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About 15 Alvarengas.

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Unlisted Alvarenga managed by Sharon Cunningham last edited 20 May 2019
30 Jan 1916 San Miguel, El Salvador - Aug 1990 managed by Jessica Hilliard last edited 16 May 2019
Unlisted Alvarenga managed by André Girard last edited 7 Mar 2019
1980s Privacy Level: Private with Public Biography and Family Tree (Yellow) managed by Lígia Alvarenga last edited 3 Jun 2018 Active member1
Unlisted Alvarenga managed by Jenny Hernandez last edited 14 Mar 2018
EL SALVADOR - abt 2009
15 Mar 1790 St Katherine Cree, Middlesex, England - abt Oct 1856 managed by Jeff Bronks last edited 6 Jul 2017
Unlisted Alvarenga managed by Theresa Griesmyer last edited 18 Mar 2017
Unlisted Alvarenga
2000s Privacy Level: Private with Public Biography and Family Tree (Yellow) managed by Anabella Alvarenga last edited 23 Feb 2017 Active member2
Unlisted Alvarenga managed by Brent Biggs last edited 20 Feb 2017
Miguel A. Alvarenga 1980s Privacy Level: Private (Red) managed by Miguel Alvarenga last edited 2 Jul 2015
Alicia M. Alvarenga 1970s Privacy Level: Private (Red) managed by Alicia Alvarenga last edited 17 Jun 2015
Unlisted Alvarenga managed by Mary Guerra last edited 8 Jun 2015
Escamillla Alvarenga Privacy Level: Private (Red) managed by Escamillla Alvarenga last edited 21 Mar 2011

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