March 2020 BioBuilders - Biography of an Aunt or Uncle, any level (Grand, Gr-grand, etc.)

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This month’s Bio Builders Challenge theme is Aunts and Uncles, any level (grand, Gr-Grand, etc.). Everyone have fun.

Thank you for your support.

Here's our checklist:

Data Section:

  • birth date/place
  • names of parents
  • marriage date/place and spouse name
  • names of children, if any
  • death date/place

Biography Section:

  • Written (full) sentences stating the facts above, adding inline sources to each fact.
  • Is the profile '''Genealogically Defined?'''
  • As a general rule biographies should be in your own words. Paraphrase and rewrite, don't copy/paste.
  • Baptism, burial, military, and other life events with inline sources.
  • Something to "humanize" the person, such as career or avocation with sources.
  • List of children with at least one pertinent fact.
  • Some list siblings. (I think this takes up real estate.)
  • Explanatory remarks, if needed (e.g. disputed persons information, Research Notes, whatever needs extra explaining).
  • Photos or pictures, background. Not a must, but nice (you need to own the copyright unless they are in the public domain).
  • Categories.
  • Connection to the Global Tree.
  • All duplicates merged or initiated.
  • Links to persons and events, perhaps from Wikipedia.
  • Historical context as related to the person's life.
  • Sources, Sources, Sources.

You can see some ideas on where to find some of this information on the Biography Builders space page.

Use "comments" below to ask questions.

NOTE: Biography Builders will not show on the tracker. Please add a list to your answer.

P.S. Suggestions for future themes are always welcome, especially if they tie into, or help, a WikiTree Project.

WikiTree profile: Space:Biography_Builders
in Requests for Project Volunteers by Bob Keniston G2G6 Pilot (206k points)
I'll do what I can this month :)
Does creating a new profile of a parent for a child who has a profile, but no parents on WikiTree count?
If the parent is an aunt/uncle of yours, and theirs is the bio you write, it counts.
Thanks Bob

25 Answers

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Best answer
I will definitely work on the Sorcerer's challenge. Julia Tudor
by Julia Fitzgerald G2G1 (1.3k points)
selected by Nancy Tidrick
+13 votes

I'm In for the month

1. Margaret A Gehl

2. Susan E Gehl

3. Frederick John Claas   2nd great grand uncle

4. Christina Claas  3rd Great Aunt

5. William Claas  3rd Great Uncle

6.  Gertrude Threaia Marie (Claas) Weiland 3rd great aunt

by Jennifer Robins G2G6 Mach 8 (87.6k points)
edited by Jennifer Robins
+9 votes

Had to Google search who qualifies and seems a sibling of any grandparent generation, so I surely have some of those needing a biography.

  1. Mary Tatlock Dawalt  2nd great grand aunt
by Patricia Roche G2G6 Pilot (428k points)
edited by Patricia Roche
+9 votes

I had plans to get at least 100 written and . . . life got in the way as well as problems that Family Search was having this month.  I did work on a few:

  1.   Isaac Jones Chilcoat ggrandma’s brother

  2.  Sidney Keefer Abt  grandma’s brother (love his name)

  3.  John Leonard Abt  grandma’s brother

  4.  Ninon B. (Geurin) Abt John’s wife

  5.  Mary Caroline (Abt) Bookwalter Ramsey Faulds  grandma’s sister

  6.  William “Harry” Bookwalter  Mary’s 1st husband

  7. Austin Ramsey Mary’s 2nd husband

  8.  Nina B. (Abt) Deshong Blochinger  grandma’s sister

  9.  Ralph Wilson Deshong Nina’s 1st husband

10.  Lawrence Andrew Blochinger  Nina’s 2nd husband

11.  Frederick Abt grandma’s brother

12.  Lawrence Samuel Rabenstein ggrandpa’s brother

13.  Pheba Alice (Hershey) Rabenstein Lawrence’s wife

by Kathy Rabenstein G2G6 Pilot (257k points)
edited by Kathy Rabenstein
+11 votes

I'll find some time to work on a few. I've been meaning to go back through my list and redo the ones I started when I joined.

  1. Mary Mathews Sturges - 2nd great grand aunt;
  2. Henry Mathews - 2nd great grand uncle;
by Diane Hildebrandt G2G6 Mach 8 (80.5k points)
edited by Diane Hildebrandt
+9 votes
I am definitely in for this one, just wondering if we are keeping to siblings of parents, grandparents, etc. or also including the people they married? who we term aunts and uncles, but they don't show up on relationship search.
by Christine Frost G2G6 Mach 8 (89.9k points)
I plan to include spouses unless told otherwise... my favorite aunts are by marriage!
Thanks Joyce, yes some of my favourites are by marriage too, but I think I'll start with the siblings and add some spouses if I have time. Now to start...
+9 votes

Yes! I have plenty to pick from this month!

  1. William Americus Wells, great grand uncle
  2. Isidore Rivet, 3rd great-granduncle
  3. Clothilde Morales, wife of 3rd great-granduncle
  4. Marie Louise Rivet, 3rd great-grandaunt
  5. Marguerite Rivet, 3rd great-grandaunt
  6. Marie Modeste Rivet, 3rd great-grandaunt
  7. Leona Alma Murray, great grand aunt
  8. Wilhelmina Catherine Steidtmann, great great grand aunt
  9. Louis Philipp Fulda, great great grand uncle
  10. Mertie Lavina Bjorkgren, grand aunt
  11. Alvin Luther Hawkins, grand uncle
  12. Edwin Rusha Wells, great grand uncle
  13. Richard Murray, great great grand uncle
  14. Charles J. Murray, great great grand uncle
  15. John Murray, great great grand uncle
by Joyce Rivette G2G6 Pilot (101k points)
edited by Joyce Rivette
+10 votes

I'll do what I can this month. Thanks :)

  1. Laura Sarah Cowart - 3rd Great Aunt
  2. Neal Armstrong - Great Uncle
  3. David Bonner - Uncle
  4. Sandra Jean Bonner - Aunt
  5. Charles Ray Downs - Uncle
  6. Calvin Streets - Husband's 3rd Great Uncle
  7. Maggie Irene Henderson - Great Aunt
  8. Nonie Lavada Armstrong - Great Aunt
  9. John Hubard Henderson
  10. Lynda Henderson - Great Aunt -
  11. Almer Idell Henderson 2nd Great Uncle
  12. Daisy Henderson 2nd Great Aunt
  13. Oswald Bud Johnson 2nd Great Uncle
  14. Tramble Armstrong - Great Uncle
  15. Infant Henderson
  16. Eva Mae Henderson - Great Aunt
  17. Lela Mae Henderson 2nd Great Aunt
  18. Jess Willard Henderson
  19. William Lonnie Henderson
  20. Robert Henderson
  21. Leaon Henderson
by Alicia Taylor G2G6 Mach 4 (44.8k points)
edited by Alicia Taylor

1. James William (Jim) Larner Uncle
2. Amy Winifred (Winnie) Parker (Born Larner) Aunt 
3. James DOUGLAS Porter Grand Uncle
4. Minnie Rose Clinton Barnett (Born Hills) Aunt
5. John Edward (Jack) Hills Uncle      
6. John Drew Hills  Grand Uncle
7. William Rickards (Bill) Hills  Uncle 
8. Susan Louisa (Sue) Hills  Aunt
9. Louisa MAY Sexton (born Hills) Aunt     
10. Bertha Nellie A.J.(Birdie) Stefani (Born Hills) Aunt
11. Frances Annie Ada (Franie) Yellop (born Hills) Aunt
12. Alice Larner Grand Aunt
13. Ernest Harold (Ernie) Hills Uncle
14. Minnie Hills Grand Aunt
15. Florence MARY Ann Eliza (Hall) Gage   Aunt
16. Henry John (Harry) Hills  Uncle 
17. John Edward (Jack) Reeves  Grand Uncle  
18. Rose Whitern (born Hills) Grand Aunt      
19. Samuel Victor (Sam) Hills   Uncle
20. Edith Jane (Edie) Hills   Grand Aunt
21. Eliza Reeves   Great Grand Aunt
22. Louisa May (Sally) Burton (born Reeves)  Grand Aunt
23. Charles (Wag) Reeves    Grand Uncle        
24. Margaret Ann (Maggie) Hills    Grand Aunt 
25 William Henry Church (Bill) Reeves Grand Uncle
26.Elizabeth Ann (Lizzy) Gay (born Hills) Grand Aunt
27.Sarah Ann Hills  Grand Aunt
28.Gertrude Emma (Gertie) Skipp (born Hills) Grand Aunt
29.Sarah Anne (Annie) Gentry (Born Hills)  Grand Aunt
30.Kate Boreham Born Hills aka Woodison Grand Aunt
31 Thomas Clinton (Tom) Reeves  Grand Uncle.

+12 votes

1. Goldie Morton, great-aunt,

2. Herbert Morton, great-uncle,

3. Ted Morton, great-uncle,

4. Jewell Morton, great-aunt,

5. Jack Morton, great-uncle,

6. Sylvia Morton, great-aunt,

7. Ina Morton, great-aunt,

8. Mertie Arnold, great-aunt,

9. Ruth Arnold, great-aunt,

10. Willie Arnold, great-aunt,

11. Griffin Arnold, great-uncle,

12. Myrtle Arnold, great-aunt,

13. May Arnold, great-aunt,

14. Bonnie Arnold, great-aunt,

15. Reuben Arnold, great-uncle,

16. Ruby Arnold, great-aunt,

by LaMyra Morton G2G6 Mach 1 (10.7k points)
edited by LaMyra Morton
+10 votes
by Anne B G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
edited by Anne B
+8 votes
I surely have a few of those!

by Stephen Trueblood G2G6 Mach 4 (44.9k points)
+8 votes

I didn't get as many done as I wanted last month, so will try to do more this month!

#1 Susanna Douglas Lacey 4th great aunt

#2 Mary Ann Leacy 4th great aunt

#3 Elizabeth Leacy 4th great aunt

#4 Richard Lacey 4th great uncle

#5 Caroline Lacey 4th great aunt

#6 Lucy Lacey 4th great aunt

#7 Stephen Lacey 4th great uncle

#8 John Francis Lacey 4th great uncle

#9 Charles Robert Lacey 4th great uncle

#10 Ann Robinson nee Fenwick 3rd great aunt

#11 Cuthbert Fenwick 3rd great uncle

#12 Robert Fenwick 3rd great uncle

#13 Thomas Fenwick 3rd great uncle

#14 Isabella Stott nee Fenwick 3rd great aunt

#15 Robert Fenwick 3rd great uncle

#16 Barbara Fenwick 3rd great aunt

#17 Grace Fenwick 3rd great aunt

#18 Thomas Fenwick 3rd great uncle

#19 Dorothy Sawyer nee Fenwick 3rd great aunt

#20 Matthew Cuthbert Fenwick 3rd great uncle

#21 William John Nott 3rd great uncle

#22 Charly Nott 3rd great uncle

#23 Francis Nott 3rd great uncle

#24 Francis Nott 3rd great uncle

#25 Mary Jane Roberts nee Nott 3rd great aunt

#26 Elizabeth Ann Nott 3rd great aunt

#27 Thomas Nott 3rd great uncle

#28 Olive Alice Richards nee Walford son's 2nd great aunt

#29 James Henry Walford son's 2nd great uncle

#30 Annie May James nee Walford son's 2nd great aunt

#31 Nellie Matthews nee Walford son's 2nd great aunt

#32 John Walford son's 2nd great uncle

#33 Frances Rheims Walford son's 2nd great aunt

#34 Arthur Raymond Walford son's 2nd great uncle

#35 Dorothy Ethel Wynn nee Walford son's 2nd great aunt

#36 Marguerite Edna Overthrow nee Walford son's 2nd great aunt

#37 Osman Walford son's 3rd great uncle

#38 Ethel Cuthbertson nee Walford son's 3rd great aunt

#39 William Walford son's 3rd great uncle

#40 John Walford son's 3rd great uncle

#50 Annie Maud May Oliver nee Walford son's 3rd great aunt

#51 Edgar Walford son's 3rd great uncle

#52 Alice Oliver nee Walford son's 3rd great aunt

by Michelle Wilkes G2G6 Pilot (122k points)
edited by Michelle Wilkes

#53 William Harry Wallace son's 3rd great uncle

#54 Lilian Annie Dash late Chadwick nee Wallace son's 3rd great aunt

#55 Frank Herbert Wallace son's 3rd great uncle

#56 Rose Alice Matthews nee Wallace son's 3rd great aunt

#57 Frederick George Wallace son's 3rd great uncle

#58 Richard Victor Henry Wallace son's 3rd great uncle

#59 Horace Douglas Wallace son's 3rd great uncle

#60 Percy Edward Wallace son's 3rd great uncle

#61 Cecil Bruce Wallace son's 3rd great uncle

#62 Harold Vivian Wallace son's 3rd great uncle

#63 Thomas Alfred Wallace son's 3rd great uncle

#64 Violet Rhoda Ann Hurden nee Wallace son's 3rd great aunt

#65 Hubert Donald Wallace son's 3rd great uncle

#66 George Wallace son's 4th great uncle

#67 Harry Wallace son's 4th great uncle

#68 Isabella Cook nee Wallace son's 4th great aunt

+8 votes
I'm in, starting with:

1. Sarah (Brown) Currier Sargent Ring Lovett
2. Abigail (Brown) Currier
3. Daniel Currier
4. Benjamin Currier
5. Elizabeth (Carr) Sargent
6. Joseph Sargent
7. John Sargent
8. Hannah (Quinby) Sargent
9. Joshua Sargent
10. Judith (Sargent) Bagley
11. Elizabeth Sargent
12. Rachel (Sargent) Huse
13. Nathan Huse
14. Sears (Sargent) Lancaster
15. Hannah (Sargent) Somes/Smith/March
16. William Somes
17. Benjamin Smith
18. Samuel March
19. Judith Sargent
20. John Sargent
21. William Sargent
22. Rachel (Sargent) Sawyer
23: Thomas Sargent (dupe proposed merge)
24. Sarah (Clement) Sargent
25. Rachel Sargent
26. Jonathan Sargent
27.  Lydia (Hoyt) Sargent  Emery
28. David Hoyt Jr.
29. Judith (Currier) Hoyt
30. John Sargent
31. Mary (Tucker) Sargent
32. William Currier Jr.
33. William Currier Sr.
34. Rachel (Sargent ) Currier
35. Amos Davis
36. Deborah Davis
37. William Davis
38. Mary (Kelly) Davis
39. Samuel Sargent
40. Abigail Davis Sargent
41. Sarah (Davis) Eastman
42. Joseph Davis
43. Jemima (Eastman) Davis
44. James Davis Jr.
45. Elizabeth (Easton) Davis
46. Judith (Davis) Gild
47. Sarah (Davis) Page
48. John Page Jr.
49. Irving Mowry
50.  Marietta (Green) Mowry

51.  Ephraim Davis

51.  Hannah (Eastman) Davis
by Chris Hoyt G2G6 Pilot (740k points)
edited by Chris Hoyt
+7 votes
I'll have a go  - definitely got some of those on my watchlist!
by Sally Douglas G2G6 Mach 3 (33.5k points)
+5 votes
I'll help out this month.
by Alicia McCormack G2G6 (9.7k points)
+4 votes
I would add an extra area to cover in this list a heading I would call "Historical and social context". Understanding the local context of the person would give a greater understanding of the person. If they migrated what drove they to move? Was there new technology that gave them a job? What influenced their lives.

It amazes me when some people connect up profiles with parents and siblings not realising that they are in fact in different countries or many Kilometers apart. In the 16th century 90% of people did not travel more than 20km from their homes. If they did it was a major event. Often triggered by major changes in their (social) environment.
by Peter Shaw-Truex G2G4 (4.0k points)
That would be awesome if we knew why they moved. But, frequently, we don't and it's based on assumptions. I prefer to only put things into my profiles I can prove.
No one for sure will know why people moved.  However if someone moved from say what is now western Poland in 1920 and were German in name , it would be relevant to say that after world war 1 , the treaty of Versailles awarded the former German territories in that region to Poland.  Then it would safe to assume that person lived through the turmoil of post war Germany when millions were relocated.
+5 votes
I am in and sure I can found a great aunt that needs work - even more than one
by Elaine Mattsen G2G2 (2.0k points)
+4 votes

I am in have a few profiles that need some TLC 

1. Annie Frances Victoria Yates Great Aunt

2. Lillian May Yates sister of the above - Great Aunt

3. Kathleen (Yates) Streeter sister of the above - Great Aunt

4. Arthur Thomas Yates (1864 - 1943) GG Uncle

5. Louisa Esther Yates (abt. 1870 - abt. 1948) GG Aunt sister of the above

6. William Robert Yates (1873 - 1948) GG Uncle brother of Louisa

7.Frederick Edward Yates (1877 - abt. 1955) GG Uncle, brother of the above

8. Julia Annie (Yates) Lewington (1879 - 1960) GG Aunt - Sister of the above

9. Thomas Lionel Yates (1882 - 1957) GG Uncle - added wife

10. Margaret Louisa (Hearn) Yates (1876 - 1958) Previously unknown wife of above

11. Sidney Victor Yates (abt. 1886) GG Uncle the youngest sibling of Thomas Yates 

12. Frederick Sheppard (abt. 1866 - bef. 1948) G Uncle

13. Alice Miriam (Langridge) Sheppard (1878 - abt. 1958) G Aunt on Paternal side of family

14. Kathleen Alice (Hobbs) Langridge (1881 - 1956) G Aunt on Paternal side of family

15. Florence Helen Langridge (abt. 1884) G Aunt on Paternal side of family - still need death record and  marriage record

by Janet Wild G2G6 Pilot (180k points)
edited by Janet Wild
+3 votes

I'm back and I think I'm in for this month!...Lots of unnecessary distractions this month. I am probably not finished with this one, that is the only one I'm going to be able to do, but wanted to get him in. Not only is he a great uncle, he is also a great grandfather. His brother Lester is also both, just didn't get to him.

Eleazer Wheeler Sr

by T Counce G2G6 Mach 6 (63.7k points)
edited by T Counce

Correction, Lester's profile was completed as much as possible a while back.

+4 votes
I’ll do what I can.
by Paul Shepard G2G6 Mach 1 (12.2k points)

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