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.....I wish my executors to pay the sum of £10 to Mary Jane Alexander daughter of James Alexander. I name and appoint as my Executors Revd. J Rentoul of Clough my son William Crawford and James Alexander of Ballycraigagh. Signed by me this day of December 1874. Witnesses - William Alexander, John Gregg.

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....I direct that the stock, crop, and farming implements be sold and the proceeds of the sale with the amount of valuation paid by son William for the farm with all sums of money I may be possessed of at my death be divided equally between my son William, my daughter now Mrs Anderson, Betty, Mary Ann, Isabella now Mrs Curry and Sarah Jane now Mrs Alexander. I wish my daughter Betty now Mrs Anderson to get £23 pounds, less than any of my other children named and that she be paid the interest only of the sum accruing to her during her life and at her death her share be divided equally amongst her daughters with the exception of her daughter Anne now Mrs Pattison who is to get £8 less than any of the others. Cont.....

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Last Will and Testament of Robert Crawford of B'craigagh. I leave to the daughters, hereafter named, of my son George Crawford of B'craigagh the sum of ten pounds each. To Peggy Ann Crawford ten pounds. To Eliza Crawford ten pounds. To Isabella Crawford ten pounds. To Sarah Crawford ten pounds. To Mary Crawford ten pounds. To Nancy Crawford ten pounds. To Rose Crawford ten pounds. I direct that the farm at present occupied by me be given to my son William at a valuation. The Valuators to be Andrew Curry of Artnacrea. Revd. J Rentoul and Arthur Campbell of Clough. if my son William wishes he is to get the farm at £10 less than the Valuation of the above named valuators. Cont....

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