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8 May 2018
06:01: Jesse Haye edited the data for Jacoba Haye. (Merged Haye-60 into Haije-24) [Thank Jesse for this]
7 May 2018
20:01: B. W. J. Molier proposed a merge of Haye-60 and Haije-24 with a comment. [Thank B. W. J. for this]
21 Feb 2012
19:28: Jesse Haye rejected a match of Haye-57 and Haye-60. [Thank Jesse for this]
16 Feb 2012
13:30: Jesse Haye added Klaas Bierenbroodspot as spouse for Jacoba Haye. [Thank Jesse for this] 13:25: Jesse Haye created Jacoba Haye. [Thank Jesse for this]