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Here are up to 10 members who contributed to DUHON profiles in 2021. (Since counts are recalculated at the beginning of each month, this year's counts do not yet include contributions from the current month.) Click a number in the table below to see which profiles were edited. Click this icon list icon to see the top surnames to which a member contributed. See also: Top Contributors for 2021. This feature is in beta testing. Counts are subject to change. [more information]

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Contributing Member Profiles Edited
#1   Bjorkgren-1Joyce (Bjorkgren) Rivette list icon 27
#2   Harden-1880Denise (Harden) Jarrett list icon 17
#3   Ward-9858Stephanie Ward list icon 9
#4   Joseph Savoie list icon 3
#5   John Harris list icon 2
#5   Thobie-1Claude Thobie list icon 2
#5   Jessica (Smith) Bailey list icon 2
#5   Mercier-1491Marie Mercier list icon 2
#5   Coleman-14029Kelly (Coleman) Landry list icon 2
#5   Broussard-1650Michele Broussard list icon 2

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