Member rejecting merges for person that is the same person

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During my work in Data Doctoring I came across a profile with the same mother, dates, Locations and has a separate wife attached to each profile that has the same dates and locations. Sources are minimal on one set of profiles and non exsitant on the other set. 

Both myself and another New Zealand Data Doctor have found this profile and proposed merges for one of the Profile Managers to deny it because 

This Actual  File belongs to Name Witheld, and he should have been approached.


Please read previous comments

Correct me if I am wrong but merge request get sent to the profile managers therefore approaching both Profile managers with our suggested merges?

I think a Mentor Intervention Request is an option but am unsure what option I should use on the Help:Problems_with_Members page. 


in Policy and Style by Darren Kellett G2G6 Pilot (164k points)
The exact situation is not clear to me from what you've described, but I would probably use option 5 or 6.
I tried to be vague to prevent providing enough information to identify the other Wikitreer.

Thank you for your suggestions
Sounds like it falls in "they disagree it's a problem".
That's when a Mentor can help.
Thanks Isabelle and Julie. I will give it say 24hours before doing anything as the Wikitreer in question is not a regular contributor and waiting that time will give me a chance to maybe hear other opinions and avoid rushing into something.
I take it you have reminded the person in question of the honor code and the fact it is One tree, so a MIR might be appropriate.

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A surprising number of users are just ignorant of the one profile per person expectation.  Another segment will reject any merge where all details don't match.  Follow Help:Merging:

Profile Managers who refuse to merge

If a manager refuses to merge a clear duplicate, politely point out the following pages to them:

If they still refuse to collaborate, see Problems with Members.

If they just won't respond, see the section above on unanswered merge proposals and the policy on Unresponsive Profile Managers.

by Kerry Larson G2G6 Pilot (163k points)
Kerry is correct.  MIR should be filed with Collaboration as the main issue, but make sure to include that previous merges have been rejected with the reason and make sure that all wikitree IDs are included.  MIR should be filed for the person that is rejecting the merges by following the Problem with Members link.  That person will not know who filed it, it is strictly confidential.  Only the people reading the MIR and the person that is assigned as the Mentor will know who filed it, so they can contact you for further information, but it is always best to try to include as much as possible.

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