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Colorado Veterans Grave Registrations 1862 to 1949

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The American Legion created a list of all the veterans' graves in Colorado through 1949. To create this list, they visited each cemetery in the state and perused burial permits and other resources. This is written from memory because, while the list used to be publicly posted at the Colorado State Archives, the information written about it and the list itself are only available through the Wayback machine. Because the information included in the list is potentially valuable to many people, this free space page includes a version of the list with links to existing Wikitree profiles. The original index was posted on a government website and the information is still available through their online index, so the index can be considered to be in the public domain.

The list contains numerous misspellings in its original version, which are being corrected as they are discovered.

Note: The original list has proven to be too large for one free space page, so to prevent losing hours of work, it has been subdivided into smaller portions. This main page contains surnames from "A to B." Other sections are:

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Homelake Veterans' Center Admissions Database Soldiers who resided at the Veterans Home in Rio Grande County are included in this database.
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Name Service County Cemetery
Abalos, Julio U.S. Navy Bent Fort Lyon
Abberton, Anthony Spanish-American War Las Animas Knights of Pythias
Abbey, Hiram J Civil War El Paso Evergreen
Abbey, Russell Peyton Civil War Mesa Orchard Mesa
Abbey, Samuel Anson Civil War Pueblo Roselawn
Abbey, William L Civil War Boulder Columbia
Abbot, Isaac A Denver Fairmount
Abbott, Amos Civil War Montrose Grand View
Abbott, George Oscar Jefferson Crown Hill
Abbott, Henry E Sr Las Animas Masonic
Abbott, John V Bent Fort Lyon
Abbott, Oscar B Civil War Las Animas Masonic
Abbott, Samuel D Civil War Denver Fairmount
Abbott, Samuel Lisander Civil War Jefferson Golden
Abbott, Webster H Las Animas Masonic
Abbott, William A Civil War Washington Akron
Abbott, William A Otero Valley View
Abbott, William Frank La Plata Greenmount
Abele, Xavier Denver Riverside
Abendschan, Jacob J Civil War Bent Las Animas
Abernathy, Abijah B Boulder Columbia
Abeyta, Jose A Insufficient Information La Plata Ignacio Ute Catholic
Abeyta, Max Pueblo Roselawn
Abiszus, Carl V Bent Fort Lyon
Abler, Louis Denver Riverside
Abling, Micajah S. Civil War La Plata Florida
Abraham, Joseph Bent Fort Lyon
Abrams, B. F. Larimer Lakeside
Abrams, John W Pueblo Roselawn
Abrams, William J Spanish-American War Garfield Rosebud
Abrams, William Thomas Mesa Orchard Mesa
Ackley, Charles W El Paso Evergreen
Ackridge, John Huerfano Masonic
Acosta, Gregario Jefferson Mount Olivet
Adair, Alexander C Pitkin Ute
Adair, Stephen T Boulder Green Mountain
Adams, Albert J Jefferson Crown Hill
Adams, Alex Rio Grande Homelake
Adams, Andrew Dow Pueblo Mountain View
Adams, Benjamin F Alamosa Alamosa
Adams, Charles El Paso Crystal Valley
Adams, Charles E Gunnison Gunnison
Adams, Charles W Rio Grande Homelake
Adams, David R Pitkin Red Butte
Adams, Francis Cutler Jefferson Crown Hill
Adams, George S Boulder Columbia
Adams, H W Pueblo Roselawn
Adams, Harry Ellsworth Jefferson Crown Hill
Adams, Harvey Spanish American War Routt Steamboat Springs
Adams, Isaac Clifton El Paso Evergreen
Adams, J N Garfield Highland
Adams, Jacob Blake Boulder Mountain View
Adams, James J Las Animas Masonic
Adams, James M Pueblo Mountain View
Adams, John W Denver Riverside
Adams, John W Conejos Sanford
Adams, Joseph N Otero Fowler
Adams, Moses S Fremont Greenwood
Adams, Orrison P Denver Riverside
Adams, Ortus Fuller Las Animas Masonic
Adams, Oscar L Bent Fort Lyon
Adams, Paul Sullivan Denver Fairmount
Adams, Robert Teller Mt. Pisgah
Adams, Robert M El Paso Evergreen
Adams, Robert B El Paso Evergreen
Adams, Samuel A Denver Fairmount
Adams, Thaddeus Boulder Green Mountain
Adams, Timothy G Civil War El Paso Peyton
Adams, William C Gunnison Gunnison
Adams, William N Denver Fairmount
Adams, William S Jefferson Crown Hill
Adamson, Hugh Prowers Hartman
Adamson, James Berry Las Animas Masonic
Adcock, Benney H Jefferson Crown Hill
Addington, March Civil War Huerfano Gardner
Addison, Claude Orville Mesa Municipal
Addleman, Francis R Denver Fairmount
Adkins, Frederick C El Paso Fairview
Adkins, Vinton Larimer Lakeside
Admondson, William Bent Las Animas
Adolph, Herman Denver Fairmount
Agard, Albert G Fremont Greenwood
Agnew, F M El Paso Monument
Aguilar, Andres Alamosa Spanish
Ahern, John H Chaffee Fairview
Ahl, Thomas Irvine El Paso Evergreen
Ahlf, Walter L Morgan Riverside
Aiken, Lewis B Denver Fairmount
Ainsworth, George Grant Rio Grande Monte Vista
Ainsworth, James Delta Riverside
Airy, Joseph P Civil War La Plata Greenmount
Akers, Edgar A Boulder Mountain View
Akers, Elmer F Boulder Mountain View
Akers, F M Las Animas Masonic
Akers, G W Pitkin Ute
Akers, Jacob P Montrose Grand View
Akers, Joseph A Career Military Huerfano La Veta
Akin, Dudley Duncan (Rev.) El Paso Evergreen
Akin, James R Rio Grande Homelake
Albean, Melville J Larimer Grand View
Albert, Clarence Denver Fairmount
Albert, Henry P Mesa Orchard Mesa
Albert, Horace Sidney Civil War Routt Steamboat Springs
Albert, John Huerfano St. Mary's
Albertson, Albert Rio Grande Homelake
Albertson, H C Jefferson Crown Hill
Albertson, Henry D Las Animas Masonic
Albertson, Josiah H Civil War Jefferson Arvada
Alberty, John V Las Animas Masonic
Albin, Chester Absolum Mesa Orchard Mesa
Albright, Carl S Denver Fairmount
Albro, Oliver M Jefferson Mount Olivet
Alcorn, George Jefferson Crown Hill
Alcorn, John A Weld Linn Grove
Alderson, John Montrose Cedar
Alderson, John Thomas El Paso Evergreen
Aldrich, Adelbert Rio Grande Homelake
Aldrich, Chauncey S Rio Grande Monte Vista
Aldrich, Joseph A (MD) Denver Riverside
Aldrich, Leo B Routt Oak Creek
Aldrich, Thomas R Denver Fairmount
Aldridge, Alfred Delta Delta
Aledeys, Pablo (alias Serto) El Paso Evergreen
Aleman, John R Denver Fairmount
Aler, Anderson Alex Otero Fairview
Alexander, Allen F Fremont Greenwood
Alexander, Aughty G Bent Las Animas
Alexander, Charles Civil War El Paso Evergreen
Alexander, Edwin R Teller Sunnyside
Alexander, George Denver Riverside
Alexander, Gilbert Lake Evergreen
Alexander, Harry Leroy Jefferson Crown Hill
Alexander, J M Huerfano La Veta
Alexander, James C Las Animas Masonic
Alexander, John Delta Cedarhill
Alexander, Joshua R Jefferson Crown Hill
Alexander, Robert Colvin Adams Elmwood
Alexander, Samuel El Paso Evergreen
Alexander, Thomas Henry Huerfano La Veta
Alexander, W J Douglas Cedar Hill
Alexander, Walter L Montrose Grand View
Alexander, William Parr Larimer Grand View
Alexander, Wilmer E Larimer Greenlawn
Alford, James Denver Fort Logan
Alkire, Edward W Larimer Grand View
Alkire, Simon Crose Weld Eaton
Allebaugh, Henry C Denver Riverside
Allen, Abraham Pitkin Ute
Allen, Avery Delta Riverside
Allen, Benjamin Franklin Civil War Routt Yampa
Allen, Bradford Las Animas Masonic
Allen, Charles Denver Riverside
Allen, Charles H Otero Fairview
Allen, Charles N Otero Fairview
Allen. Clyde Webster Otero Valley View
Allen, Cokey T El Paso Evergreen
Allen, Daniel R El Paso Evergreen
Allen, Dewitt F Las Animas Masonic
Allen, Edgar J Boulder Mountain View
Allen, Ezekiel Rio Blanco Highland
Allen, Frank Lansing Larimer Grand View
Allen, George L Rio Grande Homelake
Allen, H. Julian (Dr.) Jefferson Crown Hill
Allen, Henry Denver Riverside
Allen, Henry Chaffee Fairview
Allen, Henry C Chaffee Fairview
Allen, Henry C Morgan Brush
Allen, Henry E Denver Riverside
Allen, Jacob B Civil War Boulder Niwot
Allen, James H El Paso Evergreen
Allen, Jason Denver Riverside
Allen, Joe Boulder Mountain View
Allen, John D Denver Riverside
Allen, John Quincy Denver Riverside
Allen, Levi E Weld Linn Grove
Allen, Lewis Delta Riverside
Allen, Oscar El Paso Evergreen
Allen, Phillip Civil War Mesa Veterans Orchard Mesa
Allen, Robert Rio Grande Homelake
Allen, Ronald Grover Pueblo Mountain View
Allen, Sidney Kit Carson Fairview
Allen, Sylvester Fremont New Hope
Allen, Theresa M Pueblo Roselawn
Allen, Wallace Bva Pueblo Roselawn
Allen, William E Denver Fort Logan
Allen, William H El Paso Evergreen
Allen, William P Teller Four Mile
Allender, George W Fremont Howard
Alles, John Denver Fort Logan
Alley, Elvis L Denver Fairmount
Allisette, Joe Boulder Louisville
Allison, Benjamin J Otero Fowler
Allison, Charles T Garfield Rose Hill
Allison, Chauncey N Jefferson Crown Hill
Allison, James H Mesa Masonic
Allison, Joseph Denver Fairmount
Allum, J F Chaffee Mt. Olivet
Alps, John F Larimer Lakeside
Alstott, John Prowers Holly
Altaffer, William H Pueblo Mountain View
Alter, George El Paso Evergreen
Altevogt, John E Bent Fort Lyon
Altman, Samuel El Paso Evergreen
Altvater, Henry Denver Fairmount
Alvarez, Calistro Rio Grande Homelake
Alvis, Olie F Boulder Mountain View
Amaras, Theophilos Denver Fairmount
Ambrook, Charles (M.D.) Boulder Green Mountain
Ambrose, William Harry Jefferson Crown Hill
Amerman, William H Logan Riverside
Ames, David S Rio Grande Monte Vista
Ames, Edwin L Denver Fairmount
Ames, Floyd Kiowa Towner
Ames, Selden Fayette Larimer Grand View
Amick, Roy Lee Jefferson Crown Hill
Ammon, Xavier Las Animas Garcia
Ammond, George R Denver Riverside
Amons, George W Denver Riverside
Amrine, John M Baca Springfield
Amrine, Stephen K Morgan Brush
Amter, Isadore Denver Emanuel
Amy, Sanford M Fremont Howard
Anaya, Jose Rio Grande Homelake
Anderson, A G Denver Riverside
Anderson, Albert B Garfield Rose Hill
Anderson, Andrew P Jefferson Golden
Anderson, Andrew Pintstaff Bent Las Animas
Anderson, Anton D Jefferson Crown Hill
Anderson, Arthur John La Plata Greenmount
Anderson, Arved H Pueblo Mountain View
Anderson, August Bent Fort Lyon
Anderson, Augustin H Denver Fairmount
Anderson, Axel W Denver Fairmount
Anderson, Boxwell P El Paso Evergreen
Anderson, Charles Douglas Cedar Hill
Anderson, Charles H Denver Fairmount
Anderson, Chester Fremont Lakeside
Anderson, David Sigfrid Gunnison Gunnison
Anderson, Edgar T Denver Fairmount
Anderson, Eldridge B World War I Montezuma Cedar Grove
Anderson, Frank D Denver Fairmount
Anderson, Fred W Larimer Grand View
Anderson, Harry L Denver Fairmount
Anderson, Helmer C A Phillips Holyoke
Anderson, Henry Las Animas Masonic
Anderson, J A Boulder Columbia
Anderson, James Denver Fairmount
Anderson, James F Weld Linn Grove
Anderson, James G Denver Fairmount
Anderson, James El Paso Evergreen
Anderson, James Waters Denver Riverside
Anderson, John El Paso Monument
Anderson, John F Denver Fairmount
Anderson, Luther B Bent Las Animas
Anderson, Manning Denver Riverside
Anderson, Niels Peter Bent Las Animas
Anderson, Nils A Denver Fairmount
Anderson, Otto Julius Mesa Masonic
Anderson, Peter Denver
Anderson, Ralph G Denver Fairmount
Anderson, Reinar Weld Hillside
Anderson, Richard R Pueblo Mountain View
Anderson, Robert Denver Riverside
Anderson, Robert N Otero Valley View
Anderson, S F Lake Evergreen
Anderson, Ted Berger Denver Fairmount
Anderson, Victor Bent Fort Lyon
Anderson, W H Delta Bethlehem
Anderson, William El Paso Myres
Anderson, William Albert Boulder Green Mountain
Anderson, William H Mesa Municipal
Anderson, William L Gunnison Gunnison
Anderson, William R Denver Fairmount
Andrew, Arnold A Denver Fairmount
Andrew, Joseph W Boulder Columbia
Andrews, D P Fremont Union Highland
Andrews, Frank Rio Grande Homelake
Andrews, George Asa Boulder Columbia
Andrews, George B Washington Akron
Andrews, Otis H Kiowa Haswell
Andrews, Robert W Denver Fairmount
Andrews, William D Denver Fairmount
Andrianos, Constantine Nichola Bent Fort Lyon
Andros, Lewis Boulder Columbia
Andrus, Horace Boulder Columbia
Andrus, Jesse D Pueblo Roselawn
Angana, Edward L (Kirby) La Plata Greenmount
Angelo, Benjamin Rio Grande Homelake
Angelo, James Jefferson Mount Olivet
Angle, Gideon C Jefferson Crown Hill
Angus, D B Weld Highland Lake
Anschicks, Ernest S Mesa Mesa Cemetery
Anson, Andrew A Denver Fairmount
Anson, James T Denver Riverside
Anson, Marshal Rio Grande Monte Vista
Anson, Willis A Boulder Green Mountain
Anthony, Nelson Craig Mesa American Legion
Anthony, Scott J Denver Fairmount
Anthony, Senes Jacob Boulder Green Mountain
Anthony, Theodore D Jefferson Crown Hill
Anthony, Webster D Denver Riverside
Antrim, Martin L Yuma Grandview
Apgar, Conrad Larimer Lakeside
Apperson, Thomas V La Plata Florida
Apple, Charles Fremont Lakeside
Apple, Henry Denver Fairmount
Apple, William L Denver Fairmount
Applebee, Ezra Elbert Cheyenne Fairview
Appleby, Oliver Perry Otero Mountainview
Applegate, Benjamin Pueblo Mountain View
Applegate, William O Denver Fairmount
Appleman, Samuel M Larimer Grand View
Apt, John Jefferson Crown Hill
Apt, Samuel Baca Vilas
Aquero, Torivio Rio Grande Homelake
Aragon, Manuel Las Animas Longs Canon
Aragon, Ramon Las Animas Vigil
Arata, Frank P Jefferson Crown Hill
Arbuckle, Thomas G Mesa Elmwood
Arbuthnot,James Civil War BoulderNiwot
Arbuthnot, William A Pueblo Mountain View
Archabald, James Denver Riverside
Archenhold, William Denver Fairmount
Archer, Edward F Denver Fairmount
Archer, John Weld Linn Grove
Archer, T J Chaffee Fairview
Archie, Andrew Ray Boulder Lyons
Archuleta, David Pueblo Roselawn
Archuleta, Episanio Jefferson Mount Olivet
Archuleta, Fred (Frederico) La Plata Greenmount
Archuleta, Miguel Jefferson Mount Olivet
Archuleta, Richardo Jefferson Mount Olivet
Archuleta, Jose Manuel Conejos Conejos
Archuleta, Juan B Pueblo Roselawn
Arellano, Joe G Bent Fort Lyon
Arend, Harry F Denver Fairmount
Argo, John R Las Animas Masonic
Argo, William C El Paso Evergreen
Argue, William H Denver Fairmount
Ariano, Juan Domingo Huerfano Catholic North Veta
Arkins, John Denver Riverside
Arkins, Thomas Denver Riverside
Arley, Peter Denver Riverside
Armagast, Lawrence Victor Weld Linn Grove
Armel, David Denver Riverside
Armitage, Adelbert E World War I Montrose Grand View
Armogast, Sidney L Weld Linn Grove
Armstrong, Andrew Denver Fairmount
Armstrong, Edison A Fremont Lakeside
Armstrong, Frank Benjamin Fremont New Hope
Armstrong, Frank Russell Yuma Eckley
Armstrong, Fred Richard Denver Fairmount
Armstrong, George L Bent Fort Lyon
Armstrong, Isaac Boulder Mountain View
Armstrong, John Denver Riverside
Armstrong, John Calvin El Paso Evergreen
Armstrong, John J Denver Riverside
Armstrong, John N Boulder Mountain View
Armstrong, Lewis McCullen Montezuma Cedar Grove
Armstrong, Samuel Boulder Mountain View
Armstrong, Thomas A Chaffee Fairview
Armstrong, Thomas G.W. (W.J. Larimer Lakeside
Armstrong, Thomas J Mesa Orchard Mesa
Armstrong, William Jefferson Crown Hill
Armstrong, William Lewis Boulder Green Mountain
Armstrong, William (Captain) Pueblo Pioneer Cemetery
Armstrong, William S Logan Riverside
Arndt, Frank T Denver Fairmount
Arnett, Charles E Denver Fairmount
Arnett, Fred Henry Delta Cedaredge
Arnett, Thomas Denver Riverside
Arney, Christian Mesa Orchard Mesa
Arnold, C P Rio Blanco Highland
Arnold, Drexel Denver Fairmount
Arnold, Edward Weld Hudson
Arnold, Floyd Warren Archuleta Hilltop
Arnold, George R Jefferson Golden
Arnold, Henry F Denver Riverside
Arnold, Perry B Pueblo Mountain View
Arnold, Samuel M Kit Carson Seibert
Arnott, John Boulder Green Mountain
Arnsten, Hans Bent Fort Lyon
Arnt, Frederick M Denver Fort Logan
Arrington, Miltin O Denver Fort Logan
Arrowood, John Floyd Denver Fairmount
Arthur, Frank Parker Adams Elmwood
Arthur, John Pueblo Mountain View
Artim, Michael C Jefferson Crown Hill
Artzt, Charles H Bent Las Animas
Arundle, Adolphus Washington Akron
Asbury, J W Montrose Cedar
Ashbaugh, Andrew Warren Denver Fairmount
Ashby, Bladen Fremont Greenwood
Ashby, Joseph T Fremont Greenwood
Ashby,Thomas W Fremont Union Highland
Ashcroft, Thomas W Teller Sunnyside
Ashen, Claude E Jefferson Mount Olivet
Asher, J R D Denver Riverside
Ashinhurst, James C Jefferson Crown Hill
Ashley, Albert Teller Four Mile
Ashley, James P Pueblo Brookside
Ashley, John D Pueblo Mountain View
Ashton, Dudley Denver Riverside
Ashton, Dudley Denver Riverside
Askine, Frederick N Jefferson Crown Hill
Assig, Adolph L Fremont Union Highland
Atchison, Joseph W Weld Linn Grove
Atha, William A El Paso Evergreen
Athas, George (Athanasiou) Boulder Green Mountain
Atherton, Jack Rio Grande Homelake
Atherton, Jack Denver Fairmount
Athey, Jacob Elzie Washington Akron
Atkeson, George A Jefferson Crown Hill
Atkins, James P Delta Cedarhill
Atkins, James R Rio Grande Homelake
Atkins, John P Jefferson Crown Hill
Atkins, Oren L Jefferson Crown Hill
Atkinson, G W Otero Mountainview
Atkinson, John A Pitkin Aspen Grove
Atkinson, John J Denver Riverside
Atkinson, John Owen Montrose Cedar
Atkinson, John W Weld Linn Grove
Atkinson, Thomas J Pueblo Roselawn
Atkinson, William A Garfield Rosebud
Atteberry, Thomas Benton Boulder Columbia
Attebery, James H La Plata Bayfield
Atterbury, B F Fremont Union Highland
Atwell, James W Routt Steamboat Springs
Atwill, George I Mesa Mesa Cemetery
Atwood, J W Boulder Columbia
Atwood, Newton J Boulder Mountain View
Augur, Charles Manwaring Mesa Orchard Mesa
August, John A Logan Riverside
Augustine, Frank Rio Grande Homelake
Aultman, Charles B Las Animas Masonic
Aumick, Nelson Boulder Green Mountain
Ausbourne, John J Pitkin Aspen Grove
Austin, C W Boulder Columbia
Austin, Charles Pueblo Roselawn
Austin, Charles Amos Jefferson Crown Hill
Austin, Clyde Leon Denver Fairmount
Austin, David B Delta Delta
Austin, Edson W Boulder Green Mountain
Austin, Eugene A Boulder Columbia
Austin, Frank Denver Fairmount
Austin, Gerard Alamosa Alamosa
Austin, Hiram T Pueblo Brookside
Austin, Lee D Rio Blanco Highland
Austin, Lloyd Weld Linn Grove
Austin, Lyman W Garfield Rose Hill
Austin, Nathaniel Larimer Grand View
Austin, Orlando O Pitkin Red Butte
Austin, Thomas Boulder Columbia
Autobee, Thomas Pueblo Huerfano
Autrey, J M Larimer Grand View
Autry, Louis W Bent Fort Lyon
Avery, George A Denver Fairmount
Avery, John Henry (Jack) El Paso Evergreen
Avgikos, Athanasios Delta Delta
Avila, Isodore S Rio Grande Los Valdezes Cemetery
Avila, Jose Salvadore Rio Grande Spanish
Avillar, John J Jefferson Mount Olivet
Avinante, Leon Bent Fort Lyon
Axelson, Peter H El Paso Evergreen
Axtell, Robert T Rio Grande Homelake
Ayers, George Rio Grande Homelake
Ayers, John C Larimer Grand View
Ayers, John H Jefferson Crown Hill
Ayers, Ralph Leon Otero Valley View
Aylor, Meredith Morgan Denver Fairmount
Ayres, Andrew Pueblo Roselawn
Azuma, Sakugiro Bent Fort Lyon
Babbitt, Austin B Civil War Huerfano Masonic
Babbitt, Frank Arnold Denver Fairmount
Babbitt, William P Denver Fairmount
Babcock, Ambrose L Denver Riverside
Babcock, David M El Paso Evergreen
Babcock, H S Alamosa Alamosa
Babcock, James M Rio Grande Homelake
Babcock, William H Mesa Veterans Orchard Mesa
Babey, Mathew Rio Grande Del Norte
Babcock, William El Paso Evergreen
Baca, Baltazar Las Animas Masonic
Baca, Fred Weld Eaton
Baca, Louis Pueblo Huerfano
Bachelder, Leonidas Pueblo Mountain View
Bachman, Silas Custer Silver Cliff
Bachus, Henry Civil War Alamosa Alamosa
Bachus, William F Otero Mountainview
Backemo, Peter R Jefferson Crown Hill
Bacon, Alonzo P Weld Linn Grove
Bacon, C D Denver Riverside
Bacon, George W Logan Riverside
Bacon, John H El Paso Evergreen
Bacon, Lealyn Courtney Fremont Union Highland
Bacon, Truman Fremont Union Highland
Bader, J George Boulder Columbia
Badger, Milton Otero Valley View
Baer, Daniel G Pitkin Fairview
Bagby, Charles C Denver Riverside
Baggett, John LeRoy Jefferson Crown Hill
Bagley, James M Denver Riverside
Bailey, Abel S Fremont Lakeside
Bailey, Albert F Denver Fort Logan
Bailey, Ben Rio Grande Homelake
Bailey, Benjamin F Civil War Mesa Orchard Mesa
Bailey, Benjamin H El Paso Evergreen
Bailey, Blackwell Kiowa Towner
Bailey, Charles M Fremont Lakeside
Bailey, Cyrus M Montrose Cedar
Bailey, Daniel Bivian Garfield Battlement Mesa
Bailey, David K Montrose Ash
Bailey, Edward Teller Mt. Pisgah
Bailey, Erwin Richard Pueblo Roselawn
Bailey, Everett S Jefferson Mount Olivet
Bailey, Frederick D Denver Fairmount
Bailey, Frederick P Montrose Ash
Bailey, George D Garfield Battlement Mesa
Bailey, George H Rio Grande Homelake
Bailey, H C Rio Grande Homelake
Bailey, Isaac W Rio Grande Homelake
Bailey, Isaiah L Larimer Grand View
Bailey, James E Denver Fairmount
Bailey, Norman Earl Weld Mountain View
Bailey, Sidney Green Garfield Russey-Hurlburt
Bailey, Thomas Denver Fairmount
Bailey, W A Denver Riverside
Bailly, Daniel B La Plata Greenmount
Bain, Robert A Fremont Greenwood
Bainbridge, John R Rio Grande Homelake
Bainer, Charles Boulder Sacred Heart
Bainter, Abraham L Montezuma Fairview
Baird, John R Routt Steamboat Springs
Bajasch, John A Garfield Rosebud
Bakeman, Christopher J Jefferson Mount Olivet
Baker, Abner S Morgan Riverside
Baker, Alfred Pueblo Roselawn
Baker, Arthur La Plata Greenmount
Baker, Carlos Jefferson Crown Hill
Baker, Charles A Jefferson Crown Hill
Baker, Charles M Denver Fort Logan
Baker, Charles R Otero Valley View
Baker, Clay Bent Fort Lyon
Baker, Corman Doyle Boulder Green Mountain
Baker, Dave Mesa DeBeque
Baker, David M Denver Fairmount
Baker, David O Teller Sunnyside
Baker, Edwin E Boulder Columbia
Baker, Edwin Eaton Weld Linn Grove
Baker, Elmer Fremont Coaldale
Baker, Frederick R Larimer Grand View
Baker, George Farnum Boulder Nederland
Baker, Harry Pueblo Mountain View
Baker, Hiram Huerfano La Veta
Baker, Jacob Denver Riverside
Baker, Jacob S Denver Riverside
Baker, John F Weld Linn Grove
Baker, Joseph Adams Elmwood
Baker, Joseph La Plata Greenmount
Baker, Lloyd Larimer Grand View
Baker, Nathan A Denver Fairmount
Baker, Osman Pitkin Red Butte
Baker, Peter Yuma Yuma
Baker, Richard A Civil War Montezuma Summit Ridge
Baker, Richard D Fremont Greenwood
Baker, Reuben L Boulder Columbia
Baker, Samuel B Denver Fairmount
Baker, Samuel T Denver Fairmount
Baker, Thomas C Morgan Riverside
Baker, Van L Denver Fairmount
Baker, Walter El Paso Evergreen
Baker, William La Plata Bayfield
Baker, William Rio Grande Homelake
Baker, William C Jefferson Crown Hill
Baker, William Kendall Pueblo Mountain View
Baker, Winfield S Denver Riverside
Balagna, Walter J (Balanga) Fremont Union Highland
Balch, William Douglas
Balderramo, Elidora Crowley Valley View
Baldridge, Joseph W Weld Eaton
Baldwin, Barney L Huerfano Masonic
Baldwin, Benjamin F Denver Riverside
Baldwin, Bruce La Plata Hermosa
Baldwin, George A Denver Riverside
Baldwin, Homer Alamosa Alamosa
Baldwin, John C Las Animas Masonic
Baldwin, Lyman E Boulder Green Mountain
Baldwin, Marvin Arthur Denver Fairmount
Baldwin, Moses M Teller Woodland Park
Balentine, James W Jefferson Crown Hill
Bales, B F Otero Fairview
Bales, Jacob Walker Denver Riverside
Bales, Wayne Yuma Grandview
Ball, Francis M Denver Fairmount
Ball, George W Washington Akron
Ball, Henry Gore Otero Hillcrest
Ball, John D Logan Riverside
Ball, Lyle Denver Fairmount
Ball, Richard D Boulder Columbia
Ball, Sherman E Rio Grande Homelake
Ball, Vernon O Denver Fairmount
Ball, William H Chaffee Granite
Ballard, Edwin A Larimer Grand View
Ballegos, Marcario La Plata La Posta
Ballentine, Calvin R Morgan Riverside
Ballew, John Edwin Montrose Grand View
Ballinger, C B Denver Riverside
Ballinger, John Boulder Columbia
Ballinger, Oral S Bent Fort Lyon
Ballinger, Webster Denver Fairmount
Ballon, Charles Denver Riverside
Ballou, Cornelius J Denver Riverside
Ballou, Halleck Jefferson Crown Hill
Balshy, Charles Paul Otero Calvary
Balwin, H W Summit Valley Brook
Bambax, James Denver Fairmount
Bancroft, David C Denver Riverside
Bancroft, F H Las Animas Masonic
Bancroft, Frederick J Denver Fairmount
Bancroft, Glenn E Denver Riverside
Bandel, Albert H El Paso Evergreen
Bandhauer, August Denver Riverside
Bane, Rodger Boulder Green Mountain
Bane, Rufus Delta Delta
Banes, George H Arapahoe Littleton
Bangs, Nathan Stockton Grand Hot Sulphur Springs
Banker, Austin K Denver Fairmount
Banker, Gustav W Bent Fort Lyon
Banks, Francis B Boulder Columbia
Banks, Horace W Pueblo Roselawn
Banks, Samuel W Pueblo Roselawn
Banks, Thomas R El Paso Evergreen
Banner, James R Denver Fairmount
Banning, B F Chaffee Fairview
Banning, W M Jr. El Paso Evergreen
Banning, William M El Paso Evergreen
Barber, Charles Edwin Boulder Eldorado Springs Cemetery
Barber, Charles J Yuma Armel
Barber. Flake Montezuma Cedar Grove
Barber, John Denver Riverside
Barber, Myron E Larimer Grand View
Barber, Otto Denver Fort Logan
Barbour, William H Denver Fairmount
Barclay, Joseph B (Dr.) Civil War Boulder Mountain View
Barclay, Peter F Rio Grande Del Norte
Barcroft, S A Adams Elmwood
Bard, Edward Boulder Columbia
Bardill, Conrad Boulder Mountain View
Bardsley, George W Conejos Antonito
Barela, Feliciano (Medina) Costilla San Luis
Barela, Franciso Jefferson Mount Olivet
Barger, Alex Mesa Veterans Orchard Mesa
Barger, Arthur C Jefferson Crown Hill
Barger, George Rio Grande Homelake
Barger, Will Denver Fairmount
Barker, Charles W El Paso Evergreen
Barker, Edmund P El Paso Crystal Valley
Barker, Edmund S Denver Fairmount
Barker, Fenelon Greeley Lake Evergreen
Barker, J H Montezuma Cortez
Barker, James H Rio Grande Homelake
Barker, John J Delta Delta
Barker, Johnson Denver Riverside
Barker, William Beeson Denver Fairmount
Barkley, Eager R Larimer Grand View
Barkley, John C Pueblo Roselawn
Barkley, William H Phillips Haxtun
Barksdale, Leslie A Denver Fairmount
Barksdale, Mitchell L Jefferson Crown Hill
Barmettler, George A El Paso Evergreen
Barnard, Clayton H El Paso Evergreen
Barnard, Homer Mesa Orchard Mesa
Barnehouse, John Adam Las Animas Masonic
Barnes, Hiram Arapahoe Littleton
Barnes, Hiram Crowley Olney
Barnes, Howard Huerfano Masonic
Barnes, John M Pueblo Mountain View
Barnes, Joseph M Rio Grande Homelake
Barnes, Joshua R Mesa Mesa Cemetery
Barnes, Lawrence F Denver Fairmount
Barnes, Marshall A Weld Mountain View
Barnes, Melzar E Morgan Riverside
Barnes, Oliver E Fremont Lakeside
Barnes, Stanley M Denver Fort Logan
Barnes, Washington D Mesa Mesa Cemetery
Barnes, William Bent Las Animas
Barnet, James O Denver Riverside
Barnetson, Floyd A Denver Fairmount
Barnett, F G Montrose Cedar
Barnett, W W Denver Riverside
Barnette, Jacob T Jefferson Crown Hill
Barney, Horace Justin Otero Mountainview
Barney, William MCivil War Boulder Mountain View
Barnhart, Corney J Pueblo Roselawn
Barnhart, Grant Boulder Mountain View
Barnhart, James W El Paso Fairview
Barnhart, L W Denver Riverside
Barnhart, T S Bent Fort Lyon
Barnhouse, Ira M Washington Akron
Barnicle, James Lawrence Mesa Orchard Mesa
Barnie, Carl Alexander Delta Riverside
Barns, Rezin M Jefferson Crown Hill
Barnum, Isaac Edwin Denver Fairmount
Barnwell, William Mesa Mesa Cemetery
Barock, Joseph Bent Fort Lyon
Baron, Lewis Rio Grande Homelake
Baros, Fujincio Otero Mountainview
Barr, Dauphin El Paso Evergreen
Barr, John Weld Linn Grove
Barr, Joseph Arapahoe Littleton
Barr, Oliver P Mesa DeBeque
Barr, Ralph Herbert El Paso Evergreen
Barr, William H Denver Fairmount
Barr, William M La Plata Marvel
Barraclough, Francis Rio Grande Homelake
Barragon, Presentacion Otero Spanish
Barratt, Joseph Pueblo Roselawn
Barrett, Anthony Montezuma Cortez
Barrett, Arthur H El Paso Evergreen
Barrett, B Denver Riverside
Barrett, Clyde A Yuma Glendale
Barrett, Harry Pueblo Roselawn
Barrett, Hugh Edwards Denver Fairmount
Barrett, James H Weld Linn Grove
Barrett, John Rio Grande Homelake
Barrett, John W Yuma Grandview
Barrett, Joseph G (Killer) Jefferson Mount Olivet
Barrett, Thomas Garfield Highland
Barrett, W W Denver Riverside
Barringer, Worth R Jefferson Crown Hill
Barron, J M Montrose Cedar
Barron, Thomas W Las Animas Masonic
Barron, William Pueblo Roselawn
Barron, William H (Woodward) Rio Grande Homelake
Barrowman, Roy L Larimer Greenlawn
Barrows, George Rio Grande Homelake
Barry, Ancel Cirancel Boulder Green Mountain
Barry, M G Pitkin Red Butte
Barry, William E Denver Riverside
Barstow, Sumner Denver Riverside
Bart, Edward F Weld Linn Grove
Bartels, H Denver Riverside
Barth, Leo Vincent El Paso Evergreen
Bartholf, Frank G Larimer Lakeside
Bartholmew, H S Boulder Columbia
Bartholomew, Charles A Archuleta Hilltop
Bartholomew, E F Pueblo Pioneer Cemetery
Bartholomew, Rufus E Washington Otis
Bartlett, August Mesa Masonic
Bartlett, Ephram La Plata Greenmount
Bartlett, Ephraim C El Paso Evergreen
Bartlett, Robert Pueblo Mountain View
Bartlett, William Earl Rio Grande Del Norte
Barton, Benjamin Franklin Jefferson Crown Hill
Barton, C H Arapahoe Littleton
Barton, Charles Ora Garfield Rosebud
Barton, J B Rio Grande Homelake
Barton, Josiah S Delta Delta
Barton, Leslie (Leo)(Gordon) Pueblo Mountain View
Barton, Martin V Kit Carson Flagler
Barton, Otto L Denver Fairmount
Barton, Samuel Pitkin Red Butte
Bartow, James H (Bartlow) Las Animas Masonic
Basey, Dewitt C Denver Fairmount
Basham, Thomas J Baca Campo
Bashford, Freeman P (Truman) Denver Riverside
Bass, Albert Denver Fairmount
Bass, James Stanley Denver Fairmount
Bassett, Alden Rio Grande Del Norte
Bassett, Marcelon C Larimer Grand View
Bassore, William Wesley Prowers Fairmount
Batchelder, George C Boulder Columbia
Bateman, Edwin S Morgan Riverside
Bateman, Thomas Larimer Lakeside
Bates, A C Denver Riverside
Bates, Alexander M Rio Grande Homelake
Bates, Almond Millure El Paso Evergreen
Bates, Christian Denver Riverside
Bates, Elmer B Gunnison Gunnison
Bates, John Summit Valley Brook
Bates, L C Montrose Cedar
Bates, Matt Denver Riverside
Bates, Oscar M Denver Riverside
Batey, Robert Denver Fairmount
Battista, Rota Jefferson Mount Olivet
Battles, Herman A El Paso Evergreen
Battles, Patrick El Paso Evergreen
Baty, William C Pueblo Mountain View
Batzel, George Benjamin Pueblo Roselawn
Bauer, Nicholas Weld Evans
Bauerle, John G Denver Fort Logan
Baugh, Hiram Larimer Loveland Burial Park
Baughan, Howard E Denver Fairmount
Baughman, Henry J Fremont Greenwood
Bauman, August Denver Fort Logan
Bauman, Frederick Denver Riverside
Baumann, Frank Denver Fort Logan
Baumgardner, Nathan Larimer Grand View
Baumgardner, Samuel D Denver Fairmount
Baumgartel, Walter Herbert Denver Fairmount
Baumgartner, George A (V.) Jefferson Mount Olivet
Baxstrom, Peter Montezuma Cortez
Baxter, Alonco H H Otero Fairview
Baxter, D J Larimer Greenlawn
Baxter, Henry Martin El Paso Evergreen
Baxter, Jonas Yuma Armel
Baxter, Joseph Mesa Eagalite
Baxter, Oliver H P Civil War Pueblo Roselawn
Bay, Andrew K Jefferson Crown Hill
Bay, Archippus McMurtry Boulder Green Mountain
Bay, Carl Rathburn La Plata Bayfield
Bayles, Tony Jefferson Crown Hill
Bayley, John J Bent Fort Lyon
Bayliss, Charles M Jefferson Crown Hill
Bayne, George W Denver Riverside
Bayse, T H Archuleta Hilltop
Baysinger, William A Denver Fairmount
Beach, Allen Denver Riverside
Beach, David W Civil War Boulder Columbia
Beach, George Ablert Larimer Grand View
Beach, George Gordon Civil War Teller Woodland Park
Beach, Henry H (Rev.) Mesa Orchard Mesa
Beach, John W Boulder Columbia
Beach, Melancthon Syre El Paso Evergreen
Beadle, James O Boulder Mountain View
Beady, Thomas L (Brady) Denver Fort Logan
Beagen, Frank Weir Bent Las Animas
Beaghen, J L Denver Calvary
Beal, Charles W Weld Linn Grove
Bealer, Clark J Weld Linn Grove
Beall, Lloyd Archuleta Hilltop
Beals, Andrew N Bent Fort Lyon
Beals, Daniel Denver Fairmount
Beals, Jesse W El Paso Evergreen
Beam, Asa P Yuma Armel
Beaman, Arlo Grant El Paso Evergreen
Beaman, William C Mesa Elmwood
Bean, A J Denver Riverside
Bean, Edward M Arapahoe Littleton
Bean, Edwin W (Dennet) Arapahoe Littleton
Bean, Elmer J Rio Blanco Highland
Bean, Levi M Boulder Green Mountain
Bean, Rinaldo P Arapahoe Littleton
Bear, Charles F S Jefferson Mount Olivet
Beard, Claudie E Eagle Edwards
Beard, Cyrus E Archuleta Hilltop
Beard, L C Fremont Union Highland
Beard, Louis Denver Fairmount
Beard, Verdie C Jefferson Golden
Beardshear, Charles LeVega Routt Steamboat Springs
Beardsley, Isaac N Boulder Mountain View
Bears, John Melton Jefferson Crown Hill
Beaton, James Rio Grande Homelake
Beattie, John Clarence Jefferson Crown Hill
Beattie, John Lindsey Pueblo Roselawn
Beatty, Arthur E Larimer Grand View
Beatty, Clifton J Denver Fairmount
Beatty, Harry Valentine Bent Fort Lyon
Beatty, P L (Bedy) Las Animas Masonic
Beaty, William N Teller Mt. Pisgah
Beauchamp, William G Chaffee Fairview
Beaudette, Joseph Francis Pueblo Mountain View
Beauregard, Tref A Chaffee Fairview
Beauvais, Wilfred Earl Pueblo Roselawn
Bebee, Abraham Denver Riverside
Becher, Henry J Montezuma Summit Ridge
Bechtle, Chester O El Paso Evergreen
Bechtle, John Jefferson Crown Hill
Bechtold, Truman M Weld Mountain View
Beck, B W Rio Grande Homelake
Beck, David D Denver Fairmount
Beck, G A Ouray Cedar Hill
Beck, Ira Earl Eagle Greenwood
Beck, J Albert Pueblo Roselawn
Beck, James L Pueblo Pioneer Cemetery
Beck, John Larimer Grand View
Beck, John B Denver Riverside
Beck, Joseph V Chaffee Poncha Springs
Beck, Niels C Jefferson Mount Olivet
Beck, William R Bent Fort Lyon
Beck G A Ouray Cedar Hill
Becker, A E Denver Riverside
Becker, Roscoe H Larimer Grand View
Beckert, Walter J Jefferson Crown Hill
Beckham, William J Pueblo Roselawn
Beckler, J C Lake Evergreen
Beckley, George Delta Delta
Beckman, John F Boulder Columbia
Becks, David El Paso Evergreen
Beckwith, George L Civil War Boulder Mountain View
Beckwith, Merton L Otero Valley View
Beddo, Horace Denver Fairmount
Beebe, David Jefferson Crown Hill
Beebe, George O Denver Fairmount
Beebe, Warden W Denver Fairmount
Beecham, George A Delta Cedarhill
Beecher, Albert R Arapahoe Littleton
Beeler, Daniel F Rio Grande Homelake
Beeler, Horace G Denver Fairmount
Beeler, Marvin R Otero Fowler
Beeler, Richard Mack Bent Fort Lyon
Beem, John Raymond Weld Linn Grove
Beeman, James Douglas Bear Canon
Beeman, Lafayette W Pueblo Roselawn
Beeman, Walter Pueblo Roselawn
Beeman, William H Larimer Lakeside
Beer, Alfred A Weld Mizpah
Beers, Louis V Denver Riverside
Beers, Ray Glenwood Weld Linn Grove
Beery, Herbert Britton Teller Sunnyside
Beery, William H Teller Mt. Pisgah
Beeson, Earl R Denver Riverside
Beeson, Jessie O Jefferson Crown Hill
Beetham, James Weld Linn Grove
Beezley, Wm. James (Buzely) Yuma Yuma
Beger, Andrew Kit Carson Fairview
Behm, William Chaffee Poncha Springs
Behney, Edward Denver Riverside
Behrens, Christian Rio Grande Homelake
Behrman, J H H Chaffee Mt. Olivet
Behrman, William F O Conejos Sanford
Beidler, David Z La Plata Hood
Belarde, Antonio Las Animas St. Joseph
Belcher, A J El Paso Evergreen
Belcher, Joseph D Chaffee Mt. Olivet
Belcher, O L Arapahoe Littleton
Belew, John W Otero Valley View
Belic, Stendle J Jefferson Mount Olivet
Beliserio, Victoriano Bent Fort Lyon
Belk, Henry Carl Denver Fairmount
Belk, Joseph Denver Fairmount
Belkowski, Ignatz Denver Fairmount
Bell, Benjamin A Arapahoe Mt. Nebo
Bell, Carson H Fremont Lakeside
Bell, Dallas R Jefferson Crown Hill
Bell, Dr. Sanford Lake Evergreen
Bell, Edward S Denver Riverside
Bell, Frank A Jefferson Mount Olivet
Bell, George Pueblo Mountain View
Bell, J W El Paso Evergreen
Bell, James W Boulder Green Mountain
Bell, James C Las Animas Masonic
Bell, James W Garfield Rosebud
Bell, John Las Animas Masonic
Bell, John G Denver Fairmount
Bell, John L Denver Riverside
Bell, John W El Paso Evergreen
Bell, Lorenzo D Las Animas Masonic
Bell, Sherman M Denver Fairmount
Bell, Stephen R. Kit Carson Seibert
Bell, Thomas M Denver Riverside
Bell, William A Grand Evergreen
Bella, H Bent Fort Lyon
Beller, Melvin E Bent Fort Lyon
Bellman, John Boulder Mountain View
Bellows, Keith Hyde Jefferson Crown Hill
Belmont, Harry (James)(Powell) Rio Grande Homelake
Belmont, Henry D Rio Grande Homelake
Beltran, Francisco Alamosa Alamosa
Beltz, Henry Clay Fremont Lakeside
Beman, Oliver Huerfano La Veta
Bement, Donald M Chaffee Fairview
Bemisdarfer, John S Rio Grande Homelake
Benanua, Moisses Bent Fort Lyon
Benbow, Thomas A El Paso Evergreen
Benckert, David H Jefferson Crown Hill
Bendell, R M Pueblo Pioneer Cemetery
Bender, Fred Logan Riverside
Bender, Louis Denver Riverside
Bender, Uriah Denver Riverside
Bender, William S (F.) Jefferson Mount Olivet
Benedict, George M Arapahoe Littleton
Benedict, Mitchell Denver Fairmount
Benefield, Hartsel Filmore Delta Eckert
Benell, Andrew J Pueblo Roselawn
Benfer, H W Denver Riverside
Benham, Frank H Pueblo Roselawn
Benjamin, Cerf Denver Fairmount
Benjamin, Edgar W Pueblo Pioneer Cemetery
Benner, James Levi Pueblo Roselawn
Bennett, Abraham Bent Las Animas
Bennett, Abraham Larimer Grand View
Bennett, Albert Rio Grande Homelake
Bennett, Calvin H Pitkin Red Butte
Bennett, Charles Bent Las Animas
Bennett, Charles G Conejos Old Manassa
Bennett, David R Denver Fairmount
Bennett, Ephraim B Otero Fowler
Bennett, F W Boulder Columbia
Bennett, George E Jefferson Crown Hill
Bennett, Gerald Webb El Paso Evergreen
Bennett, Guy E Otero Valley View
Bennett, H R Rio Grande Homelake
Bennett, Hiram Pueblo Roselawn
Bennett, Hiram R Delta Riverside
Bennett, J A Denver Riverside
Bennett, J A Rio Grande Homelake
Bennett, James A Larimer Grand View
Bennett, James Joseph La Plata Greenmount
Bennett, James Nelson Jefferson Crown Hill
Bennett, John J Jefferson Arvada
Bennett, Orlando E Conejos La Jara
Bennett, Reuben E Denver Fairmount
Bennett, Royal A Larimer Grand View
Bennett, W S (Dr.) Denver Fairmount
Bennett, William Boulder Mountain View
Bennie, Andrew Garfield Pioneer
Benninger, George Jr Denver Fairmount
Bennington, Manfred Jefferson Mount Olivet
Bense, George F Denver Fairmount
Benson, David T El Paso Evergreen
Benson, Gustaf Adolph Hinsdale I.O.O.F.
Benson, Harvey Montezuma Cortez
Benson, William Chaffee Mt. Olivet
Bentel, Jacob Larimer Lakeside
Bentley, Archie Cathelton Boulder Green Mountain
Bentley, Lanthus El Paso Evergreen
Bentley, William A Jefferson Crown Hill
Benton, Harry W Denver Riverside
Benton, James Denver Fairmount
Benton, Jesse T Larimer Grand View
Benway, Joseph William Logan Riverside
Berens, Herman P Denver Fairmount
Berg, Bernt J Weld Eaton
Bergan, Ole Jefferson Crown Hill
Bergemann, Walter B Pueblo Roselawn
Bergen, Peter C Boulder Valmont
Berger, Alexander Adams Rose Hill
Berger, Harrison Denver Riverside
Berger, John A Denver Fairmount
Berghausen, Charles V El Paso Evergreen
Berglund, John Denver Fairmount
Berglund, Oscar Garfield Rose Hill
Bergman, Charles W Pueblo Roselawn
Bergmann, Roy W Jefferson Mount Olivet
Bergstrom, Ernest E Denver Fairmount
Bergstrom, Eugenia Y Denver Fairmount
Bergstrom, S M Jefferson Golden
Berkel, G M Denver Fort Logan
Berkeley, C Boulder Columbia
Berkeley, Granville Boulder Green Mountain
Berkey, John M Denver Fairmount
Berkley, John James Boulder Columbia
Berlin, J C Chaffee Fairview
Bermer, Leonard W Larimer Lakeside
Bern, Dominic Denver Fairmount
Bernard, J G Rio Grande Homelake
Berner, Axel H Denver Fairmount
Bernhard, Phillip El Paso Evergreen
Bernhardt, John M Garfield Rosebud
Bernstein, Carl F Eagle Cedar Hill
Berry, Allen Crowley Lakeview
Berry, Frederick A Denver Fairmount
Berry, George W C Rio Grande Homelake
Berry, Reuben El Paso Evergreen
Berry, William Lake Evergreen
Berthelson, Soren C Conejos Sanford
Berthoud, Edward Louis Jefferson Golden
Bertolett, John C Arapahoe Littleton
Bertorello, Frank Joseph Montrose Cedar
Bertram, Jacob A Denver Fort Logan
Berts, Otto Bent Fort Lyon
Beshoar, Michael Las Animas Masonic
Besse, Alfred P Gunnison Gunnison
Bessol, Fred Boulder Green Mountain
Best, Harold David Otero Hillcrest
Best, James S Denver Riverside
Beth, Charles Las Animas Masonic
Betterton, George R Delta Cedar Hill
Betts, Robert D Denver Fairmount
Betts, William H Denver Fairmount
Bettys, Franklin M Jefferson Crown Hill
Beutler, Joe Williams Morgan Riverside
Bevans, E V Denver Riverside
Bevans, George El Paso Evergreen
Beye, Oral Andrew Mesa Municipal
Beyer, Oscar Wendell Jefferson Crown Hill
Beyreis, George Gottfried C Boulder Green Mountain
Bezden, Peter Jefferson Mount Olivet
Biays, Frank A Denver Riverside
Bickerton, John El Paso Evergreen
Bickett, J W Denver Riverside
Bickett, Thaddeus Civil War Las Animas Catholic
Bickford, Frank E Pueblo Roselawn
Biddle, Charles W Morgan Riverside
Biebel, Augustus G Gunnison Gunnison
Biebel, Charles Gunnison Gunnison
Bigelow, Clinton El Paso Evergreen
Bigelow, Joseph A Civil War Pueblo Beulah
Biggar, John R Arapahoe Littleton
Bigger, John F Jefferson Crown Hill
Biggers, Leonard El Paso Evergreen
Biggi, Albino Pueblo Roselawn
Biggs, Frank (Henry F) (Phillips) Rio Grande Homelake
Biggs, Samuel Martin La Plata Greenmount
Biggs, William Rio Grande Homelake
Bigham, Oliver F Denver Fairmount
Biglow, Ben S Garfield Rosebud
Bigsby, Bidney Washington Swan
Bilger, Robert Weld Hillside
Bilisoly, Walter E Denver Fairmount
Billeter, Martin Garfield Russey-Hurlburt
Billig, Annanias N Boulder Green Mountain
Billings, Edward Mesa Orchard Mesa
Billings, J S Montrose Cedar
Billingsley, Claude Hooper Mesa Orchard Mesa
Billingsley, Thomas J Denver Fairmount
Billmeyer, William C Moffat Craig
Bills, Albert Boulder Columbia
Bills, Carroll M Denver Fairmount
Bills, David L Rio Blanco Highland
Bills, Ellis S Weld Eaton
Bilmire, Noah Boulder Mountain View
Binder, George J Alamosa Alamosa
Binder, William Leslie Boulder Green Mountain
Bing, Lewis Edward Routt Oak Creek
Bingham, Dee C Mesa Elmwood
Bingham, Frank Pueblo Roselawn
Bingaman, Josephus Civil War Garfield Rose Hill
Bippus, John J Pueblo Mountain View
Birchard, Warren E Denver Fairmount
Bird, Lew W Denver Fairmount
Birdell, George Lewis Larimer Loveland Burial Park
Birdsall, Sylvester H Larimer Grand View
Birdsell, Ebenezer Boulder Hygiene
Birdsill, Isaac Larimer Greenlawn
Birmingham, Orlo W El Paso Evergreen
Birsbon, Edward Denver Fairmount
Bisack, Justin F Denver Riverside
Bisbee, Albert Pueblo Mountain View
Bisbey, Charles E Rio Grande Homelake
Bish, Benjamin Franklin El Paso Evergreen
Bish, John Washington Hyde
Bish, Orin O El Paso Evergreen
Bisher, Clarence E Denver Fairmount
Bishop, Ernest Pitkin Aspen Grove
Bishop, Fred R Baca Campo
Bishop, George A Prowers Riverside
Bishop, Harris M Bent Fort Lyon
Bishop, L G Mesa Orchard Mesa
Bishop, O H El Paso Monument
Bishop, Samuel Sidney Mesa DeBeque
Bishop, William Wesley El Paso Monument
Bissell, Frank G Denver Fort Logan
Bittman, Peter Denver Riverside
Bittner, Jacob Lake Evergreen
Bivens, C M Denver Riverside
Bivens, James W Denver Fairmount
Bivian, D Garfield Battlement Mesa
Bixby, Joseph Rio Grande Homelake
Bixby, Melbourne A El Paso Evergreen
Bixler, Andrew H El Paso Evergreen
Bjorkman, Ernest H Jefferson Crown Hill
Black, David B Morgan Riverside
Black, Earl F Boulder Green Mountain
Black, Elmer Sinclair Summit Valley Brook
Black, Harrison J Weld Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Black, Henry L Denver Riverside
Blackburn, Edgar A Jefferson Mount Olivet
Blackburn, James Thomas Fremont Union Highland
Blackburn, Joseph Boulder Columbia
Blackford, Charles B Denver Fairmount
Blackman, Harry Cornelius Mesa Cedar Crest
Blackmer, Frank Jay Denver Fairmount
Blackwell, Edward C Denver Riverside
Blackwell, Jerome Prowers Riverside
Blackwell, Vinton M Delta Riverside
Blades, Clyde B Rio Grande Del Norte
Blades, John Wesley Fremont Union Highland
Blagg, James Harvey El Paso Evergreen
Blain, Henry Adams Kiowa Arlington
Blaine, James G Rio Grande Del Norte
Blaine, John F Mesa DeBeque
Blaine, Stephen F Jefferson Crown Hill
Blair, Amos P Las Animas Masonic
Blair, C J Denver Riverside
Blair, D H Larimer Lakeside
Blair, George O Denver Riverside
Blair, J R Kit Carson Claremont
Blair, James M Delta Delta
Blair, Joseph Larimer Lakeside
Blair, S H Montrose Cedar
Blair, W H H Pueblo Mountain View
Blaisdell, Eaton P Rio Grande Homelake
Blaisdell, Fredrick Rio Grande Homelake
Blake, Albert S Lake Evergreen
Blake, Albyn B Denver Fairmount
Blake, Charles E Jefferson Golden
Blake, Ezra Baca (Killed in France)
Blake, Fletcher A Denver Fairmount
Blake, George W Denver Riverside
Blake, Harry Denver Riverside
Blake, Henry A Huerfano Gardner
Blake, John C Larimer Loveland Burial Park
Blake, John Joseph Bent Fort Lyon
Blake, Walter F Denver Fairmount
Blakeman, Junieus H Crowley Sand Arroyo
Blakeslee, H F Denver Fort Logan
Blakesley, F M Phillips Holyoke
Blakey, George W Teller Mt. Pisgah
Blakley, Andy P Denver Fairmount
Blakley, Nelson D Otero Mountainview
Blamey, Joseph Moffat Craig
Blancflor, M Bent Fort Lyon
Blanchard, A K Denver Calvary
Blanchard, Henry E Mesa Masonic
Blanchard, Perry William Fremont Lakeside
Blanchard, Timothy W Boulder Green Mountain
Bland, Harry Dalton Otero Fairview
Blankenmeyer, Harry A (Brown) Jefferson Mount Olivet
Blankenship, George W El Paso Evergreen
Blatherwich, Charles Eugene Jefferson Crown Hill
Blatnick, Jacob A Pueblo Roselawn
Blattner, William A Arapahoe Littleton
Blecher, George W Arapahoe Littleton
Bleeker, J C La Plata Greenmount
Blevins, DeLester Jefferson Crown Hill
Blevins, Henry J Garfield Rose Hill
Blevins, William Denver Fort Logan
Blineberry, Albert Gunnison Gunnison
Blinn, Warren G Otero Valley View
Bliss, John Denver Riverside
Blix, Anthony J El Paso Evergreen
Blocksom, Jerry N Jefferson Mount Olivet
Blodgett, Archie Raymond Jefferson Crown Hill
Blodgett, M F Rio Grande Homelake
Blonger, Lou H Denver Fairmount
Blood, Alfred O Denver Fairmount
Blood, Harry N El Paso Evergreen
Bloom, Lemley D Jefferson Mount Olivet
Bloom, Lemuel D Gilpin Catholic
Bloomfield, Ira J Rio Grande Monte Vista
Bloomgreen, Niels J Chaffee Fairview
Bloomquist, Oscar T Boulder Columbia
Blore, William K Boulder Mountain View
Bloss, Josiah Lake Evergreen
Blossom, Joe C Garfield Rosebud
Blotiaux, Leon Jr Garfield Rosebud
Bludworth, Robinson Edward Las Animas Masonic
Blue, Howard G Weld Linn Grove
Blue, Jesse M Arapahoe Littleton
Blue, John El Paso Peyton
Blue, Milton Boulder Mountain View
Blum, Justus W Las Animas Knights of Pythias
Blumberg, Frederick Delta Delta
Blumenthal, William M Weld Evans
Blunden, Paul J Denver Riverside
Blunn, Philip Las Animas Masonic
Blunt, John E Douglas Bear Canon
Blunt, Nathan F Weld Linn Grove
Blurton, John Jr Saguache Villa Grove
Blyler, John Adams Elmwood
Boardman, John F Jefferson Mount Olivet
Boarman, Joe Jr Denver Fairmount
Bobbitt, William Dell El Paso Evergreen
Boblett, Jacob Jefferson Golden
Bock, Arthur P Jefferson Crown Hill
Bodefelt, George H Denver Fairmount
Bodenburg, Carl H Bent Fort Lyon
Body, Enock Arapahoe Littleton
Body, George Denver Riverside
Body, John Arapahoe Littleton
Boeber, Moritz Denver Riverside
Boehme, Charles H Jefferson Crown Hill
Bogdan, John Jefferson Mount Olivet
Boggs, Abner S Yuma Eckley
Boggs, Henry Clay Morgan Riverside
Boggs, James F Denver Riverside
Boggs, John L Pueblo Beulah
Boggs, Lorain Denver Fairmount
Boggs, Walter D Bent Las Animas
Bohan, John Rio Grande Homelake
Bohanan, Doyle Denver Fairmount
Bohannon, J M Otero Fowler
Bohlmann, John H Denver Riverside
Bohnenberger, F Denver Riverside
Bohrer, Elijah Yuma Grandview
Bohrman, Louis El Paso Evergreen
Boitz, Jacob Pueblo Mountain View
Bold, Frank B El Paso Evergreen
Bolen, Henry C F J Mesa Orchard Mesa
Boles, Joshua W Jefferson Crown Hill
Bolevich, Jack Yonko Montezuma Cortez
Bolin, Edward Denver Riverside
Bolinger, HG Otero Mountainview
Bolinger, Jacob B Prowers Fairmount
Bolschoun, Herman Jefferson Golden Hill
Bolst, Carl Jefferson Mount Olivet
Bolstad, Salmar P Denver Fairmount
Bolt, Charles O Garfield Rosebud
Bolt, Isaac S Jefferson Crown Hill
Bolton, Francis L Boulder Green Mountain
Bomboy, William F Rio Grande Homelake
Bomka, Otto Denver Riverside
Bond, Joseph M Chaffee Fairview
Bond, William A Lake Evergreen
Bondurant, Silas A Chaffee Fairview
Bondurant, Silas A Rio Grande Homelake
Bondy, William A Lake St. Joseph's
Bone, Joseph G Boulder Green Mountain
Bone, Norman T Denver Fairmount
Bonham, Alonzo McClellan Bent Las Animas
Bonnell, Charles E Jefferson Crown Hill
Bonner, Allison F (Boyer) Arapahoe Littleton
Bonner, Orlando Rio Grande Monte Vista
Bonner, Quentin D Lake Evergreen
Bonner, Rawlin H El Paso Fairview
Bonner, Rollin Edward Boulder Mountain View
Bonnett, William C Denver Fairmount
Bonney, Oliver D Denver Fairmount
Book, Clarence Eugene Jefferson Crown Hill
Boomer, Linus Howard Bent Las Animas
Boomer, Willard Mortimer Weld Linn Grove
Boon, D C Chaffee Poncha Springs
Boon, George H Chaffee Poncha Springs
Boon, Hugh C Chaffee Poncha Springs
Boon, S C Chaffee Poncha Springs
Boone, Aleston J S Bent Fort Lyon
Boone, Sterling P Denver Fairmount
Booth, Claude M Douglas Cedar Hill
Booth, Edward Denver Riverside
Booth, I E Denver Riverside
Boothe, Isaac E Denver Riverside
Boothroyd, John Rio Grande Homelake
Booz, William B Denver Fairmount
Borelli, John Jefferson Mount Olivet
Boren, Herchel B Kit Carson Seibert
Borja, Pedro Luis Bent Fort Lyon
Boroughs, A Frank Denver Fairmount
Borrego, Jose Las Animas Catholic
Borstadt, George Denver Fairmount
Boss, Charles W Rio Grande Homelake
Boston, Frank Eagle Cedar Hill
Boston, Grover C Weld Linn Grove
Bostronm Conrad Jr Larimer Lakeside
Bostwick, Theodore H Denver Fairmount
Bostwick, W F Denver Riverside
Bosworth, Hezekiah P Arapahoe Littleton
Bosworth, Marcus Denver Riverside
Bothell, Lawrence F Weld Linn Grove
Botkin, C D Rio Grande Homelake
Bott, Anthony El Paso Fairview
Bottenfield, Shadrach M Gunnison Jack's Cabin
Bottoms, G M Boulder Columbia
Bottorff, Andrew J Garfield Divide Creek
Botu, George Crowley Sand Arroyo
Boucher, John Denver Riverside
Boughtin, George A Moffat Craig
Bounds, Benjamin F Boulder Columbia
Bourgoin, Joseph F El Paso Evergreen
Bourne, Henry H Chaffee Mt. Olivet
Bourquin, Adolph Teller Mt. Pisgah
Boutell, Paul Bent Fort Lyon
Boutwell, Charles N Kiowa Towner
Boutwell, Lafayette Rio Grande Monte Vista
Boutwell, Major Rio Blanco Highland
Boutwell, Thomas P Jefferson Crown Hill
Bovie, Eugene Frederick Jefferson Crown Hill
Boving, William Civil War Boulder Columbia
Bowen, Daniel Denver Riverside
Bowen, Edward Bent Fort Lyon
Bowen, Fred Garfield Rosebud
Bowen, George M Lake Evergreen
Bowen, John Montezuma Cedar Grove
Bowen, Joseph H Las Animas Masonic
Bowen, Thomas Jr Las Animas Masonic
Bowen, Thomas Meed Pueblo Roselawn
Bowen, William H Garfield Highland
Bowerman, Silas P Fremont New Hope
Bowers, Jacob Jefferson Crown Hill
Bowers, Jacob Y Boulder Green Mountain
Bowers, John W Denver Riverside
Bowers, Joseph H Mesa Masonic
Bowers, L H Montrose Cedar
Bowers, Phillip Rio Grande Monte Vista
Bowers, Siras A Rio Grande Homelake
Bowers, Thomas Rio Grande Homelake
Bowker, Carl W Denver Fairmount
Bowlby, James S Fremont Lakeside
Bowler, Joseph El Paso Evergreen
Bowles, John Charles Denver Fairmount
Bowlin, James Denver Riverside
Bowling, Charles D Rio Grande Homelake
Bowman, Adolfo Las Animas Burro Canon
Bowman, Andrew Gus La Plata Greenmount
Bowman, Charles William Mesa Municipal
Bowman, Cyrus B Pueblo North Side Masonic
Bowman, John D Denver Riverside
Bowman, John H El Paso Evergreen
Bowman, John R Prowers Sunnyslope
Bowman, Thomas Evans La Plata Greenmount
Bowring, DH Chaffee Poncha Springs
Bowser, Clifford H Denver Fairmount
Box, Thomas Sherman Montrose Cedar
Boyce, Charles B La Plata Greenmount
Boyce, Harvey W Pitkin Fairview
Boyd, David Weld Linn Grove
Boyd, Edward A Conejos Antonito
Boyd, Elwood S Jefferson Crown Hill
Boyd, John Denver Riverside
Boyd, William Jefferson Crown Hill
Boye, August C Weld Linn Grove
Boyer, Allison F (Bonner) Arapahoe Littleton
Boyer, Oscar H Bent Fort Lyon
Boyer, Richard R Bent Fort Lyon
Boyes, George W Yuma Grandview
Boyle, Frank R Denver Fairmount
Boyle, Joseph Jefferson Mount Olivet
Boyle, Robert La Plata Greenmount
Boyle, William T Pueblo Mountain View
Boyles, Carl Leroy Kit Carson Fairview
Boyles, George Las Animas Masonic
Boyles, William Neally Kit Carson Fairview
Boynton, Theo E Denver Riverside
Boytden, C A (Boyden) Las Animas Hicks
Brackett, Ozro Civil War Douglas Franktown
Bracy, William Haynes Boulder Green Mountain
Bradbury, Daniel Mesa

I.O.O.F. Orchard Mesa

Bradbury, James Marion Fremont Greenwood
Bradbury, Thomas Rio Grande Homelake
Braddick, Alexander B Denver Fairmount
Braddock, Calvin Jefferson Crown Hill
Braden, Archibald Clarence El Paso Evergreen
Bradfield, William Brooks Pueblo Roselawn
Bradfield, Zachariah Boulder Columbia
Bradford, Charles Boulder Lyons
Bradford, Daniel Webster Boulder Columbia
Bradford, George T Adams Elmwood
Bradford, Joseph Bent Las Animas
Bradish, Levi Mesa Orchard Mesa
Bradley, Basil Graham Jefferson Crown Hill
Bradley, Charles Boulder Nederland
Bradley, Daniel Perry Pueblo Mountain View
Bradley, George H Jefferson Crown Hill
Bradley, Harvey A Jefferson Crown Hill
Bradley, Joal S Rio Grande Homelake
Bradley, Lemuel Gilpin Dory Hill
Bradley, Robert El Paso Evergreen
Bradley, Thomas Delta Delta
Bradley, William C Rio Grande Homelake
Bradley, William G Rio Grande Homelake
Bradley, William Perry Pueblo Mountain View
Bradman, Samuel H El Paso Evergreen
Bradshaw, W S Denver Riverside
Bradway, Amos J Pueblo Pioneer Cemetery
Brady, Charles William Adams Elmwood
Brady, Edmund Boulder Green Mountain
Brady, Harry J Denver Fairmount
Brady, James Denver Riverside
Brady, James Gleason La Plata Greenmount
Brady, John Joseph Prowers Riverside
Brady, Joseph P Bent Fort Lyon
Brady, Thomas L (Beady) Denver Fort Logan
Bragg, Hiram O Rio Grande Del Norte
Braiden, Louis W Conejos La Jara
Brainard, Cyrus W Fremont Union Highland
Brainard, Tony J Jefferson Mount Olivet
Braithwood, Peter Fremont Lakeside
Brajkovich, Matt Las Animas Catholic
Brakton, Edward Lake Evergreen
Braman, Isaac E El Paso Fairview
Bramer, Edward J Boulder Columbia
Bramwood, William Boulder Mountain View
Brand, Charles D Denver Fairmount
Brand, George Denver Riverside
Brand, George Denver Fairmount
Brand, Michael H Pitkin Red Butte
Brander, James Rio Grande Homelake
Brandhagen, Willie B Denver Fairmount
Brandonisio, Nicola Bent Fort Lyon
Brandt, Knud A Denver Fairmount
Brandt, Lucas Larimer Lakeside
Brandt, Willard Harold Denver Fairmount
Branham, Orlando C El Paso Evergreen
Brann, Matthew A Denver Fairmount
Brannen, Andrew El Paso Evergreen
Brannon, Alfred C R Denver Fairmount
Brannon, Ira W Jefferson Crown Hill
Brannon, James Gunnison Pitkin
Branot, Frank Denver Fort Logan
Branscomb, Charles H Otero Mountainview
Branson, Albert Harold Las Animas Masonic
Branstetter, Marble James Bent Fort Lyon
Brantzel, Phillip H Pueblo Mountain View
Branvold, Karenus Jefferson Crown Hill
Brash, David E Boulder Green Mountain
Brasher, Lewis B Denver Fairmount
Brasnell, Frank E (Brasuell) Denver Fort Logan
Braud, Adolph Bent Fort Lyon
Braun, John Saguache Hillside
Braun, John G Crowley Lakeview
Braun, Perl Edward Denver Fairmount
Brawner, Creed H Jefferson Crown Hill
Brawner, George F La Plata Greenmount
Bray, Harry E Denver Fairmount
Bray, Joe J Denver Fairmount
Bray, Joseph H Lake Evergreen
Bray, Nathan J Baca Springfield
Brayton, Elijah Pueblo Roselawn
Brazee, A W Denver Fairmount
Breckenridge, Walter R (Dr.) Yuma Yuma
Breece, Horatio Fremont New Hope
Breed, G T Pueblo North Side - I.O.O.F.
Breeding, Samuel B Bent Fort Lyon
Breen, James A Jefferson Mount Olivet
Breen, James T Denver Fort Logan
Breen, John D Garfield Rosebud
Brehm, John George Boulder Green Mountain
Breidenfeld, Albert J Otero Valley View
Brekhan, Peter Rio Grande Homelake
Bren, Robert R Denver Emanuel
Brenbarger, Levi Boulder Mountain View
Brennaman, Martin Rio Grande Homelake
Brennan, Conrad J Bent Las Animas
Brennan, James Pitkin Red Butte
Brennan, Peter J Denver Fairmount
Brennen, James El Paso Evergreen
Bretlinger, Joseph W Pueblo Mountain View
Breuer, Charles M Jefferson Crown Hill
Brewer, Albert P Fremont Greenwood
Brewer, Stanley Arapahoe Littleton
Brewer, Valentine G Gunnison Gunnison
Brewster, George W Jefferson Crown Hill
Brewster, Lewis C Denver Fairmount
Brewster, Thomas C Jefferson Crown Hill
Brice, Arminzy J (Bryce) Rio Grande Homelake
Brickell, Richard S Denver Fairmount
Bridge, Alfred Ely Baca Campo
Bridgeland, R R La Plata Animas City
Bridges, Percy G Denver Fairmount
Bridges, Tom Robert Larimer Grand View
Bridgford, Henry Jefferson Crown Hill
Bridwell, William Tecumseh Fremont Greenwood
Briels , Benjamin F Jefferson Crown Hill
Brier, Cyril R Jefferson Crown Hill
Briggs, Ambrose Las Animas Riffenburg
Briggs, Charles F La Plata Greenmount
Briggs, George W La Plata Greenmount
Briggs, George Wilson Jefferson Crown Hill
Briggs, Gilbert J La Plata Greenmount
Briggs, Spencer H Pueblo Pioneer Cemetery
Briggs, William S Teller Mt. Pisgah
Brigham, Elijah Las Animas Masonic
Brigham, G W Boulder Mountain View
Bright, Richard L Boulder Jamestown
Brightman, Wilfred F Routt Steamboat Springs
Bril, Pantaleon A Jefferson Crown Hill
Brinker, Arthur W Denver Riverside
Brinker, Benjamin Denver Riverside
Brinker, Isaac Denver Riverside
Brinker, Vern Larimer Grand View
Brinkerhoff, G V Gilpin
Brinkerhoff, George C Denver Riverside
Brinkley, Bert Boulder Mountain View
Brinkley, George E Boulder Mountain View
Brinkley, Robert V Denver Fairmount
Brinkley, W M Boulder Mountain View
Briscoe, Joe C Denver Riverside
Bristol, Norton P Jefferson Golden
Briston, John P Denver Fairmount
Brittingham, John P (William) Custer Silver Cliff
Britton, Andrew Delta Cedaredge
Britton, Eugene Denver Fairmount
Britton, Erasmus Rio Grande Homelake
Britton, John Teller Mt. Pisgah
Britton, Thomas Dugan Bent Las Animas
Broadbent, Frank Denver Fairmount
Broadstone, Henry El Paso Evergreen
Broadwell, Benjamin F Denver Riverside
Brock, Claude L Denver Fairmount
Brock, J D Gilpin Central City
Brock, John Wesley Denver Riverside
Brock, William T Mesa Elmwood
Brockway, Charles S Weld Linn Grove
Brockway, William H Weld Linn Grove
Brodegan, Melvin Leo Jefferson Crown Hill
Broderick, Lee Rossiter Jefferson Mount Olivet
Brodie, John C Boulder Lyons
Brokaw, Sam D Denver Fairmount
Brokaw, Theodore P El Paso Evergreen
Broman, Oscar F (M.D.) Weld Linn Grove
Brooke, David Z Mesa Mesa Cemetery
Brooker, William James Cheyenne Fairview
Brookhart, John C Baca Isolated soldier's grave
Brooking, R L Douglas Bear Canon
Brookover, Charles La Plata Bayfield
Brooks, Calvin M Rio Grande Homelake
Brooks, Clarence Bent Fort Lyon
Brooks, David G Weld Linn Grove
Brooks, Edward J Denver Fairmount
Brooks, Eli Jefferson Crown Hill
Brooks, Emory G Montrose Nucla
Brooks, George W Larimer Grand View
Brooks, Hamilton T El Paso Evergreen
Brooks, John Brodie Pitkin Aspen Grove
Brooks, John D Fremont Greenwood
Brooks, John W Denver Riverside
Brooks, Lewis Baca Minneapolis
Brooks, Marvin Thomas Arapahoe Littleton
Brooks, Perry C Jefferson Crown Hill
Brooks, Strange (Rev.) Mesa Masonic
Brooks, Wesley B Las Animas Masonic
Brooks, Wesley R Bent Wiley
Brooks, William H Boulder Mountain View
Brookshier, Newton James (N) Prowers Riverside
Brookshire, William Joseph Pueblo Roselawn
Broomfield, James M Otero Fairview
Brosemer, Lewis Frank Bent Fort Lyon
Brosius, George W Garfield Rose Hill
Broska, John Joseph Bent Las Animas
Brossard, Peter Logan Riverside
Brossman, D D Larimer Greenlawn
Brothers, H Vern Larimer Grand View
Brothers, Robert A Larimer Grand View
Brotherton, William A Pueblo Roselawn
Brott, David Larimer Lakeside
Broughton, Charles W Mesa Orchard Mesa
Broughton, Delmer Denver Fairmount
Broughton, Merl L Garfield Rosebud
Browder, E William Denver Riverside
Brown, Aaron Denver Emanuel
Brown, Adolph S Grand Hot Sulphur Springs
Brown, Alfred B Boulder Lyons
Brown, Andrew H Otero Fowler
Brown, Arthur H Bent Fort Lyon
Brown, Benjamin Boulder Rowena
Brown, Bert El Paso Evergreen
Brown, Charles Bent Fort Lyon
Brown, Charles Jefferson Crown Hill
Brown, Charles Arthur Cheyenne Kit Carson
Brown, Charles F Pitkin Red Butte
Brown, Daniel Webster Pueblo Roselawn
Brown, David J Mesa Crown Point
Brown, Edith Mattoon Larimer Grand View
Brown, Edward Rio Grande Homelake
Brown, Eler Larimer Greenlawn
Brown, Elijah Washington Akron
Brown, Eugene Harold (Dr.) Pueblo Roselawn
Brown, Felder Squire Delta Cory
Brown, Francis M Boulder Columbia
Brown, Frank A Pueblo Roselawn
Brown, Frank E Jefferson Crown Hill
Brown, Frank N Pueblo Roselawn
Brown, Frank W Boulder Lyons
Brown, George Baca Springfield
Brown, George Weld Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Brown, George Everette Washington Akron
Brown, George W Boulder Mountain View
Brown, George Allen Montrose Cedar
Brown, Gideon G Weld Lakeside
Brown, Harry A (Blakenmeyer) Jefferson Mount Olivet
Brown, Harry E Fremont Lakeside
Brown, Henry Edward Jefferson Golden
Brown, Henry K Fremont Lower Beaver
Brown, Henry T Arapahoe Littleton
Brown, Herbert E Denver Fairmount
Brown, Horace F Denver Riverside
Brown, Hugh A Mesa Elmwood
Brown, Isaac A Larimer Lakeside
Brown, J B Chaffee Fairview
Brown, J B F Denver Riverside
Brown, J J Las Animas Stonewall
Brown, J W Rio Grande Homelake
Brown, J W Chaffee Mt. Olivet
Brown, Jacob D Lake Evergreen
Brown, Jacob T Denver Fairmount
Brown, James A El Paso Evergreen
Brown, James Gerald Weld Linn Grove
Brown, James H Mesa Orchard Mesa
Brown, James O Bent Las Animas
Brown, James R Logan Riverside
Brown, James V Denver Riverside
Brown, Jay T Las Animas Masonic
Brown, Jesse Jefferson Crown Hill
Brown, Jesse C Delta Delta
Brown, John Clay El Paso Fairview
Brown, John Cunard Larimer Greenlawn
Brown, John H Hinsdale City Cemetery
Brown, John J Denver Fairmount
Brown, John Larkin Otero Fairview
Brown, John Park Mesa Mesa Cemetery
Brown, John W Pueblo Beulah
Brown, Jonathan C Washington Cope
Brown, Joseph N Mesa Orchard Mesa
Brown, Joseph Willard Denver Riverside
Brown, Josephus Yuma Grandview
Brown, Josiah Pitkin Red Butte
Brown, Josiah Edwin Fremont Lakeside
Brown, Judson T Adams Elmwood
Brown, Lawrence Bent Fort Lyon
Brown, Lewis S Pueblo Roselawn
Brown, Mathias M (Lt.) Prowers Hillside
Brown, Miles A Larimer Harmony
Brown, Orion R Denver Fairmount
Brown, Otto William Mesa Elmwood
Brown, Paul Denver Fairmount
Brown, Peter A Jefferson Mount Olivet
Brown, Ralph C Denver Fairmount
Brown, Richard H Jefferson Crown Hill
Brown, Robert Jefferson Crown Hill
Brown, Robert Sidney Sr. Mesa Orchard Mesa
Brown, Samuel Bent Fort Lyon
Brown, Samuel Douglas Spring Valley
Brown, Stephen W Prowers Riverside
Brown, Sylvester J Jefferson Crown Hill
Brown, Thomas Jefferson La Plata Greenmount
Brown, Vasco Eugene Fremont Union Highland
Brown, Walter Otero Fairview
Brown, Webster Las Animas Knights of Pythias
Brown, Wheeler J Denver Fort Logan
Brown, Willard Leighton Routt Yampa
Brown, William E Pueblo Roselawn
Brown, William G Pueblo Roselawn
Brown, William H Otero Valley View
Brown, William L Denver Fairmount
Brown, William T Las Animas Knights of Pythias
Brown, William W El Paso Evergreen
Brown, Willis A Montrose Olathe
Brown, Zachary Taylor Denver Fairmount
Browne, William Denver Fairmount
Brownell, David G Jefferson Mount Olivet
Brownell, George Peter Jefferson Mount Olivet
Brownell, James W Otero Fowler
Brownell, Jesse Jefferson Crown Hill
Brownell, Job E Weld Linn Grove
Brownell, Reuben H Rio Grande Homelake
Brownfield, Ellis Bent Las Animas
Browning, Alexander W Arapahoe Littleton
Browning, Isaac Richard Otero Fowler
Browning, John Wiley Otero Hillcrest
Browning, Lewis D Yuma Armel
Brownlee, George Rio Grande Homelake
Brownlee, Scott Morgan Riverside
Brownley, Ebenezer L Morgan Brush
Brownyard, Theodore D Montrose Grand View
Broxton, Walter L Denver Fairmount
Broyles, Charles E Conejos Antonito
Broyles, James Rio Grande Monte Vista
Broyles, Joseph H Weld Linn Grove
Brubaker, John A Mesa Orchard Mesa
Brubaker, John W Weld Evans
Bruce, Asa J San Miguel Norwood
Bruce, David R Jefferson Crown Hill
Bruce, Earl M Denver Fairmount
Bruce, George A Denver Riverside
Bruce, H M Weld Mizpah
Bruce, Henry Clay El Paso Evergreen
Bruce, J P Huerfano La Veta
Bruce, John Alexander Civil War Jefferson Arvada
Brucker, Joseph Denver Fort Logan
Brumley, John H Montezuma Peoples
Bruner, John B Larimer Lakeside
Bruner, S W Denver Riverside
Brunhalle, E F El Paso Evergreen
Brunmeier, F William Weld Sunnydale
Brunner, Henry H El Paso Evergreen
Bruno, Lester S Denver Riverside
Brunson, Almon A Morgan Riverside
Brunson, Glenn A Weld Home of Peace
Brunton, William Denver Fairmount
Brush, Sterling R Weld Linn Grove
Bryalbo, Blas Rio Grande Homelake
Bryan, Edwin R Weld Linn Grove
Bryan, George W La Plata Ignacio East
Bryan, Robert Joseph Pueblo Mountain View
Bryan, William C Denver Fairmount
Bryan, William Jennings La Plata Ignacio East
Bryant, Arthur Denver Fairmount
Bryant, Charles Arapahoe Littleton
Bryant, Charles L (Johnson) Rio Grande Homelake
Bryant, Dell Bent Fort Lyon
Bryant, Isaac Smith Otero Fairview
Bryant, John Rio Grande Homelake
Bryant, John Grant (Dr.) Pueblo Mountain View
Bryant, Robert E Denver Fairmount
Brynie, Osmund A Denver Fort Logan
Buchanan, Edward Denver Fairmount
Buchanan, George W Fremont Lakeside
Buchanan, J A Pueblo Mountain View
Buchanan, J W Morgan Riverside
Buchanan, John Lake Evergreen
Buchanan, John Huerfano Masonic
Buchanan, W J Ouray Cedar Hill
Bucher, Earl J Weld Linn Grove
Buchite, Vernon L Delta Cedar Hill
Buck, Alonzo William Fremont Lakeside
Buck, David S (Rev.) Pueblo Roselawn
Buck, John W Pueblo Roselawn
Buck, Major Miles Chaffee Fairview
Buck, William Lake Evergreen
Buckbee, George A Denver Fairmount
Buckhannon, James Denver Fairmount
Buckholz, N Eagle Valleyview
Buckingham, John C Denver Riverside
Buckingham, R G (Dr.) Denver Riverside
Buckley, John A Boulder Mountain View
Buckley, William J Jefferson Mount Olivet
Budd, James O Otero Valley View
Budd, Joseph W Jefferson Crown Hill
Budd, Sylvanus Boulder Niwot
Budrow, Peter Denver Riverside
Buehler, Charles W Jr. Denver Fairmount
Buell, J O Denver Riverside
Buell, M D L Chaffee Fairview
Bueno, Ambrose Las Animas Jansen
Buffington, R S Lake Evergreen
Buffo, Baptist Boulder Louisville
Buffum, George W Weld Linn Grove
Buford, James A Denver Fairmount
Bulkeley, John A Mesa Orchard Mesa
Bulkley, Royal B Rio Grande Homelake
Bull, Charles H Denver Riverside
Bull, Elisha Lake Evergreen
Bull, Henry L Rio Grande Homelake
Bullard, Charles R Larimer Grand View
Bullard, Egbert D Larimer Grand View
Bullard, Evan Pueblo Mountain View
Bullard, John D Pueblo Roselawn
Bullington, Smith Dennan Fremont Union Highland
Bunce, Merle McCreery El Paso Evergreen
Bunger, Henry A Jefferson Crown Hill
Bunnell, Arthur H Jefferson Crown Hill
Bunnell, Thomas L Las Animas Masonic
Bunt, William Henry Arapahoe Littleton
Buntain, Thomas Douglas Bear Canon
Buntz, Charles SW Weld Evans
Burbank, Harold T Chaffee Mt. Olivet
Burbank, J K Jefferson Golden
Burbank, William F El Paso Evergreen
Burbridge, Albert James Otero Fowler
Burbulis, John S Jefferson Mount Olivet
Burch, Arthur H Jefferson Crown Hill
Burch, John La Plata Ignacio Ute
Burch, John (Bursh) Weld Linn Grove
Burchett, Herbert Ester Pueblo Roselawn
Burchett, Ovie Lloyd Bent Las Animas
Burck, Ernest C Denver Fairmount
Burd, Arthur S Rio Grande Monte Vista
Burdett, William H H Denver Riverside
Burdette, R C Larimer Lakeside
Burdick, Franklin O Boulder Green Mountain
Burdick, Josiah La Plata Greenmount
Burdsal, Caleb S (Dr.) Denver Riverside
Burford, William F Jr Arapahoe Riverside
Burgan, Charles Denver Riverside
Burgdorff, C W Denver Riverside
Burge, Wylie C Weld Hillside
Burger, Harry S El Paso Evergreen
Burgess, Albert Montrose Grand View
Burgess, Andrew C Larimer Grand View
Burgess, Schuyler M Denver Fairmount
Burgin, George Henry El Paso Evergreen
Burhans, Herman Jefferson Crown Hill
Burke, Alexander J Denver Fairmount
Burke, George E Jefferson Crown Hill
Burke, John H Jefferson Mount Olivet
Burke, John T Otero Valley View
Burke, Joseph M Crowley Valley View
Burke, Martin J (Wilson) Denver Fairmount
Burke, S W Conejos La Jara
Burke, Thomas Jefferson Crown Hill
Burkes, Thomas J El Paso Evergreen
Burkhalter, Walter Anthony Pueblo Roselawn
Burkhardt, John C Lake Evergreen
Burkhardt, Julius A Rio Grande Homelake
Burkhart, Charles E Denver Fairmount
Burkhart, Richard C Fremont Lakeside
Burkman, August L Lake Evergreen
Burkpile, Harry S Prowers Holly
Burks, Samuel J Garfield Rose Hill
Burlew, Walter El Paso Evergreen
Burnell, Samuel Lake Evergreen
Burnes, Almond Pueblo Roselawn
Burnett, George J Arapahoe Littleton
Burnett, William M Pueblo North Side - I.O.O.F.
Burnham, Almond B Denver Riverside
Burnham, Arthur J El Paso Evergreen
Burnham, Samuel Augustus La Plata Greenmount
Burnham, Thomas H El Paso Evergreen
Burns, Etson Denver Riverside
Burns, Francis R Jefferson Mount Olivet
Burns, George J Jr. Jefferson Mount Olivet
Burns, James D Mesa Elmwood
Burns, James F Mesa Orchard Mesa
Burns, James W Jefferson Mount Olivet
Burns, John Pueblo Beulah
Burns, John O Costilla San Francisco
Burns, John W Arapahoe Littleton
Burns, ,Oscar James Fremont Lakeside
Burns, Patrick X Yuma Grandview
Burns, Peter Lake Evergreen
Burns, Richard Boulder Columbia
Burns, Thomas J Denver Riverside
Burns, Thomas J Otero Fairview
Burns, Thomas S Denver Riverside
Burns, Wilbur James Weld Hillside
Burnton, William Denver Fairmount
Burr, Charles H Pueblo Beulah
Burr, James Hackelford Otero Valley View
Burr, Thomas Hinsdale City Cemetery
Burrell, Charles C Denver Fort Logan
Burrell, Jacob Yuma Grandview
Burrell, James Gilpin Central City
Burres, John Thomas Rio Grande Homelake
Burris, Charles L Denver Fairmount
Burris, John Thomas Jefferson Golden
Burris, Joseph Henry Otero Valley View
Burris, Oral Logan Riverside
Burritt, J Rio Grande Homelake
Burroughs, John F Pueblo Roselawn
Burrows, George H Denver Fairmount
Burrows, George S Denver Fairmount
Burrows, Roy T Larimer Lakeside
Bursch, George W San Miguel Norwood
Bursen, David El Paso Fairview
Bursh, John (Burch) Weld Linn Grove
Burt, Ethan Jefferson Golden
Burt, Irving H El Paso Evergreen
Burt, Thomas Denver Riverside
Burt, William Irvin El Paso Evergreen
Burtch, Asa E Huerfano La Veta
Burtner, Jeremiah V El Paso Evergreen
Burton, Edward W Gunnison Gunnison
Burton, F M Rio Grande Homelake
Burton, George P Denver Fairmount
Burton, Henry Clay Fremont Greenwood
Burton, Hiram S Civil WarJefferson Arvada
Burton, Robert W El Paso Evergreen
Burton, Seymore Moffat Craig
Busch, Fred G Denver Fairmount
Busclark, Claude O Bent Fort Lyon
Busey, George E Denver Fort Logan
Bush, Amos Denver Riverside
Bush, Arthur W Boulder Columbia
Bushnell, A C Pueblo North Side - I.O.O.F.
Bushnell, Charles W Rio Grande Homelake
Bushong, Earl J Bent Fort Lyon
Bushong, Victor Lee Jefferson Crown Hill
Buss, George E Larimer Grand View
Bussey, Harry M Pueblo Roselawn
Bussing, Robert Weld Linn Grove
Buster, Joe Las Animas Catholic
Buster, William Las Animas Catholic
Butcher, Eli Escridge Bent Las Animas
Butcher, G Washington Denver Riverside
Butcher, William Edward Pueblo Roselawn
Butierres, Luis El Paso Evergreen
Butler, Albert D Weld Linn Grove
Butler, Amos C Denver Riverside
Butler, Benjamin F Jefferson Golden
Butler, Frank Denver Fairmount
Butler, Fred D Jefferson Crown Hill
Butler, Henry Chaffee Mt. Olivet
Butler, J Lysle Jefferson Crown Hill
Butler, J M Las Animas Masonic
Butler, Joseph Denver Riverside
Butler, Lewis Jefferson Crown Hill
Butler, Moy Las Animas Masonic
Butler, Noble Baca Boston
Butler, Thomas Boulder Mountain View
Butler, William Boulder Mountain View
Butler, William A Pueblo Mountain View
Butt, William J Pueblo Roselawn
Butterfield, George F Denver Riverside
Butterfield, Phillip C Denver Fairmount
Butters, Alfred E Denver Riverside
Buttolph, Frank Ernest Delta Cedaredge
Buttolph, Hiram N Denver Fairmount
Buttorff, John H Larimer Grand View
Butts, Albert H Larimer Grand View
Butts, Daniel W El Paso Evergreen
Butts, Jerome A El Paso Evergreen
Butts, Lafayette M Yuma Grandview
Butts, William C Las Animas Masonic
Butts, William C El Paso Evergreen
Butzin, Ferdinand El Paso Evergreen
Buxtin, John H Weld Linn Grove
Buzan, Jules O Denver Fairmount
Buzely, James William (Beezley) Yuma Yuma
Buzick, Mathias Morgan Riverside
Buzzard, Francis W El Paso Evergreen
Buzzard, George F Pitkin Ute
Buzzard, Sylvester M El Paso Evergreen
Buzzell, Joseph Denver Riverside
Byers, George W Denver Riverside
Byers, John Yuma Grandview
Byers, Silas O Rio Grande Homelake
Byrne, George B Custer Silver Cliff
Byrne, Richard B Las Animas Masonic
Byrne, William Las Animas Masonic
Byrne, William Francis Jefferson Mount Olivet
Byrnes, Philip E Denver Fairmount
Byron, David El Paso Evergreen
Byron, Orra E Denver Fairmount
Byron, Patrick El Paso Evergreen
Byrum, T J Otero Valley View
Byxbe, Jasper C World War I Morgan Riverside