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27 Aug 2020
13:50: Richard Leach edited the data for Ithiell S Saunders (1833-1890). (Merged Saunders-10326 into Saunders-5079) [Thank Richard for this] 13:49: Richard Leach added Richard Leach as manager for profile of Ithiell S Saunders (1833-1890). [Thank Richard for this]
22 Aug 2020
01:20: Darryl Rowles proposed a merge of Saunders-10326 and Saunders-5079. [Thank Darryl for this]
20 Aug 2020
18:20: Darryl Rowles created Ithiell S Saunders (1833-1890). [Thank Darryl for this]