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Death Location
- Louisiana, United States + St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana, United States of America
+ Amanda
Status Indicator on Death Location
certain +
Marriage Date (Morgan Edwards, Edwards-3336)
+ 1775-08-13
Status Indicator on Marriage Date
+ guess
Marriage End Date (Morgan Edwards, Edwards-3336)
+ 0000-00-00
Marriage Location (Hugh Sheridan, Sheridan-698)
+ St Bernards Catholic Church in old Galveztown, Ascension, Louisiana, United States
Marriage Date (Hugh Sheridan, Sheridan-698)
+ 1800-11-01
Status Indicator on Marriage Date
+ certain
Marriage End Date (Hugh Sheridan, Sheridan-698)
+ 0000-00-00
Marriage Date (Morgan Edwards, Edwards-31096)
+ 1781-00-00
Status Indicator on Marriage Date
+ guess
Marriage End Date (Morgan Edwards, Edwards-31096)
+ 1798-00-00
Status Indicator on Marriage End Date
+ certain

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