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B-17 Crew shortly before they were shot down

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On 4 Oct 2013 wrote:

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The B-17G was shot down on May 12 1944 over Germany. 6 of 10 were killed including the whole front row. The story of the bombing mission is at (Alex's profile).

On 2 Oct 2013 wrote:

(Transcribed from the back)

(Top row l-r) Forest Corley, 736 W. Mooney Ave, Visalia CA. Tail Gunner. Paul B. Howard, 200 N Bubard, Charlotte NC. Ball Turrent. Carl T. Duff, 2716 Highland Ave, Cleveland TN. Top Turrent. Dyton W. Herrin, 256 S. Ann St., Ventura CA. Radio. Kenneth E. Elliott, Box 305, Wayne MI. Right Waist Gunner. Alexander J. Klecha, 72 Albert St., Garfield NJ. Left Waist Gunner.

(Bottom row l-r) Lt George L. Korty, 1024 S. 16th, Chickasha OK. Navigator Lt Gustaf J. Soderlund, 70 Kent Ave, East Prov[idence] RI. Co-Pilot Lt. Robert W. Lewis, 410 Second N.E., Mason City Iowa. Pilot Kenneth W. Foote, 1903 W. Holly, Phoenix AZ. Bombardier.

"Best Darn Crew in the ETO [European Theater of Operations]"

Censor: This picture was taken by: Public Relations Office, U.S. Army

On 2 Oct 2013 wrote:

Incredible. Very moving........

On 1 Oct 2013 wrote:

This is a great photo with a amazing story

On 1 Oct 2013 wrote:

Thanks for sharing this, Bob.

On 30 Sep 2013 wrote:

Amazing story. Thank you for sharing.


On 30 Sep 2013 wrote:

what a story, so glad that the picture and info found it's way home - heart-warming


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