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Welcome to G2G, the Genealogist-to-Genealogist forum.

WikiTree is all about collaboration. Whereas most collaboration on WikiTree is between family members and distant cousins, G2G is for genealogists who want to help each other regardless of family connection.

Discussion Rules

  1. Stay On Topic
  2. Don't Criticize Anyone
  3. Don't Discuss Anyone's Personal Information
  4. Check Your Speed
  5. No Venting or Ranting

Frequently Asked Questions

If you think your question might have been asked before, check our FAQ.

G2G Categories

When you post a question or message, you will be asked to categorize it. Here are the categories.

The Tree House

This is our WikiTree club house. If you don't know where else to put a question, it probably goes here.

It's not just for questions. Write a post to introduce yourself. Share something that other genealogists might find interesting. Report about your recent discoveries, or what you've been working on.


WikiTree is a positive, supportive community. When we appreciate what another genealogist has contributed, we thank them. Posting here is one way to do it.

Genealogy Help

Ask for help on your "brick walls." You can ask a specific question about a person or a general question about genealogy research. You can also offer help here.

You can post a broad appeal, e.g. to ask if anyone has information on a certain family or family name in a certain location. The right people may not see your question today, but they may see it sometime in the future. Be sure to tag these questions with the surname.

If it's a question about a person, it's very important to include a link to the WikiTree profile for them (see below about profile links). The profile is where all the current information about a person is kept. Others can't help you if they don't know what you already know and where you have already looked.

The only reason you wouldn't connect a WikiTree profile is if you are not a WikiTree member and therefore can't create a profile. In these cases, you should include everything you know about the person including dates and locations. A name is never enough.

Since G2G is public we don't allow questions about living people. They will be deleted.


Share your favorite old family photos with the community. Posting here is easy. After you upload a photo to a WikiTree profile you will see a link for sharing it.

This category is also for "lost and found" photos. Perhaps you can help solve a photo mystery, or return a photo to its family.

Requests for Project Volunteers

This is where leaders and members of WikiTree Projects ask for help on project-related tasks and goals.

Browse this category any time you're looking for a way to contribute to WikiTree. You are needed!

This category is not for questions about specific people or their genealogy, unless you're seeking a group of members to collaborate on a person that's of central importance to a project.

Policy and Style

This category is for questions about the finer points of WikiTreeing. Ask for help on the hard decisions or discuss WikiTree's policies, procedures, standards, categorization, collaboration methods, etc.

WikiTree Help

Do you have questions about how WikiTree works? Ask them here. Or share your tips for using WikiTree.

Almost everyone is overwhelmed by WikiTree at first. Our site works because members help each other.

WikiTree Tech

This is for bug reports, suggestions for improving the website, and technical questions.

If you need to report an urgent bug or have a very private question, email

Profile Links and Tags

In addition to the category, you'll be invited to connect the question to a person on WikiTree and tag it. These help your question be seen by the right people.

Connecting to a profile is done with the WikiTree ID. Including it means the question will be linked from the profile and appear in activity feeds for those watching it.

Tags are a more free-form organizational system. You can enter whatever surnames or terms you expect others would be following if they'd be interested in this type of question. For example, a question about merging free-space profiles might be tagged with merging and free-space profiles.

Tagged-questions automatically appear on surname index pages, if one exists. For example, questions tagged van_meteren appear on the surname index page for Van Meteren.

Tags must use an underscore if there is a space in the term. For example, use us_civil_war instead of us civil war. The latter is three separate tags.

Every WikiTree project has its own designated tag, e.g. arborists and euroaristo. It's important to use the standard tag so that all the project members will see it.

See Help:Tags for more about standard tags.

Click here to add or edit the tags you're following. You'll get a daily email update about the activity in them.


G2G Moderators may help improve the wording of your question (without changing the meaning) and may improve the categorization or tagging. Offensive, inappropriate, or duplicate questions may be hidden or deleted.

Moderators and Leaders, see Moderating G2G.

More Help

For more help using G2G, ask a question in G2G!

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