pip, hope all is well.

All is well in Central Pennsylvania. Large flocks of Canadian geese were heading North over the Blue Ridge mountain this week. The milder temperatures here seem to have them moving a week or two earlier this year. Maybe it also has something to do with the weather events in the Southern tier of the United States.

Here on the tree, working horizontally on my Baker line, I bumped into 2 new profile mangers in the last 2 weeks. I always find that so interesting getting to meet new people, learning how they are connected, and where different branches of the family are now located. One neat thing, I received a 1947 family reunion picture from a distant cousin in Iowa, which she received from a distant cousin in Washington State, and I passed it on to a distant cousin in California. What a special place WikiTree is.

As always, enjoy the weekend, and have fun doing it. Travel safe.

by Rodney Long G2G6 Pilot (361k points)
Hi there, Rodney! We haven't seen any geese here, so they must be taking a different route to you.

Old family reunion photos are a boon to me, just as long as everyone is identified in the photo.
I have seen you guys have been having several weather events this week. Maybe the geese went around you. Yes, identification on the back of pictures is always a plus.
I too am surprised the geese are migrating already.     We have a magnolia that bloomed too early (all too common) and got wilted by last night's solid freeze.    But there are other hints of spring already.     

Enjoy your family photos!
Hi Peggy, hope all is well. Yes, I just came in from walking around the yard. According to my unscientific observations, I think we are running about 2-3 weeks ahead of other years. My hedges that I have planted between the house and the road are showing a shade of green in the leaves. You have a good rest of the weekend Peggy.
Here, in Central California, we have flights of mallads (well, I was told they were mallards) that come winging in from the south heading due north.  Of course you have be on the alert at the "proper time of the day" to hear and see it happen ... but when you grow up hearing "they fly SOUTH for the winter" and here is this flock flies NORTH ... and what time of day are they heading SOUTH ... I suppose I could track down the local Agric. Department and ask ... and if they don't know they might know who I could ask ... anyway it's a flock of dark shapes honking their way across the neighborhood sky all in an orderly array ... we lived in Reno for a time out by Virginia Lake and there were umpty dozens of types of water birds out there ... water fowl. Or water foul, depending on your mood and their bowels.
Hi Susan, hope you are having a good day. I think you may be in the path of what is known as the Pacific Flyway, see below

Well, Pacific Flyby (um, Flyway) -- that may well explain it prob. does

 I see squads of mallards either heading north TO eat or squads heading north FROM eating ... trying to recall when did I see them heading south?  I'm living south of the Delta -- Stanislaus county is the nether county in NorCal and sitting on the head of SoCal ...
I am in eureka Northern California and last night about 11 pm I was bringing my work tools  (rebuilding a fence that the rainy nor cal weather had rotted out) in from  the outside back porch and I heard the honking geese flying north above in the dark sky, I didnt know they flew in the dark, that surprised me,

Yeah, Wendy, I've heard them "at night" myself ... I don't know how they see either, but there's nothing up there in their way, I guess, not like it would be on the ground .... 

Ghost Riders in the Sky - Johnny Cash - Full Song - YouTube

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Today is.....



National Sticky Bun Day on February 21st recognizes a delicious pastry that comes rolled up and dripping with a sweet, sugary topping. Famous cousins to the sticky bun are the cinnamon roll, caramel roll and monkey bread. 

Known as “schnecken” meaning snail, the sticky bun is rolled into a sweet spiral resembling its German name. Still considered to be a Pennsylvania specialty, many believed the sticky bun’s origin in the United States began in the 19th century. German settlers brought their baking traditions with them when they began settling in and around Philadelphia. 

Most often served for breakfast or as a dessert, sticky buns consist of rolled pieces of leavened dough. Most contain brown sugar and sometimes cinnamon. Before the dough is placed in the pan, the pan is lined with sticky sweet ingredients such as maple syrup, honey, nuts, sugar, and butter. When the buns are finished baking, the baker flips the pan upside-down so the sticky bottom becomes the topping.

HOW TO OBSERVE National Sticky Bun Day:

If you are craving this delicious sticky delight, try making some of your own with one of these sticky bun recipes. Serve them with tea, coffee or hot cocoa. 

Marcia’s Famous Sticky Buns
Super Easy Sticky Buns
Butterscotch Sticky Buns
Easy Caramel Sticky Buns
Ice Cream Sticky Buns

by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2.1m points)
I'll take three Easy Caramel Sticky buns, please!
I was going to ask if someone would deliver some to me??  lol...  Guess, I'll just have to make some!
That would be one long route, Amy!
I just threw some Maple Sticky Buns in the trash yesterday.I ate more than halve the package, not a good idea for my weight, but no one else was eating them so they got hard.
I can almost smell them......  Certainly one of my weaknesses.
Well, I'll be dumbfoundered -- again -- the ole "spent my life thinking that ... " syndrome ... thought those were odd looking cinnamon rolls, and the cook's effort to relieve boredom ...
Well Dorothy, you once again got my attention!! Have to relay this story. We spend most summers on our boat in the Pacific Northwest. Just north of Ketchican, Alaska, there is a small anchorage that has a tiny post office and some cabins. There is a phone number to call and order fresh cinnamon/sticky buns. The next morning, bright and early, they are delivered by boat to our boat (or whoever has ordered them). They are still warm and soooooo good!! Definitely a treat!
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Thanks for hosting again Pip.

I should start preparing for the weekend chat earlier....... this morning I won't have much time to summarize the week or post cute pictures of backyard squirrels and birds.

I'm letting my ancestry.com subscription lapse next week,  so I've been researching family lines on their trees.   We'll see how long before I renew the subscription..... I usually can delay until they offer me a 10 cents a month discount.

We bought a new car yesterday,  (Hyundai Elantra)  so today is being dedicated to learning the new features......  but am looking forward to reading about everyone's weekly activities.
by Peggy McReynolds G2G6 Pilot (248k points)
Peggy, we're looking for a new car, too. Our present knock-around-town car is 13 years old with 100,000 on it. It's time.

The new safety features are great,   I particularly like the    side mirror blind spot warning and automatic braking to avoid collisions.   When I'm a passenger,  my husband brakes later than I would..... I can avoid gaspingsurprise,  but  at times he tells me to stop  "bracing for impact".  With the automatic braking feature (we've had it for about 3 years on our main car),  I've been able to relax.cool

You sound just like my wife! I got her to quit gasping, but she still "braces for impact."

It's great you're getting a new car. She'll be a much improved passenger when she knows the car can now prevent collisions under 50 MPH  and diminish collision damage  (or sudden death) over 50mph.angel

I've been riding around with my husband for 45 years and he's never had an accident...... you'd think I'd be more relaxed.

Is that one of the new kind where the control panel looks like the ones on the 757's?
Control panels and knobs aren't too overpowering,  but it has an 8" touch screen that's essentially a computer that controls a lot of functions...   and it's really not a  "high end" car...... it is disappointing that the new cars don't have CD players.....
Well, bracing for impact ... I've walked away from two totals ... I was not driving, a spouse was ...
Wow, two totals might make me skittish,  "automatic braking" or not.
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H. Haven't been around much. I've been concentrating on other things, and most of my (reduced) genealogy time has been spent on DNA matches at Ancestry.

Home front: My daughter was baptized last Saturday. Now, we're getting ready for Lent, beginning next Wednesday.
by Thomas Fuller G2G6 Mach 7 (71.8k points)
We've missed you, Thomas! Yep, we are prepping for Lent, also. Congrats on the baptism! This was your fourth, right?
I think DNA matches at Ancestry can count towards your genealogy time.       I sure it's hectic with your full household,   are any of your boys old enough to show an interest in genealogy yet?
Yes Pip, our fourth.

Peggy, so far, my boys barely comprehend that their grandparents had parents and grandparents. Granted, the oldest two are six.
I remember the day my grandmother explained to me she was my mother's mother. I think I was three. Mother's mother did not compute.
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On this day:

1848: Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels edit the the Communist Manifesto

1916: The Battle of Verdun starts

1965: Malcolm X is assassinated 

by Jelena Eckstädt G2G6 Pilot (380k points)
Verdun: that was one long and costly battle. An interesting read. I don't see many books on WWI, I suppose because the US was so late getting involved.

As I mentioned earlier,  certainly a broad range of topics.

The  "editing of the Communist Manifesto"  reminded me of when my brother was encouraging me to read more of Rudolf Steiner..... I got through about half of one of his books.   I mentioned perhaps one of Steiner's followers should edit his work surprise....... after 20 years,  I'm not sure I've been forgiven for the comment.

Peggy, I also mentioned it earlier, I learn a LOT looking for interesting facts that I could use for these posts. Usually I take a look at the Wikipedia-Main Pages in many different languages to see what they highlight in their OTD section. Sometimes I see something quite in the beginning which I don't consider so super important, but then I see that repeated in other languages as well. This is an indicator for me "maybe I should take it". Then I wonder about if an event could be not only historically interesting but also genealogically useful to know a little bit more about it. And then there are those: "Do you personally still remember that?" moments like the first Mac or something like that... And still it is my personal choice what I take or not, so yes it is arbitrary.
Job well done Jelena,   you seem to draw us all in with the topics.    And history so is important and fun to explore.
Jelena one of my Canadian great uncles was a member of the Canadian Cycle Corps.  He was killed in action 3 days before the end of WWi.  He is buried in France and some of my French relatives go visit him and lay flowers on his grave.  So we have a real international thing going on with him bringing us all together.  

I find in my family so often people from opposing sides of wars have grandchildren or great grandchild that end up marrying descendants from the other side so to speak.  I wish we as the human species could learn how to peacefully resolve our differences.  You would think after all the catastrophic wars through the ages we might have learned something...

Thanks for your weekly reminders of our shared histories.
+16 votes

Real life is overshadowing WikiTreeing at the moment. I got an email from one of my sisters, telling me that our mother has had a stroke and is in hospital. Then, I got an email from one of my brothers, giving some more details. It seems that Mom is in no immediate danger, although it sounds like the road to recovery will be pretty long. I really want to go and be there with her. As it happens, I have some frequent flyer points with Air France-KLM which are due to expire at the end of the month anyway: enough to get me to Vancouver, and enough to bring along the light of my life and the delight of my eyes if I buy some more points. I’m trying to figure out where to stay, but we may be able to pull off a quick visit. 

There’s an old saying that “It never rains but it pours”. On Friday, our faithful ancient washing machine finally stopped working. I called in a repair service, and the technician told me that the machine is too old for him to be able to replace the part that has failed. So now I’m trying to figure out what to do about that. (The nearest coin laundry that I’ve been able to find here would be two buses each way, so we’d have to pick days when the weather wasn’t nasty before venturing out with our Santa-sized sacks of laundry.) The light of my life and the delight of my eyes says she is willing to wash things out by hand, whatever she can, but I am having a hard time finding a washboard, and some stuff just won’t fit in her little pink washtub. The good news is he did manage to fix the dryer, which has been making noises that we figure a dryer should not make for some time now. It’s old, but now it’s humming again. Just because something is old doesn’t mean that it’s time to get rid of it. (And we’re both very glad of that.)

While I'm very calmly and reasonably panicking over the complete evaporation of my carefully-built-up emergency fund, I'm trying to distract myself by "genealogising". This month, I'm focusing on the Slade Name Study, and one of the things I'm doing is working through all the orphaned Slade profiles, and applying the {{Unsourced}} template where it's appropriate. A little while back, I tried measuring how many profiles on WikiTree are sourced or unsourced. I knew that the numbers would be somewhat skewed, because the {{Unsourced}} template has to be applied manually, but I had no idea just how skewed the numbers are. My guess is that roughly half of profiles on WikiTree aren't sourced correctly, but only 4% of profiles have the template applied to them. So I figured that I could help improve the accuracy by adding the template to this one small set of profiles. (I've checked about 200 orphaned Slade profiles so far.)

(I only applied the template to orphaned profiles because there are profile managers who take it as a personal offence if somebody applies the {{Unsourced}} template to a profile they manage, even if it belongs there. I've had to swallow my own pride and add the template to a bunch of profiles that I manage, because I haven't managed to source them. [Or at least, not yet.])

by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (317k points)
Looks like you are being put through the wringer, Greg. Hang in there!

While working on ND Unsourced, I've added to several related profiles the {{Unsourced}} tag where I can't find any. I've also had to deal with privacy levels too high, and so have added sometimes as many as eight sources in a comment on the page.
Sorry about your mother. Hope that all goes well. The light of your life would probably really appreciate a new washer.

I have a bit of different perspective on adding the {{Unsourced}} template. I figure that if the profile has languished for several years without sources it's appropriate to add the template. I have found that most profiles with the 133 suggestion lack sources (and most date from 2011 or so) and that when you look at the family members they may have dates but no sources. Of course, I try to locate sources, but sometimes I am not comfortable with researching the location.

Ah yes,  "genealogising"  always seems to reduce stress for me......   I'm sure your Mom will appreciated the visit.


So sorry to hear of your mum's illness. I will send positive healing intention for her and for all of the family. My sincere best to you. Hugs, Carol

Sorry to read about your mother, Greg. Here's hope she's gonna recover as well as possible. WikiTreeing is a good way to distract yourself though. You might be excited to see this thread. One Head of State is finally connected, you can kick him out of your challenges. :)

Thank you for that, Jelena. I know you've been working on Paul von Hindenburg for a long time. Now we have nine heads of state from those challenges connected to the main tree. I figure once we hit an even dozen, I'll submit a new Relationship Finder Quick Links list.

Kay, I know that it's permissible, even recommended, to add the {{Unsourced}} template on any profile where it applies. But one of my superpowers is annoying people. (Slade's Corollary to Murphy's Law is that if it's even remotely possible for something I say or do to annoy somebody, then I'm definitely going to annoy somebody.) So I find that I'm less likely to drive people away from WikiTree if I don't do things that annoy them on profiles that they manage. (And with all the work that there is to do in building out this one world tree, the last thing we need is for me to be driving people away.)

I should also say that, normally, what I do is work my way through the list of unsourced Slades (or whichever One Name Study I happen to be working on that month), trying to source them as completely as I can, so just whipping through the list of orphaned Slades, applying the template to every unsourced profile without even checking for sources is not my usual modus operandi. But I did it on this occasion because:

  1. I was away on a work trip at the beginning of the month, so I have less time left than usual to work on this month's One Name Study.
  2. I added several new measures this month, and looking up and entering the values for each of them took away even more time from my usual pursuit of Slavishly Sourcing Slades. (Next month, I plan to be Wildly WikiTreeing Welches.)
  3. I suspect that most Sourcerers, like me, tend to work through the unsourced lists, and I had already worked through the unsourced Slades several times, and was beginning to recognise, "Oh, hey! I tried to source this person last time through this list, and couldn't find anything then, either." So adding more Slades to the unsourced list might lead to being able to source more Slades the next time I try going through the list again.
Bathtub may a great emergency way to wash.  You can put the soiled clothes in a large storage totes with hot water and detergent and let is soak than put the top on and shake it a bit.  Take a laundry basket with holes in the sides and move the washed items to the basket for a good rinse and then hang them up.  

Being a grandmother 3 times over and a former Cub Scout Den Leader for over 14 years you learn a few tricks along the way!  But do not try to dry the clothes in an oven or microwave.  Just hang them and let them air dry or blow them with a hair dryer if the drying is not working.  

So sorry to hear about your Mom.  Do make the trip.  Money can be replaced but memories of sharing time with those who are aging are sometimes more valuable.  

As to the unsourced template feel free to add them to any of mine.  I regularly adopt a bunch in my surnames and try to work them but some can sit for some time before I get to them.  I am not upset by that.  We are all in this together.
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Hails and horns, Wikipeeps!

On the genealogy front:

This week for #52Ancestors I bent the rules a bit. Amy wanted to talk Prosperity. I talked about people named Fortuna and Fortunato. HAH! https://allroadhaverhill.blogspot.com/2020/02/52-ancestors-week-8-prosperity.html

There are no rules. Everything's made up and the points don't matter. Kind of like going to Olive Garden and expecting real Italian food. =)

Been helping my mother and my uncle sort out details of a family tree since they are trying to sell my grandfather's house in Florida. They've needed obits, death certificates and other odds and ends. The lawyer needed a bunch of information and I was happy to help.

And speaking of helping, I've been helping a cousin on the Coppola side figure some stuff out. We've been talking through his wife. It's odd. I wish he'd speak to me directly. But, I guess he has no interest in genealogy. Whatever. I am not getting involved in any drama. All I am doing is being objective and presenting the facts like any true genealogist would.

But, Lord help me. Why does this family have so many secrets?!

It's okay. I'll deal and be as objective as possible. 

I haven't done much Wikitreeing in a while, I've noticed. Not sure who to add. I suppose I could add kids of my 4th great-grandparents, next. Get some cousin bait going.

Non genealogy front:

Other than sorting through DNA matches, not much is going on. Still pretty cold here. Winter is holding on with an icy grip. In a month or two we'll be complaining about the heat! Gotta love winter in New England.

by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (300k points)

Lovely photo of the town, Chris. And, you are "fortunate" for your dad to have that painting of Vincenzo and Fortuna. What a treasure! Have you tried your hand at painting?

Fortunato Russo: I'm guessing that the naming conventions might make that one hard to track down, at least if the naming conventions held there as they did in Sicily (Viviano's book, remember?).

Story about the photo. A fan of my show and follower on Twitter who has Italian ancestors took the pic a long time ago when he was going to visit his relatives. I thought that was cool. So, that isn't a Google Earth photo. Though, I could probably do those. Probably would be cheap. But, whatever.

I have actually painted, drawn and did a few things here and there. I just can't draw people well. If I could, my webcomic would be drawn and not sprites. 

Re Fortunato: I'm thinking that, yea. Check out his profile: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Russo-745

That's a bit tougher to research. Would have to go to the church records.

Do you have the names of Fortunato's other children?
Nope. The researcher only found one. There could be more.
There's gotta be more! You sure the researcher took his time and looked hard enough? I guess that's hard to tell this far away. Sounds like to need to make a trip to Italy... with a translator.
Of course there's more. There's always more! I think she was just looking for my direct links and not hard enough. I do need to make a trip to Italy.
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Just got word that my Ulster tartan kilt is on the way. Still waiting on the Paterson Blue (higher quality for this one which is why it's taking so long). The Ulster:

by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (1.7m points)

Dang it! Can't see any image sad

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Hello to all from a recent arrival to the world of WikiTree! I am dipping my toes into the G2G forum for the first time. Coming to you from sunny Pierce County, Wisconsin, USA which is bordered to the south by the Mississippi River and located so close to Minnesota's Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul that it is considered a part of the metro area, while still mostly rural acres.

I am a Minnesotan at heart, having just moved to 20 gorgeous acres in Pierce County seven years ago. Now I have just learned, much to my surprise, that three families of my ancestors lived nearby in the same western Wisconsin county, settling some communities here in the mid-to-latter years of the 1800s.

Fascinating stuff, and helping inspire me to learn how to properly record and cite all the data uncovered. I welcome any advice on how to become smart about providing proper source details.

My profile is created and I'm ready to start entering my parents. What do I need for a source entry for someone who I know is my parent?

If I learn that, the rest of the generations should be easy, I suspect.

Thanks, in advance, and I look forward to getting to know all you fellow genealogy puzzle aficionados.

Happy Sticky Bun Day!
by John Hays G2G1 (1k points)
Welcome to WikiTree, John! I've come across several families who lived in Wisconsin but moved on to North Dakota (side project I'm working on). I learned my sourcing lessons here with the help of this community. It was something I'd never taken seriously until joining WikiTree.

If either of your parents were born before 1940, you might find them in a census record. IF they are no longer living, then death certificates are a great source. Family bible? Also a great source.

If you have actual documents, you can upload them as photos and indicate they are sources.
Welcome to WikiTree John. Sourcing is a bit learning by doing, but for example FamilySearch provides great citations that can be copied into the Sources section of your profiles. As long as we can reconstruct where you found the dates you enter in the profile, everything is fine.
Welcome to the WikiTree community, John. If you do not mind I will show you by example by adding sources to one of your profiles. Like Pip said you can also use photos of documents or of the person and add them to a profile. Look at the Help Index as your friend for finding answers or ask a Mentor or ask a question in the G2G Forum. Above all have fun!
Thank you, Pip. I'm probably plodding in the most inefficient of ways, having previously created hundreds of records on Ancestry.com. Based on feedback from folks on WikiTree, I started over again on FamilySearch in order to take advantage of copying source information from there. Now I am starting over one more time to recreate the records here.

Ultimately hoping to link with a relative's record that already exists in WikiTree's one human family tree.
Thank you, Jelena. I'm taking your advice and copying citations from FamilySearch!
Thank you, David. I welcome your example, or check what I did today and tell me if that looks up to snuff.

John, I added some sources to your grandfather Forrest J. Hays profile along with information contained in the sources and citations into the biography. This included the source and citation for marriage, extra census records, and WWI and II Draft.

Oh, that's excellent as an example, David. Thank you. Much cleaner than the way my copying and pasting from FamilySearch resulted.

I should be able to figure this out with the proper time and attention.
You are very welcome, John! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Welcome to WikiTree.   Glad to see you immediately tuned into the importance of sourcing......  David Selman has been giving you some incredible examples of sources.   Since these profiles are your parents and grandparents, you can also provide  as   "the source itself"  incredible stories of their lives..... Forest has an incredible smile in his photo,  only those that know him can help us understand.


Hi John! Welcome to the WikiTree Family! :) I hope you enjoy it here as much as I do.
Peggy, I am happy to read of the opportunity to cite as "the source itself" for the immediate family I know/knew first-hand.

Thank you! I can't wait to get some of the incredible stories entered for my ancestors! Grandpa Forrest has a story written in the history of Cargill Corp. about him being a person who would wait silently for interviewees to speak first. I wasn't old enough in his lifetime to experience such intimidations. I have a photo of him holding his hand out while I played with a "Slinky" spring toy on his palm. Apparently he wasn't as intimidating with family.
Thank you, Greta! I look forward to sharing the joy with you!
Welcome to WT and know you will find lots of friends and likely some relatives here.  For sure you will find the Weekly Chat folks are super helpful and lots of fun too.  

I am one of the team leaders for the Sourcerers Challenge (shameless plug) that we run monthly.  If you know the person you can be a source if you list how you know them, how long you have known them, and when or where you interviewed them.    ...  For your parents you can say, so and so is my father.  I have known him since the day I was born.  If he has died you would say until the day he died.  You can add some really cool memories that give fabric to his life.  You are a first person source.    Just don't say personal knowledge and nothing else.  And you can't use personal knowledge for people you never met.  You can also use photos of them with you in them or other memorabilia like your own birth certificate which would normally show your parents.
Thank you, Laura! This definitely helps to broaden my understanding of how I can provide proper source details for immediate family. I will overcome the natural urge to just write that I know this profile is the person depicted and everyone should just trust me on that. :)
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Greetings from Northeast Ohio where the weather can't make up it's mind what season it wants to be. There are erosion problems along the lake shore due to a lot of high winds, lack of ice on the lake, and high water levels. It snowed yesterday if you can call it that but no accumulation. Cold for the last few days but Sunday it is going into the 50's. On the genealogy front, nothing much to mention. I have continued to work on sources and suggestions, on my watchlist, and hopefully reducing the size of my watchlist as I go. Just got off the phone with my father and he seems fine so no major health issues to mention. I am moving my radios into another room in the house so I am off the air with them for a bit right now but hope to get back to that soon as well.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
Dale, you need a separate building for all your hobby stuff.

Snow yesterday is melting quickly now. Didn't even break an inch here.
Funny you should mention that Pip. I have been talking to my son and one grandson, both hams, about setting up a station in their garage. They have plenty of space and could set up a large antenna "farm". We need to get internet out to the garage, that is being planned, and then I may set up a remote station there. I could connect thru the internet from my computer and control the station to make contacts. I am already looking into the hardware needed but the software is all free. I can use one of my Pi computers for the remote station so we will see.....

Now that would be cool, Dale!

If I get this remote station done I could even visit you and use the radio up here to talk around the world.

You can see the start of my new "shack" here.


Just a preview of my shack. Computer is in the upper left with the HF radio below. The HT will hopefully connect to the hotspot by the computer. nothing is hooked up yet but that should not be much longer. The turntable is in the upper right. I might put the magazines above the computer and move the computer a little lower.

The shack is way too neat!

One of the guys in the Virginia Beach DXCC club has a remote station in Hawaii.
Kay, I just put everything in that location it will get messy soon. The next step is to switch the computer and the magazines and hook up the antenna.
I forgot to mention that there are 2 shelves of LP's under the radio and power supply.
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Hi all,

today I cannot start with the windy and grey weather. Oh well, I did, but this is all I say about it. I don't know if anybody of you heard of the Hanau shooting. In case you didn't, here's a link to what happened. I know exactly where that happened, we can go there by bus. So this is like the only thing the area is talking about since Wednesday evening/Thursday morning.

Mum got the date for her surgery, it'll be done on March 18.

Genealogywise, I mixed up this week my Siemens project with some marriage and birth documents MyHeritage has for my family. I started the Siemens project with Wilhelm von Siemens and about 1650 profiles later I found a connection to Count Zeppelin, the inventor of the flying Zeppelins. That was a nice find. It'll be interesting to see when I will finally be able to really reduce the number of tabs of my browser....

Stay safe and take care, you never know what kind of idiots are on the streets

by Jelena Eckstädt G2G6 Pilot (380k points)
I read about that shooting... so very sad. Especially worrisome for you as it was so close to where you live.

I regularly have multiple tabs open as I don't work on one things at a time. I have seven open right now.

I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired of this gun violence, as well as the upsurge in right supremacist activities.

In 2003, 3 of my nurse colleagues were shot to death (1 in her office and 2 teaching a class!) at the University of Arizona College of Nursing by a disgruntled student. Near or far, this affects all of us.

My sincere condolences and will hold you and the town in my healing intentions. Hugs, Carol
=( So sorry about the shooting. Condolences and good vibes sent.

So sorry this madman struck your community.  The whole world shares the grief and  horror caused by sick people like this man.  

Glad you Mum's surgery is scheduled....
Jelena sending you cyber hugs and your community lots of prayers.
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Buenos dias a todos from the Old Pueblo, Tucson, Arizona! It is 66 degrees and overcast today, but has been around 70 degrees and sunny this past week. I managed to work in my meditation garden getting everything ready for spring. Garden work for me is very relaxing and uplifting.

I have been able to bio and connect some Pratt and Jewett family this week. They are kin to my Munson family line. Two days ago, I turned my attention (finally) to providing biographies and sourcing for SE England (primarily Cornwall). I thought 1600 sourcing was difficult until I was stymied by two 20th century families! Naturally, I called on my SuperWiki England Group family on Discord. One high note is that I was able to get a PM to 'open' his family profile so that I could source! It's taken about 5 months. It turns out that the PM really needed 'mentoring' in how to open and add to the trusted list.

I have my genetic genealogy class tomorrow and am looking forward to it. I have 'triangulated', assessed centiMorgans for my DNA proof and now will learn how to write the proof. This final assignment is due in April and we will receive our certificates.

I will hop that all have a restful, productive and safe weekend.
by Carol Baldwin G2G6 Pilot (195k points)

Carol, our England compadres have come through more than once for me! Kudos to them.

I’ve got a very relaxing garden for you to work in. Come on by any time!

Hi Carol, I'm new here and see you're in Tucson.  I'm not far from you in Sierra Vista, AZ.  And I am also currently working on family history in Cornwall.  Maybe our paths will cross some more!
Looking forward to paths crossing, R!
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Hi Everyone, I have been lurking for a few weeks and am finally jumping into a chat for the first time.  

It is cloudy and cool where I live in Cochise County, Arizona, and we may get some snow in the mountains this weekend.  Our county borders the state of New Mexico, the country of Mexico, and includes the town of Tombstone, famous for the OK Corral shootout.  I'm a transplant here, as I was born and raised in western Montana, where it is much colder today.  

On the genealogy front, I've been interested and dabbling for awhile.  Last fall, I had the idea of making a genealogy timeline for my siblings for Christmas, as accurate as I could make it and including as many stories as I could find.  This led me to subscribing to a British newspaper archive, where I found some incredible wacky stories about some ancestors in Cornwall, including a DUI in 1860, a tragic death in an abandoned mine shaft, and a very colorful 3rd Great-Grandmother who was in court regularly suing anyone over anything.  After that I was hooked - I still don't have the Christmas presents finished, but I'm digging up some fine stories and they are going to be fascinating when all is said and done!  

In the process of all of this, I found this site.  I wasn't sure what to think at first - I had been very frustrated with Ancestry's "hints" which are almost never sourced, and a few interactions I had had with people over there trying to find out where information came from, only to discover that nobody actually knew.  So I lurked here for awhile until I realized this site is what I have been looking for -- I love facts and sources, not guesswork.  While I haven't found as many family members here as I have on Ancestry, the information I have found here is so much better.  

I am currently working on a number of ancestors throughout the US and a few spots in England.  I've dabbled in some Mexican genealogy as well and would like to learn how to uncover more from these records.  I also have Swedish and Danish branches that I hope to begin delving into soon.  I just want to say thank you for being here, I think I am going to really love it here.   -- Roxanna
by Roxanna McGinnis G2G2 (2.3k points)

I remember you, Roxana. I think I greeted you. You're the third Arizonan on the Chat today.

We have several projects that might interest you and be of help. Members of those projects might be able to help you find things you are looking for. Here's a link for all of the projects we have going on. Lots of Cornwall researchers here, so the England Project would be a good start. 

Howdy neighbor yes You live in my neck of the saguaros. Welcome to WikiTree. I joined for the same reasons you did smiley

Thanks, Pip - I will check out that link.
Hi Diane - it looks like there are a lot of Arizonans here - that's teriffic!

Lurkers are great!     When I first started my family tree on WikiTree,  I didn't immediately become involved with G2G..... Then I realized there's a lot to learn by reading the posts here.
Welcome to the chat!  I have been to your new neck of the woods and loved it.  The Southwest is my favorite vacation spot.   Give me the high mesa and the dessert and this girl is happy.  

Yes genealogy is the one kind of addiction that is not only good for you but for your family!   It really makes history come alive.  Wish they included it with every history class.  Adoptees can research their adoptive families since they get their traditions and everyday character from them.  We have adoptees in ours and I research both the adoptive lines and the bio lines for them.  In more distant time periods formal adoptions did not always exist and children were often taken in by other family or neighbors.  I have often thought that some of the early NPE that people want to research are possibly these kind of adoptions.  (I am also one of WT Adoption Angels).  

There are so many cool projects to join and things to help with which are great ways to learn.  

Hope you feel at home here soon!
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Hi all! :) I'm a little late to the chat today.

WIKITREE: I've been joining some more projects. I'm working on the England Orphan Trail. I'm still doing my other WikiTree stuff like updating my ancestors profiles, etc.

HOME: I didn't participate in the chat last week because my grandma fell and had a mild ankle sprain. I live with and help take care of her. She has Alzheimer's. Her ankle has healed up and she's been walking on it. On Monday and Tuesday, I will be away on vacation. My boyfriend's birthday is Monday.
by Greta Moody G2G6 Pilot (108k points)

loved the Orphan Trail. I learned more during that experience than I would have on my own.

Enjoy your vacation!

Thanks Pip! :)
Greta our first order is to take care of our living relatives and friends.  Those who have moved on to the great ancestor party will be there when we get back to working on them.  

Enjoy your vacation!
Hi Laura! That's true! Thanks, I had a great vacation! :)
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by Jelena Eckstädt G2G6 Pilot (380k points)
A Connector par excellence! Great work, Jelena!
Yes, Yes, Yes..   What a connector.
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Hello from beautiful southeastern Arizona! It's currently 57 F, very cloudy and cooling down fast. Rain just started falling and is supposed to continue through tomorrow. The unusual cold weather keeps coming. This upcoming week forecast has two morning lows at freezing temperatures.

Writing: The fiction writers group enjoyed the 500-word story I read last week. I had researched the first steamboat to navigate the Muskingum River. I hope to be able to include this in my third novel.

Though this week wasn't filled with meetings like last week, I didn't get much revising done for Book 2. Spent more time looking for ways to advertise my first novel. It was worth it, because two author interviews along with links to my book were posted today. *does happy dance!*

WikiTree: Though I'm not descended from Dr. Increase Mathews's first wife, I spent some time this week working on Abigail's family. When I originally read the doctor's diary, I wondered who some people were because he only used their last name. A few years ago, when I did genealogy research into her family, I found many of the men he mentioned were his future in-laws.

This week, I added her father, Nathan Willis. The death record from Oakham vital records lists him as Ensign. This title has left me confused! Isn't ensign only a naval term? I checked the Massachusetts Soldiers & Sailors volume. At the time of the Revolution he lived in Bridgewater and there are entries for Nathan Willis of Bridgewater -- but none are for a sailor. I noted this discrepancy in Resource Notes but am unsure about adding him as a Revolutionary War vet. The two early year entries may be his, but the ones for 1780 might be for his son, Nathan Willis Jr., who would have been 18 at that time. His son is noted as a general, but I haven't researched enough yet to know if his title was due to service during 1812. I haven't yet added Nathan Sr.'s 2nd wife because I want to add all children of his first wife.

I added Abigail's oldest sister and found the correct Jonathan Howard to connect as her husband. His birth document had his surname as Haward. It's the only time his name is recorded as Haward.

I hope to finish adding Abigail's other siblings this week. Three more of her sisters also married Howards, so I'm hoping finding the correct ones will be easier.

Have a wonderful, enjoyable weekend!

by Diane Hildebrandt G2G6 Mach 5 (53.6k points)
Hi Diane, hope all is well with you. Yes, in my mind Ensign signifies a rank in the Navy or Coast Guard.
Diane, we have more in common than where we live - I also do some writing and although I've never even tried to publish, I also belong to a writer's group.   Small world!  

(I also have a connection to a bookstore in the area if you're close enough to be considered a local author and would be interested in having your book there or maybe an event of some kind)

ensign (n.)

early 15c., "a token, sign, symbol; badge of office, mark or insignia of authority or rank;" also "battle flag, flag or banner of a ship or troop of soldiers," via Scottish, from Old French enseigne (12c.) "mark, symbol, signal; flag, standard, pennant," from Latin insignia (plural); see insignia, which is a doublet of this word. As the word for the soldier who carries the flag, 1510s. U.S. Navy sense of "commissioned officer of the lowest rank" is from 1862. French navy had rank of enseigne de vaisseau at least since early 18c. Until 1871 one of the lowest grades of commissioned officers in a British army infantry regiment, also a rank in the American Revolutionary army.


The bold is mine. 

Thanks Rodney!

@R Kelly Definitely a small world smiley I live in Huachuca City and would be willing to travel (a small bit-I mean about 2 hours!) to read from my book. Feel free to send me an email!

Wow, thanks for the info, Melanie! As many times as I've used the online etymology, it never occurred to me to check there.
I know when I first started using etymology online I checked to see how accurate it was.  Whoever was running the site back then did a stupendous job of researching everything.    (OED didn't always have a full enough history of a word.)

I don't use it as often now as I used to, but I still have it bookmarked "just in case".
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Happy weekend, everyone!  Been a very long week, so we're looking forward to a weekend of downtime.  My long class ran longer than usual because some of the student projects took a while, but it was fun.  Only lost one lizard in the lab, and I got it back later.  (Another jumped from the cage onto my head, then my hand.  I put my hand in the cage and it jumped right off again into the cage.  Hah.)  The weather has turned cold again, so we probably won't be getting out in the field any time soon.  With my luck the wood frogs and spotted salamanders will do their thing over spring break and we'll miss all the fun.

On the genealogy front, I'm still chipping away at this colonial DNA cluster.  It's a slog.  I'm hoping at some point I'll figure it out and it'll turn out the answer was staring me right in the face the whole time.

I also got bored on Presidents' Day (Monday) and made a graphic showing all my connections to US Presidents.  (13 of them!)  My kid is pretty uninterested in genealogy but thought that was cool.  Maybe I'll suck her into it that way.  :-)
by Lisa Hazard G2G6 Mach 9 (92.9k points)
There are worse ways to get into genealogy.

"So, great-grandma rode a forklift into a 7-11 at like 3 AM...."

Stories like that are gonna be genealogical gold mines. That's why I groan when I read the Odd news. Their crazy has been immortalized FOREVER!!!!!

Lizard loose in the Hazard lab. Time to drop some sick beats, Lis.
Oh, we have plenty of those stories, too... Grandma and the turkey in the mailbox, for example.  And the State Department memo we found about how my grandfather nearly started an international diplomatic incident.

Lizards loose sound manageable,  OK maybe manageable for a biologist like you.angel

My sister-in-law lives with a biologist and his snakes get loose in the house  (not any of the rattlesnakes, that they'd mentioned)..... so far they haven't admitted there's a loose tarantula when we go visit.

Yeah, snakes are a nuisance because they're really good at escaping and hiding.  I lost one in the house once... tore the place apart looking for it.  It showed up a month later in the middle of the living room floor.

When my anoles get loose they want to hang out by the heat lamp, so if I wait a while I find them on the outside of the cage.
I luckily don't have any crazy stories. Just a hotel fire. No one was hurt or anything. Some faulty wiring ignited and the hotel my grandfather owned caught fire. It was in the Boston Globe. I found it, showed my dad and he was like "Yup. That happened."

Here's a You Tube of my sister-in-law's  "boy friend"  helping remove rattle snakes from a friend's kayak.


He's really into spiders more than snakes.

Gorgeous snake, Peggy!  I have yet to see a timber in the wild.  One of these days...
Not to worry about the snake,   Hank would have released it into a safe environment....... if they're too young or injured,  he keeps them at home until they can be released.
Aww. The poor snake just wanted to go for a ride. Why you gotta play a snake like that, guys?

Chris,  I KNEW you were a man of empathy! heart  I agree,  why not give the rattlesnake a boat ride.    Hank has a lot to explain.

That’s me. Unless I am playing Civilization or the Sims. :)
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Okay my mind is jumping all over the place now. I watched this weeks episode of NCIS. They based the episode loosely on the song "Precious and Few". The lead singer of that song, https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Geraci-102 , started out in High School with a band "The outsiders". That band was formed at Shaw High School in the Cleveland suburb of East Cleveland. My mother attended Shaw High School. The first hit the outsiders had was "Time Won't Let Me" and was recorded at Cleveland Recording Company. I knew the engineer of Cleveland Recording Company. I helped when Sonny Geraci died with his profile and trying to connect him. He is buried in the same cemetery as my grandparents. It is going to be a nice weekend. A good cheap trip, only about a half hour away, is the cemetery where my grandparents are buried so I might try to visit.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
He is still unconnected!

Dale, you seem to have enough connections to people in your area to be famous yourself! laugh

Pip I am far from famous, and probably never will be but a High School friend and I used to visit Cleveland Recording when we were in college. He stuck with recording music and has earned several Grammy's for recording engineer and was one of the pioneers for surround sound. He now owns his own recording studio. I went into the radio aspect of things but he still lives within 5 miles of where I live. I do know several famous folks but I never followed that path.
Dale you are famous here!
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It's cold and windy here in Florida. That cancelled our plans for the Renaissance Faire tomorrow though we may go on Sunday. Just as well as I'm going to be on the LiveChat tomorrow at 2pm GMT.
by Debi Hoag G2G6 Pilot (257k points)
Looking forward to seeing you on the Live Chat.
See ya there!
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My younest nieces birthday is coming up next week.
by David Hughey G2G6 Pilot (766k points)

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