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  2. Y-chromosome haplogroup: HV0
  3. Mitochondrial haplogroup: Not entered
  4. GEDmatch ID: Not entered
  5. yourDNAportal.com ID: Not entered
Allen, Anderson, Armstrong, Arnold, Baker, Baldwin, Barker, Bennett, Bigelow, Bock, Brooks, Brown, Campbell, Collins, Cook, Cooper, Crosier, Davis, Dennison, Dewey, Dewey, Duncan, Duncan, Ellis, Evans, Fannin, Fisher, Fowler, Franklin, Graham, Green, Griffin, Hall, Hamilton, Hawkins, Henderson, Howard, Hunt, Irwin, Johnson, Jones, King, Lawrence, Lee, Lewis, Linnen, Marks, Martin, Mason, May, McCleary, McCullough, McDonald, McIntire, Miller, Mitchell, Moore, Morris, Palmer, Parker, Patterson, Perkins, Perry, Pettz , Powell, Reed, Reeves, Robertson, Robinson, Root, Schaub, Smith, Stewart, Stokoe, Taylor, Thomas, Thompson, Turner, Wagner, Walker, Wallace, Weaver, Wells, West, White, Williams, Wilson, Wood, Young, Youngman, Zane

Duncan/Dewey family mutation: LXM1B (Nail-Patella Syndrome)

Test details URL: https://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Special:DNATests&u=9076138&id=1
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