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WikiTree Guide to Little Known Presidential Facts

This page is meant to be a collection of interesting facts, trivia and coincidental occurances about the US Presidents.

In other words this is the source of information that we all wish we had found when we were forced to do reports on a the Presidents of the United States. Although some of this information may seem irreverent it only points out that in America we elect our presidents from the regular people not royalty.

This page is not yet complete (it may never be). As the WikiTree Presidential Project progresses we will endeavor to update and enlighten. If you have other facts which you would like to see included please provide a link with a source we just might include it. If you are interested in joining the Presidential Project please join our user group here. You may look at any presidential profile on WikiTree by simply clicking on this link.


Warning: ⚠ Some material not be appropriate for sensitive people


Nicknames that were in use during a President's term in office.

  • 7th President Andrew Jackson: The Hero of New Orleans for his military victory in the Battle of New Orleans and Old Hickory Allegedly given to him by his soldiers for being as "tough as old hickory."
  • 23rd President Benjamin Harrison: Small in stature he was only 5' 6" he earned the nickname of Little Ben.

Presidential Impeachment

Impeachment in the United States[1] is an expressed power of the legislature that allows for formal charges against a civil officer of government for crimes committed in office. The actual trial on those charges, and subsequent removal of an official on conviction on those charges, is separate from the act of impeachment itself.

Deaths on the 4th of July

Three presidents have died on the Fourth of July[2]. Adams and Jefferson died in the same year.

Left Handed Presidents

According to the website on presidential trivia the following presidents were all left handed.

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Unmarried Presidents

Presidents who were bachelors (unmarried, single) during all of their terms in office[4][5].

Assassination Attempts

There have been many assassination attempts[3] and plots on Presidents of the United States; there have been over 20 known attempts to kill sitting and former Presidents as well as Presidents-elect. Four attempts have resulted in sitting Presidents being killed:

Two other Presidents were injured in attempted assassinations:

Toughest Presidents

From a article on the 5 most Badass presidents of all time. Starting with number 5 and counting down.

  • 4th most Badass John F. Kennedy: Kennedy was a war hero that had been disqualified from service in the army. [8]
  • 3rd most Badass John Quincy Adams: As an 8 year old he was the man of the house and watched from his porch the Battle of Bunker hill [9]
  • 2nd most Badass George Washington: Washington was always at the frontlines in the many battles he took part in. He returned unharmed often without his horse(that had been shot) or, with bullet holes in his uniform. [10]
  • 1st most Badass Theodore Roosevelt: He was a cattle rancher, a deputy sheriff, an explorer, a police commissioner, the assistant Secretary of the Navy, the governor of New York, and a war hero. [11]

Write-in Candidate President George Bush; Immediately after the attack on Pearl Harbor George Bush joined the navy where he became the youngest aviator to date.[12]

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List of presidents that were also Freemasons[13].

Presidential Astrology

According to the Presidential Astrology on Neptune Cafe Web Site "Tabulating the Sun signs of the 42 presidents reveals nothing out of the ordinary". Check out the Signs of the Zodiac to see what sign your favorite president is.[14]

  1. ♈ Aries ⇒ Tyler Jefferson
  2. ♉ Taurus ⇒Buchanan Grant Monroe Truman
  3. ♊ Gemini ⇒ JFK Bush41
  4. ♋ Cancer ⇒ Coolidge Bush43 JQAdams Ford
  5. ♌ Leo ⇒ Obama Hoover Clinton BHarrison
  6. ♍ Virgo ⇒ LBJ Taft
  7. ♎ Libra ⇒ Carter Hayes Arthur Dwight
  8. ♏ Scorpio ⇒ Teddy JAdams Harding Polk Garfield
  9. ♐ Sagittarius ⇒ Pierce Taylor VanBuren
  10. ♑ Capricorn ⇒ Wilson AJohnson Fillmore Nixon
  11. ♒ Aquarius ⇒ McKinley FDR Reagan HHarrison
  12. ♓ Pisces ⇒ Washington Jackson Madison Cleveland

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Presidents without Military Service

The president of the United states is the Commander and Chief of the military yet no previous military experience is required. The following is a list of presidents that had no military experience prior to becoming president.[15]

Presidents without a college degree

Did not graduate from college:

Presidential Fraternities

Please visit the WikiTree Guide page for more information.

Religious Affiliations

The religious affiliations of Presidents of the United States can affect their electability. Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, William Howard Taft and Barack Obama were accused of being atheists during election campaigns, while others to hold the office used faith as a defining aspect of their campaigns and tenure. Read more on Presidential Religious Affiliations at Wikipedia]

✞ Baptist

Harding Truman (Southern Baptist) Carter (Former Southern Baptist) Clinton (Former Southern Baptist)

✞ Congregationalist

Coolidge John Adams (later Unitarian)

✞ Disciples of Christ

Garfield LBJ Reagan (also Presbyterian)

✞ Dutch Reformed

Van Buren Teddy Roosevelt

✞ Episcopalian

Washington Madison Monroe William Harrison Tyler | Taylor Pierce | Arthur | FDR Ford | H. W. Bush W. Bush (later Methodist)

✞ Methodist

Polk (originally Presbyterian) Grant (allegedly; his theology is unknown) | McKinley W. Bush (originally Episcopalian)

✞ Presbyterian

Jackson Polk (later Methodist) Buchanan Cleveland Ben Harrison Wilson Eisenhower Reagan (also Disciples of Christ)


Hoover Nixon

✞ Roman Catholic

John F. Kennedy

✞ Unitarian

John Adams John Q. Adams Fillmore Taft

✞ United Church of Christ

Obama (later no affiliation)[20]

No denominational affiliation

Jefferson Lincoln A. Johnson Grant Hayes Obama (previously United Church of Christ)

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States admitted by Presidents

During presidential administrations a listing of States and territories added. List is compiled from Wikipedia

1st President George Washington from April 30, 1789 to March 4, 1797
1st State Delaware December 7, 1787
2nd State Pennsylvania December 12, 1787
3rd State New Jersey December 18, 1787
4th State Georgia January 2, 1788
5th State Connecticut January 9, 1788
6th State Massachusetts February 6, 1788
7th State Maryland April 28, 1788
8th State South Carolina May 23, 1788
9th State New Hampshire June 21, 1788
10th State Virginia June 25, 1788
11th State New York July 26, 1788
12th State North Carolina November 21, 1789
13th State Rhode Island May 29, 1790
14th State Vermont March 4, 1791
15th State Kentucky June 1, 1792
16th State Tennessee June 1, 1796
3rd President Thomas Jefferson March 4, 1801 – March 4, 1809
17th State Ohio March 1, 1803
4th President James Madison March 4, 1809 – March 4, 1817
18th State Louisiana April 30, 1812
19th State Indiana December 11, 1816
5th President James Monroe March 4, 1817 – March 4, 1825
20th State Mississippi Dec 10, 1817
21st State Illinois December 3, 1818
22nd State Alabama December 14, 1819
23rd State Maine March 19, 1820
24th State Missouri August 10, 1821
7th President Andrew Jackson March 4, 1829 – March 4, 1837
25th State Arkansas June 15, 1836
26th State Michigan January 26, 1837
10th President John Tyler 4 April 1841 – 4 March 1845
27th State Florida March 3, 1845
11th President James Polk March 4, 1845 – Mar 4, 1849
28th State Texas Dec 29, 1845
29th State Iowa December 28, 1846
30th State Wisconsin May 29, 1848
13th President Millard Fillmore July 9, 1850 – March 4, 1853
31st State California September 9, 1850
15th President James Buchanan March 4, 1857 – March 4, 1861
32nd State Minnesota May 11, 1858
33rd State Oregon February 14, 1859
34th State Kansas January 29, 1861
16th President Abraham Lincoln March 4, 1861 – April 15, 1865
35th State West Virginia June 20, 1863
36th State Nevada October 31, 1864
17th President Andrew Johnson April 15, 1865 – March 4, 1869
37th State Nebraska March 1, 1867
18th President Ulysses S. Grant March 4, 1869 – March 4, 1877
38th State Colorado August 1, 1876
23rd President Benjamin Harrison March 4, 1889 – March 4, 1893[21] 
39/40th States North & South Dakota on November 2, 1889[22]
41st State Montana on November 8, 1889
42nd State Washington on November 11, 1889
43rd State Idaho on July 3, 1890
44th State Wyoming on July 10, 1890
24th President Grover Cleveland March 4, 1893 – March 4, 1897
45th State Utah January 4, 1896
26th President Theodore Roosevelt September 14, 1901 – March 4, 1909
46th State Oklahoma November 16, 1907
27th President William Howard Taft March 4, 1909 – March 4, 1913
47th State New Mexico January 6, 1912
48th State Arizona February 14, 1912
34th President Dwight Eisenhower January 20, 1953 – Jan 20, 1961
49th State Alaska January 3, 1959
50th State Hawaii August 21, 1959

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Lincoln–Kennedy Coincidences

After President Kennedy was assassinated people began to look at past presidential assassinations possibly to make sense of what had happened. As the list of coincidences grew the list became extremely popular. These coincidences have become part of our urban folklore even though many so called facts have been debunked.

Here is a partial list. Make your own decision:

  • Both presidents were elected to the presidency in '60.
  • Both presidents were elected to the House of Representatives in '46.
  • Both were runners-up for the party's nomination for vice-president in '56.
  • Both their Vice Presidents and successors were Southern Democrats named Johnson who were born in '08.
  • Both presidents were concerned with the problems of black Americans and made their views strongly known in '63. Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation in 1862, which became law in 1863. In 1963, Kennedy presented his reports to Congress on Civil Rights, and the same year was the famous March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.
  • Both presidents were shot in their heads.
  • Both presidents were shot from behind.
  • Both presidents were shot in presence of their wives.
  • Both presidents were shot on a Friday.
  • Both presidents were accompanied by another couple.
  • The male companion of the other couple was wounded by the assassin.
  • Both presidents had a son die during their presidency.
  • Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth at Ford's Theatre; Kennedy was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald in a Lincoln automobile, made by Ford.
  • Lincoln had a secretary named Kennedy who told him not to go to the theatre; Kennedy had a secretary named Evelyn Lincoln who warned him not to go to Dallas.
  • Both presidents' last names have 7 letters.
  • Both presidents have five syllables in their full name (which counts Kennedy's middle initial).
  • There are 6 letters in each Johnson's first name.
  • Booth ran from a theatre to a warehouse; Oswald ran from a warehouse to a theatre.
  • Both assassins have 3-word and 15-letter names.
  • Both assassins were born in the late '30s.
  • Both assassins were southerners who sympathized with organizations that were adversarial to the United States.
  • Both assassins were killed within the same calendar month before they could be put on trial.
  • Both assassins were killed in states located immediately west of the states of their births
  • Both presidents died too soon Burke-1008 21:08, 26 November 2012 (EST)

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Related Presidents

Are the US Presidents part of a royal family? Which presidents are related to each other. According to a 12 year old Girl from Salinas CA all US presidents bar one are directly descended from a medieval English king. Only the eighth president, Martin Van Buren, was not related. If you are interested read full article here. Click on the Presidents then click on their tree to see more.

Direct Descendants:

Indirectly the following are all second cousins:

2nd Cousins James Madison and Zachary Taylor
Zachary Taylor's paternal grandfather, also named Zachary Taylor, and James Madison's paternal grandmother, Frances Taylor Madison were brother and sister

2nd Cousins James K. Polk and Zachary Taylor
2nd Cousins James Madison and James K. Polk (once removed)
2nd Cousins Thomas Jefferson and John F. Kennedy (six times removed)
2nd Cousins George W. Bush and Franklin Pierce (six times removed)

Other presidents are related more distantly.

Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt are 5th Cousins. Wife of FDR Eleanor is his very distant cousin
James Madison
half first cousin twice removed of George Washington

According to an article on[23] entitled U.S. Presidents Who Were Related to Each Other

George W. Bush (the 43rd president) is the son of George Bush (the 41st president).

John Quincy Adams (the 6th president) was the son of John Adams (the 2nd president).

Benjamin Harrison (the 23rd president) was the grandson of William Henry Harrison (the 9th president).

James Madison (the 4th president) and Zachary Taylor (the 12th president) were second cousins.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (the 32nd president) was a fifth cousin of Theodore Roosevelt (the 26th president). Genealogists have determined that FDR was distantly related to a total of 11 U.S. presidents, 5 by blood and 6 by marriage: John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Ulysses Grant, William Henry Harrison, Benjamin Harrison, James Madison, Theodore Roosevelt, William Taft, Zachary Taylor, Martin Van Buren, and George Washington.

According to a[24] all presidents are related to George Washington in some way. For instance President Obama is a ninth cousin six times removed.

Presidents without Direct Descendants

This is a list of presidents without direct descendants either because they had no (proven biological) children or, because their own children were dormant. Read more on Wikipedia

  • 4th President James Madison he and wife Dolley had no children together (they raised her sons from first marriage).
  • 7th President Andrew Jackson he and wife Rachel had no children together. They adopted three and were legal guardians for 8 more.
  • 11th President James Polk he and wife Sarah had no children together (they were the legal wards for the son of his brother).

Ex-Wives of the Presidents

There is only one ex-wife of a US president since there has only been one US President that has ever been divorced.

40th President Ronald Reagan divorced actress Jane Wyman in 1949[25]

Presidential Marriages in Foreign Countries

  • John Quincy Adams in All Hallows Parish Church, Barking, Essex, England, while he was posted there as a diplomat.
  • Theodore Roosevelt in London, England, (Second wife), while they visited there.

Presidents Married while in Office

  • John Tyler in New York City. (Second marriage)
  • Grover Cleveland in the White House. (First marriage -- Only wedding ever held in WH)
  • Woodrow Wilson in Washington, D.C. at bride's home. (Second marriage)


  1. Garfield could write Latin with one hand and Greek with the other
  2. Truman could throw a baseball with either hand
  3. Ford was ambidextrous Left handed sitting down and right handed standing up
  4. Single during part of their terms: John Tyler, Grover Cleveland, Benjamin Harrison, Woodrow Wilson. Tyler and Wilson lost their wives and remarried while in office. Harrison lost his wife but did not remarry while in office. Cleveland married for the first time in office.
  5. All but Buchanan were widowers
  6. Many reliable sources and historians stongly believe James Buchanan was gay including the web site salon.
  7. Andrew Jackson was the first president on whom an assassination attempt was made. Richard Lawrence approached Jackson with two pistols both of which misfired. Jackson proceeded to beat Lawrence near death with his cane until Jackson's aides pulled him off the assassin.
  8. George W. Bush never completed his National Guard stint, Bill Clinton dodged the draft, Grover Cleveland paid someone else to go in his place when he was drafted, but Kennedy beat the system by forcing his way into the navy.
  9. Adams kept himself fit, each morning he took a swift swim across the Potomac. He kept a pet alligator in the East Wing of the White House
  10. According to Thomas Jefferson, George Washing owned terrible temper leading to a violent rage such that the Iroquois Indians affectionately nicknamed Washington "Caunotaucarius," which translates to either "Town Destroyer" or "Devourer of Villages."
  11. Roosevelt strolled through the White House with a pistol on his person at all times, though, with his black belt in jujitsu and his history as a champion boxer, it wasn't like he really needed it. Roosevelt received letters from army cavalrymen complaining about having to ride 25 miles a day for training and, in response, Teddy rode horseback for 100 miles, from sunrise to sunset, at 51 years old, effectively rescinding anyone's right to complain about anything, ever again.
  12. During an attack, his plane encountered intense anti-aircraft fire; and was hit by flak resulting in an engine fire. Despite his plane being on fire, Bush completed his mission and released bombs over his target, scoring several damaging hits. Bush survied after waiting for for four hours in an inflated raft
  13. The Pennsylvania Masons maintain a website listing all members that were also Presidents of the United States
  14. The president's Suns are fairly evenly distributed among the twelve signs. From a statistical point of view, the astrologer should look for the anomaly, the numbers that break any expected distribution. The most represented Sun signs are Aquarius and Scorpio, with five presidents each. The least represented Sun signs are Aries, Gemini, and Virgo, with two each. These numbers are within expected statistical variance.
  15. During the unbroken stretch from the 27th to the 31st president it would be interesting to note if America was more or less agressively militaristic than when presidents had military service experience.
  16. Read the entire list of colleges attended on Wikipedia
  17. President W.H.Harrison attended college but never received a degree
  18. Abe Lincoln had only about a year of formal schooling of any kind
  19. Harry Truman went to business college and law school but did not receive a degree
  20. Note that the 1957 merger which formed the U.C.C. included the Congregational Christian Churches.
  21. The initial Congressional delegations from all six states were solidly Republican.[111] More states were admitted under Harrison's presidency than any other since George Washington's.
  22. Harrison refused to say which state he admitted first
  24. blog
  25. Ronald Reagan and Jane Wyman had three children together. They divorced shortly after the death of their prematurely born daughter Christine

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