g2g access and the anonymous

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Someone did in the last 12 hours want to know about what seems to be an ever increasing number of Anonymous posts in g2g ... 

I had no idea anyone could just drop into g2g ... didn't know it was wide open ... www.wikitree.com/g2g/questions and hello, here I am. 

Granted to MAKE a post you have to say you are not a robot, or bot, or whatever  -- but Anonymous can make a post and Anonymous CAN use the option of "Anonymous" but does have to give its email ...  

As to WHY someone is using Anonymous or WHY anything ... WHY is an open-ended question without a single answer -- it has a multitude of answers ...

I'm using Anonymous myself here in my test, but it's actually Smith-157141 

in The Tree House by

So far the upshot seems to be that anyone who has an account at WT could sign in at g2g "from the outside" and use the alias "Anonymous" and still be known (if you came in on their heels "fresh" said Eva E.) (How long a time is "fresh"?) 

But what about someone who is NOT a WikiTreer? Can they come in also? 

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And then there are anonymous profile managers - hidden profiles where I can't see whether the person has done anything in the last year or ever!
by Madelaine Kirke G2G6 Mach 1 (14.2k points)

laughCan't help you with that ... the WHY is still wide open ... humans can justify any action they take ... or any action they don't take for that matter ... they often demonstrate an amazing creativity in expressing their justifications ... enlightenedNot everyone is mentally or emotionally equipped to rival Gypsy Rose Lee

(For all her self-revelation she kept some things covered) 


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Susan, when an anonymous g2G posting is fresh, you can click on the Anonymous and see if anything else has been posted from that IP number.

In this case somebody named Susan Smith has posted LOTS here recently. cheeky

by Eva Ekeblad G2G6 Pilot (442k points)

laugh Oh, well, Eva, ole Smith-157141 has a life-long difficulty in remaining in shadows and concealed etc ... 

I have Scorpio rising so one would think the shadows were a good place to find me, but there's that pesky Leo mid-heaven in trine to my Sag Sun ... tsk and out we come marching brass band and drums galore and fireworks ... 

(How's that for justification? LOL)

No need for justification. Just useful to know, sometimes if the Anonymous is an old G2G hand who has just happened to be logged out or an "outsider". Which can also be a member who hasn't posted to G2G before and isn't quite sure how it works.
Hmmm...so active G2G contributors really cannot post anonymously? Good to know.
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I was anonymous last week. I was logged into WikiTree and worked on profiles, but when I posted to g2g it wouldnt' let me login for g2g (said I was already logged) and my posts were anonymous sad

I closed my browser, cleared my cache, and was finally able to login for g2g.

by Diane Hildebrandt G2G6 Mach 9 (97.4k points)

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