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This is a pedigree chart for Georg Samuel Wilhelm [Von_Gersdorff-17]. There are additional tools below.

Georg Samuel Wilhelm von Gersdorff
13 May 1744 - 21 Jan 1810

Husband of Ulrike Henriette (von Wedel) von Gersdorff

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Here is a collection of tools for genealogists with an interest in Georg Samuel Wilhelm's family history.

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Genealogy Research

Ancestor List for Georg Samuel Wilhelm von Gersdorff ahnenlist
This page is empty. Do you know who Georg Samuel Wilhelm's parents were? Please contact profile managers.

Ancestor Explorer [independent app]
View or download a list of up to 20 generations of ancestors who meet a wide variety of criteria, map them, and more.

How many degrees of separation are between Georg Samuel Wilhelm and Henry VIII (or anyone else)? This Connection Finder includes relationships through marriage, so it is not a genealogical cousin calculator like our Relationship Finder, but it's a fun way to illustrate how closely we're all connected.

Descendants descendants
Since Georg Samuel Wilhelm has no children the descendants page isn't available. Do you know of children? Please let the profile managers know.

DNA Ancestors and DNA Descendants DNA view
Designed to help you use genetic testing to confirm and expand Georg Samuel Wilhelm's genealogy. The DNA Ancestors page shows the specific ancestors from whom Georg Samuel Wilhelm gets his Y chromosome and mitochondrial DNA. Especially helpful for some serious genetic genealogists is the inheritance pattern for Georg Samuel Wilhelm's X chromosome, also shown here. The DNA Descendants link isn't active because Georg Samuel Wilhelm has no children. It may still be possible to test connections to Georg Samuel Wilhelm by testing other descendants of his ancestors who inherited the same Y chromosome, X chromosome or mitochondrial DNA.

DNA Ancestor Confirmation Aid check mark
A step beyond the DNA Ancestors and DNA Descendants views. The ambitious goal: scientific confirmation of each parent-child relationship in Georg Samuel Wilhelm's tree.

Family Group Sheet family group sheet
Simple page to illustrate nuclear families based on marriages. Handy when someone had children from more than one marriage. It may not be useful here unless you add children.

Family List
Flexible tool for viewing more ancestors and/or descendants on one page than anywhere else on WikiTree.

Fan ChartFan Chart [independent app]
Lots of options for display, color, and sharing, including DNA inheritance, print with PDF, and other views such as "Fractal H-Trees" and "Relative SpiderWebs."

Images of Georg Samuel Wilhelm photos
There aren't any photographs or source images for Georg Samuel Wilhelm yet. Login to upload one.

Index of von Gersdorffs
Shows all the von Gersdorffs on WikiTree. Useful for genealogists with an interest in the surname that goes beyond Georg Samuel Wilhelm. There are a variety of connected tools, such as von Gersdorff DNA Connections and VONGERSDORFF G2G.

Printer-Friendly Tree printable tree
Parallel to the pedigree chart above but optimized for printing. Can be used as a fill-in-the-blanks form.

Profile of Georg Samuel Wilhelm
The central place for organizing and viewing information and sources. Whenever you see Georg Samuel Wilhelm's name on WikiTree it will be linked to the profile at where Von_Gersdorff-17 is Georg Samuel Wilhelm's unique WikiTree ID.

Profile Overview [independent app]
Dig into the contents of WikiTree profiles in a completely different way.

Relationship Finder Find Relationship
Enter Von_Gersdorff-17 and any other WikiTree ID to find the genealogical relationship between Georg Samuel Wilhelm and the other person. It will name the relationship, e.g. "third cousin twice removed," and show the trail of connections to a common ancestor. Although not everyone on WikiTree shares common ancestors, finding and connecting them is our ultimate goal. See the Relationship Finder Quick Links to check for relationships to US presidents, Mayflower passengers, Magna Carta Sureties and more.

Research with RootsSearch [independent app]
Automatically search for Georg Samuel Wilhelm on more than 20 different genealogy websites with the RootsSearch app.

Share Tree on Facebook shareable tree
Download and share an attractive family tree image. This is a great way to elicit information and photo sharing from family and old friends. You might be surprised at who replies. The "Wikid Shareable Tree" is another option. You can just copy and paste the URL into your favorite social network.

Surnames surnames
A quick reference sheet with seven generations of Georg Samuel Wilhelm's family names.

WikiTree Tools

Here are additional tools to help genealogists collaborate on WikiTree to grow Georg Samuel Wilhelm's family history.

Activity Feed
Here you can view the additions and changes that WikiTree members have made to Georg Samuel Wilhelm's profile so far.

Bio Check [independent app]
Scan for missing sources and opportunities to improve profiles.

Edit Profile and Relationships edit
Georg Samuel Wilhelm's edit page is the central location for adding information and correcting mistakes. Is there anything you can add or improve upon? Since you're not logged-in yet you can't make changes directly. Contact the profile managers. Please don't go away without giving us your information and sources. Thank you!

Family Tree Widgets family tree widgets
If you're a blogger who's writing a post about Georg Samuel Wilhelm or have a von Gersdorff family website or surname website you can include one of these widgets to illustrate his tree.

Privacy Setting privacy
You'll notice colored privacy icons in search results, the von Gersdorff surname index, etc. The white dot for Georg Samuel Wilhelm indicates that his profile is Open. Only the profile manager can edit this setting.

Tests of Georg Samuel Wilhelm's DNA
If Georg Samuel Wilhelm's DNA (not a family member's or descendant's DNA) has been tested for genealogical purposes the test or tests should be selected here. This will automatically create connections on the profiles of Georg Samuel Wilhelm's relatives where the test may be useful for confirming relationships. It's very valuable for advanced genealogy. To add tests you need to be on Georg Samuel Wilhelm's Trusted List.

Trusted List
This shows you the WikiTree members who have full power to access and edit Georg Samuel Wilhelm's information. Use it to see who else shares your interest in Georg Samuel Wilhelm and receives updates about changes to the profile. The Relationship Finder icon links Find Relationship next their names will show you their relationship to Georg Samuel Wilhelm.


Here are ways to connect and communicate with genealogists regarding Georg Samuel Wilhelm's profile, especially if you're unable to collaborate directly using the WikiTree Tools above.

Ask a Question about Georg Samuel Wilhelm
WikiTree's Genealogist-to-Genealogist (G2G) Forum is where genealogists help each other. If you have a question about Georg Samuel Wilhelm and would like to seek help from the wider community — not just Georg Samuel Wilhelm's friends and family — post it here.  

Comment on Profile Message Board
Georg Samuel Wilhelm's profile, like all WikiTree profiles, has a section for public comments. This is the best place to put anything you'd like seen by all genealogists who are interested in Georg Samuel Wilhelm. Profile managers are alerted to new comments via email, everyone on the Trusted List will see a notice about it in their activity feeds, and people who visit Georg Samuel Wilhelm's profile in the future will see your comment. You will need to login to post.

Any image uploaded to WikiTree can be sent as a free e-card, including photos of Georg Samuel Wilhelm or scans of vintage postcards. An e-card can be a great way to tell a genealogist or family member about what's here.

Private Message Not Possible — Direct Contact Unavailable
Unfortunately, there is no manager for Georg Samuel Wilhelm's profile. Will you become a member and take responsibility for it?

Trusted List Request Form
If you're a genealogist with a special interest in collaborating on Georg Samuel Wilhelm's profile, join the Trusted List. The profile is Open so you don't need to be on the Trusted List to edit or improve upon it. You only need to join if you want to receive updates about him in your activity feeds or complete merges. You will need to login first.

If you have sourced information about Georg Samuel Wilhelm, the WikiTree community thanks you in advance for not leaving here without sharing it. :-) We are on a mission to connect the human family on one free yet reliable and privacy-controlled tree. Although we will never be finished, we make amazing progress every day because tens of thousands of good genealogists are willing to help.