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8 Mar 2019
14:30: Rick Pierpont deleted a message from Rick Pierpont on the page for Simon Joseph Sherwood (1840-1914). [Thank Rick for this] 01:58: Pamela Kinder edited the data for Simon Joseph Sherwood (1840-1914). (Merged Sherwood-2978 into Sherwood-335: Clear duplicate.) [Thank Pamela for this]
30 Dec 2018
11:58: Rick Pierpont proposed a merge of Sherwood-2978 and Sherwood-335 with a comment. [Thank Rick for this | 1 thank-you received]
4 May 2018
15:55: Christine Ciaramella Luco Ms. adopted the profile of Simon Joseph Sherwood (1840-1914). [Thank Christine for this]
20 Jun 2011
03:47: Eddy Randall imported the data for Simon Joseph Sherwood (1840-1914) from errandall 20 Jun.ged [Thank Eddy for this]