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Follow these quick steps to send the virtual postcard (or select a different card). This is entirely free and private and there are no advertisements or pop-ups.

Choose postcard

Any image on WikiTree can be sent as a postcard. You can select one of the images below or click here to browse other e-cards.

Bright and Happy Birthday
Remembering Your Birthday
Best Birthday Wishes
Green Greetings
The Loveliest Daisy Postcard
Every Good Wish ... this Natal Morn
Greetings from WikiTree
Birthday Greetings Wire

First  Choose stamp

Check a button to the left of one of these postmarks.

Second  Enter delivery information

This information will only be used to send the card. No information will be saved or sold to spammers. That would be sleazy.

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Third  Add personal message

Fourth  Preview e-card

Click the button below to proceed. Your card won't be sent until you click the "send" button on the next page.