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Pierre Arseneau (abt. 1650 - abt. 1710)

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Pierre Arseneau aka Arsenault, Arceneaux
Born about in Francemap
Son of [father unknown] and [mother unknown]
[sibling(s) unknown]
Husband of — married about in Beaubassin , Acadie , Canadamap
Husband of — married about [location unknown]
Descendants descendants
Died about in Beaubassin, Acadie, Nouvelle-Francemap [uncertain]
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Pierre Arseneau migrated from France to Acadia.
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(English version below)

Pierre Arsenau est né vers 1646[1] ou 1650[2] en France.[1]. Selon Stephen A. White, son lieu d'origine n'est pas connu.[2][1] Son arrivé a Port-Royal semble être après le recensement de 1671. Il était un pilote côtier.[3]

Vers 1672, Pierre collabora avec Jacques Bourgeois pour fonder la colonie Bourgeois, qui devint Beaubassin.[4]

Pierre s'est marié deux fois.[3] Il épousa Marguerite Dugas, fille de Abraham Dugas et de Marguerite Doucet, vers 1675. Le couple a eu deux fils: Pierre (n. vers 1676) et Abraham (n. vers 1678).[2]

Le 26 sept 1683, Pierre a fait une déposition contre James Taylor de Boston qui était venu le voler ainsi que quelques autres de Port Royal.[5]

Vers 1685, Pierre a convolé avec Marie Guérin, fille de François Guérin et d'Anne Blanchard, qui lui a donné six autres fils (Charles, Jacques, François, Claude (dit Ambroise), Augustin, et Abraham ) et une fille (Anne).[2]

Pierre est mort avant 1714.[2]


(version française ci-dessus)

One of the largest Acadian families stems from one pioneer.[6] Pierre Arsenau was born around 1646[1] or 1650[2] in France [1]. According to Stephen A. White, his origins are not known.[2][1] He likely arrived at Port-Royal Acadia (Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, Canada) after the Census of 1671. He was a coastal pilot.[3]

Around 1672, Pierre collaborated with Jacques Bourgeois to found the colony Bourgeois, which became Beaubassin (Amherst, NS).[4]

Pierre had two wives.[3] He married Marguerite Dugas, daughter of Abraham Dugas and Marguerite Doucet, around 1675. The couple had two sons: Pierre (b. c1676) and Abraham (b. c1678).[2]

On Sept 26, 1683, Pierre made a deposition against James Taylor of Boston that came and steal from him and others from Port Royal.[7]

Around 1685, Pierre married Marie Guérin, daughter of François Guérin and Anne Blanchard, who gave birth to 6 more sons (Charles, Jacques, François, Claude (dit Ambroise), Augustin, and Abraham ) and a daughter (Anne).[2]

During the time Pierre and Marie were raising their family, England and France were at war twice: 1687-1697 War of the League of Augsburg (King William’s War); and, 1702-1713 War of the Spanish Succession (Queen Anne’s War).[8][9] During that time, the family would have witnessed the effects of two English raids at Beaubassin by Benjamin Church.

In 1696, Church's raid lasted 9 days. Once the English ships were seen, the inhabitants fled, carrying their more valuable possessions. Church recorded that the settlers’ ”cattle sheep, hogs, and dogs” were left ”lying dead about their houses, chopped and hacked with hatches". The church and some of the houses were also burnt.[8]

The second raid took place in 1702:

"The Acadians were in arms and an indecisive skirmish ensued. After the Acadians retreated into the woods, Church and his men found that the inhabitants had removed as much of their household and farm goods as possible. Church set the buildings on fire... and killed about 100 cattle before leaving to return to Boston" [8]

Pierre died before 1714.[2]


c1650 birth
c1675 marriage to Marguerite Dugas
c1676 birth, son Pierre
c1678 birth, son Abraham
c1685 marriage to Maire Guérin
1686 residence, Port-Royal
c1687 moves to Beaubassin[4]
1687 War of the League of Augsburg (King William’s War) starts between England and France[8]
c1690 birth, son Charles
c1692 birth, son Jacques
1690 Phipps captures and sacks Port-Royal, coerces inhabitants' oaths of allegiance to English Crown, sets up local Peacekeeping Council and leaves within 12 days.[10][11][12] Seaman from two ships later loot and burn between 28 and 35 homes/habitations including the parish church.[9]
1693 residence, Beaubassin
c1694 birth, son François
1696 Benjamin Church raids Beaubassin. Once the English ships were seen, the inhabitants fled, carrying their more valuable possessions. The church was burned and animals were slaughtered. [8]
1697 Treaty of Ryswick restores Acadia to France; Port-Royal is its capital[9]Dunn, Brenda. A History of Port Royal / Annapolis Royal 1605-1800. Nimbus Publishing, p 44-45</ref>
c1697 birth, daughter Anne
1698 residence, Beaubassin
c1699 birth, son Claude (dit Ambroise)
c1700 residence, Beaubassin
c1701 birth, son Augustin
c1702 birth, son Abraham (dit le Petit Abram)
1702 War of the Spanish Succession (Queen Anne’s War) starts between England and France[9]
1704: Church raids Beaubassin again. The church was burned and animals were slaughtered. [8]
c1710 death at Beaubassin[4]


Birth and yDNA: Savard has his birth at about 1646[1] presumably because it is consistent with the 1671 Census where he is 40 years of age. Stephen White uses 1650[2] presumably because it is consistent with the later census of 1693, 1698, and 1700. We have put the date as 1646 to conform with Savard and to avoid confusion when searching the FTDNA site, which lists y-DNA results of Pierre Arsenault b. 1646 here.

Parents: Pierre's parents are unknown. Some believe Abraham and Marguerite Doucet are his parents, but evidence supporting this has not been found.

2nd Marriage. Minor discrepancy. Stephen White's DGFA p 23 lists marriage 'before 1686' (presumably because they are together in the 1686 census), but, his 37 familles paper lists it as 'around 1685'.


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  • 1686 Acadian Census at Port-Royal: Pierre ARSENAULT 40, Marie GUERIN 24; children: Pierre 10, Abraham 8.
  • 1693 Acadian Census at Beaubassin: Pierre ARSENAULT 43, Marie GUERIN his wife 30, Pierre 16, Abraham 14, Charles 3, Jacques 1; 14 cattle, 10 sheep, 5 hogs, 8 arpents, 2 guns.
  • 1698 Acadian census at Beaubassin: Pierre ARSENAU 48; Marie GUERIN (wife) 36; Abraham 20; Charles 9; Jacques 7; Francois 4; Anne 1; 12 cattle, 6 sheep, 5 hogs, 21 arpents, 2 guns.
  • 1700 Acadian census at Beaubassin: Piere AARSONNEAU [Arseneau] 50; Marie GUERIN (wife) 38; Abraham 22; Charles 11; Jacques 8; François 6; Claude 1; 16 cattle, 13 sheep, 12 hogs, 24 arpents, 4 guns.
  • 1701 Acadian census at Beaubassin: Pierre ARSENEAU, his wife, 6 boys, 12 arpents, 20 cattle, 15 sheep, 12 hogs, 5 guns.
  • 1707 Acadian census at Beaubassin: Pierre ARSENAULT and Marie GUERIN 2 boys 14 or older, 4 younger boys; 8 arpents, 16 cattle, 16 sheep, 12 hogs.
  • 1714 Acadian census at Beaubassin: The Widow ARSENEAU; Children: Jacques, Francois, Claude, Abraham, Augustin.

Research Notes

  • BIRTH-CENSUS-OCCUPATION-MARRIAGES-CHILDREN-DEATH: Stephen A. White, DICTIONNAIRE GENEALOGIQUE DES FAMILLES ACADIENNES; 1636-1714; Moncton, New Brunswick, Centre d'Etudes Acadiennes, 1999, 2 vols.; p. 23. Source published by Karen Theriot Reader,
Pierre ARSENEAU , born around 1650, a pilot, married 1st around 1675 to Marguerite DUGAS, daughter of Abraham & Marguerite DOUCET; two children.

He married 2nd before the census of 1686 to Marie GUÉRIN, daughter of Francois & Anne BLANCHARD; seven children.

  • MARRIAGE: "Marriage registers of Madawaska," in ACADIAN GENEALOGY EXCHANGE; vol. XXX, no. 1 (May 2001); p. 34. Pierre ARSENEAULT & Marie GUERIN married 1687.
  • OCCUPATION-MARRIAGES-CHILDREN: Webpage by Stephen A. White , also published as La Societe historique acadienne, CAHIER S; vol. 25, nos. 2 & 3 (Apr-Sep 1994), <http://www.umoncton .ca/etudeacadiennes/centre/white/>; covers 37 Acadian families, with descent in New Brunwsick. Pierre ARSENAULT, coastal pilot, married 1st around 1675 to Marguerite DUGAS, daughter of Abraham & Marguerite DOUCET; two sons. He married DOUCET; two sons. He married 2nd around 1685 to 2nd around 1685 to Marie GUÉRIN, daughter of Francois & Anne BLANCHARD ; six sons & one daughter.
  • BIRTH-NAME-IMMIGRATION-MARRIAGES-CHILDREN-RESIDENCES: Bon a Arsenault, HISTOIRE ET GENEALOGIE DES ACADIENS; 1625-1810 ; Ottawa, Editions Lemeac, 1978, 6 vols.; p. 393 (Port Roya l) & pp. 827-828 (Beaubassin); own copy. Name spelled ARSENAULT (also ARCENEAUX and many variants mentioned in footnot e), born 1646, arrived in Acadia from France in 1671, married 1st around 1675 to Marguerite DUGAS of Port Royal; two children. He married 2nd around 1689 [sic] to Marie GUERIN of Port Royal; seven children listed. Pierre collaborated closely with Jacques BOURGEOIS in the foundation of the colony Bourgeois, which became Beaubassin, where he settled around 1687 with his family. Long footnotes discuss another Canadian branch of the ARSENAULTs, and the variant name spellings. Pierre died at Beaubassin around 1710.
  • MMIGRATION: ACADIAN GENEALOGY EXCHANGE, vol. 2, no. 9, p . 4. Pierre ARSENAULT was almost certainly one of the 60 persons sent by Rochefort to Acadia in 1671. ...This surname was also prevalent in the Poitou and Charentes regions of France.
  • IMMIGRATION: He embarked from Rochefort on "L'Oranger".
  • IMMIGRATION-OCCUPATION: Bona Arsenault, HISTORY OF THE ACADIANS; 1605-1881; Ottawa, Lemeac, 1978; p. 47; own copy; English translation. Pierre ARSENAULT (ARCENEAUX) arrived in 1671 with the first contingent of French settlers since the English occupation of 1654; he became pilot for Jacques BOURGEOIS in his coastal trade.
  • FAMILY-NAME: Raymond Douville, "Une branche canadienne des familles Arseneault," in MEMOIRES DE LA SOCIETE GENEALOGI QUE CANADIENNE-FRANCAISE, vol. 3, no. 4 (Jun 1949), pp. 222 -224. Discusses a Canadian line, begun by Francois ARSENEAULT who apparently arrived in 1664 or 1665, with his wife Suzanne LECOMPTE, who died after having given birth to a son Michel on 24 Dec 1666. Michel married on 24 Nov 1689 at Cape Madeleine to Marie-Magdeleine LEBLANC, daughter of Nicolas & Magdeleine LABRIE. [Are these families related?]
  • CENSUS: 1671, Port Royal, Acadia. Not listed, apparently not arrived yet.
  • CENSUS: 1686, Port Royal, Acadia, age 40 (sic), no land or animals listed. Living with wife 24 and 2 children, age 8 and 10 [from his 1st marriage]. [Is this the same ARSENAULT who is listed in the census under Beaubassin, Acadia as living in Port Royal, but possessing 30 arpents of worked land here, plus 8 cattle, 4 sheep and 6 pigs? Also 1 gun . Where does he live Do his sons and sons-in-law work the land? Can he commute?]
  • CENSUS: 1693, Beaubassin, Acadia, age 43 years.
  • CENSUS: 1698, age 48 years.
  • CENSUS: 1700, age 50 years.
  • RESIDENCES: Paul Arsenault, "The ARSENAULT Family and its Origins," in LE REVEIL ACADIEN; vol. 12, no. 4 (Nov 1996) ; p. 80. Pierre ARSENAULT was born in France around 1650, a rrived at Port-Royal around 1671. He worked as a boat pilot for doctor Jacques BOURGEOIS. He married twice, and settled in 1686 as seigneur of a concession at Beaubassin.
According to Placide Gaudet: Pierre came to Acadia on the ship "L'Oranger, which brought sixty colonists to Port-Royal from Rochefort [France]. In 1686 he was one of the seigneurs of Beaubassin but he resided at Port-Royal.
Stephen White, in 1976, says Pierre's place of origin in not specified.
  • RESIDENCES: LE REVEIL ACADIEN; vol. XIII, no. 2 (May 1997) ; p. 50. Followup information from F. Rene' PERRON of LES A MITIE'S ACADIENNES. A document he found in the National Archives of Paris (Reference: Minutier Central des Notaires parisiens; Notaire Michel de Beauvais (XCVI-46); Date: 12 Jun 1646). It concerns the cutting of wood in the forest of Closse', a de'pendant of Bonne'table, one of the fiefs of the Comtesse of Soissons, Anne de MONTAFFIE', the widow of Charles de Bourbon, viceroy of New France at his death in 161 2. She had died in 1644. On second page: "Michel LARSONNEAU Sieur des Challongieres, one of the adjudicary associate s of these woods, absent at the redaction of this act, an d respresented by Denis COURTIN Sieur de la Trolandiere." L es Challongieres is at Challonges, a village annexed from t he actual commune of Seyssel on the Rhone, and from the district of St-Julien-dGe'ne'vois. Among the heirs of the Comtesse was Prince Thomas de SAVOYE de Carignan.
  • RESIDENCES: Robert C. West, AN ATLAS OF LOUISIANA SURNAME S OF FRENCH AND SPANISH ORIGIN; 1600-1981; Baton Rouge, L A State Univ., 1986; p. 17; own copy. Pierre ARSENAULT arrived in Port Royal, Acadia from France in 1671. He helped establish a settlement there at Beaubassin (Footnote: Arsenault, HISTOIRE ET GENEALOGIE). Though most Louisiana families with the name descend from him, there was also a Michel ARSENAULT married to Marie-Anne ANDRÉ, a native of Cap de Madeleine near Quebec, living on the German Coast (St. John the Baptist Parish) at least by 1752.


  • Source: S14 Title: Stephen A. White, Dictionnaire Généalogique des Familles Acadiennes (2 vols., Moncton, New Brunswick: Centre d'Études Acadiennes , 1999).
  • Source: S214 Title: BMS & NMD de Sauzon 1617 - 1901.

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Déposition de Sept 1683
Déposition de Sept 1683


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