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Townships of Rama and Mara were first named in 1820 On April 14, 1821 the Upper Canada colonial government passed “An Act for the Better Division of the Province”. It was through this legislation that Simcoe was constituted as a county for the first time.Thora, Mara and Ramah were identified as a group as townships to be included in the new County even though there were no complete surveys of them at that time.

Ontario Government records show the earliest survey in the township of Rama to be one in 1834 by J. W. Keating showing only a portion of the township (Keating 1834). Keating used the Greek spelling Rama (also Spanish for branch). The 1834 Rama survey was in the same location as the 1821 reference to Ramah and to an 1826 map showing Ramah. After 1834, including all of the years from 1838 onwards, after the Lake Simcoe or Narrows Chippewas moved to the township, there is no known usage of the spelling Ramah. All spellings are in the form Rama.

The Township of Mara was first named in 1820 and was originally part of York County, but was transferred to Ontario County when it was established in 1852. At that time it was incorporated as an amalgamated municipality with the neighbouring township, Rama. The two townships were later reincorporated as separate municipalities in 1869. Rama’s settlement began in 1836. The post office was established in Uptergrove, known as North Mara, in 1870.

Mara was united with Rama for the first 15 years from 1854 to 1869. Rama was the junior township Rama Township was separated from Mara and organized as a separate municipality in January, 1869. Ontario County was dissolved upon the formation of the Regional Municipality of Durham in 1974, and both townships were transferred to Simcoe County. As part of the municipal restructuring of Simcoe County, Mara and Rama Townships were reamalgamated to form Ramara in 1994 A portion of Rama Township was allocated to form what became the Mnjikaning First Nation 32 Indian reserve of the Chippewas of Mnjikaning First Nation


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