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WikiTree profile: Pip Sheppard
closed with the note: Just great to hear from every! See you on March 13th.
in The Tree House by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (1.7m points)
closed by Pip Sheppard

It’s time for another Weekend Chat, my fellow WikiChatterers! Greetings from Cathey’s Creek where we are having our septic tank pumped out today. We’ll have to make sure all the windows and doors are shut! I myself had to uncover the lid, shovel full by shovel full, so that I wouldn’t have to pay for that “extra.” Dreading the smell.

On the Home Front: We had new kitchen countertops and one new cabinet installed this week. Of course, we had to have the gas guy come out to shut off our gas stovetop last Monday. And since we were also replacing our sink, the plumber was out yesterday to attach it. At the same time, we had the HVAC fella out to do their yearly inspection and HUGE filter replacement. The gas guy comes back today, too, to reattach the gas line. Next is tile behind the stovetop and crown molding in several rooms.

Please don’t say it before me: “Gee, Pip sure ain’t the handyman, is he?” Righto, but I tell you, I’d rather have someone come out to do this stuff who actually knows what they are doing.

Finally, we finished clearing out Mom’s closets. The two groups we gave it to, The Attic, which supports victims of domestic violence, and the Shop of St. Philip’s, which supports about 20 charities around town, were both so very glad to receive Mom’s clothes. It was a sad chore for me, and thankfully my wife did most of the sorting and such. I don’t guess I’ll ever get over being sad.

On the Genealogy Front: My younger brother visited the Pictorial History Museum in Belmont, North Carolina, and guess what he found! Photos of our dad from his 1940 high school yearbook! Dad was in his football uniform for a couple of them, and he was handsome in his sophomore class photo (my older brother has the original). Something I found out was that Dad was class president that year.

I feel like I’ve abandoned my own family research! North Dakota has been getting my attention for the past several weeks, and I’ve had some fun doing research there. Marriage records are hard to find, but most other records are on Family Search. Thank goodness for two mid-decade state censuses. I’ve gotten North Dakota Unsourced down to about 300, some 100 less than when I started.

Lots of illness out there among our fellow WikiTreers. I hope all of you are taking the necessary precautions to protect yourselves.

It’ll be my great pleasure to hear what’s going on with all of you. Enjoy the Chat!

I agree with you Pip, the gas folks and plumbers know better than I do.
Gas + me = Explosion
Plumbing + me = Flooding
Snazzy pic. Good luck with North Dakota. It's so...umm.....flat? Yeah. That's it. Very flat and easy to get lost in. Gotta watch out for them prairie dogs. =)
Hi Pip! That's awesome that you found those yearbook photos of your dad
Ah, you ain't seen them mesas they gots.
Thanks for hosting Pip!
Great photo, Pip!

I've had dealings with plumbers and HVAC people for the past 2 months. So not fun.

Thanks for hosting Pip. A wise man knows when to call in the specialists -- sounds like you made the wise choice smiley

Sounds like you've got your bulk of indoor "honeydo" items almost finished -- just in time for the outdoor ones! devil

My dad's high school yearbook ended up in a library in California. My Aunt found it somehow. I agree with the statement about has guys and plumbers. I can also relate to cleaning out your mothers things. I'm lucky that like you, my wife handled it.

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Good morning from Central Pennsylvania

Some mixed precipitation today followed by temperatures in the mid 60 degree F range next week. Been thinking about the folks in the Southern tier of the United States this week. A lot of storms passing through that area.

I am still working on the large family I started on last week with a husband who had 2 wives with a total of 22 children. It seems at least 4 of the children died in infancy. The Brethren church cemetery where they are buried is about 7 miles from my house, so I am planning on visiting the cemetery with my chart and see what I can gather from the tombstones. From FAG pictures it appears there are inscriptions I want to see.  So far everything is matching census records. It also appears many of the older children have been buried there with their spouses. While working on this project, I ran into another profile manger that had some parts of the family already created on the tree. Connecting is always fun.

Hope all of you are staying healthy, and staying aware of circumstances around you wherever you live. Travel safe wherever you go.


by Rodney Long G2G6 Pilot (361k points)
Hi Rodney! Always good to hear from you.

Did the other 18 children all have descendants?
Yes, it appears all but two had descendants. One of them ended up in Montana and worked in law enforcement.
Hi Rodney! Wow, 22 children?!? I can't imagine. Are you related to them or just working on the profiles?
Hi Greta, yes it is a 2X Great Grandfather. By the way, I read your post, Happy Birthday.
And here I thought my mom's and my dad's families were big. Dad was one of 10; Mom was one of 11. Hard to wrap my head around 22!
Hello Diane, I hope all is well down there in the Arizona area. Yes, the man had 2 wives, one wife had 6 children, and one wife had 16.
Thanks Rodney! :)
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Today is......



National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day on March 6th offers another way to celebrate one of our favorite desserts. 

Cheesecake is a sweet dessert that is a mixture of soft fresh cheese, cream cheese or cottage cheese, eggs and sugar on a crust made from crushed graham crackers, crushed cookies, pastry or sponge cake. Cheesecakes can be prepared baked or unbaked and are often served topped with fruit, chocolate or whipped cream. There are many flavors in which cheesecakes can be prepared. However, this day honors the white chocolate cheesecake

Now, white chocolate is not chocolate in the strictest sense. It doesn’t contact cocoa solids. During the process of manufacturing chocolate, the dark-colored solids of the cocoa bean separates from the fatty content. With milk or dark chocolate, these solids are reincarnated. However, when making white chocolate, these solids don’t return to the mixture. Additionally, white chocolate contains less caffeine than its darker counterparts. It also loses some of the health benefits as well since it tends to contain more fat and sugar. Add it to an already rich dessert and, well, decadence should be expected. 

HOW TO OBSERVE White Chocolate Cheesecake Day:

Make a white chocolate cheesecake to celebrate. We’ve provided several recipes to try. Or, visit your favorite bakery and give them a shoutout!

White Chocolate-Raspberry Cheesecake Bars
Fluffy White Chocolate Cheesecake
No-Bake WhiteChocolate Cheesecake
White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Cookies

Use #WhiteChocolateCheesecakeDay to post on social media.

Are you looking for more delicious cheesecake celebrations? Check these out!

by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2.1m points)
I love cheesecake Dorothy. It is on the list of foods that I have to avoid but every now and then I cheat a little.
Oh, my. Another favorite. Cheesecake of any kind is great, but this looks spectacularly delicious!
Hi Dorothy! I'm gonna have to try this flavor of cheesecake. My favorite kind of cheesecake is fudge brownie cheesecake.
Oh my! I think I gained 10 pounds (4.54 kg) by just looking at the photo and drooling!
I'm going to beg my wife to make that cheesecake. I gained 8lbs just reading this post
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Well this last week has been interesting for sure. The snow is gone but they are predicting snow for today. We had a grand daughter move in with us after her fiance threw her out at 3 AM after she told him she was pregnant. I did manage to reduce my suggestion list to right around 40, 17 are unconnected Notables and the rest are for empty profiles. I created a profile for the actor who played Bozo the Clown in the 60's and adopted the profiles for the family of the real life Chef Boyardee, Boiardi-3 but his profile is red locked, I have started the steps to hopefully open it up because I live just about 6 miles from the cemetery where he is buried and I actually visit that cemetery often. Still no cronavirus  cases in Ohio so that is good. And just for good measure I have already made over 100 contributions this month.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
I know I am getting involved with another Notable profile, I guess 17 unconnected notables is not enough work for me.
Haha! 17 unconnected notables. No, it's never enough, is it? You seem to live in an area that produced lots of notables, Dale, so that's right up your alley.

Nice fiance. Better now than later, I guess.
Pip, They say the route to the moon runs through Cleveland. They also put the Rock and Roll hall of fame here for a reason. I just found out that Joe Walsh of the Eagles fame was at Kent State on May 4, 1970 and is performing a concert there on May 2, 2020 for the 50 year commemoration.
Hi Dale! I'm glad your grand daughter found out how her fiance is before it was too late. I'm sorry to hear that her fiance threw her out. Wow, sounds like you've been the busy bee on WikiTree! Keep up the good work!!!
Your answer threw me for a loop for a second - had to reread it because of the abrupt shift here:

"...threw her out at 3 AM after she told him she was pregnant. I did manage to reduce my suggestion..."

doh! Thought you were still talking about your grand daughter. LOL
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On this day:

1927: The writer and Nobel Prize winner Gabriel García Márquez is born

1930: In Massachusetts is sold for the first time frozen food.

1945: The Serbian painter Milena Pavlović-Barili dies in New York.

by Jelena Eckstädt G2G6 Pilot (380k points)

Hmm... I'm rather surprised Milena's mother does not have a Wikipedia article, seeing as how she was related to the Karađorđević dynastyNice bio of the father. He did well!

Hi Jelena! I love reading your "On This Day..." facts on the chat thread. Than you for pistung them! :)
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Hello to all from beautiful southeastern Arizona! I'm happy to say that only the Huachuca Mountains got snow this past week. Forecast for upcoming week is lows in the 40s (F) and highs between 60-70s (F)!

Writing: Still working on revisions to what I'd already revised because I haven't had much true writing time. One of the librarians made a flyer for my upcoming speaking engagement (last Sat. of this month), and we went through several changes. I ended up making the final changes myself (why am I such a perfectionist??!). Then I decided to work up a Powerpoint slideshow. This helped me organize my thoughts on what I'll cover. Yesterday and very early this morning, I worked on an author website. I want to make business cards to hand out at the speaking engagement and figured I should have a website for those!

WikiTree: Sorted out the gedcom mess that resulted in Lucy Fearing Dogget Willis having the wrong birth mother and attached her to the correct mother after correcting mother's wrong death date. This left a Lucy Unknown Fearing as a standalone profile. Found she was the daughter of Thomas Bourne and married to Israel Fearing IV (not married to Noah Fearing at all!) Sent a message to the PM asking for correction to birth name from Unknown to Bourne. (Will see if I get a response!)

Managed to update 2 profiles for the BioBuilders challenge for March. Hoped to do more this week because next week will be filled with meetings.

Well time for me to leave to host at the center. Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend Enjoy yourselves!

by Diane Hildebrandt G2G6 Mach 5 (53.6k points)
Hi, Diane! Nice work on the Bourne-Fearing stuff. It's such a chore to have to work to fix messed up families.

You're still revising the second book? Got a target date?
Hi Diane! There are two of my family tree lines that I'm not sure are correct here on WikiTree. I have seen other parents listing some of these people as their children. I'm going to have to do some research and hunt for sources.
Hi Neighbor!

I haven't posted yet. Just got my computer hooked. 'Poco a poco'...little by little and all the work will eventually get done. You are a very busy chica!

@Pip No target date. Need complete a first entire revision first. lol By the way, attended a hummingbird seminar yesterday morning. Gentleman (from San Pedro Bird Observatory) who works as a hummingbird tagger gave a very interesting talk. There is one breed of hummingbird who does stay here year round! I found one thing he said to be very interesting. Most feeders you purchase have yellow flowers. Hummingbirds are only attracted to red colors -- the yellow color attracts bees! He suggested using red nail polish to paint over the yellow. I'm going to do this.

@Gretta Hello! I hope your research goes much smoother than mine did!

@Carol *Waves howdy!* Little by little, yes, good idea -- but I have a problem with procrastination devil

Hi Diane!

I have red on my feeder, but some flowers are yellow! I will paint them red. Nail polish! Great idea!

Little by little WITHOUT procrastinating! ;)
@Carol LOL Yes ma'am I'll try without procrastinating. I thought the nail polish was clever idea.
Diane, we used the yellow blossom ones for years and bought new ones this year... fortunately red!
Diane, I use red hummingbird feeders. I don't think it's time for them here yet but probably will be time for me to fill them soon.
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Greetings from Everett, Washington!

The novel coronavirus is troubling the region.  Two deaths have been recorded.  New cases are so numerous that the County Health Department is no longer issuing press releases but rather is updating its website every day.  Schools and school districts are closed.  The senior living facility where our Toastmasters club meets has cancelled all outside activities.  The club needs to find another place to meet until April.

Today I need to go shopping.  The supermarket has placed a limit on 5 bottles of hand sanitizer per person.  That's if they had any to sell. Hand sanitizer is nowhere to be found in any store.  People were climbing up the pallets at Costco to tear into the cubes of plastic-wrapped hand sanitizer on the top shelves. Toilet paper is also in short supply but not entirely absent.  My family is trying not to get caught up in the anxiety.  

My daughter's sinus infection has flared up again.  On Monday I took her to the walk-in clinic in downtown Everett.  Everyone was wearing masks so I donned one too.  This was just after the last press conference. A lady walked in and said she had been exposed to a co-worker at the nursing home, presumably one of those referenced in the press conference.  Testing has been a problem as the kits have been previously unavailable or unreliable. The local news stories are covering all the angles.

Today is national unplug day, when folks are encouraged to unplug social media and pick up pen and paper or just talk face to face. It's also Ember Friday in Spring, a day to pray for the planting and germination of crops.  The daily readings encourage us to reflect and make reparations.    

I went to a meeting of the local genealogical society that I used to be very active in.  Reparations also were on my mind there.  Attendance was low since many in the group are seniors.  I heard a very good talk about local history and reconnected with an old friend from my many years there.  She bragged about the quilt I made that hangs in the gen. soc. library, the one with the 1 1/2 squares that is a map of Snohomish and Island Counties, with iconic landmarks.

Here in Mukilteo someone posted to the Nextdoor app about some family documents (personal letters, in German) that were found in a plastic bag in the street.  I offered to help.  After I made a partial translation the person to whom they belonged posted and said she meant to throw them out. Oh well.  

28 contributions a day is what I'm limiting myself to for the rest of the month.  The trouble is that once I get deep into the sources search I can't just pull out quickly.  I am learning to take breaks and anticipate interruptions.

It is raining again.  I am working on another quilt top of 2" squares in earth tones.  You all stay warm enough and remember to wash your hands.
by Margaret Summitt G2G6 Mach 8 (84.7k points)
Hey there, Margaret! You're early today. If you increase your contributions by five a day, you'll break a thousand.

I've been hoping all is well with you considering the virus outbreak in Washington. Heard about the nursing home that had about 12 cases. Very sad. We haven't had a run on supplies here as we have had no cases near us. Shelves still stocked.

I'd love to see a photo of that quilt hanging in the library. Got a pic?
Hi Margaret! I love WikiTree and being active in one way or another! It is hard to accept interruptions and to take breaks. Breajs are important to have. Interruptions are bound to happen once in a while.

Speaking of "unplugging", I deleted my Facebook last year. There's too much drama and other stuff on there. I only use Pinterest and Twitter.

Thank you for the first-hand account of life in Washington state. For those of us who live thousands and thousands of miles away, it brings home what many of you are feeling and experiencing.

In Toronto, Ontario, Canada, we have only closed one public adult day school due to the outbreak. As in Washington, certain products are extremely difficult to buy. I just got an email from my church explaining that bishops of the Anglican/Episcopalian churches have decided that during communion we will no longer be drinking from the chalice and during the service, we will not be hugging or shaking hands to share "the peace". Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this time.
Update:  People in the county are strongly encouraged to cancel all events that would bring ten or more people together. Toastmasters has cancelled all meetings in western Washington for the time being.  This morning the volunteer training for lighthouse docents was cancelled and the Mukilteo Historical Society is having an emergency board meeting to decide what to do about future events.  All tours of the Boeing factory are off.  My husband therefore will not be giving tours but he says he will have other things to do at work. We'll see if he gets sent home early a few times.
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Hails and horns!

This week I didn't breeze through my blog and wrote about my grandma Ollie for #52Ancestors. Check it out here: https://allroadhaverhill.blogspot.com/2020/03/52-ancestors-week-10-strong-woman.html

On Wikitree's recent livestream, they asked to see strong women profiles. So, I linked them Grandma Ollie's profile and they liked it. I talked about what made her strong. I left out a couple things because I wasn't sure how to say it. But, I think I got the point across.

Got some new DNA matches and connecting them, contacting. Got a HUGE pdf profile in the process. Basically my 3rd cousin talked to a genealogist and she compiled everything from San Pietro a Maida and beyond into this 75 page doc. Took a while to read through everything. Friended her on Facebook and been talking ever since.

On the non genealogy front, I am feeling a ton better. Been watching Picard. Great show. You need to watch it if you're a TNG fan. Or even if you aren't. Watch it. Make it so!

by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (300k points)
Chris, your grandmother was born on the same month and day as my grandfather, albeit 31 year apart. That was a lovely tribute you wrote for Ollie.

Did you find out anything new in the pdf?

That's awesome, Pip! 

I did find some new things here and there. Like for example, I had Antonia Yellum in the tree and I found that her real last name was Iellamo. You can probably see me change the last name in my activity feed.

I forgot to link this blog by my genealogist friend Becky Kobel aka the Hipster Historian: https://thehipsterhistorian.com/2020/03/04/find-a-grave-its-about-time/?fbclid=IwAR25H8RTYyujFSx01T6jwt-U62rQFBbTWsW7s4QObTtCCS7PczKEFgeNYqE She talks about how it's time to stop using the unfortunate acronym for Findagrave. Check that out when you have time!

Hi Chris! I love it when I talk to a cousin and they are willing to send me info. I had a cousin on WikiTree copy info and it was sent to me by mail last year. I find it exciting when others have info on ancestors.
Yeah, there are a lot of interesting stories in here. There's stuff about reunions the family had and everything. The last one they had was in 1992, it seems. I don't know if that was when the research paper was created or if that was their last ever reunion.
That reminds me, I need to watch the newest episode of Star Trek: Picard later. I grew up on ST:TNG (and ST:DS9/ST:VOY), so there goes identifying my age bracket, ha. Last week's episode of ST:Picard was very good, and I meant to watch the newest episode already but at least I will do that shortly. :)
I’ve always cringed seeing and using the acronym, Chris. (And, yes, I have occasionally used it.) An appropriate move to FAM.
Indeed it is. I hope FindaGrave is watching. It wouldn’t be too hard to change. Companies change names all the time. Look at the Family Channel. Now it’s Freeform and is owned by a rodent. :) I never used the acronym. Just never sat right with me.

And Mark you definitely need to watch this week’s episode!
Very interesting. I love hearing stuff like this! :)
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Good afternoon from western New Jersey. This week has not been too busy on the home front, but I did host a book club at my house yesterday. There were only 4 of us but we had a good get-together. We discussed a book by an Irish Author, Faith Hogan. A Place We Call Home. It is a family saga about a small Irish town with a wool mill. 

Tomorrow, I am taking a train to Philadelphia to visit with my sister and her son. We are going to an afternoon orchestra concert, staying overnight then yoga at the place where my nephew is getting married. I will try not to worry about the virus. I think it is inevitable that it will spread. But, I will wash my hands, try to remember not to touch my face and stay away from sick people.

In geneology, I have been jumping around. I found a duplicate profile and researched it to make sure it was and suggested a merge. Yesterday, I picked a name at random from my GEDCOM ( it has over 2000 names.) and tried to find out as much as I could. Can you say Rabbit Hole?

by Nancy Wilson G2G6 (9k points)
Hi, Nancy! I think I just might order the book you mentioned. Sounds like something right up my alley.
LOL Nancy, the random name is for sure a rabbit hole. I picked a random name on WikiTree 3 months ago, and *still* didn't find my way out of the rabbit tunnel. It seems to become longer and longer every day. Just like Pip said above, I miss working on my Eckstädts...
Hi Nancy! Rabbit holes can be fun! :)
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Hello All on a beautiful day in north central Texas!

Heard that our temps will reach close to 80 degrees next week before cooling down again.

I have spent the past week still buried in my husband's Acadian ancestors. It is slow going but have managed to add children and source quite a few. Tomorrow I am attending the Dallas Gen. Society meeting at the downtown Dallas Library. This meeting will be on the 8th floor where the genealogy collection resides; the program is a talk about the collection and what all is there. Since I am a frequent visitor there I am quite familiar with it but bet that I will learn something new!

Monday is my husband's birthday so we are going out to dinner tonight with one of our daughters, her husband and the two boys. The other daughter who lives here and her family are heading out to Colorado for spring break so will celebrate with them when they return.

As everyone else we are monitoring the Coronavirus spread. Especially concerned about the cases in Washington state as that is where we will be going in the near future unless things get really bad. Hope and pray that this is controlled enough to just go away - soon!!

Everyone have a good weekend!!
by Virginia Fields G2G6 Pilot (301k points)
Hi Ginny! I have thought about joining a local genealogy society but I'm not sure what it is that they do exactly. Do they research others ancestors or their own?
Greta, my experience has been that genealogical societies meet about once a month and present programs of general interest to their members. Some of the topics at the Dallas group have been DNA, Southern States research, Research on Colonial lines, Immigration from British Isles, Using census records, etc.  The Dallas group is large enough that they have smaller interest groups that meet during the month on various subjects. I have not been a member of a group that actually does research - they just present ways to do various research.
Gee, Ginny, were only going to get to the low 60s this week, but then again, this ain’t Texas where it can get hotter than Hades!

Hope all of you have a blast Monday! Happy birthday to your husband!
Thanks for explaining to me, Ginny. Sounds very interesting.
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This past week has been a lot of succession boxes. Gone back to the roots which granted the Project Coordinator badge in the first place with working on my original sub-project for the New Zealand (well before having to steer the whole project ship (so glad I formed our teams in the 'attempt' to lessen everything I was doing)). Surprising, I've already surpassed the 50k contribution mark. Running hard and fast at the next big month, which should cease come next month

Found out yesterday that one of my flatmates is in a coma in the ICU following a heart attack
by Richard Shelley G2G6 Pilot (152k points)
Richard, that’s terrible! I hope your flatmate makes a full recovery.
Hi Richard! Sounds like you've been as busy as a bee. I'm sorry to hear about your flatmate. Sending thoughts and prayers your way.

Richard, I thought your were going to slow down! laugh Nope, that’s not going to happen. The new computer working as well as you wish?

Haha, so did I! Apart from the occasional wifi dropoff, it does exactly what I need it to
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Hi everyone! :) I'm late to the chat today. Hope everyone is doing well and having a good day. Stay safe and well everyone! The Coronavirus is a serious thing. Wash your hands and if you're sick, stay home. This has been a busy week for me.

Nashville had a really bad tornado and is located in Middle Tennessee. I live in East Tennessee. I'm sad to hear the news. They are in my thoughts and prayers.

'''HEALTH:''' On Monday, I woke up cramping and hurting dull but constantly in my lower back, lower abdomen, and in my ovaries. I was bloated. I started having constant stabbing pains in those areas. I ended up getting my dad to watch and stay with my Grandma until I got back. My boyfriend took me to the walk-in clinic. We were in the full waiting room for over an hour. I have had the same symptoms before. It had to be 1 or 2 of these four things: 1.) Constipation, 2.) UTI/Bladder Infection, 3.) Diverticulitis, or 4.) Ovarian Cyst. The doctor ruled out the first two. She said it's either #3 and #4 or both. I have had both before. It's painful when either or both of them happens. I have an appt with my gyno Thursday. I do feel better today but still having very mild problems with it.

'''BIRTHDAY:''' My birthday was on Wednesday, March 4th. I had a good birthday. My boyfriend took my Grandma and I out to eat at Ruby Tuesday's. The food was soooo good! My boyfriend got me a cake at Wal-Mart. It was a chocolate cake with buttercreme icing. It's so yummy! I still have some leftover.

'''WIKITREE:''' I've been working on the Orphan Trail. I Rangered on Wednesday evening. I have been greeting when I wasn't in pain or it wasn't my birthday. I've also been making some free space pages. I've been using FamilySearch for my Hodges Name Study for certain Hodges that I have DNA matches too but no luck.

'''GENEALOGY:''' I've been looking at my DNA matches on GEDmatch and noticed some are on WikiTree. I'm not sure how I'm related to most of them. I discovered countries that their ancestors are from by looking at their family tree list. I need to login to Ancestry and 23andMe to see if there's anything new regarding matches and features. I need to log into YourDNAPortal too
by Greta Moody G2G6 Pilot (108k points)
edited by Greta Moody
Happy late birthday. My father in law shares the same day with you. I'm glad to read that it went well.
Chocolate with butter cream icing? I’m dying! Happy birthday to you and many more. You just take care of yourself! Really!

How far along are you on the Orphan Trail?
Hi Paul! Thanks! :) Happy late birthday to your father-in-law!! It's good to know my birthday isn't the only one on that day.
Thanks Pip! :) Yes, buttercreme icing on a chocolate cake. I'm on my 2nd profile for the Orphan Trail.
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Hello from grey rainy Germany,

Meteorologists say there was no winter at all this year.... I don't need them to know that, but as I really hate ice and snow, I am not unhappy about it. It started raining on Thursday (yesterday) evening and didn't stop until Friday (today) afternoon. The plants are happy about the rain as the water supply is getting better for them again and the aftermaths of the droughts in the last two summers are starting to relieve. Mum decided this morning that we wouldn't do our weekly big grocery shopping today because of the rain, so I (or we, I still don't know) will have to do that tomorrow morning, but the forecast says at least it'll be dry tomorrow morning.

The number of officially diagnosed Corona-virus-infections is skyrocketting in the past few days, from 150 on Tuesday or Wednesday to nearly 650 today. Yet the half of them is in one region which is a hotspot from the beginning because there was an infected couple at a carnival event. In my region it is far better. Here we have less than 20 cases.

Personally: Mum had 50th wedding anniversary yesterday. We wanted to go to the cemetery, but - you may guess it - it was raining when we left and mum didn't really want to get THAT wet. We need to walk quite a bit to the bus station and then from the bus station to the cemetery, and we would have ended wet. So we cancelled that walk. Health wise she is as ok as possible, although she is impatiently waiting for her surgery.

Genealogy: In the family genealogy I am walking my way through MyHeritage record matches - marriages of my grandmaternal very extended family. On WikiTree the Siemens rabbit hole isn't a hole, it even isn't a rabbit tunnel, it is a pure labyrinth. And yes, I really miss working on the Eckstädts of Tangermünde....
by Jelena Eckstädt G2G6 Pilot (380k points)

Jelena, I know your mom... and you... will be glad when she finally gets her surgery. Keep us posted.

We had a rather mild winter, too. Rain on the way this week, and we’re glad to see the temps in the 60sF. We plan our trips and outside activities around the Weather Channel. frown

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Currently, it's 2˚ C in Fort Erie, and trying to snow. (There are flakes coming down, but it's not accumulating.)

On the home front, I kind of have the blues. My mom is recovering from her stroke remarkably quickly, but over the course of the trip and since getting home, I have learned that I've lost my last aunt, one of my Dad's cousins has lost his wife, and we've lost two precious family friends. I'm being kind of rocked back on my heels, emotionally.

One huge bit of good news is that, while cleaning up the house, the light of my life and the delight of my eyes turned up my wedding ring! I thought I had lost it on a work trip a couple of years ago, and bought myself a replacement. But I am much, much happier having the original back. (I'll save the replacement for work trips. And let's not think too hard about the fact that I spent a whole trip without noticing that I didn't have my wedding ring on, okay? Captain Oblivious strikes again.)

So, as I usually do when I'm under stress, I've been "genealogising". This month's focus is on the Welch Name Study, so I've been trying to source, categorise, and connect Welches from ThePeerage.com, Wikipedia, and my watchlist. While doing that, I came across Elizabeth Lucretia Welch, who married into a line of baronets, none of whom had profiles on WikiTree. (They do now.)

by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (317k points)
Ah, Greg, we are at the age that losing those close to us starts to become a regular occurrence, sadly. Prayers for you and your family at St. Pat’s tomorrow.

My original wedding ring won’t fit anymore. My hands have gotten thicker with age, so I’m wearing a substitute. My wife likes the second, but I really miss the first. I may just get it enlarged so I can wear it again. While you did not notice that you were missing your ring on that trip, my problem is forgetting to take it off while working outside!
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WEATHER has occurred and of the usual kind, haze, cloud cover, sunshine & blue skies, and so on ... LOL On the other hand I'm not in a module on Mars so I have lots and lots to be grateful for when it comes to weather

REPOTTED a few potted plants today. Used the weed whacker in the front yard (no lawnmower) 4 days ago and spent 3 days in ouchie. Woman has to do what a woman has to do. 

EXPECTING to see my 1st cousin Elton Smith son of my father's brother this next 10 days, man does NOT stay home (whether in AZ or ID) and he and his Sig O whizz back and forth to various places -- he's so tall my nose is about at the level of his sternum ... like standing next to a Sequoia ... It's unfair, since I have 3 kids just as tall ... 


I tested what it was like to Connect some lonely profile to The Big (Global) Tree ... ye gods. However, Aubrey Kerr McClendon is connected (now) and a lot of kudos and thank yous should be thrown at Mark Burch ... I still have a lot of sourcing to do and lists of children,  ... patriarchs are William Kerr-8391 (1805-1882) and Samuel Cobb Fore-523 (1800-1865), Denis McClendon-315 (1802-1892) and William D. Maloney-731  ... and so on. 

All this dragged into Connection with Aubrey his mother's uncle (bro of her father), Robert Samuel Kerr, former Gov and former US Senator, so he's connected 

I will NOT again be skeptical about the moaning from those who focus on making these Lonesome Profiles connected to TBT .. we are talking major tough. Yes, and I (& Mark) were rooting around in 19th and 20th and 21st century ... what walls and moats would one have to cross to document and connect someone located in the 14th through 17th centuries?? 

Otherwise, I am still revising and editing my Watch List ... I think it does things in dark closets and in deep caves while I am not looking because I keep running into ye-gods-didn't-I-take-care-of-that?? 

Oh, my several laughs of the week -- I said my Sig O could answer on the 2020 Census he's half Texan and half-Swede and Eva coined "So he's Swexan?" Yes, well, I can imagine how humorless Sig O would respond to that, but it IS perfect!! And funny. 

Oh, and the other, a newbie PM wanted to change LNAB to her correct, proper LNAB ... okay, fine, she went ahead and did it and ... oops, it wiped out all her g2g points !!! Awk!!! But I pointed out she DID get what she wanted, her proper correct LNAB. (I did NOT say "Everything has a price") 

AND there was might still be a rampant discussion about the 2020 Census questionaire questions .. dragged in what is PC, what is race, what is ethnic, and does the stats culled from the results affect funding etc for numerous agencies and institutions and etc (why, yes it does) -- and those stats start pouring out quite "soon" ... and dodges some think to employ on the Day to avoid being counted or counted correctly ... why? I don't want to know the answer to that. 

1980 a census taker actually showed up at the door; in 2000 and 2010 it was done by postcard. 

Interesting question though is how many hh actually SEE a census taker at the door and how many 1000's more get only a postcard? Or maybe a phone call? Is the census bureau into phone calls? 

by Susan Smith G2G6 Pilot (206k points)
This year the census can be done by computer or by mail. The actual humans will only show up if you do not respond by internet or mail.

Dale, by computer or by mail or else we get a Person with a "clipboard" (prob electronic like the ones at FedEx and UPS) 

Do we get a choice about ... no, I guess not, if it is by mail, we won't use the computer. That's the no-choice option. I suppose THEY will pay for the postage? Probably be a postcard like in 2000 and 2010. Cheap at the price ... 

And if it is by computer by some mysterious ways we will be told where to "login" ... maybe a letter or postcard?  

Eh. Time will reveal the answers. 

LOL Back to profiling many of Denis McClendon's children -- won't be all of them -- got to have some documentation of some sort or all they get is an "honorable mention" as in "I didn't find anything

Susan, You should get a packet in the mail that you can either fill out and mail back or go on to the Census website and fill it out on line. it is only if you do not use one of those options that a real person will try to get the information from you. It is quite simple and not complicated at all. As for the questions, They are not asking for even as much as the 1940 census asked for.

Dale, I figured a website or mail packet could not be a toughie because the return / response would be lowered .... oral interview includes rooms and toilets and workers and other such or last I heard it did 

WT is touted as Easy To Use and yet dozens per month are very nearly defeated with trying to "learn" it ... 

Think I will have to google information on this the practicalities 

Hot Diggity, Dale -- also posted it to the discussion Stu Bloom  posted on g2g How will you answer the census "origins" question? - WikiTree G2G

When you are ignorant and know it, it is not comfy. When you are ignorant and don't know it, it's supposed to be bliss. ??

Swexan. Now that’s funny, regardless of how the Sig O feels, and you can tell him I said that! laugh

Connecting can be a chore, but thanks for all your efforts, you and Mark.

I don’t think most folks know that changing one’s LNAB has that effect. In addition to the G2G points, it also wipes out the contributions total. 

PIP Wipes out both the G2G & the Contributions? High price to pay ... although someone else did tell her she still had her contribution points ... not me, I didn't say it, and it surprised me as much as it surprised Our Heroine of Her Own Name Being Changed  ...

Well, she got what she wanted, her LNAB changed (she did it, Pa, she did it !!) and now you say she got thrown out the door, worse off than Eliza crossing the ice floes? Wow
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Day 8 of our self-imposed lockdown.  I had thought a stay-at-home vacation would free some WT time.  Nope - two kids and there is time to do little but we sure are having fun playing and having some home time.

It looks like our plan to check out of society for a while was just in time.  From a week ago Wednesday, our little country went from 3 cases to (as I type) 400 cases.  We have had now 8 deaths including 5 today.  And it does not appear to be slowing down at all.

I predict we will see it worldwide, in every country, every city by Christmas.  Unfortunately, the death toll will likely be in the millions.  If you haven't taken precautions yet, now is the time.

In other news, I hope to continue my 2nd ancestor audit this weekend, maybe during nap time wink

by SJ Baty G2G6 Pilot (791k points)

With kids at home, nap time is all the time you’ll get to WikiTree, SJ! laugh laugh Oh, how I remember, and it was all joy, despite the things I didn’t get done,

48 hours later: 60% increase in infections, deaths have more than doubled.

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This was not a good week for so many residents and business owners in Nashville and surrounding areas in Tennessee. On Tuesday, Mar 3, 2020, in the wee hours of the morning, an EF-4 tornado was confirmed in Putnam County with at least 20 homes completely destroyed, according to the National Weather Service. Some of the other hardest-hit areas in the storm include Germantown; and Centennial Blvd and Briley Parkway in West Nashville, where there were reports of heavy damage to planes at John C. Tune Airport. There have been 24 fatalities, and about 88 or more injuries. The National Weather Service survey teams have concluded that it was one single tornado that on the ground for over 50 miles on Tuesday morning.

With President Donald Trump visiting Nashville today, Ref: https://www.wsmv.com/news/putnam_county/trump-surveys-tornado-damage-marvels-at-tremendous-heart/article_10386aef-0976-59e8-a227-e4d711744642.html  it brought back memories of another tornado that touched down right down the road from me back in Feb 2008. I remember driving from Hendersonville to Gallatin and seeing all the damage there from overturned vehicles to homes torn apart in Sumner County. In that one, thirty-nine people were killed in Tennessee overall. I made a YouTube video dedicated to them that can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5u2yVelAUl0

But most noteworthy was the visit of (then) President George W. Bush who came to Lafayette, Tn on Feb 8, 2008 and met with the residents who lost their homes. Here is a source of President Bush's visit here: https://georgewbush-whitehouse.archives.gov/news/releases/2008/02/images/20080208-4_p020808cg-0410-515h.html

by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2.1m points)

Forgot to mention, I made a WikiTree freespace page for the recent tornados that happened this week that can be found here:


Glad you mad it OK Dorothy. I visited Nashville years ago and I hope to visit again but it does not look too good for this year.
Dorothy, when I saw the news, I was so worried about you. So glad you weren’t in he path of those recent ones. The devastation is horrible to look at, and the loss of life is terrible.
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Thanks for hosting, Pip.  I haven't posted to the Weekend Chat in some time, so I thought I should stop by and say hello.  It seems most people are understandably concerned with coronavirus these days.  At our local Toastmasters club, we've decided to wave at each other, rather than use the customary handshake.  It seemed to go just fine at this past meeting, and it makes me wonder if we'll keep using it after the threat subsides.

It's good to hear that you're working on unsourced North Dakota profiles.  I had the opportunity to work on a few North Dakota profiles a couple years ago while connecting Auguste Renoir.  His father-in-law, Claude Charigot, abandoned his French family and moved to North America, eventually settling in Pembina County later in life.

by Greg Lavoie G2G6 Pilot (234k points)
Toastmasters Club? I have this weird image in my head right now, Greg. Thanks. Have a great weekend and be sure to keep those hands clean!!
Great to hear from you, Greg. You've been missed.

I have found working with North Dakota families a very nice diversion from my own families. Satisfying. I am expecting any time to run into my stepdad's family. His grandfather was an immigrant from Norway, and had a wife there and in North Dakota... at the same time.
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Buenas tardes from the Old Pueblo! It was a sunny 80F in Tucson today. I spent it with a 12 year old at the Geek Squad trying to figure out how to load the printer drivers on my newish university computer (got a 5 year old for an 11 year old). Just got the computer on the docking station and still need to add the printer. This has put me waaaaay behind in all my work!

I got a very few bits of information on various of my family profiles. No sourcing or bio-building as yet. I'll try to do 2-3 for the England group this weekend, but my main focus will be to complete my taxes, which is very taxing!

I also have a final assignment due for the Genetic Genealogy course (a DNA proof). I have all of the information, I just need time to write it out and submit! Meanwhile, I got requests to write 2 papers for publication, which are due the end of April. So many men, so little time. Ummm...rephrase as that was years ago. So much to do, so little time.

Wishing all of you a fun, fulfilling and SAFE weekend. We've all been aware of the Corona virus. Be sure to wash your hands! SJ, I saw your graph! Everyone please take care.
by Carol Baldwin G2G6 Pilot (195k points)

Sheesh, Carol, you need an assistant! (Or, if you have one, you're not working them hard enough! laugh)

In all my government work, I never received a really new computer. They all had some mileage on the odometer. The only new ones I had were the personal ones at home.

Hi Pipster,
I don't have an assistant. Want to volunteer? It would have to be pro bono. All my university computers have had mileage except when I was first hired. I don't care as long as they work. I managed to get about 5 or so bios and sourcing done since tested and got the WHO annual report done on Thursday. My DNA odor is organized and I have my references. Now to write. Still haven't done taxes. Such a pain in the arse. Did you see  Liz's stickers for the Revolutionary war with the Betsy Ross flag on g2g? Awesome! I also like her born in and moved to, except me would like born in and died in. Have a good Sunday. Meet the Press is on and I like Chuck Todd. He's a Packer fan!

I’d love it, being an assistant,  it I expect your expertise is out of my skill set. sad

I haven’t seen the sticker! Send me the link, por favor!!

You can see it on the profile she included on g2g:  https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Gill-1097

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Happy weekend, everyone!  The weather nearly got nice for a bit, then switched over to very cold, windy and rainy this afternoon.  At least it's good for the amphibians.

Spring break!  Looking forward to a week to decompress a bit (I hope).  Been a long semester already.  Students had their midterm exam today, so I need to try to get those graded over the break.  And I should probably plan ahead for possible quarantine... three COVID-19 cases in a neighboring county so far.

Today my brother-in-law brought me chocolates (orange buttercreams) from Holsten's, best known for being the location where the final scene of The Sopranos was filmed.  And this evening we got to see the high school's production of Chicago, which was outstanding.  So the week's ending pretty well.

On the genealogy front, I think I'm actually awfully close to connecting my Potts mystery DNA cluster to my tree.  In the process I've connected with a couple of other genealogists (both on WikiTree) who've been researching some of the families involved.  We're making progress together, little by little.  Right now I'm trying to connect my ancestor Sarah Griffith to her possible father or grandfather Abraham Griffith.   If I can solidify this connection I think I'll be able to do DNA triangulation/confirmation back to an ancestor born in about 1700.  Pretty cool.
by Lisa Hazard G2G6 Mach 9 (92.9k points)

Lisa, you need a spring break... and some more, what with the hours-long classes you've been holding. Kinda surprised that your school hasn't been switched over to distance learning with the virus so close.

Pip, I suspect it's going to happen soon.  I can put my few remaining lectures online, but I'm not sure how I'm going to handle field trips.  Livestream my solo walks through the woods to look for salamanders?  Might have to completely retool my course.
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I started taking lecithin today to help me reduce my LDL cholesterol.
by David Hughey G2G6 Pilot (766k points)
Just had a friend tell me, David, that they've also started Lecithin for the same. Hope your regimen helps!

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