Share Stephen Sanders's Tree on Facebook

Extended families communicate on Facebook these days. Posting a family tree image is a great conversation starter and might get others to share information or old family photos. Here's more on shareable images and "cousin bait."

To share this family tree on Facebook:

  1. Click the "SAVE THIS TREE IMAGE" button below. Note where the image is being saved, e.g. to a Downloads or My Pictures folder on your computer. (If the tree appears cut off, don't worry. The image won't be. If you're using a Microsoft IE or Edge browser the save-image button will not work. Sorry. You could take a screenshot of this page or simply share the URL.)
  2. Open Facebook in a new window.
  3. At the top of Facebook's status/sharing box click the "Photo/Video" link and select "Upload Photos/Videos". Find the image where you saved it.
  4. Add text like this and click "Post":
    Stephen Sanders's family tree on WikiTree (@WikiTreeOfficial).

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