52 Photos Week 10: Feminine

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in The Tree House by Eowyn Walker G2G Astronaut (1.8m points)

23 Answers

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I have always loved this 1923-24 of my mother-in-law, Annette Hennen, with her mother Eunice Alexander Hennen. https://www.wikitree.com/wikiAlexander-9710. They both look so feminine.

by Alexis Nelson G2G6 Pilot (428k points)
Thank you, Alexis, for another lovely photo.  They look so matched and beautiful. Perfectly feminine.
Thank you Robin for your sweet comment.
Alexis gorgeous photo of your mother in law with her mother.

Thank You for sharing another treasure of a photo
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Here is a photo of my mother's cousin, Esther, with her horse. I always loved how they dressed up for their farm pictures too.

by Shirley Davis G2G6 Mach 3 (36.2k points)
Esther looks great,  but so does the huge horse!
Esther looks very feminine as she handles that beautiful horse. The scenery in the background looks like a very nice place to be.  Is that another animal in the background behind the horse?  Thank you, Shirley, for sharing this photo.
Shirley, thank you for sharing your wonderful photo of Esther; she certainly looks feminine in her 1920s hair and clothing. She is beautiful and so is the horse.
Esther was very short which makes the horse look even bigger.
It looks like it could be a dog in the back. I never noticed it before, Thanks
Wow what a great picture, she looks feminine but strong. And the horse's mane is so beautiful.
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This is Tressa Craig (born Beatrice Brown), my husband's great grandmother. At a time when most women seemed to take formal portraits, mostly dressed in black, this pictures reminds me that not every woman wanted to be dire and serious. In fact, both pictures I have with her profile so far seem to show her as very feminine and perhaps even more playful and whimsical than most.

by Saphyre Rogers-Berry G2G6 Mach 2 (22.7k points)
Saphyre, thank you for sharing your photo of Tressa. She certainly does look dainty and feminine, and the gloves and parasol are wonderful.
I agree with you, Saphyre, that Tressa looks very feminine -- I really like her dress and hat.  And the parasol just adds to the effect.  Thank you for sharing this photo.
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I think I accidentally posted this photo to 2019 or some other year. laugh This is my Swedish maternal 3rd great grandmother Brita Maja Eriksdotter (1847-1913). This photo was taken in Sweden before she came to America.

Missy smiley

by Missy Sinclair Berryann G2G6 Pilot (121k points)
edited by Missy Sinclair Berryann
Missy, thank you for sharing your dear and very feminine photo of Brita.
Brita is beautiful, Missy! Thank you for posting this lovely photo.
Thank you, Alexis and Robin! I love this photo.
+9 votes
All beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing a little bit of your families history! I always enjoy seeing the old pictures!
by Michael Smith G2G6 Pilot (102k points)
+14 votes

This is my great-grandmother, on the left, in North Dakota. 

This might be more of the "strong woman" G2G post than the "feminine" one, but it brings up an interesting aspect of the time - because of dresses and ideas of modesty, women rode horses side-saddle, which I can't imagine was very safe, especially at a trot.  Yet they rode all around the area, which was barely tamed frontier land, like that.  Accounts of the family say they were all good riders, male and female.

by Rob Neff G2G6 Mach 6 (60.3k points)
Ah yes,   how did I forget about side saddle!   Impressive picture.
I did read up on side saddles just now, they actually were designed pretty well with pommels to keep you secure, better than I thought.
+11 votes

My grandma's youngest sister Nita was supposed to have been quite pretty, which the photos certainly bear out, and she was always so feminine in the way she dressed.

by K. Anonymous G2G6 Pilot (126k points)
+12 votes

My great-grandmother, Ella Bernice Knight, was quite the looker in her younger days. My great-grandfather fell in love with her at first sight and loved her until the day he died. In his eyes, she was always as beautiful as the day they met. Here she is in about 1900, about 18 years old. 


by Gary Christopher G2G6 Mach 2 (22.3k points)
+12 votes

This is my great grandmother when she was about 12.  She was from Van Wert, Ohio.

by Jennifer Gonnuscio G2G6 Mach 2 (29.7k points)
Neat hair style, what era is that?
circa 1905.   It's the hair combs that always catch my eye.  I wonder how long it took to get all of that so perfect.  I also wonder if her hair is up in a bun at the back of her head or not.
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I always enjoy looking at this photo of the women in my ancestry family... it is 4 generations of the women in my bloodline ... from Left to right

my great grandmother ... Etta May Omelia-Allison (1872-1944)

my great-great grandmother ... Catherine Mumma (1848-1935)

my mother ... Ruth Ann Rammel-Sims (1918-2006)

my grandmother ... Oma M Allison-Rammel (1895-1995)

by Bill Sims G2G6 Pilot (113k points)
edited by Bill Sims
Some long-lived women!  But I think you made a mistake on the dates of your great-great grandmother.
Thanks,  I have corrected the dates ..
+12 votes

Correne or "Aunt Reenie" with her horse and gun

by Zoey Nyberg G2G2 (2.9k points)
+9 votes

This isn't a very good photograph, and I don't know much about my great aunt Geraldine Williams except that she was my mother's godmother and favorite aunt. I like the intensity and intelligence she shows here--perhaps not considered feminine then but, like a lot of pictures people have posted, with a wider appreciation of what women are and can do.

by Richard Heritage G2G6 Mach 4 (47.2k points)
+11 votes

Nothing says feminine quite like riding a Harley in a skirt and open heels. Nellie Atchison, on Harley Davidson motorcycle, Vancouver, 1944.


by Alex Stronach G2G6 Pilot (323k points)
edited by Alex Stronach
I love this photo.  I have a similar one of my mother in her younger snd wilder days.  Thank you for sharing.
+10 votes


52 Photos Week 10: Feminine

I just fell in love with Josephine Bydalek's wedding dress.  I thought it was so feminine.  Josephine married John H Reill on November 26, 1908 in Momence, Illinois.


by Cheryl Hess G2G Astronaut (1.6m points)
I agree with you, Cheryl.  It's a lovely dress; the whole photo is lovely. Thank you for sharing it.
Thank you, Robin. You are so sweet.
+11 votes

My natural grandmother Doris May (Lindsay) Laurin was feminine growing up and even when she was older

And she fit's the other Profile Sharing Theme: Strong Woman, since Doris was a librarian and chaplain for the Framingham Women's Prison in Framingham, Massachusetts for two years.

by Keith Cook G2G6 Mach 3 (37.7k points)
+4 votes

this is a picture of my sister at my wedding, it's the most feminine she has been - she is usually in jeans or trackies or johdpurs and wellies (she has a dog and horses!)

my sister

by Amy Lackey G2G6 Mach 1 (16.0k points)
+8 votes

Great grandmother Ida Lena Ringer, in her favorite hat.


by Susan Lewis G2G2 (2.6k points)
edited by Susan Lewis
+6 votes

This is a picture of my mother posing for a picture to send to her future husband while he was overseas during  World War II. She is showing off her feminine side in this picture taken on a beach near Boston, Massachusetts.

by J. W. Kitch G2G3 (3.4k points)
+7 votes

I wonder what she is looking at and thinking about. Very mysterious gaze. Bertha Raymer 1920's

by Ron Raymer G2G6 Mach 4 (48.5k points)
+6 votes

I'm late this week, but here is my Aunt Sue taken in 1922.

by Christine Frost G2G6 Mach 9 (97.7k points)
Very lovely, feminine lady, Christine. I love her curls and her demure smile. Thank you for sharing this photo of your aunt.
Thank you Robin, she was a lovely person in later life too, I spent a lot of time in her home in my teens and twenties and she taught me a lot.

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