Badges of Richard Underwood

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  • June 2019 Club 100
    June 2019 Club 100
    Made 100 or more contributions to our collaborative family tree in June 2019.
    1 Jul 2019

  • Honor Code Signatory
    Honor Code Signatory
    Signed the Wiki Genealogist Honor Code.
    1 Jun 2019 [Thank Richard for this]

  • Volunteer
    A genealogist who volunteered to help grow our shared family tree.
    1 Jun 2019
    UNDERWOOD: The main part of my family descends from John Underwood born at Atworth, Wiltshire in 1794. He had at least three sons, William Underwood born at Atford, Wiltshire in 1813, and George William Underwood born at Atworth in 1819, and Joseph Underwood born at Atworth, Wiltshire in 1823. ENGLAND: All but one branch of my family originate from England. WALES: One branch of my family originate in Wales.
    [Thank Richard for this]

  • GEDCOM Equipped
    GEDCOM Equipped
    Experienced with the GEnealogical Data COMmunication standard. Uploaded a GEDCOM for matching.
    1 Jun 2019

With 342 contributions this month, Richard has already earned the July Club 100 badge, to be awarded on the first day of August. Another 658 in July will upgrade it to a Club 1,000 badge.

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