Descendants of Lucy Irene (Tatum) Scarbrough

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Lucy Irene (Tatum) Scarbrough married Hugh Fred Scarbrough Sr. (17 Aug 1917 - 7 Apr 2006) on 18 Dec 1937 and is the mother of 2 children and the grandmother of 5 grandchildren. Listed below are details on up to five generations of descendants. Also see Lucy's DNA Descendants and Family Tree & Genealogy Tools for more views.

  1. DNA confirmed Shirley A. (Scarbrough) Anglin ancestors (1930s - unknown) m. [private spouse]
    1. DNA confirmed [private granddaughter (1950s - unknown)]
    2. [private granddaughter (1950s - unknown)]
    3. Rusty L. Anglin ancestors (1960s - 1980s) [no children]
    4. [private grandson (1960s - unknown)]
    5. DNA confirmed Rob L. (Anglin) Palsgaard-Anglin ancestors (1970s - unknown) m. [private spouse] [no children]
  2. DNA confirmed [private son (1940s - unknown)]