Can we create profiles for celebrities or well known people who are not currently within the wikitree?

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I have seen some celebrity profiles created by members who aren't the celebrities themselves, so I was curious if it is allowed to add celebrities or well known people that may not currently be on the tree to it.
in Genealogy Help by N S G2G2 (2.7k points)

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Yes you can add living unrelated people, please follow the instructions at In particular, make their tree and biography public, add a picture, add as a profile manager (so they will never be orphaned), add the {{Notables}} template, categorize them properly based on their achievements/awards, and add the sources for the information. Avoid duplicating biographical information easily found elsewhere (i.e. Wikipedia), other than a very brief summary of their notability, I usually add genealogically relevant information only to the biography (names, dates, locations, parents, spouses, children).
by Bob Fields G2G6 (9.4k points)
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You are allowed to create these profiles. It would be great if you can connect them to AJ for the Global Family Reunion. Check out the GFR Project.
by Doug Lockwood G2G Astronaut (2.4m points)
But if they're living people, the privacy rules will mean you create a profile nobody else can see properly.  Sensitive personal details will be censored.  See eg Barack [[Obama-2]].
thats not entirely true RJ the thing is to fall under the notable guidelines its someone that is known enough that they would have a wikipedia article which usually includes the information you would post here,Notables typically have yellow privacy
Barack Obama is yellow.  His real first name (if it were different), middle name, nicknames, birth date, birth place and wife are all censored.  And the pictures don't show.

(No axe to grind here, Obama was just a random example.)

It's also odd that there are no buttons showing for Ancestors or Relationships, which are what it's about.

But what is worse is that somebody owns him and nobody else can edit him.

You can't orphan these profiles, and if you can, nobody else can adopt them.  This is awkward if you just want to create a stub - put in the genealogy of a celeb and then forget about her and leave it to the fans to do the bio.

Hello RJ. the Obama one may of been a glitch its showing for me. in regards to not being able to orphan/adopt them you can create them and set info@wikitree as a manager for them who can hand them over to someone else

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Hello Nickolus


Wikitree allows anyone to be added to the tree Notable or otherwise. Most people stay away from famous people simply due to how "akward" some of the naming scheme are such as when you get to actors that have 3 or 4 names  excluding married names and even then have 3 or 4 married names as well.


There is even a subbranch of the GFR project that is the notables project which is lead by Bob Fields. Im not sure if theres any intentions of making it a "group" or just keeping it as a subproject, But Im sure he would like more people to take part in it either way He also creates a blog saturday and sunday on Blog link that is basically a this day in history post  which will tell you famous people born or died on this day that may not already have a profile created.
by Matt Pryber G2G6 Mach 4 (48.3k points)

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