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New & Notable

Olivia Newton-John Profile of the Week: Beloved actress and singer Olivia Newton-John. Which Grease star is closest to you on our single family tree?

Queen Elizabeth II Previously: Queen Elizabeth II. Are you closer to Queen Elizabeth or one of her Prime Ministers?

Earlier features:

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Photo of the Week

Featured Family Photo: "Time for a Nap." Shared by Wayne Oldroyd.

Source-a-Thon: Our 7th annual 72-hour sourcing marathon starts Friday, September 30. Register now and be eligible for $4,000+ in prizes.

WikiTree Challenge: One star ... one tree ... one week ... what can we uncover? This week's focus: Mark Hamill.

Jan Hellier Member of the Week: Jan Hellier, a member of the Gloucestershire, Somerset and Dorset teams in the England Project.

"The county teams are always looking for others to join them and help make every profile well sourced, with a meaningful biography. It is very rewarding when you can give a profile a life story."

Alan Radecki Last week: Alan Radecki, a member of the US Southern Colonies and Black Heritage projects. His advice to new members:

"JOIN A PROJECT! Sure, if you want to just add your folks to the tree and go home, you can do that, but you're missing out on so much that this community has to offer. And you're missing out on resources that can really add valuable content to your own tree."

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YouTube video GenealogyTV did a video tour: "How to Use WikiTree."

For another member's perspective, see the "Welcome to WikiTree" video series.

Here's a member's introduction in verse: "One tree, two tree ...".

"It's been wonderful to experience how collaborative genealogy in WikiTree makes all of us better genealogists. Collaboration on our shared ancestors encourages us to share information and to hold each other to high standards." —Ellen Smith
member since 2014

"Before WikiTree, I was skeptical and discouraged about big one-single-trees because there were (are) so many errors, but WikiTree is different because it's collaborative, genial and there are people available to help resolve any issues." — Roberta Estes, blogger