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New & Notable

Jack London Profile of the Week: Jack London (1876-1916), author of The Call of the Wild and White Fang.

Frederick Douglass Last week: American abolitionist leader Frederick Douglass (Feb 1818 - Feb 1895).   [more examples of profiles]

Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week: "Hair!" uploaded by Jennifer Harrigan. [more family history photos]

Danielle Liard Member of the Week: Danielle Liard leads the Québec Team in the Canada Project and is a major contributor to Québécois projects and categorization. She loves the collaboration on WikiTree. "We often don't have access to all the same sources ... asking about something on G2G gets some amazing answers."

Margaret Summitt Last week: Margaret Summitt enjoys practicing Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness and making connections for others on WikiTree. She's a frequent participant in the casual weekend chats in G2G.   [more members & member quotes]

"It's been wonderful to experience how collaborative genealogy in WikiTree makes all of us better genealogists. Collaboration on our shared ancestors encourages us to share information and to hold each other to high standards." Ellen Smith
member since 2014