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Maggie Andersson
Born 1960s.
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Profile Improvement Voyager
Maggie has completed the Profile Improvement Project's Voyage

While I have stepped down as a Leader, I remain Project coordinator for Project Nordic sub-projects Sweden and Early Scandinavia Project.

If I do not answer emails within a few days, please post a comment on my profile for me to see. Google mail seems to send some WT mails to my spam folder.

I'm born, raised, and living in the west coast area of Sweden. I am currently working part-time as a genealogy researcher.

Would like to connect with others that share DNA and perhaps we could connect our branches of the big tree. Perhaps even some "unknown fathers" could be sorted out.

Most of my ancestors are from:

  • Älvsborg county parishes
    • Erska
    • Östad
    • Långared
    • Tranemo
    • Kilanda
    • Dannike
  • Skaraborg county parishes
    • Istrum
    • Eggby
    • Skånings Åsaka
    • Forshem
    • Fullösa
  • Jönköping county parishes
    • Ås
    • Bolmsö
  • Västmanland county parishes
    • Skinnskatteberg
    • Gunnilbo
    • Ramsberg
    • Köping

My known emigrants:
Karl Johan Andersson from Erska parish, Älvsborg county and his wife
Elin Elisabeth (Ellen) Englund from Nedre Ullerud parish, Värmland county (no DNA connection)

Johan August Berg

Anna Karlsdotter

Johannes Jonasson aka John B Johnson

Anna Sofia Lindgren

Anna Mathilda Andersson
Gustav Anders Andersson
Augusta Josefina Olsson

And perhaps the sailor who never returned home in 1920's. Don't know if he died in a foreign port or jumped ship and was not heard of again.

I'm also working on Swedish Nobles and Royals in cooperation with Project Sweden, trying to sort out the families and add info to their biographies. I guess it will be a commitment for the next ten years or so, there's a lot of profiles to clean up and connect to the big tree.


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Hello Maggie,

We know that you are busy. We recently left a message on your profile to check in with the Profile Improvement Project (PIP). If you would like to continue with the Project, please let us know.

We would like to hear from you with any ideas or suggestions. If you do not wish to participate in the Project, please let us know. If we don’t hear from you within 14 days we will remove you from the Project, but we will welcome you back at any time.


Debi Hoag and Kay Knight, Co-Leaders, Profile Improvement Project

Robin Shaules, Project Coordinator, Profile Improvement Project

posted by Kay (Sands) Knight
Dear Maggie,

The Profile Improvement Project (PIP) is performing a check-in with project members. Please review the following and let us know if you are content where we have placed you or would like to be more involved.

The Project operates in a team structure. There are currently three participant PIP Teams -- The Maintenance Category Team, the Unknowns Team, and the Biography Team. There is also the Voyage Team which guides new Voyagers. See the Profile Improvement Project Teams for a brief outline of each team.

You’re currently identified as a member of the Unknowns Team. Are you working on a particular group of unknowns? Are you happy with the Team you are on? If you are interested in working with a different Team, please let us know.

If you have not already done so, we invite you to join the email GoogleGroup and text chat Discord channel for our project. (You will need your Wiki ID for both). Neither is required; we also use the Profile_Improvement tag in G2G for Project announcements.

We thank you for all you do to help the Profile Improvement Project meet its goals. We would like to hear about the successes you’ve had and would also appreciate any feedback you have to help improve the Project. Please share your thoughts in a reply to this comment or via private message to one of us.

Sincerely, Debi Hoag and Kay Knight, Co-Leaders, Profile Improvement Project Robin Shaules, Project Coordinator, Profile Improvement Project

posted by Kay (Sands) Knight
Please add Sweden to locations on Andersson_Bure-3 Profile. It is generating suggestions for Scotland project since Bure is similar to Scotland locations and there is no country location in this profile's location fields.

Thank you. Linda PC for Scotland Project

Hej är jag släkt med Bernadotte jag är ny börjare
posted by Johan Hultberg
We have generations going way back in Skaraborg county, but I don't have any close YDNA matches and the few I have are 7 to 10 steps away. I've got a bunch of Swedish cousins at the DNA sites though. My guess is that my relatives probably had more daughters than sons or we just don't have many test takers. I was an Andersson until my Great Grandfather came to America. I have about five or six surnames also and I'm a G-L497 Subclade from a predicted G-M201 Haplogroup. I'm a mess. Are there any good genealogy text references for Skaraborg county that you use.
posted by Richard Hellstrom
Maggie ... please check out your gmail. I just saw your profile note - after I sent you a private message. There's no real rush. Swedish Guru help is needed for Johnsdotter-30. Went to correct her original birth name to Johansdotter (I now know that she was NOT Johnsdotter for sure) ... but found almost equally named son, mother, and father in 3 family units and also know that there is a private profile at Wiki with the same mix of names ... getting muddier by the minute. If necessary, please forward "need for help" on to someone who might be up to a challenge. I'm stuck.
posted by Karen Wendell
Hej Maggie,

Ja, jag har lagt till dessa för ett antal socknar i Jönköpings län. Vad betyder OPS? Om födda, vigda och döda inte skall tillhöra socken - hur tänker du nu? Har skrivet till sverigeprojektet ett antal gånger men inte fått något svar. Har själv jobbat med Sverigeprojeket sedan jag började på Wikitree. Fick ett hot från Missy Berryann om att jag skulle uteslutas, men jag fattar inte varför. Vet du? mvh Peter

posted by Peter Jonsheim
Hej Peter,

I did not threaten to expel you. These messages are not meant to be ultimatums, they are asking for people to respond. I personally sent all the private messages from everyone's personal profiles from September through December (and I kept track of them all in a database). Maybe it went to spam? I lose a lot of Email in my spam folder. I look a lot more often now.

So we are trying to figure out what happened, and make sure those we have not heard from in a long time are still wanting to stay in the project.

Please message me if you would like to stay in the Sweden subproject.


Missy (Berryann-1)

Co-Leader, Nordic Project

posted by Missy Berryann
edited by Missy Berryann
OPS står för OnePlace Study. Kolla gärna denna sidan för projektet

På vilken adress har du skrivit till Sverigeprojektet? Även om Sverige nu är ett underprojekt till Nordic så kollas fortfarande google gruppen för Sverigeprojektet och jag kan inte hitta något där.

Jag vet att du en av de som varit med länge, både på WT och i Sverigeprojektet. Dock betyder det ju inte alltid att man fortfarande har intresse att delta i det gemensamma arbetet, därav behovet att göra en koll (och jag ser att Missy redan svarat på biten om "check-in mailet"). Eftersom både WikiTree och projekten utvecklats en hel den sedan Sverigeprojektet bildades så behöver Nordic Project aktiva medlemmar, villiga att delta i de olika teamen, ytterligare en anledning för att göra en "check-in.

posted by Maggie Andersson
edited by Maggie Andersson
Jag har använt adressen på sidan för Sverigeprojektet. Absolut inte goggle och om mitt namn finns på goggle, var vänlig ta bort det genast. Om detta innebär att jag inte får vara med i något projet, så får det bli så. Men plocka bort mitt namn och min mejladress.

mvh Peter

posted by Peter Jonsheim
Men det finns ingen email listad på sidan för Sverigeprojektet??? Menar du den här sidan

Jag kan säga att det inte verkar finnas någon mailadress i googlegruppen som har jonsheim som del av mailadressen. Har du däremot en mailadress som inte går att härleda till just ditt namn, typ "astronaut37" så är det ju mer svårt för mig att veta.

posted by Maggie Andersson
edited by Maggie Andersson
Vad bra att du inte hittade min adress på goggle, Tack.

Ja det var på den sidan som jag valde att skicka till den person som var projektledare för tillfället, dock troligen inte samma personer vid de olika tillfällerna. mvh Peter

posted by Peter Jonsheim
Hi, I just posted some material on the profile for The Episcopalians are having a Lenten contest to identify this year's saint with the Golden Halo, and Harald II was one of today's contestants with a well written (but unsourced biography). I copied the whole thing into Resource Notes. (Now I realize I inverted the names and surely got this on the wrong profile, but my intention anyway was to alert Early Scandinavia that the material was here and would be a good basis for a write up -- and if there already is a correct profile for this person, it's not easy to find. Wish I had the time to go further with this, but I don't, and I'm not good with Scandinavian sources anyway!
posted by Jack Day
I think Olafsson-293 is the wrong profile, more likely it is this one Haraldsson-183. Will see if I have some time to work on the profile during this weekend.

A good way to find any possible saints in Scandinavia is to use WT+ and do a text search for helige and/or hellige which more or less translates to holy. That word is most likely to be found in a nickname or middle name field of these early profiles.

Searching for sankt, meaning saint, is however quite useless since many parishes are named after saints so you will get locations including that word.

posted by Maggie Andersson
edited by Maggie Andersson
Dear Maggie,

The Profile Improvement Project (PIP) is performing its first annual check-in with our project members. We are in the process of transitioning to a team structure. There will be three participant PIP Teams to start -- The Maintenance Category Team, the Unknowns Team, and the Biography Team. There is also the Voyage Team who guide new Voyagers. See the Profile Improvement Project Teams for a brief outline of each team. Please let us know which team(s) you would like to participate in.

For those of you who joined the Project before the Voyage started in late 2018, we would like to invite you to consider a "fast track" Voyage, especially if you plan to join the Biography Team. If you’re interested, choose a profile that you have completed to the best of your ability and compare it to the Voyage Biography Standards. If you’re at Level 2 or better, include a link to the profile in your response to this check-in for a “fast track” review.

We would also like to invite you to join the email GoogleGroup and text chat Discord channel for our project. (When you request to join our GoogleGroup, please be sure to include your Wiki ID). You will find more information on the GoogleGroup.

We thank you for all you do to help the Profile Improvement Project and WikiTree. The Project’s mission is to:

Make profiles beautiful! We clean up messy biography sections and sources, and try to set standards for attractive, useful, and well-written biographies, starting with those we manage.

We know you’re working on profiles *smile* We would like to hear about successes you’ve had toward the Project’s goals. We would also appreciate any feedback you might have to help us improve the Project. Please share your thoughts in a reply to this comment or privately via private message to either of us.


Debi Hoag and Robin Shaules Co-Leaders, Profile Improvement Project

posted by Debi (McGee) Hoag
Hi Debi!

I am interested in joining the Unknowns Team. Since I joined PIP in 2016, before the voyage, I will send you a pm about that.

posted by Maggie Andersson
Hi Maggie, could you change the template parameter on Christiern Maanebjælke and Sigrid Finnsdatter to Birth and Death. The parameter Birth&Death is causing an incorrect red category on both profiles, and as they are pre 1500 I cannot access them to change the template.

Thanks! Margaret, Categorization Project volunteer.

Done. If the categories had stayed at the top of a profile I would have noticed it directly...
posted by Maggie Andersson
Thank you so much for adding the herred categories for Odense, Skam, Skovby and Åsum!!!
posted by C. Smith
Maggie, I wondered if you might like to say hello to this guest:

I noticed that our only Faergemann researcher is inactive.

posted by Karen Lowe

You are very kind to add so many excellent images of the records for my Swedish Rosenzweig cousins!

Tack så mycket. Dana

länk till en sida på svenska som jag tycker är bra om släktforskning i Sverige är
posted by Edwin Reffell
Hej Edwin och tack. Jag har lagt till den bland "resurser" på sidan för Sverige-projektet.
posted by Maggie Andersson
wonderful wikitreer
Maggie Andersson is a Wonderful WikiTreer.
posted by Melanie Paul

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