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== Biography ==
''No biography yet.<ref name="ref_0">Profile created by [[Prince-4685 | Adrian Prince]] through the import of Adrian_Prince5_2020-08-09.ged on Aug 9, 2020. ''This comment and citation should be deleted after a short biography has been added and primary sources have been cited.''</ref> Can you add information or sources?''
== Sources ==
<references />
First Name
+ Sarah
Middle Name
+ Elizabeth
Last Name at Birth
+ Yates
Current Last Name
+ Galley
Other Last Name(s)
Preferred Name
+ Sarah
+ Female
Birth Date
+ 1854-00-00
Birth Location
+ Salford
Death Date
+ 0000-00-00
Death Location
Locked Status
Primary Photo
Background Image
() + William Yates (Yates-7092)
() + Elizabeth Yates (Howard-23223)
Status Indicator on Birth Date
+ guess
Status Indicator on Death Date
+ guess

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