Peter Roberts's FTDNA Y-Chromosome Test Details & Connections

FTDNA Y-Chromosome
FTDNA Y-Chromosome

Added by Peter Roberts on Feb 25, 2020.
BY173422 is a descendant of Z1041. 107/111 match with a Roberts from the Bahamas who is Z2041+. According to Z2041 appeared about 4,300 years ago. I1a2a = Z59, I1a2a2 = Z2041; I1a2a = Z59, I1a2a2 = Z2041: SNP tests reveal I am DF29+ Z58+ Z59+ Z60- Z382- (aka 1I1a2a per ISoGG 25 June 2013). A separated DYS385 a, b investigation by Biotix shows that I am 14 at 385a and 13 at 395b. A control exercise by biotix indicates my value at DYS459 should be 14. DNAFP: 725=30-30-30-32; DYF385=10-10; DYF399X=33c-23t-29c; DYF401=15,16; DYF371X=10c-12t-13c-14c; Values at 640-, 537, 446, 481 413a are less common in I1a. Thomas may be a descendant of a Thomas who is said to have sailed from Belfast, Ireland and shipwrecked in Abaco, Bahamas along with his brothers John and William, 462=12 & 511=9 which suggests SNP L22-. I am in Nordtvedt's I1-ASgeneric cluster.

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