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10 Aug 2018
08:51: Sheryl Moore edited the Biography for Curtis George Pringle (1892-1972). (corrected to lowest region category) [Thank Sheryl for this]
21 Jan 2018
01:20: Raewyn Vincent added an unmerged match of Pringle-483 and Pringle-472. [Thank Raewyn for this] 01:17: Raewyn Vincent edited the Status Indicators for Curtis George Pringle (1892-1972). [Thank Raewyn for this] 01:12: Raewyn Vincent edited the Biography, Death Date, Death Place and Status Indicators for Curtis George Pringle (1892-1972). (Added death month/year, possible death location and death source.) [Thank Raewyn for this] 01:05: Raewyn Vincent edited the data for Curtis George Pringle (1892-1972). (Added full birth date. Added marriage source and spouse's name. Edited unsourced category, shifted to Michigan. Added middle name.) [Thank Raewyn for this] 00:54: Raewyn Vincent edited the Biography, Birth Date and Birth Place for Curtis George Pringle (1892-1972). (Added birth month/year, birth location and US 1900 census record.) [Thank Raewyn for this]
16 Jan 2018
17:39: Sue (Gambie) Boutle edited the Biography and Gender for Curtis George Pringle (1892-1972). [Thank Sue for this]
26 Jul 2013
22:11: G (Pringle) P created Curtis George Pringle (1892-1972). [Thank G for this]