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Helen Schuffman and grandchildren

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On 5 Aug 2017 wrote:

A beautiful, elegant family photo and a stilled moment of Time.

On 8 Mar 2017 wrote:

I love this ! It just reached out and grabbed me. I have sat here and stared at it for quite some time. Oh my gosh, such cute, cute little faces.

On 18 Oct 2016 wrote:

photo_of_week.gif This is the winner of the Family History Photo of the Week for 14 October 2016.

On 12 Oct 2016 wrote:

Helen Louise (Hinde Lena Rosenzweig) Schuffman was married, widowed, and married again in Poland. She had four children by her first husband and three boys by her second husband. Her eldest son immigrated from Poland to the US and then brought his mother and all her children to Chicago. This photo was taken in 1903 in Chicago and shows Helen surrounded by her grandchildren.

On 12 Oct 2016 wrote:

Scanned from family collection.

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When: 1903.

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