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== Biography ==
* Sarah was born 22 Dec 1806 at Penobscot, Maine.<ref>Colton, Barbara Snyder; "The Mc(G)Laughlin Family, Early Settlers of Meigs, Vinton and Athens Counties, Ohio". Privately printed, Salt Lake, UT, 1993, Page 51. Book is out of print. Limited number produced. (PDF copy in possession of [Van Riper-81] Arthur Van Riper, Jr.), Page 7</ref>
== Sources ==
<references />
First Name
+ Sarah
Middle Name
+ Ann
Last Name at Birth
+ Simpson
Current Last Name
+ Carpenter
Other Last Name(s)
Preferred Name
+ Sarah
+ Female
Birth Date
+ 1806-12-22
Birth Location
+ Penobscot, Maine
Death Date
+ 1887-05-07
Death Location
+ , Meigs, Ohio
Locked Status
+ 0
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