William (Arbuthnot) Arbuthnot of Kittybrewster 2nd Bt
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William (Arbuthnot) Arbuthnot of Kittybrewster 2nd Bt

Sir William R. Arbuthnot of Kittybrewster 2nd Bt formerly Arbuthnot
Born 1950s.
Ancestors ancestors
Brother of [private sister (1940s - unknown)], [private brother (1950s - unknown)], [private sister (1950s - unknown)] and [private sister (1950s - unknown)]
Father of [private daughter (1990s - unknown)], [private son (2010s - unknown)] and [private son (2010s - unknown)]
Died 2020s.
Profile last modified | Created 8 Mar 2013
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If anyone has any queries or information relating to Sir William or any of the profiles he created, would you please contact me Valerie Kerr in the first instance. This will save duplicate messages going to other members of his family. Thank You.

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Sir John Arbuthnot
2nd Baronet of Kittybrewster
1990 -
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Runs Kittybrewster.com With a career in banking, insurance and law, he retired with advanced Parkinson's and a deep brain stimulator. Lives in London, UK.

  • New skype name & ID: Kittybrewster
  • Data doctors ID: 5290772

Personal progress and brickwall

Seven generations: I have all my 64 4x great grandparents with the exception of:

131 wife of John Petry/Petrie,
136-141 parents of John Fraser
parents of Anne McTavish,
parents of Richard Orr of the Merkinch [died 28 Feb 1781
180-187 parents of Wallace Brown,
parents of Elizabeth Tait,
parents of Jean Robertson
233 father of Walter Biggar 1787-1867

Out of 255

Advance Directive

To aid WikiTree in the administration of my account should I be incapacitated, or in the event of my death (I shall not "pass" anywhere) , I hereby give permission for all private profiles I'm managing to be transferred to the following WikiTreers, whether or not they are currently on the Trusted Lists: ...

  • Nae X
  • Paula Ruehling
  • Charles Hillman
  • Eric Daly
  • Maria Maxwell
  • Tony Varey
  • Valerie Kerr
  • Paul Bech
  • Bree O|gle

Benedetti connection

Sir William Arbuthnot was the son of John Sinclair Wemyss Arbuthnot[1] and Jean Duff.


[The exact relationships change as people alter the wikitree; the formula for proximity is 2(c+1)+r]

Profile ID Relation Common ancestor
01 H M The Queen 10 Patrick Lyon
02 James V 12x Grt GrF
03 Rupert Murdoch 3x1
04 Lord Byron 3x4 James Urquhart of Knockleith
05 Robert Louis Stevenson 4x3 Louisa Balfour of Pilrig
06 Sir James Balfour-Paul, KCVO 4x3 Louisa Balfour of Pilrig
07 Charles Darwin 13x5 William of Brereton
08 Keith 17th Viscount of Arbuthnott 9c James Ogilvy
09 Reavis 13x4
10 Sir Keith Arbuthnot, 8th Bt 3x1 George Arbuthnot of Elderslie
11 Josiah Wedgwood Sr 17x2
12 Grand Duke Nikolas II (Романов) Tzar of all the Russias 12x2 Prince William of Orange
13 Ralph Vaughan Williams 15x3
14 Alan Turing 8x2Hugh Montgomerie, 7th Earl of Eglinton
15 Bill Gates 16X2Mary Keith
17 Frances Osborne 3
18 Viscount William Whitelaw 3x1
19 William Shakespeare 12x7
20 Shakespeare's son-in-law 1x10
21 Sir Walter Raleigh 7x12
22 Sir Francis Drake 4x14
26 Jane Austen 10x7 Thomas 1st Baron Stanley
27 Vanessa 17
28 Aidan Bizony 18
29 Hugh, 3rd Viscount Trenchard 4x1 Donald Fraser
30 Charles, 3rd Baron Keyes 4x2 Donald Fraser
31 Kathy Moore 8
32 Freskin of Moravia 21xgt gf
33 Evelyn Waugh 9th William Keith, 2nd Earl Marischal
34 R W Emerson 13x2 George de Vere

Relationships to Soldiers

Profile ID Relation
01 Arthur, 1st Duke of Wellington 8x6
02 Horatio Nelson 11x7
03 Napoleon Bonaparte 17x6
04 The Red Baron 7x5
05 Sir Francis Drake 2x17
06 T E Lawrence 8 x 3
07 Gen Sir Alexander Cobbe VC GCB 16 connects
08 Gen Sir Charles Gough VC 7 connects
09 Gen Sir Hugh Gough VC GCB 7 connects
10 Gen Sir John Gough VC KCB 8 connects
11 Lord Charles Lyell VC 10 connects

Relationships to Actors and singers

Profile ID Relation Common ancestor
24 Kevin Bacon 15x1
21 Marlon Brando 13x4
23 Marilyn Monroe 13
25 Jimmy Stewart 13x4
26 Elvis Presley 16x1 Thomas Stanley
27 Johnny Cash 17 Henry Greene
28 Buddy Holly 13x2 Richard Leveson

Relationships to 34/53 British prime ministers

Profile ID Relation Common ancestor
01 Walpole, 1st Earl of Orford 7x9 John Spencer
02 Compton, Earl of Wilmington 3x10 Anthony Beaumont
03 Henry Pelham 8x8 Sir Thomas Browne
04 Duke of Newcastle 8x8 Sir Thomas Browne
05 4th Duke of Devonshire 7x6 Anthony Cooke
06 3rd Earl of Bute 3x6 James Stuart, Earl of Moray
07 George Grenville 8x6 Thomas Stanley, 2nd Earl of Derby
08 Charles Watson-Wentworth, 2nd Marquess of Rockingham 8x7 Lucy Browne
09 1st Earl of Chatham 5x7 George Villiers
10 3rd Duke of Grafton 3x7 Edward, 2nd Marquess of Worcester
11 Lord Frederick North, 2nd Earl of Guilford7x7 Edward, 1st Baron North
12 2nd Earl of Shelburne 11x5 Elizabeth Neville, Lady Despencer
13 Duke of Portland 11x3 Elizabeth Neville, Lady Despencer
14 William Pitt, the ygr 6x6 George Villiers
15 Addington, Viscount Sidmouth - ND
16 William Grenville 3x6 William Leveson-Gower
17 Spencer Perceval 6x7 Anthony Beaumont
18 Robert Jenkinson, 2nd Earl of Liverpool3x6 Sir Robert Jenkinson, 1st Bt
19 Canning 1x5 Stratford Canning
20 Robinson, Viscount Goderich 7x4 Duncan, Earl of Glenorchy
21 Duke of Wellington 8x6 Edward Sutton, 2nd Baron Dudley
22 Lord Grey 12x6 Ralph, 1st Earl of Westmorland
23 William Lamb, 2nd Viscount Melbourne4x5 William Leveson-Gower
24 Sir Robert Peel - ND
25 Russell 10x1 William Gordon of Gight
26 Smith-Stanley, 14th Earl of Derby11x3 Thomas Stanley, 2nd Earl of Derby
27 George Hamilton, 4th Earl of Aberdeen4x5 John Murray, 1st Marquess of Atholl
28 Palmerston 16x4 John Darcy, 2nd Baron Knayth
29 Disraeli - ND
30 Gladstone 3x1 James Abernethy, 3rd Baron Saltoun
31 Gascoyne-Cecil 6x4 Henry Clifford, 2nd Duke of Cumberland
32 Primrose, 5th Earl Roseberry 12x2 Thomas Stanley, 2nd Earl of Derby
33 Balfour 5x3 John Maitland, Viscount Lauderdale
34 Campbell-Bannerman - ND
35 Herbert Asquith, 1st Earl of Oxford - ND
36 Lloyd-George - ND
37 Bonar Law - ND
38 Stanley Baldwin, Earl of Beaconsfield - ND
39 Ramsay MacDonald - ND
40 Chamberlain - ND
41 Churchill 5x1 Alexander Stewart, 6th Earl of Galloway
42 Attlee, Earl of Attlee - ND
43 Anthony Eden 10x2 George Villiers
44 MacMillan - ND
45 Douglas-Home 8x5 William Douglas, 1st Marquess of Douglas
46 Wilson - ND
47 Heath - ND
48 Lord Callaghan - ND
49 Baroness Thatcher - ND
50 Major - ND
51 Blair 7x1 Robert Stewart, 1st Earl of Orkney
52 Brown - ND
53 Cameron 7x1 William Duff of Dipple
54 May ND
55 Johnson 11x3

Relationships to USA Presidents

Profile ID Relation Common ancestor
01 George Washington 10x2 Alexander, Earl of Huntly
02 John Adams 13x4 No Roger Lewknor
03 Thomas Jefferson 6x5 Richard Canning
04 James Madison 8x5 No Malcolm Fleming
05 James Monroe 9x2 William Munro
06 John Quincy Adams 14x1 No Richard de Arundel
07 Andrew Jackson 14x4 No Henry Greene
08 Martin van Buren 21 No Henry, 1st Duke of Brabant
09 William Henry Harrison 13x1 No Katharine Swynford
10 John Tyler IV 8x4 Sir Richard Molyneux Bt
11 James K Polk 5x4 William Knox
12 Zachary Taylor 8x6 James I of Scotland
13 Millard Fillmore 13 John Beaufort
14 Franklin Pierce 12x2 John of Gaunt
15 James Buchanan 12x2 James I of Scotland
16 Abraham Lincoln 13 John Beaufort
17 Andrew Johnson 17x1 John de Soulis
18 Ulysses S Grant 13x1 John of Gaunt
19 Rutherford Hayes 14x1 Robert II of Scotland
20 James Garfield 17x2 Henry Grey
21 Chester A Arthur 11x3No Edward, Lord North
22 Grover Cleveland 11x3 Thomas Stanley
23 Benjamin Harrison 10x4 Katharine Swynford
25 William McKinley 22 No Shaw Macintosh
26 Theodore Roosevelt 7x2 Sir Kenneth Mackenzie, 1st Bt of Assynt
27 William H Taft 10x4 Sir William Molyneux of Sefton
28 Woodrow Wilson 11x1 Malcolm 3rd Lord Fleming
29 Warren Harding 12x2 John Erskine
30 Calvin Coolidge 13 John Sutton
31 Herbert Hoover 13 John Sutton
32 Franklin D Roosevelt 12x1 James Douglas
33 Harry S Truman 13 Malcolm, 3rd Lord Fleming
34 Dwight D Eisenhower 16x1 No William, 5th Lord Willoughby
35 John F Kennedy NO Henry Stewart, 1st Lord Methven
36 Lyndon B Johnson 15x2 Thomas Stanley
37 Richard Nixon 15x2 Henry Percy
38 Gerald Ford 15x1 Catherine Woodville
39 Jimmy Carter 13x2 Richard Leveson
40 Ronald Reagan 9x1 James Stewart 4th Earl of Moray
41 George H Bush 13x1 Malcolm Fleming
42 Bill Clinton 15x2 No William Scott
43 George W Bush 13x1 Malcolm Fleming
44 Barack Obama 16x2 No Mary Janet Keith
45 Donald Trump No

WikiTree relations

Profile ID Relation
1 Chris Whitten 17
2 Tami Osmer 17x2
3 Eugene Quigley 18
4 Nae X 17
5 Maria Maxwell 15x4
6 Vic Watt 14x1
7 Abby Glann 18 x1
8 Terry Wright 13
9 Keith Baker 12
10 Carole Partridge 12x6
11 Kitty Smith 14
12 Douglas Lockwood 17x2
13 Katherine Patterson 15x1
14 Darlene Athey Hill 15x1
15 Debby Black 12x5
16 Tom Bredehoft 13x3
17 Gail Cox 18
18 Renee Malloy 15x1
19 Dan Thompson 12x3
20 Robin Kabrich 12x4
21 Mags Gaulden 14x5
22 Alison Andrus 15x2
22 Lianne Lavoie 23x1
23 Paula J 18
24 Eowyn Langholf 17x1
25 Michael Stills 13x1
26 Shirley Dalton 18x3

William's Timeline

1950 Birth, Sept, in Deal, Kent
1951 Baptism, February, in the Crypt, House of Commons
1992 June, Father dies
1998 Birth, December, daughter Lucy
1999 Diagnosed with Parkinson's
2010 Marriage, August, Louise
2011 Birth, March, sons Harry and Jack

Names I am following


  1. Paternal relationship is confirmed by a 113.5 cM match between William Arbuthnot GEDmatch T465513 and his third cousin Muriel Benedetti GEDmatch A858163.
  • First-hand information. Entered by William Arbuthnot at registration.
  • kittybrewster.com/ancestry/ancestry.htm
  • Kittybrewster.com/members/l.htm

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  • exact birthdate
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  • death location
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  • private children's names (3)
  • spouse's name and marriage information
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DNA Connections
It may be possible to confirm family relationships. It is likely that these autosomal DNA test-takers will share some percentage of DNA with William: Have you taken a test? If so, login to add it. If not, see our friends at Ancestry DNA.
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I'm so sorry to hear about William. His email came back just a few minutes ago and I had a bad feeling. William and I corresponded for several years mostly about the Mackenzie family and our connection. We are cousins through that family. He was so knowledgeable and wonderful to work with. I've been emersed in a Mackenzie project for the last 2+ years and just finished it...I wanted to share it with him.

Sending my prayers to his family (he talked about you all the time). He will be missed. xx Sincerely ~ Deborah

posted by Deborah Spooner
Thank you so much, I will pass this on to his family.


posted by Valerie Kerr
Hi My 3rd great grandparents were James McIntosh and Elizabeth Arbuthnott. They got married on the 25 September 1786 at Fordoun Kincardine. James was serving under Captain Smiths Independent Company of Invalids in St Helier Jersey. His son James was born in Elizabeth Castle St Helier in 1797 also there Daughter Elizabeth Ann Mary born 1799 at the same place.
posted by Stuart McIntosh
Stuart, you will note my cousin William died in October 2021. He therefore cannot answer your query. William's branch of the family spell their surname Arbuthnot with 1 "t". It is many generations since they split from the Viscounts of Arbuthnott line. I suggest you raise your query on G2G.
Oh, so sorry to see of his passing. We "spoke" a couple of times, seems of course, that we are Cousins............
posted by Carole Taylor
Sad to hear of his passing. I see the http://kittybrewster.com domain has expired. Could it be renewed?
posted by Aaron Gullison
Could you please change the "Category:Arbuthnot Baronets" to "Category:Baronets Arbuthnot of Kittybrewster", in accordance with the revised category structure for Nobility of the British Isles? Thank you.
posted by Stephen Heathcote
C-213 K C
After collaborating with Sir William Arbuthnot of Kittybrewster on WikiTree for several years, particularly researching and documenting difficult-to-connect Arbuthnot lines, we struck up quite an odd little email friendship and touched base frequently. His appreciation of the 'art' of genealogy and his commitment to creating an accurate Arbuthnot family tree, one that reaches around the world, leaves behind an incredible legacy.

As leader of Wiki Tree's Arbuthnot Project, his enthusiasm was catching. He shared with me how his father introduced him to genealogy when he was 12, that his "memory of how my cousins fitted together was so poor that I had to write them all down," thus setting him off on a journey that led to an astounding collection of perhaps thousands of Arbuthnot branches connecting hundreds of thousands of people spread across the globe. "Very respectable folk," he once wrote, "until you get to a rogue or two – but, every family has at least one rogue, I suspect." He believed, though, that with each successive generation, "mankind can outgrow its limitations." Aptly stated, as William strove to grow beyond his own limitations and connect his extended family together, for himself and for his progeny. It is unlikely any such recent genealogical undertaking has reached so far and so wide as Sir William's body of work has done.

“I value the genealogy for its own sake," he wrote in April 2020, as he further compared the ongoing organizational tasking of such a massive body of work to Lewis Caroll's "Hunting of The Snark" ~ with pointed reference to the eager Bellman seeking assistance from a crew he relied on, but uncertain of his own capacity ~the kind of man Sir William did not want to be~ tolling away the hours in nonsensical endeavors ending in folly or futility. And, indeed, he was not. For, unlike Carroll's Bellman, Sir William knew exactly the look and character of the legacy he was seeking, and how to find it.

Sir William's clever humor and easy candor made the genealogy "hunt" more pleasurable and richly rewarding of those of us whose lives he touched, even briefly. It was his desire, he wrote, that all of his genealogical research and work remain easily accessible for future generations. And, while his name may not be stamped on a massive leatherbound volume detailing every Arbuthnot branch worldwide, as he had hoped might occur, innumerable descendants, as many as are stars in the sky, now connect across time and distance. So, as Carroll writes of the Bellman's crew, whom the Bellman had landed with care, "...they drank to his health, and they gave him three cheers... .” Similarly, this Wiki Tree Crew mate raises a glass to William's memory and his enduring legacy.

Three Cheers, Sir William Arbuthnot of Kittybrewster, Three Cheers and More! Well done.

posted by K C
I am so sorry for your loss. Sir William was a dear, darling, lovable man to chat with about the Urquhart I was researching. He was so kind, patient and helpful. He spoke of the Parkinson's, and yet he seemed eternally to will himself to do more. He explained so much to me, and gave me links to places to research more on the Urquhart's.

We will miss him here as well. Yours always, Sherry

posted by Sherry Bartlett
Dear Sherry,

Thank you very much for your kind message. We will all miss him hugely, of course, and it is comforting to know that he was appreciated by so many around the world in the Wikitree community.

I am the eldest of the five of us, and for one of my little brothers to predecease me is ... unreal. But his body had been doing him no favours, for some years. Thank you for what you have said. Best wishes, Elizabeth.

posted by Elizabeth Arbuthnot
Dear Jessica,

Thank you for your message. This is James Arbuthnot, William's brother, replying, because I am very sad to report that William died on 7th October at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. As I am sure you know, he had awful Parkinson's Disease, and despite all the doctors could do, he finally succumbed. Yours ever, James

Dear James,

my condolences to you and your family. As a WikiTree team member I had many interactions with Sir William. He was always a pleasure to deal with. He will be missed, not only by myself, but by the WikiTree community. Regards Paul

posted by Paul Bech
James, I'm very sorry to hear about your brother's death. I wish you and your family the best in this time.
posted by Jessica Key
Hello Sir William, please open Propper_de_Callejó-2 so that his ancestry can be added. Thank you!
posted by Jessica Key
Dear sir,

My name is Michael Brown. I am the head of the History department in Campbell College in Belfast. I was recently tasked with doing a little work in our school archives, and I came across the decorations of Major Clifford William Ernest Arbuthnot CIE. Clifford was an alumnus of our school. He was a pupil here between 1898 and 1902. When he died in March 1974, he bequeathed his old medals to this school, where they have been in storage ever since. I am hoping to do some projects with my students about Old Campbellians who fought in the war. Already we have researched and documented the stories of some 127 old boys who fought and died in the Great War. If you are interested in finding out more about the project, you can see the work we are doing here: https://menbehindtheglass.co.uk/the-men

These are all men who would have been at school with Clifford! I know that Clifford didn’t die in the war, but other than the fact that he then went on to serve as a superintending engineer in Bombay subsequent to the Great War, I know very little about him. I would dearly love to know a bit more of his story, especially how he came to earn all his decorations. Moreover, if it were possible to locate a picture of him, I would love to make a display of his medals with his picture and some of his back story, both digitally (as in the website above) and physically in the school where he studied. If you are able to give me any assistance at all in researching more about Clifford, or can tell some more of his story, I would be really grateful. Even if you can point me in the right direction as to where to look for more information about him, I would be indebted to you.

posted by Michael Brown
Howdy Sir William; I am hoping you might be able to help me with my Arbuthnot ancestor of Deal, Kent England area. I am looking for an ELIZ or HELEN Arbuthnot that married Stephen or Steven Charles Culmer on june 6 1739, probably Deal area, and had at least 3 children, Stephen, John and Mary. I hope you are well and continuing to enjoy your research!
posted by Cindi Bonney

It’s time for a Project check-in!

Scotland Project Leaders check in with you at least once a year to see how you are doing. With the changes happening around the world, we understand that life is hectic right now.

What are you planning to work on for the Scotland Project this year? Are you happy with the team(s) you part of, or would you like to make some changes?

This time round, we’re also looking for feedback on the use of Google Group and Discord. Do you use one or both of these? If you don’t use either of them, what is the best way to ensure you receive Project communications? If you would like to join us on Google Group or Discord, let us know in your response.

posted by Amy (Crawford) Gilpin
Howdy Sir William,

If you like, you can add me to your list of Wikitree relations. I'm your ninth cousin once removed. Pleased to make the connection!


Caleb Day (né Anderson)

posted by Caleb (Anderson) Day
Bonjour sir William,

Do you know if one of your ancestors, (every branch) or collateral was in Bordeaux (France) during the period of 1799 to 1801 ? prisoner or diplomat ?


posted by Claude Thobie
I wonder if your Cheeseman ancestors from Kent could be related to my Cheeseman ancestors also from Kent (other sources show Snodland, Kent) from the 1500s?


posted by James Stratman
Not sure what you changed about Sarah Faulkner (Falconer) ‘s middle name.

Have to tell you that when I attended Texas Woman’s University in 1960 my favorite foreign language teacher was Associate Professor Mabel F. Arbuthnot. She was an excellent teacher. She also taught a Latin and Greek word root course which I took because I liked her so much. In following years as a teacher myself I taught what she had taught me to my Senior English students. Over the years her regurgitated work allowed many college bound students to probably up their SAT score by at least a hundred points.

Might you be related to her? I’ve never run across that name before.

posted by [Living Knight]
Hi William, you can add me to your WikiTree relations chart if you wish! We are 10th cousins once removed among several other relationships. We are related through the Stewart/Stuart family of Scotland and England.
posted by Christopher Odom
We also have a Grierson Name Study you might look at....... https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:Grierson_Name_Study
posted by Carole Taylor

As one of the co-leaders of the European Aristocrats project, I'm messaging to inform you that we are removing the "House Assignments" from our project structure. You are absolutely still welcome to work on the profiles from the families that you chose, we are simply removing the official House Assignments as, for the most part, people choose to work on whichever profiles interest them. We're glad to have you in the project and we hope that you continue to work with us!

Regards, Amy Utting

posted by Amelia Utting
C-213 K C
Sir William - a pleasure to receive the Community Star Badge from your generous hand. Thank you.
posted by K C
edited by K C
I apologise for not having seen your question on my page before. Alexander Deuchar was indeed a genealogist in the first decades of the 19th century, and also responsible for the revival of the Knights Templar in Edinburgh (although with some controversy latterly). I think he died in 1844.

You may be interested to know that I have uncovered a strong connection with the Arbuthnotts as well, though not within the Deuchar strand! Close enough, however, to be described as 1st cousins (4 times removed).

posted by Andrew Deuchar
Much has grown in the trees, as another Arbuthnot led me to check, and so find in you, now, an eighth cousin. Still wondering if our Elspeth grandmothers were named for a mutual ancestress, perhaps Elspeth Hay Barclay. Any idea who yours was named for?
posted by Sunny (Trimbee) Clark
I am attempting to tidy the 16th century Primroses. What was entered on Wikitree is simply incorrect and all over the place.
posted by Gregory Lauder-Frost
Hello Sir William,

I'm not sure why you have not heard of the Portugal Project before now. I see you found the post to join but didn't add an answer requesting to join. As for Susie she stayed on and helped get things going and then moved on and up to other projects.


posted by Mindy Silva
Hello. Re Charles McKenzie aka Small. He was born Charles Small in Forfar 1882. He was illegtimate and was named with his biological father's surname. His mother; Helen Valentine Ewen married a Daniel aka Donald McKenzie a few months later. Charles Small appeared as Charles Small in the 1891 Census with his Step-Father, mother and his half siblings. At some point after this he becomes Charles McKenzie, taking on his step-father's surname and his WW1 records show this (including his mother's name & residence). Hope this helps.

There is a Register of Corrections entry re Paternity which confirms his biological father as a Charles Henderson Small. I do not believe Charles Small Snr had much if any involvement with his son.

posted by [Living McKenzie]
Hello Sir William.

I have discovered we have a small match on autosomal DNA. My kit number on GEDmatch is CF7867455 and I match on T465513. The vast majority of my ancestry is in Angus (Forfarshire), Kincardineshire and Banffshire, Scotland. I do have Keiths in Kincardineshire and some other names. Perhaps too far back to verify. We have a 7.1 cMs match on chr 12, 4.6 cMs on chr 10 and 5.1 on chr 6.

Many thanks.


posted by [Living McKenzie]
Hello Sir William,

I see that you have commented in the past about the disputed parentage of Jane [Molyneux-409]. Since that was a few years ago, I wondered if you have any new information on that subject? Thank you for your time.

Respectfully, dusty

posted by [Living Boren]

Featured Asian and Pacific Islander connections: William is 22 degrees from 今上 天皇, 18 degrees from Adrienne Clarkson, 18 degrees from Dwight Heine, 24 degrees from Dwayne Johnson, 21 degrees from Tupua Tamasese Lealofioaana, 22 degrees from Stacey Milbern, 22 degrees from Sono Osato, 30 degrees from 乾隆 愛新覺羅, 25 degrees from Ravi Shankar, 22 degrees from Taika Waititi, 20 degrees from Penny Wong and 18 degrees from Chang Bunker on our single family tree. Login to see how you relate to 33 million family members.