Who are the parents of Joshua Nurse/Nourse?

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His profile is attached to Samuel Nurse and Hannah Belknap as parents.  Yet his bio references a baptismal record with parents named Joshua and Mary, and a marriage record of Joshua Jr. (indicating his father was also named Joshua).

This issue was noted in the comments section in October 2016.  Let's get it resolved.  Does anyone have any sources for the attached parents?  If not, I propose we detach them and attach the ones noted in the two sources.

I am not related to nor familiar with this family.  Assistance will be appreciated.

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The Jr. does not necessarily mean his father was named Joshua, only that there was an older man with that name in the community at the time of his marriage. 

by Stu Bloom G2G6 Mach 7 (78.4k points)
I know that's true on census records.  On marriage records in the 1740s, I thought it generally indicated the person was a Jr (ie son of the same name).  Can you assist with identifying his parents?  As mentioned, his biography names his parents as Joshua and Mary, not the people attached.  So I am looking for sources to keep the attached parents (and eliminate the bio info) or change the parents to the ones indicated in the source in the bio.
I'm traveling now, otherwise I'd be happy to help. Perley's History of Salem (available on archive.org) is a reliable secondary source on the Nurse family, if I recall correctly.

FWIW, I've seen many cases of "Jr." and other suffixes used in marriage records, death records, and lists of children to indicate that there was an older man of the same name in the community. I've seen it as late as the first quarter of the Nineteenth Century in some records in Maine. If you have an AmericanAncestors.org subscription check out note 69 on this page from The Maine Genealogist for an extended discussion from the mid-18th Century of the use of these suffixes in sorting out who's who when the name's the same.

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I think he definitely should be detached from the Samuel Nurse who died at Bolton in 1790. The four-page will of Samuel Nurse (AmericanAncestors.org subscription required) mentions a large number of children, and Joshua is not among them. It could be that he had received his share before moving to Ohio, but a number of Samuel's daughters are listed in the will with bequests of five shillings because they had already received their shares. I don't think that the absence from the will is conclusive evidence that Joshua was not the son of Samuel, but the lack of any evidence that he was, and the baptism of another candidate as the son of Joshua in 1743 makes is very unlikely that he was the son of Samuel.

The profile should also have a Research Note indicating that there is an error in the FamilySearch.org transcription of the Harvard record of Joshua's baptism. The transcription gives the baptism date as 16 May 1740. The linked record on FamilySearch (which is also clearly a handwritten transcription of an earlier record) agrees with the published vital records in showing the date as 16 May 1743.

(Edited to fix typos and bad grammar.blush)

by Stu Bloom G2G6 Mach 7 (78.4k points)

Looking at these records again, I see nothing to indicate that the 16 May 1743 record is of a baptism and not a birth. It's not so indicated in the published vital records, and the handwritten transcription is in a section of a volume where the first page is titled "Births." The baptism citation on the profile includes no link, and if this record is tracked down, it may indeed show that it was a baptism.

Note also that the published volume of Harvard records does in the Births section include many examples (inlcuding a couple of Nurse records) where the entry is designated as a "bp." with a citation to a church record, and this does not appear with the entry for Joshua.

And once his record is fixed, it should be merged with this Joshua Nurse.

All good information.  Thanks, Stu.  FYI, the duplicate Joshua Nurse you noted was already located, but it's set as an unmerged match due to the issue with parents...

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