What is the policy on the ==Residence== heading in the Biography section?

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What is the policy on the ==Residence== heading in the biography section? Is it required to include this section to all profiles? I have seen profiles with and without this section. I have been adding any residence i.e. census information to the ==Sources== section in my profiles. Most of my profiles only include a ==Biography== section and a ==Sources== section.
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Headings like Name, Birth, Baptism, Religiion, Residence, and Death are found in WikiTree biographies because those biographies were created by Gedcom imports of structured data from a genealogy software package, and these headings are used in the software. When we see a gazillion profiles formatted like that, it is natural to assume that this is an Approved Format that we should endeavor to emulate, but that is a wrong assumption. Unless you aspire to becoming a computer, you should endeavor to use natural language (sentences and paragraphs, and maybe some images) to describe the life of a person you care about. Subheadings can be useful to help a reader navigate the information (particularly in a long biography), but they are not required (other than the headings Barry Smith mentioned) and excessive use of subheadings can detract from readability.
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I'm sure you didn't mean it that way, but the headings you name are not there ONLY because of Gedcom Imports!  Subheadings are useful to help the reader quickly identify whether key genealogical elements are present in the biography.  Biographies I manage will ideally always have the subheadings ===Birth and Parents===, ===Marriage===, ===Death===, and ===Children=== since these are the key discussions that need citations to confirm what has been entered in the data field.  

I don't think we'll ever have total consensus on "the right amount" of subheadings -- what seems right to me will surely be considered "too many" by others, and what seems "just right" to others may be considered "frustratingly too few" by people like me.  

Era may make a difference;  I spend most of my time on medieval and ancient profiles where there is a large amount of fakery and documentation of key genealogical facts is critical.  If I were doing biographies of modern family members I might be more concerned with being "interesting" and less with providing readers with a visual summary of key documented facts.
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There are only three required lines: 


Everything else is optional, and there are a variety of approaches to organizing profiles. If you are editing a profile with someone else as PM, it is good to try to match their style or converse before editing if you want to diverge from that style.

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Two headings, Biography and Sources, and the <references/> tag, visible only in edit mode.
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It is entirely optional but, if you include it, it should have three = around it, rather than two i.e. ===Residence===, not ==Residence==
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Thank you so much for clarifying that for me. I was searching through the help section but could not find the page that you provided the link for. I shall book mark it for future reference.
by R. Dechert G2G1 (1.9k points)

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